Jarod, one of a kind

By Miss P
Summary: Just a little poem about Jarod…
Disclaimer: I do own the poem, but I'm not getting paid for writing it…

My name is Jarod; I'm one of a kind
I'm searching for my past, for the family that was left behind
They call me pretender; yes I can become anyone that I want to be
It may sound exciting but I would rather be free
All my life I've been locked up in a cell, there it's dark and cold
Now I'm living for the moment, have no idea of what tomorrow will hold
They stole my childhood away, but the future is still out there
But there's something missing in my life, yes it's totally clear
I still remember it like yesterday; she gave me my first kiss
And ever since that day it's her that I'll forever miss
But I was stupid to think that I'd be a part of her life
Oh how I was dreaming of being her husband, sweet Parker – my wife
I think she hates me now, but I still feel the same
I'm so tired of this chase, tired of this meaningless game
She tries to get me back to that place, but I'm still helping her though
And I miss the family I never got the chance to know
Everyday I feel like something inside of me is dying
I need to find the answers; no I'll never stop trying
Maybe someday I'll find what makes me happy, I'm longing for that day
But I shouldn't hope too much… well, all I can do is pray