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"I still don't think this is a good idea Master Bud."

"Oh it's fine, it's just some pranks on the Autobots, first we'll get ScatterShot."

Bud and Jolt snuck down the hallways of the base, Bud had been waiting for this day for weeks. He had decided to prank ScatterShot first.

"Hey Jolt, do you have the balloons filled with ink?" wispered Bud

"Yes I have them Master Bud."

"For the last time it's just Bud!"

"Okay Bud Dude"


As they rounded the corner they came upon JetFire.

"Uh oh, we're in trouble." groned Bud

What are you two doing? And why do you have balloons Jolt?"

"We were going to play a prank on ScatterShot."


"You two were going to play a trick on the neurotic bot without me, are you crazy!"

"Um we didn't know that you wanted to play a prank on him"

"It's okay now what did you have in mind?" aked Jetfire as he pick up the two and headed for the control room

"Well we were going to attach something to some 'invisible' string that in turn is connected to a bucket that is filled with these balloons filled with ink."

"That's pretty simple for a prank but it might just work" thoughtfully said Jetfire

"Hopefully it will work and after Scatter we can get HotShot or Leobreaker."

"I don't know about that Bud Dude."

"I have to agree with Jolt, if Prime finds out about this he'll punish us for good."

"Well we'll have to take that chance."

"Oh dear, he's worst than Carlos and Rad." muttered JetFire "I just hope this works so we can get this over with before we get caught."


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