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Summary: Sakura and Itachi are assassins and partners. On her next mission, she discovers a mysterious cave with a chamber in it. Without knowing, she awakened the Demon lord. He claims hers as his property, slave and mate.

Parings: Gaara/Sakura, Itachi/Sakura

Warnings: Characters are OC and rated M for violence and language. I make a lot of grammar mistakes.

Italic: Characters thoughts

Chapter 1: Awakened

In a dark forest, a girl sat on one of the trees. She sat on one of the tallest trees because she wanted to have a perfect view of everything. Her emerald eyes were fixed on the sunset. Her lips were whispering some simple words. She sang and played with her long pink hair which was tightly tied up to a ponytail. She wore a red bloody top and black tight jeans. A silver chain wrapped around her waist with silver bracelets around her wrists.

She had sworn to herself to protect the one who saved her. The one, who trained her, had taken care of her, and the one who showed her love. He was the only thing she cared about. She would risk her life to save his. She would sacrifice every thing for him, only him and no one else. She was his and he was hers.

Closing her emerald green eyes, a shadow appeared next to her. It embraced her with its warm arms. She loved his strong arms; they always secured her. He smelled like winter, her favorite season. His hands wrapped themselves around her, pulling her soft body against his hard one. She slowly lifted her head and opened her eyes. As she did, her emerald eyes met his red ones.

They were cold, dangerous, and scary to others but to her they were the opposite. She raised her hand and brushed his raven hair away from his face. With a smile, she lightly touched his cold lips with hers. She pulled away and felt his hot breath on her porcelain skin. With her hands, she played with his soft hair. In his eyes, she could see his desire for her.

"They're close by."

Her voice was soft and calm. He loved it when he was alone with her. He hated when missions or their comrades bothered them when they were together. Sometimes, he wanted to kill everyone that stood in his way. But he couldn't do that, because she hated to see him spill innocent blood. She only allowed him to spill blood from those who were their enemies or those who deserved death. If he ever killed woman or children, she would never forgive him.

"I know."

Their enemies were coming closer but they only wanted to spend some private time together. His right hand climbed all the way to her cheek and gently rubbed it. She moved leaned closer and buried her head on his shoulder. With his right hand, he caressed her back. She moaned as she felt his other hand roamed over her splendid body. Then an annoying voice came from nowhere.

"Go get a room! We have a mission to accomplish!" a man screamed from the bottom of the giant tree.

Without saying anything, the raven haired man took a limb of the tree and threw it on the annoying man. The woman in his arms giggled and he lightly smiled at her cuteness.

"Why'd you do that, Itachi-teme!" the man screamed once more.

"Shut up Kisame, you're annoying." Itachi and his woman stood up. She carefully wrapped her arms around his neck and he gently slid a hand under her legs and with the other hand, he held her by the shoulder. He carried her bridal style and jumped off from the tree landing gracefully on the ground.

"Ohayo shark man." She bowed down to the annoying man.

"There's no time for hellos! Our mission has started, Sakura!"

"Where's Sasuke?" Itachi looked around to find the fourth assassin but he wasn't anywhere to find.

"He's already in position. He's on the north side of the forest." Kisame answered.


"Kisame you go to the south side. Sakura you go to the west and I'll go to the east."

Kisame immediately disappeared because he needed to spill some blood so badly. As Sakura was about to leave, Itachi grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to his muscular chest. He grabbed her chin and lifted her head making her look directly in his eyes. She could read his emotions only by looking from his eyes. He was worried and concerned for her.

"Be careful." He leaned down and claimed her soft lips.

"Alright." She whispered under the passionate kiss. He pulled away and within a flash, he disappeared from her sight.

Arriving to her destination, Sakura hid herself behind a tree. She made some hand seals and performed 7 clones of herself. The enemies were only 5 meters away from her. They couldn't sense her because she hid her chakra from them.

She had trained a lot with Itachi; he had taught a lot of tricks so that enemies wouldn't see her nor find traces of her. She gave each clone an enemy to fight. Meanwhile Sakura found a safe spot to listen to the fight from a distance.

She gave them a sign to attack and her clones fought for her. She could hear screams, pleas and blood spilling. Sakura didn't really like to slaughter people only her comrades. They would always take time to kill their enemies because they loved to hear pleas and cries from them.

When the battle was finished, she stepped out of her hiding place and walked to the dead enemies. She walked and checked if all of them were dead like her boss told her to do. She signed and closed her eyes. "They're all dead. I should take a walk for the moment, knowing that Kisame, Sasuke and Itachi would take time to kill."

For all this time, Sakura wandered around the forest who people called, the forest of the demon lord. She wondered why people would call this forest by that name.

As she was jumping on the trees, she felt a weird chakra coming from somewhere. She looked around and saw a cave. She then noticed that the weird chakra came from that place. Curious, she decided to enter the cave without knowing what was inside it. She came countless times to the forest but she never saw this cave. Maybe she never came when the full moon was there.

As she entered the cave, she felt a cold wind blow on her warm skin. The place was so dark that she could barely see the road. She used the technique which the Uchiha's loved the most, Katon Gokakyu no Jutsu. Fire came out from her mouth and she continued to use it until she reached two enormous doors.

She stopped walking and stopped her use of the jutsu. The doors were slightly opened. From inside she could see light, candles, and a coffin. She pushed one of the heavy doors and entered the dark chamber. Nothing was inside, only a chained coffin with candles around it. Sakura walked to the coffin and touched it.

"So the weird chakra came from this coffin," Sakura mumbled.

She touched the old rusty chains. Then she noticed a lock at the center of the coffin. She pulled out her kunai and unlocked the lock. She pulled the heavy chains off of it.

The only thing left in her way was the top of the coffin. She created some clones to help her push the top off. As she did, the top fell to the ground making a loud sound. She looked inside and she saw only sand. It smelled like blood. She touched the sand and fell the chakra coming from it.

"Strange, the sand contains cha… HAA!"

Suddenly the sand transformed to a hand and grabbed her wrist. Sakura began to panic. She had never seen something like this. Her whole body was trembling from fear. Then the sand created light green eyes. She screamed again but louder. She quickly pulled her hand away from it and fell on the cold ground. The sand then started to create a human figure.

"Oh god, what the heck is going on?" Sakura's eyes widened and stared at the sand. Finally, the sand had stopped moving and a dark shadow stepped out of the coffin.


She heard its voice and its footsteps coming closer to her. Its voice was cold and scary. Her whole body was trembling with fear and her heart was beating so fast that she felt like it was about to explode. The shadow stepped into the light, showing itself.

It was a man. He had light green eyes and no eyebrows. On his head, the word love was on his right side. He had black dark lines around his eyes which made him look evil and he had maroon hair. He wore a long black coat that reached the floor, a red shirt, and black jeans. He had a light brown gourd on his back. It was huge. All the sand in the coffin was entering through the gourd.

"Who are you?" Sakura trembled on the floor and he smirked evilly. "Blood, it's been a while since I spilled some."

"Lord of demons." Sakura opened her mouth but no words came out. "That's why people call this forest the forest of the demon lord." She backed away and he walked closer.

"Don't get any closer, you bastard!" Sakura took her kunai and pointed it at him. He didn't say anything, he only walked closer. She started to curse in her mind and decided to make a run for it. She stood up and started to run to the entrance door. Before she knew it, he was in front of her, his arms crossed. "What the fuck? How did he get here so fast? ARG! Fuck all of this! I need to get out! He's freaking me out!" Sakura created some clones to distract him as she made a run for it. But with his sand he wiped out all of her clones. Sakura was now defenseless against this demon.

"Pathetic." He took her by the neck and slammed her against the hard wall causing her to scream in pain. He lifted her up from the floor and tightened his hold around her neck. Slowly, Sakura's vision started to blur and tears filled her emerald eyes. She couldn't die here and she didn't want to either. She made a promise to Itachi that she would return to him.

"You… ASSHOLE!" Sakura screamed on top of her lungs and kicked his stomach but she missed.

He backed away as she did. The girl fell on the floor, breathing heavily and coughing. She tried to catch as much oxygen as she could.

"I will not die here!" she screamed. As she stood up she placed her hand on her throat. Her emerald orbs glared at those light green ones. "I can't die here. Not now… not until I see his face again just one last time." Sakura grabbed a scroll and unrolled it. She bit her thumb drawing blood and let it drop on the scroll. Then the scroll disappeared and a wolf appeared before her. The animal had white fur and red bloody eyes.

The demon lord did nothing but look as the girl summoned the beast. Mere humans couldn't do such things, only humans with a strong spirit. A slight smile came from his lips and he continued to look at her, emotionless. She lifted her hand and pointed him. The beast growled loudly and ran to him. As the beast was about to bite his head off, a wall made of sand appeared in front of it. The sand man heard the girl groaned angrily as he wrapped his sand around the creature. With one move, he crushed the wolf with his sand. Sakura gasped and backed away. "He's a monster! My wolf didn't even scratch him a bit!"

"Creatures like that won't hurt me." The man walked towards her as she backed away. Her heart beat faster as she saw his tongue lick his lips. Then she felt her back touch the cold wall. She tried to run from the right and left side but the demon already placed both of his hands on both of her sides. She tried to take a kunai from the pocket on her thigh but he took her wrists and pinned them above her head with one of his strong hands.

He moved closer to her until their faces were an inch from each other. He heard her gulped as his finger traced her throat to her cheek. He was amused to see her frightened. He loved to feel fear from other people, especially beautiful girls. This woman was a rare one to find. Her face was so innocent and angelic. Her body was like one of the goddess and she was a courageous one too. He wondered if her blood was more delicious than her appearance.

Slightly, he made a small cut on her cheek with his one of his claws. The red liquid slid all the way to her pink lips. She bit her bottom lip as he leaned closer. She could taste her own blood from her lips. The female assassin felt something warm and wet on her cheek. "Oh shit!"

She then noticed that it was the demon lord's tongue. He was licking the blood on her cheek. A smirk came across his face as he felt her shiver on his body. Her blood was so pure and sweet. He began to lick more eagerly and after he tasted more of her delicious blood, he started to suck drawing more blood.

When he finished cleaning her wound, his tongue licked the dry blood that slid all the way to her lips. As he arrived to her lips, he gently licked the blood off it making her blush. Finally, he pulled away and licked his own lips.

"Delicious." He spoke with hunger in his voice making Sakura gulp once more. She tried to get free but his hold was too strong. He smiled at her predicament. She was like a small useless mouse trying to break free from a cat's hold.

"What's your name human?" His holds around her wrists tightened to make her talk.

"Haruno Sakura." She groaned angrily as she tried to kick him away but he pushed one of his legs between hers. He moved closer once more and buried his head on her shoulder. He could smell her sweet strawberry scent but he also smelled another scent on her, a man's.

"Mine's Gaara," he whispered and blew hot breaths against her ear.

"I didn't ask for your name! Now let me go!"

"You should memorize my name because I'll be your master from now on." Before she could say anything else, he opened his mouth and dug his fangs into her neck. Sakura's eyes widened. She screamed in pain.

He slowly sucked her blood savoring the delicious taste. He let out a low growl as he felt himself lose his self-control. His mind was screaming for more so he dug deeper making her scream again. Her vision became blurry and her skin was pale. He stopped sucking her blood as he noticed that her body was going numb.

"I should kill you now, but your beauty would only go to waste," he whispered in her ear.

Sakura could barely hear his words. When he pulled away from her, her body couldn't even support itself. She was about to hit the ground but strong arms wrapped themselves around her, supporting her.

"This mark means that you're my property and slave." His cold hand touched her neck. Sakura wanted to yell at him but her vision black out but before she did, one name came out from her mouth.


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