Prince of Tennis © Takeshi Konomi

Notes: There will be no serious romances in this but probably some out-of-characterness. Updates are usually from one to two weeks or sometimes even a little over. Plotline weaves around the one already established in Magical Chemical 3.8, though you don't really have to read beyond its summary to understand this.

Chapter One: Magical Chemical 4.2
To say that, after the previous epic centering around the blue-eyed prodigy and the aftermath of him consuming the Magical Chemical 3.8, Yanagi would have learned his lesson and stopped toying with chemistry and trying to create what could be apocalypse upon the world as we know it. But as they always said, fools never learn, and while Yanagi may be considered far from a fool, he was clearly lacking a part in the common sense department. After all, a boy who stalks his teammates home and takes mental notes on their quirks and habits and never opens his eyes simply cannot be labeled as a sane man, can he? So with his brilliant-mind-that-lacked-common-sense, Yanagi had set forth on a journey of creating something that would revolutionize the world forever and change life as we know it. And what was yielded of this highly difficult experiment? Presenting The Magical Chemical 4.2!
Of course, bombarding his kitchen pots and pans with an array of… things helped little with determining effects of said new creation. So therefore, a subject as needed to test the effects…


Eyes wide with horror and lips slightly trembling, Kirihara Akaya slowly backed away from his advancing senpai who was holding out a pitcher of what seemed to be radioactive green goo with an unsettling malicious glint in his eyes. (if you could even see his eyes that is) He had been innocently, or as innocent as Kirihara could be, (couldn't resist tripping a few first years and daring to smirk at a few third years) walking from the clubroom to the courts when he was suddenly hauled into a corner by none other than the person standing before him right now. Kirihara gulped. Truth to be told, he actually liked his life and had no intention of dieing just yet.

"It's all right, Akaya, it's perfectly safe," Yanagi insisted. Kirihara couldn't resist snorting. Yeah right, since when had Yanagi senpai's culinary skills proved themselves to be edible? Heck, not even Marui dared eat them, and that boy would eat anything and everything.

"Y-Yanagi-senpai… I'm sure it's eh, safe," Kirihara mentally laughed. Right, safe. "But… but… eh… I'm sure Yukimura-buchou would need it more than me."

Yanagi, of course, had considered Yukimura into the equation. However, in fear of permanently loosing the captain and the rage of Sanada he would face after, he didn't dare even try persuading the sweet-smiling captain into trying. Sure, he cared about Kirihara and certainly did not want him to potentially die, but the short investigation he did behind his newest concoction clearly depicted that someone like Kirihara would be most… benefiting from the effects. So therefore, since this was what Yanagi wanted, Yanagi will get.

"Come now, Akaya," he coaxed as he poured it into a small paper cup. Kirihara paled as Yanagi cornered him. There was no place to run anymore.

And I really liked my life…Kirihara thought miserably as he forced down the cup of who knows what.

"Yanagi, where is Kirihara?"

Yanagi had always had trouble lying. Even if it was just telling a small white lie, he always had to face his guilty conscience for days after. That, perhaps is a good thing, Yanagi being an honest should that is. If he should have lied then, who knows what would become of poor Kirihara?

"He's somewhere behind the clubroom last time I checked." Well, they never said anything about twisting the truth, right?

"Behind the clubroom?" Sanada asked with confusion. It was just then that a shrill huff of irritation and a taunting laugh interrupted the conversation. With a swift turn of the head, Sanada immediately registered the two voices belonged to none other than Niou and Yagyuu, making their way onto the court. It would have been a normal scene for Niou was always getting on Yagyuu's nerves on way or another, but what caught the boy's attention today was the bundle of blankets nestled in Yagyuu's arms in which Niou would occasionally poke at. It didn't take long for Sanada to realize that there was an infant inside those bundles.

"… blankets in your bag, Yagyuu!" Well, that solved the mystery as to where the blankets had come from.

"I was going to give them to charity this afternoon," Yagyuu replied irritably as the baby in his arms gave an adorable giggle before letting out a babble:

"Glasses!" As if right on cue, a pudgy hand emerged from the bundle and snatched the glasses straight off of Yagyuu's face, much to the surprise and disbelief of the gentleman. Niou let out a fresh peal of laughter as Yagyuu blinked and the baby giggled. Sanada had had enough.

"What is the meaning of this?" he demanded of the two. Niou only smirked as Yagyuu wrestled to get back his glasses with no avail. The baby seemed to be having a good time playing tug-a-war.

"I don't know," Niou answered in a singsong voice. "Yagyuu and I just found him crawling around outside."

The mysterious little baby giggled again before literally spitting on Sanada's face when he happily exclaimed, "Daddy!" Sanada froze. Oh hell this was not happening to him.

There was a pregnant silence between the group for a couple of seconds, all not daring to input their two cents in fear of watching Sanada decapitate them with a tennis racket and ball. Sanada himself could only gawk as the tiny infant laughed once more and began slobbering over Yagyuu's glasses. Yagyuu made no signs to retrieve them in fear of disturbing the tense silence and that had dawned on them and the gooey saliva that had probably permanently damaged his lenses forever… Good thing he had three other pairs.

"What is going on here? Why is no one practicing?"

Fortunately, the silence needn't have been broken from within the group, for at the precise moment at the peek of the soundless torture, Yukimura had emerged on he seen, arms crossed and lips in a questioning and slightly annoyed frown. Everyone jolted as they turned to greet their captain, and Yagyuu took this chance to rid himself of the spawning evil one and for all by dumping the baby into Sanada's arms.

The baby began to cry immediately.

"Sanada, what do you have there?" Yukimura asked. It was a rhetorical question actually, for he boy knew well enough what lay under the bundles after haven seen nurses rush past his door with them in his time in the hospital. Still, it was rather surprising and a little unnerving to see his vice-captain with such a being in his hands. Not only did it look unnatural for the stoic Sanada to be handling a baby, but also a little ridiculous as well.

"I… It's… Well…" Sanada was at an unusual loss of words. His brain was simply just not functioning, but luckily, the squirming and sobbing child in his arms filled in his vocal gap.

"Daddy bad!" it wailed, clearly not comfortable by how Sanada was squeezing the poor thing to death while the boy tried to cope with the tossing baby, attempting to keep it from crashing down into the ground.

"Sanada, please do not tell me that is your child," Yukimura said in a rushed but serious voice.

"Absolutely not!" Sanada replied immediately as the baby let out a high-pitched shriek.

"Me want Mommy!" he pouted as his pudgy hands reached towards Yukimura. Everyone went into silent mode once again, but this time, unlike the previous, minds whirled as they tried to interpret the situation. Of course, by now, the distinguishing features like the soft curly black hair and the unusually nasty way he talked as if almost with a sneer gave some clues to as whom they could identify the child as. Then, as if to fully clear all the misunderstandings, well, to put it simply, the baby's eyes turned red and so… yeah…

"Yikes, it's Kirihara," Niou answered, not as phased as everyone else was. Sanada seemed to have gone blank while Yukimura was absolutely livid. There was only one answer to this: