Felt kinda bored so I decided to start my first story. Hope you like it :)

"Phil Diffy you take that back!" Phil and Keely were driving home from the movies and all Phil could do was laugh at Keely for tripping on the way out. " I'm sorry! Its just…. You didn't see that curb?" he was laughing so hard his eyes began to tear up. Keely looked at him and smiled. "Okay future boy you had your fun now keep your eyes on the road." Phil did what he was told and began to pay attention to his driving. This made Keely smile even more.

As things became silent Keely looked down at her watch, she was late for curfew but she shrugged it off. She didn't care, all that that mattered was she was with Phil. " Hey Keels lets put on some toons." Phil began to switch the stations, Keely looked at him with a big grin on her face. Phil slowly looked at her puzzled. " What?" She shook her head and looked down at the floor. "Nothing" Truth was it wasn't anything, it was just him. Anything he would do or say would make her smile.

She was waiting for the perfect time to tell him her deepest secret, a secret that she had been holding for a long time, she was in love with him. But tonight wasn't the night. Keely looked out the window just in time to see a car swerving into their lane. "PHIL WATCH OUT!"

Keely bolted out of bed with sweat on her face. " Not that dream again" She turned to see the clock " two-thirty" Ms. Teslow opened the door and ran to her daughters side, " Sweetie are you okay? I heard you scream." Keely looked up at her mother " mom" without saying another word she knew what was wrong with her daughter. " You had another one?" Keely just shook her head. " It's okay honey. Your safe now. Try to get some rest, you'll need it for the funeral." Ms. Teslow kissed her forehead before walking toward the door.

" Mom" the word was so faint it was almost impossible to hear. "yes?" Ms. Teslow now turned to face her. " Can you sleep with me tonight?" she nodded her head and laid down in her bed. " I'll be hear if you need me jelly bean" Ms. Teslow put her arms around her daughter and they both feel asleep.

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