"THE ROCK!" the little Keitaro Urashima raises his arms.


Keitaro did a raising eyebrow move as he imitated his idol wrestler on TV, and raised his fist in victory as The Rock, the most electrifying wrestler ever to set foot in WWE, formerly WWF, a show he's been watching with a passion since The Rock's presence. The young Urashima watched the Rock's debut and the whole thing got stuck on him since then.

His fascination of WWE had earned him a couple of weird friendships. One of them was Laharl, his rival and friend. Friend because they both loved Wrestling, and rival because Laharl idolized Goldberg and Edge… those who watched WWE before would know how the Rock lost spectacularly to Goldberg, and Laharl never stopped teasing Keitaro about that.

Other than Laharl, there's Naruto, or as he preferred to be called, Zaiaku, which means Sin in Japanese. Rather small, but very hard as he could withstand punches and kicks like they were nothing but mere mosquito bites, and he could do a bit where he could make his eyes white just like his favorite wrestler, the Undertaker.

Then there was Gorby, one of the coolest guys he ever met. The boy had the girls after him, and he had to go through nicknames like Sexy Boy, Crush of the Century, and unlike most pretty boys, he had a character to boot. He had this type of code of defending the weak, respecting your enemies, and manners that he seemed to glow everytime conflict arises. Gorby never backed down, and even against all odds, and managed to win even some of the most little chances that he also got the nickname as one of his favorite wrestlers, The Showstopper. But Laharl made up a new name which seemed to fit his somewhat playboy persona as well: Sperminator. The name got stuck and Gorby never complained.

Their fascination with wrestling didn't stop at idolizing their favorite wrestlers, though. With a few disagreements from his parents, Keitaro had joined the wrestling club of his school to join his three rather eccentric friends, training to one day be like the wrestlers they are idolizing.

From middle school to high school, Keitaro and his friends improved their skills in both basic and advanced wrestling moves, and then slowly separated their moveset from there. Keitaro, being a fan of the Rock, concentrated on the Rock's movesets. Laharl with Goldberg's with a mix of Edge's as well. Naruto mastered the tombstone piledriver, and made a slight modification of his chokelsam so he could throw guys bigger than him despite his height, and Gorby had perfected the Sweet Chin Music as well as the reverse swinging neckbreaker.

The four friends had talent and skills… so much that they had won many hearts of the people, and also matches, that the people started calling them "Potentials". Tokyo University had offered them places to their Wrestling Team, which had excited Keitaro very much since he had not forgotten the promised he had made to this little girl… But due to their passion to wrestling, their grades suffered and they had been set back for a few years of graduating from High School. And if they couldn't finish high school, Tokyo U wouldn't accept them.

The story starts here… Keitaro and his friends now 20, and still struggling to finish their last year, and an unexpected call from Keitaro's grandmother will rock his life.

Demon Eyes Laharl Presents:

HWL: Hina Wrestling Entertainment

Keitaro: The Most Electrifying 20-year-old Man Hinata-sou has ever seen!

"… and its really boring, 'Taro," Laharl's voice from the phone stated. "I say boo on academics, ya know?"

"Only a few months left, Laharl," Keitaro smirked. "We can do this, right?"

A rustling could be heard, and Keitaro could hear his friend shifting his body around. Laharl does that a lot especially when he's extremely bored. "'Taro, come on… let's go out. Let's go to that place and entertain the people! Let them watch and chant our names…"

"Laharl, shut up," Keitaro laughed, but his heart skipped a beat at the mention of going to the place again. "We got books to read and a series of exam to pass, so we can finally move on to Tokyo U. They aren't gonna wait forever, you know."

"Eh, you're no fun," Laharl muttered. "Naruto has more fun factor in him. Gorby as well."

"Why don't you go, guys?" Ketaro asked.

"Cause it ain't complete without the most electrifying male of Tokyo!" Laharl laughed. "Too bad he's now subdued by insulators called academics."

"Ah, shaddup," Keitaro smiled.

"Haha, hey if you change your mood from boring to electrifying, call me."

"Right, will do. See ya Laharl," Keitaro smiles, and hangs the phone, and went back to his books. It would help if his mind was into it… but it was again flying at the towards that place… hundreds of people chanting his and his friends name… the sweat, blood, tears that he had to give to get to where he was now.

Keitaro relaxed, and leaned back. If any girl was there at the moment, they would have stared and stared. Lean muscles, almost no fat, Keitaro was, at his opinion, the pinnacle of fitness. He was fast, strong, and agile, almost a perfect wrestler.

During his musings, he was awoken from it by the ring of the phone. Answering it at once, he was surprised when he heard his grandmother on the line.


"Grandma Hina…?" Keitaro replied in surprise. "Hey… how are you? What's up?"

"Ah, grandson, its been a long time," Hina replied. "I'm alright… this bag of bones still got a few years ahead of her. I heard that you and your friends won the nationals yet again. My, my, you're such an impressive boy."

"Aw, shucks, grandma, you embarrass me," Keitaro laughed softly. "Yeah… my friends and I are doing quite well… have you heard our performance in Coliseum?"

"You mean the place where last week, all tickets have been sold out, and had most televised audience? Oh yes, I watched it. I've never been prouder of you… the crowd kept chanting your names!"

Keitaro smirked. "Well, what can I say? The people love us. At this rate, it wouldn't be hard to get a girlfriend!."

"Hahaha, well said, Keitaro-kun. Does that mean you still don't have one?"

"Ehk…" Keitaro got caught there… "Anyways, you didn't call me for a social chat, right grandma?" Keitaro asked, tone now a bit serious.

"No, not really," there was a slight pause. "Keitaro… come to the Inn. I want to see you again. Think about it… the inn is much nearer to your school and even the Coliseum. And it wouldn't harm to have a catch up talk with your grandma before she perishes, right?"

Keitaro frowned a bit. That was new… he hasn't been in the Inn since he was little, and those memories were vague memories. He almost forgotten that his grandma even had an inn. After a few minutes of silence, he smiled. "What happened to all the talk about having a couple of more years?"

"Ah, well, it seems you caught me there, hahaha!"

Keitaro smiled again. "Does it still have a hot spring?"

"Oh yes," Hina answered. "The springs is one of the things I'd never remove."

"I'll be there as soon as possible."

"Hmmm… its been so long, yet I still remember the streets like it was a back of my hand," Keitaro muttered, walking up a long flight of stairs. He wore a tank-top and loose jeans with shades, clothes he's usually comfortable in, and on his back, he carried a duffel bag, and as he made his way towards the Inn, he slowly gazed the building as it appeared in view.

"Hinata Inn," Keitaro breathe a sigh of relief. Going towards the door, he ignored the sign as he entered, and called for his grandmother. "Grandma, hello? Its Keitaro… came as soon as I could… even had to run away from my parents… sheesh. You'd think I'd lie about going here… they always think I'm gonna 'goof' off again at the Coliseum."

When he received no answer, he just proceeded to his grandmothers room, the Manager's room. Thinking that she went out for a moment, he brought down his duffel bag, and opened it, and took out a machine which was designed to tighten his grip. After doing 100 squeezes on his left hand, he switched, and did the same to his right hand. After that, he went on and made 200 pushups. Again, after that, he did a few 100 or so sit ups.

After that, he made a standing flip, and went to fighting position. He began to punch the air around him, and then did a few kicks as well. He ended his self made kata with his patented elbow drop fake, flip and recover. When that was done, he was covered in sweat, and still, no sign of his grandmother.

"Well… hope she won't mind if I take a nice dip in the hot springs first," Keitaro remarked to himself, and grabbed a towel.

"Ahh… now this is the life!" Keitaro declared as he soaked himself in the hot springs, relaxing every muscle he had worked. "And if youuuuu smellll, what Kei-Taro is cooking! Yeah!" he raised his arm in victory again, and gave another relaxed sigh as he slid down.

The door suddenly slid open, revealing another bather. Keitaro didn't mind or even notice as he was just relaxing… that is until the bather went very close, and spoke in a soft feminine voice, "Bathing in the noon is sooooo relaxing…"

Keitaro's right eye just opened… and then his both eye widened suddenly. What the hell!

The young woman slowly approached him. "Hey… whatcha think? My breasts gotten bigger recently?" and she bent down to show her juggies to Keitaro's still shocked bran.

"Uh…" Keitaro muttered softly, still lost.

"Still can't compare to you though…" she sighed. "Hey, come on, I'll let you touch it…"

Then her hand suddenly roamed towards the place Keitaro had held sacred since puberty, so he suddenly slapped her hand away and moved farther from her.

Naru was shocked her hand was slapped away. She was even more surprised when 'Kitsune' began speaking in a very masculine voice…

"HEY! I don't let anyone touch merchandise that aint for sale, or for them! Keep your hands to yourself, 'ho," Keitaro exclaimed angrily.

"… what…?" Naru took her glasses and then put them on, and then dropped it suddenly when she saw that her friend wasn't really her friend… nor one of the same sex. Her mouth opened dumbly.

"What!" Keitaro got into a ready stance. He won't accept being manhandled by some strange girl he just met.

Instead of a physical attack, the girl did a verbal one.


At the entrance of Hinata Inn, Haruka entered just in time to hear Naru's scream. Wondering what was going on, she was about to investigate when the fax machine suddenly started up, and began to print something.

Taking the finished fax message, Haruka took one look, and her cigarette which was on her mouth dropped. She gave a surprised smile. "Well… looks like my little nephew has come for a visit. This should be fun."


"STOP DODGING MY PUNCHES!" Naru shouted as she gave chase to the pervert.

Keitaro never usually ran, but he had to admit, the girl was freakishly strong. And fast as well. The hot springs was not a place to start a fight, so he gave himself a hasty retreat, and almost bumped to a girl with silver short hair. He gave a short sorry before rushing away, leaving the girl perplexed. He grabbed his pants from the basket where he had left it earlier, almost hitting a kid with blonde hair and tanned skin, as he continued on his retreat

The other tenants seem to appear suddenly… the kid with blonde hair was pointing at him, and a girl in a white and red samurai garb was now chasing at him with a kendo stick. Cursing, Keitaro had now no choice but to stop the angry girl with those powerful punches so he could have time to put on his pants, and maybe fight off the samurai girl.

Stopping on his tracks, he turned to face the girl with fiery brown hair. "STOPPED RUNNING! TAKE THIS! NARU ATOMIC PUNCH!"

Keitaro ducked at the last moment, and hooked his left arm towards the girl's neck. He smirked. "'Taro Bottom!" and with that, he lifted the girl off her feet, and slammed her hard and flat towards the ground stunning her. He didn't use his full strength, but just enough to buy his time. Grabbing his pants, he did another flip stand, but at the same time, put his pants on.

But the process was so fast that Keitaro put a slightly stronger force than needed when putting his pants on, so he hit his crotch by bringing the pants too high. "Ouch…. Ow… damn… that hurt…" he muttered, and adjusted his pants, and buttoned it, and zipped it. Looking back, he saw the samurai girl was gaining ground, so he continued to run.

He almost ran into a small girl with blue hair, who had an apron on, so he gave another quick apology before he ran up to the stairs. Big mistake as he suddenly found himself on the dead end of the roof, and the footsteps behind him indicated that the girls had followed him. Turning around he saw them… the blonde kid with tanned skin looking at him with a smile… the silver haired with a serious expression with closed eyes… the blue girl wearing the apron he almost bumped into… the samurai girl… and to his surprise, the girl she just Rock Bottomed.

"Whoa… you recovered quickly," he said with a small dab of respect.

"Dead end… hentai…" she muttered in a soft voice.

"Not for me," Keitaro smiled, and backlipped over the railing of the edge of the roof, and grabbed the railing on the floor beneath the roof, let go, and then grabbed another railing beneath that, and let go to land on solid ground. With that, he ran again.

"You shall not get away!" Motoko jumped towards the ground. Naru did the same thing, and the other tenants opted for the stairs.

When Keitaro had finally found the open space he needed, he smirked, and stopped, and turned to look at them.

"Well, it seems you have given up!" Naru pointed at the guy. "You got me by surprise with your last attack, but no more! I don't care who you are, but entering an all female's dorm will get you the beating you deserve!"

Keitaro's eyebrow raised. "Girl's… dorm?" He looked behind the two girls, only to see the sign he ignored earlier. "Oh great. Thanks a lot, grandma… Hey, girls, look, this is a misunderstanding. My grandmother, the owner of this inn called me here, alright? I'm sorry about…"

"SILENCE!" Motoko got her boken ready. "PERVERT!"

Keitaro looked at her, and frowned. "Excuse me, but its rude to interrupt when someone is…"

"You ain't a someone… you're just an ECCHI!" Naru cut Keitaro off…

"Yes… the games end now!" Motoko declared.

Big mistake.

A twitch developed on Keitaro's forehead… and he jerked his neck a bit. Taro just awakened from within him… "End the games! You think Kei-Taro would even consider playing games with you two? Well, I usually don't play games, but with you two, I'll make an exception. And it's called…" Keitaro went to his stance, punched the air in front of them, turned it around, opened his palm, and raised his fingers, beckoning the two to… "JUST BRING IT!"

"Nani!" Naru saw red as her opponent taunting them.

"What, you stupid as you're deaf! It's really simple… I bring the WHOOPING, YOU bring that CANDY ASS!"

"YOU ASSHOLE!" Naru charged towards Keitaro with intent to kill, only to be tripped with Keitaro's toe hold drop, as she hit her face hard on the ground.

"Narusegawa-sempai!" Motoko charged in as well, striking towards male who intruded on their territory, only to have her strike dodged. She connected her attack with another strike which was dodged again. She was about to make a third strike when the male just jumped sideways, and Motoko was suddenly brought face to face with Naru, who had her fist up.

Apparently, Naru had thought that he could sneak up right behind the guy to deliver one of those devastating punches, and she stopped short when her target jumped towards the side, and she almost hit her friend Motoko. That's when Keitaro moved in behind her, and gave her the Russian leg sweep, again, bringing Naru down towards the ground.

Flipping up again, he barely dodged the samurai girl's attack, and then when she charged again to take him down, he waited till the last possible second before he ducked, and moved right behind her.

Motoko turned around to face her enemy, only to be kicked in the gut, and given a DDT and her head hit the ground painfully as well. Keitaro flipped up again, and looked at the girl with feiry brown hair, and slowly began to stalk her as she slowly began to recover.

Not a second before she stood up when she was once again caught by Keitaro's left arm hook lock in her neck and chest, and was given her second Rock Bottom, but this time, Keitaro put more power behind it making sure that she would be down for the count.

He stood up again, this time, stalked the samurai girl as she began to stir as well. When she finally stood up, he once again unleashed, for the third time, the Rock Bottom. Down for the count, he put his hand on the samurai girl's stomach, and counted to three before raising his hand up again.

Then, 4 girls seem to have caught up with them, and 3 of them seemed mildly shock to see two of their fighters down for the count. The other one just looked at Keitaro, and gave a small smile.

"Oh, hey Keitaro… wrestling already? You just arrived," Haruka called.

Keitaro looked at his aunt… and then smiled. "Hey… long time no see… eh, sorry about the mess… these two seemed to want a piece of me and all…"

Kitsune looked at Haruka. "… Do… do you know this guy?"

Haruka looked at the three tenants. She smiled. "Oh yeah. Urashima Keitaro, my nephew… and according to this fax I just received from grandma Hina, he'll be your new manager."

The girls just stared in awe… and Keitaro just raised his eyebrow. He hoped his aunt had an explanation for all of this…

To Be Continued:

Author's Notes: This is some whacked up fic I just made up after watching the Rock's comedy highlights. Hope you like it.

And yes, Laharl is me… Naruto/Zaiaku is actually Sin from Sin Eater… and Gorby is Sperminator, one of my friends that is in my now abandoned story, Me Against All Odds. Hope you enjoy this.