James and Lily never died, Harry however did defeat Voldemort as a baby.

Harry James Potter - Same and as fab as always

James Arnold Potter - Also same and as fab as always still happily married to Lily.

Lily Evans Potter - Same as ever and still happily married to James, but worries way too much about their kids.

Jessica Hope Potter - Harry's little sister, only younger by a year. She looks almost exactly like a feminine version of Harry and James, but her black her is long, silky and curly, like her mother's. She, of course has Lily's eyes, all of this makes her strikingly beautiful, she is also quite tall and is often mistaken for being older than she actually is, especially by boys, therefore making Harry and James even more protective of her. She has James' personality, she loved pranks, and is always in trouble for something. She is a Daddy's girl and can wrap James around her little finger very easily. Lily however can always see right thorough her.

Sirius Dominic Black Jnr - Sirius' son and Jessica's best friend. Was conceived from a one night stand between Sirius and his mother Priscilla. Never uses the name Sirius, always goes by his middle name and is most commonly known as nic or to Jessica only Dom. Looks exactly like Sirius but he has his mothers nose.

Sirius Black Snr - Finally settled down with Kendra, his wife and they have 2 year old twins, Gemma and Gavin. Sirius sees Dominc at weekends, mostly at the Potter's as he is always with Jessica.