Warnings: Characters are OC and rated M for violence and language. I make a lot of grammar mistakes.

Italic: Characters thought

Chapter 6: Don't Judge People by Looks

Sunlight hit her porcelain face. Her emerald eyes slowly opened and blinked a few times. She felt a mattress under her body. She knew she was brought by someone else. She slowly turned her face to look at the room. It was very dull and completely white with wood furniture's. The table near the bed she was laying on had lilies. It smelled so fresh and soothing. The door flicked opened and made her jump up. A woman came in. She had silky long blond hair but the sunlight blinded the sight of her face. Oh how it reminded her of her mother with her thin complex with bright blond hair.

"That's a bad beating you got." The woman got closer. She was beautiful. She had blue eyes and her hair was tied into a ponytail. She was wearing a purple turtle neck and a rather short skirt.

"Yeah, this asshole got me good." Sakura smiled.

"Though surprisingly, your wounds healed within a week." The woman raised her eyebrow and lowered the bowl of soup onto the table. She then crossed her arms together.

"I was born with supernatural healing and immune system." Sakura joked but it didn't seem to amuse the woman. She just snorted and walked out by saying "You're in a brothel dear. You're lucky the boss had taken interest in you. Or you would've ended up like all of us here, who pays for their meals with shitty penniless costumers. Thank that cotton candy hair of yours. You don't come across features like that often." The next thing she knew, the blonde woman slammed the door shut.

"Oh my gosh... why do I always end of in shit holes!" Sakura shrieked and pulled her hair. She then let off the biggest sigh ever. She looked around and saw an emerald kimono lying on the wood chair against the wall. She couldn't stay in these bloody and muddy clothes. Thank goodness they didn't leave her undressed. Who knows what they could've done. She got up and started getting out of her foul clothes. As soon as she was completely bare, the door opened and a blond man with spiky hair and shiny crystal blue eyes came in. His face was ten shades red. His mouth turned into a pout and the door was shut close.

"What the hell! Can't you nock?" Sakura yelled. There was a sudden silence and after a stuttering voice followed. "I-I-I didn't think you'd be... you know. I'm sorry for being impolite but I haven't gotten a chance to check up on you ever since I found you lying on the ground. So I wanted to see how you were." He paused and she heard him lean against the door. His voice was honest and sweet. "I suppose you're fine since, since-since your body is absolutely magnificent." Sakura's eyes widened. Forget what she said about him being sweet. He was a total loser and a pervert. She couldn't believe what he just said. She pulled the kimono from the chair and slipped it on. She opened the door and the man stubbles backwards due to the fact he was leaning on the door. She grabbed him by the back of the collar and dragged him in her room. He fell flat on his ass and stared at her with disbelief. She was gorgeous with clothes on or off. Her pink hair was like silky curtains hiding partially her face and the kimono was a bit too big so the collar fell down her shoulders. The kimono dragged onto the floor. She was so petite. He blushed and gave her a boyish smile but before he knew it she had him by the neck.

"Who are you? In what city am I? Where can I find your so called boss?" She glared at him. He chocked and struggled to talk.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki. You're in a new city named Edo and this city was built for the sole purpose of red light districts." He gulped. He saw her flinched.

"Answer my last question buddy."

"I am the boss." He smiled and his eyes closed like a cat's. Sakura's jaw dropped. This young man who was a few age younger than her operated this whore house? He looked so innocent.

"Would you mind getting off now? You're rather heavy. Do you eat a lot?" She smacked him and took her hands off his neck. "If you want, you can work here! You're so pretty you'd get a lot of costumers! You get free rent and food! Our ramen is delicious here!" He blew out and took her hands. She suddenly blushed and looked away. "Are you a virgin?" His head followed hers and smiled. She blushed even more and removed her hands from his and coughed and nodded. He laughed. "Don't worry! I can help you with that!" Her eyes widened.

"What- what! I am saving myself for someone! You can't just take this away from me!" She protected her chest with her arms and took a few steps back.

"Oh no! Not me dear! We have this costumer that every woman desires! He doesn't seem to be interested in the other women but you're a unique case! He would pay gold for you!" He rubbed his hands together and leaned forward. Before she knew it, women barged into the room with brushes, towel, hot water and much more cosmetic stuff.

The moon was lighting Edo city. Bright red lights were hung onto the Japanese brothels and women cheered out of their sliding windows inviting men in their provocative outfits. Men rushed everywhere. They drooled and wandered for the most beautiful woman.

"Come on Itachi-teme! We came here all the way for you to get laid! You need to chill a bit and breathe." Kisame sighed out while dragging his eyes for women he could afford. "After all, we've been here for a few days now and all the women want a piece of you. Getting laid will reduce your stress trust me, I know better. We'll find Sakura soon but right now you're here. Tracking her down will take months."

"Brother, he is right. The boss of Red Palace asked you to go meet the most gorgeous woman he ever caught. He was so disappointed you weren't interested in his women that he promised you a fine catch next time. We'll see if he kept his words. Just go. It won't hurt." Sasuke walked beside his elder brother and smirked at the women wooing him. Itachi closed his eyes and sighed. He did need some break from all the searching he had been doing but knowing she was out there with a freak made his gut clenched. He hoped she kept her virginity and that she was safe. She kept herself for him only. He was a man with hormones and she was a woman who wasn't ready yet. She knew he only loved her but all the hormonal pressure he had to endure near her presence killed him so she allowed him to sleep with other women for the sole purpose of sex and nothing else.

She looked at herself in the mirror. She's never been so feminine and so well dressed. Her hair was pulled up like a geisha's with some stands falling down. A cherry blossom pinned her hair up. Her eyelashes were long because of the black mascara. Her white skin made her red lips stand out so much. They looked so plum and soft. Her emerald kimono with cherry blossom design hung onto her shoulders showing cleavage of her soft perky breasts. Her kimono was slightly opened from her thighs showing her strong legs. She touched her lips and gasped.

"He'll love you. It took a whole day to get you this pretty. It was worth it." Naruto smiled and took her hands and dragged her out of the door. As soon as she got out, red lights blinded her eyes. It was a beautiful place. Women were laughing while flirting with men who were drinking. Tables were everywhere. Women lead some men to their chambers. It was all ancient Japanese design the sliding doors, floors, ceiling, stairs, windows, furniture, lights and lambs hanging against the walls. It was all black and red. Her previous room was dull and boring and rather modern. It must've been the nursing room.

"Do you like? This is the Red Palace, the most prestigious of all brothels!" Naruto smirked and lead her to another room. She was so overwhelmed with everything she didn't know where she was headed. A huge golden door slid open and she was pushed in. She shrieked and stubble.

"Good luck! Please do your best now!" She heard the boss laughing and walking away from the door. Sakura felt her eyebrows sweat. Her heart was beating like no tomorrow. She could hear the man sip his tea. He was kneeling down in front of the table waiting for her. She didn't want to turn towards him. She wasn't a whore for crying out loud! She was in debt with this Naruto person but she wasn't going to sell her virginity to this random rich asshole. She decided to take a deep breath and simply state to this man that he couldn't buy her since she wasn't a whore.


Sakura turned around. Her whole body froze. Her breathing stopped. She gazed down at the man sipping his green tea. She recognized that onyx silky hair, the strong jaw with the thin lips, the broad shoulders and those red eyes hiding underneath close eyelids.

"I-Itachi." She whispered. His eyes immediately opened wide. He looked up to her and dropped his tea on his lap. He didn't feel the hot drink on his lap. He only stared into the emerald orbs tearing up. He got up with his legs trembling. It was her, in front of him. Safe she was. His hands reached for her and wrapped around her tiny frame. He couldn't believe she was in his arms. She was so warm and soft. It felt unreal. If it was a dream, he didn't want to wake up. His hold tightened. He was afraid she'd slip away from his grasp once more. He didn't want to let go until she started putting her hands on his chest, pushing away for air. He let her go and his hand grasped her face and he lowered his head to kiss her. Their lips touched and it never felt so good. Her hands clenched against his shirt. They didn't need to speak. Everything was told by their actions.

She started feeling nauseous. She could smell his husky scent. It was stronger than usual. She could hear his blood coursing through his veins. Her fangs elongated and cut his lips. He pulled away and touched his bleeding lips. He looked at her confusedly. She tasted his bloody and her body wanted more. She had been recovering for a week and now that her being was regenerated, she needed to feed. He noticed that her eyes were darkening.

"Sakura?" He touched her cheek and her head snapped back. She growled and pushed him away from her. He noticed that she was in pain. Her hand covered a side of her face and she leaned against the door gasping. "You feed on humans and nothing else." Gaara's voice resonated in her head. She shook her head.

"Please, get away from me!" Sakura screamed. Her nails were turning into claws and her fangs were to their full size.

"What has he done to you!" Itachi screamed and grasped her wrist but she clawed his hand away. The smell of his blood over powered her senses. She was losing control and her rational mind. Before he knew it, he was on top of the table with all the utensils knocked out of the way. She crawled on top of him like a feline. Her body moved so swiftly. She ripped out his top. Her lips lowered to his lips and sucked the blood off. She ran her top over his lips and nibbled them. His hands were on her hips smashing her pelvis against his. Her tongue slid into his mouth searching for his. They danced together and fought for dominance. Her dangerously sharp nail trailed his chest and abs. He moaned and deepened their kiss. He started to thrust his hips upwards. Her mouth kissed his bleeding wrist and she slowly ran her tongue over the wound. Her lips made up to his shoulders kissing gently to his neck. She moaned as she got to his neck and nibbled his skin. Her fangs elongated even more ready to drink his blood.

"Yo Itachi! I wanna see this chick of yours! She must be a bomb! You've been in there for 10 minutes now. She must be one hell of an interesting whore!" Kisame and Sasuke opened the door and screamed their lungs out.