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Spinning the Bottle

Chapter 3: Surprise, Surprise

Amy sighed again, deciding to ignore the fact that Charmy had now scooted behind Espio and kept throwing her intimidated looks, "Anyone up for a break?"

Everyone nodded. They decided to stay away from the cokes and ice cream, considering they had only just been rubbing against Charmy's backside. Most of the group rallied to the kitchen to grab cakes and biscuits. Amy didn't join them, for she had noticed that Sonic was sitting alone. Typically, she decided to join him.

"What's up?" she asked. Sonic said nothing so Amy decided to get him to say something, "That kiss felt really nice…" she murmured. Sonic jumped halfway through the air in shock, horror and embarrassment. His cheeks flushed red when he landed, and he glared at Amy.

"Never mention that kiss again! That was humiliating!" Sonic snapped sulkily, folding his arms across his chest.

"Oh, it could be worse. And I know you enjoyed it…" she teased him, running a finger along his right arm, which was nearest to her and fluttering her eyelashes in a sexy manner.

"Please, I couldn't get away fast enough!" he lied, tapping his feet together slightly, trying not to look at her. Amy smirked, "So you wouldn't want to kiss me again then, would you?"

"Maybe," he muttered without thinking. Amy clapped her hands together in triumph, "AHA! There! You did enjoy it didn't you?" she proclaimed, pointing at him excitedly.

"Maybe a little, but don't let it get around! A guy's got a reputation to maintain!" Sonic whispered desperately, waving his arms around to try and make his point.

"Aw…" Amy said sensually, brushing her body against his, "You scared that you're not going to look cool anymore…?"

"Shut up," Sonic grumbled, wrapping his arms around his legs and looking away from Amy with a screwed up look on his face, "I'm just going to say truth from now on. I'm not kissing anymore girls."

"You aren't taking this seriously are you?" Amy asked in confusion and disbelief, "Listen, this game is just for fun! And it's a chance for us to reunite with old friends! Speaking of that, they should be here by now…"

Sonic groaned, looking at Amy with a flabbergasted face, "You invited more people?"

Amy nodded, "Yes, old friends and new… I made a list. There's Blaze, Wave, Storm, Jet…"

"You invited JET?" Sonic almost screamed, his eyes practically popping out of his head, "Jet the Hawk?"

"Yes," Amy said stiffly, "Is there a problem?"

Sonic frowned, looking at his feet again, "He's an idiot."

Amy sighed and tried to explain things to Sonic as best she could. The blue hedgehog always seemed to let his rivalry get in the way of him when it came to the green hawk who evenly matched him on Extreme Gear, "Yes, but he's also considered a friend since we helped the Rogues reclaim their treasure-"

"Which turned out to be a rug that could fly," Sonic finished, looking quite upset and angry with Amy, "If I'd have known he was invited, I wouldn't have come."

"If you try to leave then you know what I'll do," Amy said in a threatening voice, looking like she was about to reach for her hammer. Where that was hidden, Sonic didn't want to know. Amy sighed and continued, "I may not be the best of friends with Rouge, but I can put any uneasiness behind me! Tails has put behind what Wave said to him about his Gear. Knuckles has put behind everything between him and Storm – at least I think he has – so you can do the same!"

Sonic sighed in defeat, "Alright, you win. I'll stay and tolerate the idiotic birdbrain. Who else did you invite?"

"Loads of people. I made a list. Want to see?" Amy squealed eagerly, looking at Sonic with large eyes. Sonic nodded, not feeling too bright at the moment. Amy instantly ran off to the kitchen, returned in a matter of seconds and prevented her crush with a thick wad of paper. Sonic unrolled it and gasped as the paper hit the cabinet which was a few inches away from them.

"This isn't a list!" Sonic shrieked in a terribly out-of-character way, "It's a scroll! How many people did you invite?"

"A few friends," Amy replied cheerfully, placing her hands behind her head, "The more the merrier!"

Sonic ran down the list. Amy had not only invited Blaze and the Babylon Rogues, she had also invited old friends such as Mighty, Ray, Bean and Bark. 'Great…' Sonic mentally groaned, 'More people to laugh at me…'

"When will they be here?" Sonic asked in a dull, emotionless voice, not seeming all that interested.

"Jet, Wave and Storm are on their way, they're nearly here. I got a call from them while Espio was doing his dare and -" Sonic chose that moment to giggle uncontrollably as he remembered the chameleon wandering around in Vanilla's clothes. He imagined what the headlines would be in the news, but remembering his kiss with Amy, he didn't want to know. He imagined they'd be something like Sonic the Hedgehog: In Love? or some other rubbish that he'd just throw in the bin.

"- and Mighty is having trouble getting here so he may be a bit late or he might not turn up at – are you even listening to me?"

Sonic whipped around to see a furious Amy, sporting her hammer in hand. Sonic gulped and stammered uncontrollably, "I… I was listening…"

"What did I say then?" Amy asked in a threatening tone, waving her hammer around in a frightening way.

"I… you said… you got a call from the Rogues while Espio was doing his dare! Ha!" Sonic whooped, knowing that he had beaten the pink hedgehog at her own game. But it didn't stop Amy from glaring at him.

"You men," she said with a hint of distaste in her voice, "If we didn't need you lot we wouldn't bother trying to satisfy your needs."

"Are you saying you're going to stop chasing me around?" Sonic asked, raising his eyebrows hopefully.

"Fat chance!" Amy exclaimed dramatically, pointing at the blue hedgehog seated next to her, "I'll chase you for as long as it takes! Trust me, that wasn't the last kiss you've got from me!"

"Aw man…" Sonic groaned. He was about to go to the bathroom to take out his frustration on something inanimate, when he felt something whoosh past him. The blue hedgehog narrowed his eyes as the black blur skidded to a halt, his blood red eyes set on him, and a nasty little smirk on his facial features.

"Well, well, well, aren't we cosy?"

"Shut up, Shadow," Sonic grumbled, his fists beginning to curl into fists. Sonic's mood was sour enough already; he didn't need his black hedgehog rival making it worse.

"I'm beginning to wish I'd kept that camera on me now," Shadow said snidely, "I would have dearly loved to catch another Sonamy scene…"

Amy blinked in confusion, "What the hell is Sonamy?"

"My word for you and him," Shadow pointed at Sonic before pointing at the pink hedgehog, "I could write a romance novel on you two… but I have better plans."

"What are you planning?" Amy asked cautiously, having to keep Sonic restrained with one hand and holding her hammer tightly in the other, "Because if it's anything that's going to upset or enrage Sonic, then you can count on a good beating from me!"

Shadow said nothing at first, before he looked up and said, "I'm not going to tell you. Operation: Sonamy is top secret. Very top secret…"

"Yeah… well…" Sonic tried to search for a threat to scare Shadow off this silly 'plan' of his, "I have something planned too! And you won't like it!"

This was a downright lie. Sonic had nothing planned. Maybe he could help Tails come up with a plan, but the problem lied in that the fox tended to stay out of Sonic and Shadow's petty wars. Plus, he might be in on this 'plan' of Shadow's…

Shadow laughed in the way he usually did; the one that gave off a feeling of superiority, "I'm so frightened…"

"You will be!" Sonic yelled, looking like he would dearly love to just lunge at Shadow and beat the daylights out of him, "I've even got a fancy name for it too! It's called Operation: Shadouge!"

Shadow looked at Sonic in disbelief and scoffed, "I don't like Rouge in that way. Even if I did, she already likes that idiotic echidna."

"You do so like her!" Sonic yelled, pointing his finger at Shadow dramatically, "Though I don't think Knuckles was very happy when he learned that you liked her! He fancies the pants off of her, ya know!"

"Shadow," Amy began firmly, "It was a Truth question. You stared at her; you nodded your head when we asked if you liked her. You must have been telling the truth."

"I lied," Shadow said smugly, "It's not like you could use a lie detector."

"I could've," Amy said; her head high. She was no doubt annoyed at Shadow's antics, but she would have to hold it together… "I think Vector keeps hold of a batch. From now on, we'll use those I think."

"Always knew you were a liar, faker…" Sonic sneered, his green eyes full of rage. His temper had stretched quite far…

Shadow coughed out a laugh, "And you're not lying to Amy right now? Come on, we know you dig her… I think it would be quite interesting to see you and her married and making loads of babies when you already have about ten babies crawling around. Only problem with that is they might look as ugly as you are…"

"You shut up!" Sonic shouted, pointing at him, his cheeks red with rage. He lost control of his temper, "You just shut up!"

Shadow smirked, a cough covering up another one of his laughs, "Make me."

Shadow should not have said that. Less than a second after the last word escaped his mouth, Sonic had lunged onto Shadow, and fists began flying everywhere. On the floor, Amy could just make out Shadow tearing at Sonic's left ear with his sharp teeth, while Sonic continued to fiercely kick between Shadow's legs, each time causing the black hedgehog to yelp in pain. The sight of it was plain ridiculous. Amy, while she was very annoyed at Shadow for lying in a Truth question, just stood there watching the two hedgehogs, stunned.

"Shadow thinks that Sonic and I will have ten or more kids?" the pink hedgehog asked herself in a confused manner, "Even I don't want to go through that much agony! Maybe one or two children would be okay…"

Soon everyone had rushed back into the room, eager expressions on their face and losing themselves in a chant, "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!"

The fight looked very entertaining. Sonic and Shadow beat each other up quite badly, both of them now sported bruises and bleeding lips. It didn't stop Shadow from yanking on Sonic's tail leading the blue hedgehog to yelp loudly in pain. It didn't prevent Sonic from shoving his foot into Shadow's mouth, causing the black hedgehog to splutter and choke. Finally, Vanilla had entered the room with a stern look on her face, telling them to stop. Knuckles and Rouge leapt in and held the two apart.

Shadow went very red upon feeling the bat-girl's chest press against his back, but decided to attack Sonic with insults, "Loser!"

Sonic growled in retaliation, trying to get out of Knuckles' firm grip, "Big-head!"





"You're the fake!"

"No you are!"

"You are!"


"Shut up, you narcissist!"

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"It means you love yourself, idiot!"

"Oh shut it, you love yourself with all that stupid talk, like you're above everyone else – you're a… whatever you call them!"

"I can't be an emo and a narcissist at the same time, blue-boy!"


The voice from the corner of the room wasn't that of Sonic, or Shadow. It wasn't of Knuckles or of Rouge. It wasn't Amy or Vanilla. The voice was a bossy voice, belonging to a female. Yes, everyone was sure it was Amy at first but then realized that the voice was a bit softer and more mature than hers.

Everyone's eyes turned to the entrance, where Vector had just let in four people. Standing in front of the small gang, stood a green hawk, with poisonous yellow eyes, a snide grin across his beak. A heavy patch of white feathers rested on his chest. On his right hand side was his right-hand man, a tall broad-chested grey feathered albatross, with beady black eyes and a smug look on his face. On the hawk's left was another bird, with purple feathers, deep blue eyes, a white bandana around her head along with white trousers and a top. She had an odd sexy look about her. Rouge threw her a glare.

The fourth person wasn't a bird. She was a lilac cat, with yellow eyes, four feathers poking out of her head (yes, she wasn't a bird), a red jewel on her forehead, and clothing of deep purple and white. She looked around nervously. Nearly everyone knew that Blaze the Cat was dangerously shy, though also deadly. Amy, however, had it thought out that if she helped Blaze feel welcome; she'd have as good a time as the rest of them.

"Well, well, well… Sonic the Hedgehog," Jet the Hawk sneered, "Still engaged to Amy?"

"Not anymore," Sonic spat at him, diverting his attention from Shadow at last, "Still sleeping around with Wave, are you?"

Jet looked at Sonic with a mixture of sulkiness and anger on his face. He shrieked, "That was a one-off!"

"Listen everyone, calm down!" Amy yelled, stamping her foot, "This is stupid! Shadow, Sonic is not gay, nor does he love himself! Sonic, Shadow does not slit his wrists – at least not that I know of – and Jet, please don't stir up trouble!"

Jet looked like he was about to respond, but Wave glared at him, which led the hawk to shut up. Storm had already made his way into the room and cheerfully scoffed cakes with Charmy, who buzzed around annoying whoever he could.

Amy took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down, though her hammer was still in hand and she clearly looked like she was itching to beat someone up, "Right… now, let's get back to the game… alright?"

"Yes sir!" Sonic and Shadow said in unison, sitting on the floor, vowing to behave themselves from now on… or they'd no doubt face Amy's wrath, which was a place they never wanted to go to.

Thus, the game continued…


Okay, so maybe it's not that good. But people wanted an update for Spinning the Bottle and I've finally finished it. Anyway, I'll be working on some one-shots requested by people on other places but I'll update this real soon! Also, I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but I hinted at my best friend Ant the Titch's fanfic Brain Swap in here when Jet arrived. Please check it out, it's really an amusing fanfic!