"Welcome everyone, this is Rex, here live on the Big C," one of the men in the announcement table said. He wore a headset in which allowed him to receive news and comment on what's going on to the airwaves. "And boy will we have a great night tonight! Rumor has it that Kei-Taro has returned to the Big C, and its also rumored that he will challenge a new blood next week… and today is the day where we see the potential of this new blood."

"Rumor nothing, Rex," Kitsune commented. She sat right beside Rex, and also had a headset worn. "I personally know the new blood, and I can guarantee you that Keitaro will be informing everyone of his challenge to the new blood."

"Folks at home, before we go any further, I'd like to introduce you to our new commentator. Konno Mitsune, just hired a few days ago. So, Mitsune-san, how does it feel being here, ring side seats in the Big C?"

"It feels great, Rex, thanks, but since we're gonna be working together, you can call me Kitsune," she replied. "I've been in a few Big C matches before, but its only now in my life that I can experience it, right here at ring side!"

Suddenly the whole stadium boomed… "IFFFF YOU SMELLL! WHAT KEI-TARO! IS COOKING!"

"And here comes the arrival of the the most electrifying male in Big C history! Urashima Keitaro!" Rex shouted as Keitaro made his way to the ramp.

HWE: Hina Wrestling Entertainment

The Big Push

Kitsune couldn't believe the whole stadium began to chant "TARO" on top of their voices. Keitaro was going towards the ring, sleeveless loose shirt and loose pants, and in rubber shoes. He also had one of those dark shades which somehow complimented and finished his whole look.

Using the ropes to heave himself up, whilst music was still being played, Keitaro climbed up the turnbuckle and raised his arm high in the air. The cheering exploded, louder than earlier. After a moment, Keitaro climbed down, and went towards the announcer's table, where Rex and Kitsune had sat down. Kitsune waved at Keitaro, who waved back jovially.

Grabbing a mic, Keitaro once again climbed towards the ring, where at that moment, the music was cut, but everyone was still cheering for Keitaro. Kitsune suddenly had a tingle up her spine as she saw Keitaro bow his head towards the mic. Electrifying… Rex is right… Kitsune thought as she looked at her temporary (for now) manager.

"FINALLY! Kei-TARO HAS COME BACK! TO THE BIG C!" Keitaro exclaimed, his voice loud enough to be heard by everyone in the Coliseum. Everyone cheered again. "As I can see, almost everyone here is anxious to hear whether the rumor of my return is true… and Kei-TARO isn't one to disappoint!"

Keitaro began to move once again, removing his shades, seemingly to look at everyone. Kitsune felt another tingle. Oh man… he's good…

"I know you have heard the rumors… so, personally, I just want to make it clear to everyone. Kei-Taro is definitely challenging this new blood… Kei-Taro had definitely seen the potential in her… Kei-Taro is actually, and most definitely looking forward to the fight… So, everyone must ask… who is the lucky hermaphrodite?"

Kitsune almost choked on her tongue. "R… Rex, did he just… say…"

Rex was almost laughing… "I guess he did… uh-oh… he's starting up again."

"Well, the lucky hermaphrodite is none other but a long-haired, brown colored, punch before talking, ass-kicking before asking, Narusegawa Naru! Still at high school, she can talk the talk, punch through walls, and…" Keitaro raised his eyebrows. "Apparently hates perverts. I don't know if she is a she or a he, cause she seems to have high testosterone levels or she is just having that time of month, everyday."

Kitsune could hear the cheers and laughter of the crowd.

"But… I'm not here to insult her. Kei-Taro just came to the ring to confirm the rumors. Nor am I here to participate in any match. But!" he raised his eyebrow. "Next week… in the Big C, LIVE in front of the thousand Taro fans, you shall witness, as I lay the smaketh down on Naru's candy ass! IF YOU SMELLL! WHAT KEI-TARO!" and he raised the mic so everyone would shout…


Keitaro's song again was played as he exited the ring. Kitsune noted the fan girls trying to get a touch of her temporary manger, and the boy complied with a smile, giving fives to the people in front.

"Well, strong words from a strong man!" Rex comments. "Its been a while since I last seen Kei-Taro stand on that very ring. I wonder who this Naru girl is? What was in her that caught Kei-Taro's attention?"

"Ah, well, I happen to know what's between them," Kitsune smirked.

"Really? Well, do explain, Kitsune-san!"

"Well, I cannot divulge all details, but Naru wants something from Keitaro, and he challenged her to a fight," Kitsune replied. "The match-up here, he said, would be Naru's warm up…"

"Well, tell me more about this Naru… she seems interesting. Does she have any background on wrestling?" Rex asked.

"Wrestling… well, I got no idea, but I know she can fight," Kitsune replied. "She has this haymaker which can launch anyone to the stratosphere."

"Wow… we can't see her in action yet as her match is the end," Rex looked at the papers he has. "Well, its about time we start the matches! Kitsune, since you're quite new and all, I hope you don't mind if I lead here a bit."

"Oh, no, I don't mind at all," Kitsune had that fox smile on her. "I admit that today's superstars at the Big C, some names I don't even recognize."

"Oh you will one day," Rex nodded, as someone's entrance theme sounded.

"This match is scheduled forrrr ONE FALL!" the ring announcer began. "Approaching from the ring…"


Whilst in the ring, two wrestlers were vying to be on top, Keitaro went towards the locker room, and he was surprised when he found Laharl and Gorby there waiting for him.

"Whoa… hey guys," Keitaro greeted.

Laharl was a big man with almost ripped body. Of all Keitaro's friends, he was the tallest, standing at 6'5", and had one of the weirdest hairdos of all. Purple spiked randomly at different directions, and red eyes, he had a small smile as he waved back towards Keitaro.

Gorby was probably the one most elegantly dressed, and hair was combed neatly. He was slightly the same height as Keitaro, but leaner muscles. Comparing the two, Gorby was more about speed, whilst Keitaro had a bit more strength in him.

"Taro!" Laharl gave the man a one arm hug. "Heh… its good to be back its good to be back!"

Gorby smirked. "You do know we aren't scheduled for the matches, right?"

"Uh… yeah, well… its just good to be back at the Big C… its… home, ya know?" Laharl stated.

"So, Keitaro, what's the deal with this new girl Naru?" Gorby dived into the topic. "I mean, insulting people is your forte and all, but I just wonder… isn't it a bit too much for a newbie?"

"Nah, not really," Keitaro replied easily. "The insults are just there to motivate her a bit."

"What for? Isn't she freakishly strong?" Laharl muttered.

"Don't get me wrong, I said she was strong, but she lacks experience. I easily beat her on that day, so I'm getting her to toughen up," Keitaro replied. "I want to fight good fights. And now, we'll see if she is on the right track, or really off key."

"And if she's off key?" Gorby asked.

"Heh… she'll have a week to rectify that."


Kitsune had to admit, the first match was not much of her type, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Kitsune wasn't much of a fan of big guys lugging with strengths, but the fast guys who love to fly off from the top ropes and doing crazy stunts and maybe some martial arts as well.

"AND HE HITS WITH THE DOMINATOR!" Rex shouted as he almost got up. "That is it! It's over!"

"And here is referee…" Kitsune commented. "1… 2… 3 and Rex, you're right, the match is definitely over!"

"Yeah… what a match," Rex commented. "Kentaro was so close… he almost hit the Clothesline from Hell. But victory goes to Langley with a decisive Dominator."

Suddenly, the big screen in the stage opened up, revealing one tanned blonde girl, who Kitsune immediately recognized. "Suu?"


"We are here at the locker room where Narusegawa is training with Motoko!" Suu replied with a big smile on her face. Behind her was Motoko in her usual suit, whilst Naruto was on her jogging pants and sleeveless shirt. Both girls were slightly surprised to see Suu suddenly come to their locker room, the blonde told the two that Keitaro had gave her a temporary job at the Big C cause he's been offering it to everyone in the Inn. "So, Naru! How do you feel? Nervous?"

Naru could only look at Suu as she smiled and put the mic on her. What can she say? "Uh… I'm… alright, I guess."

"Narusegawa-sempai has been training hard," Motoko replied for Naru. "She took up some weights, and sparred with me. She can take on any male, even Urashima."

"Ooooh, okay… so, what did you think of when Keitaro called you hermaphrodite earlier?" Suu asked.

"HE CALLED ME WHAT!" Naru shouted. "HOW DARE HE!"

And with that, Naru dashed away from the camera, out of the locker room to hunt Keitaro and beat him to pulp. Motoko's eyes widened in shock. "Narusegawa-sempai! We still need to discuss battle tactics! Narusegawa sempai!" and with that, Motoko also ran out.

The camera went towards Suu, who was staring at the door… and she faced the camera. "Uh… well, that was odd… um… by the way, what's hermaphrodite? Does it taste good?"


Kitsune could only comment what she just saw earlier. "Naru… you baka," she stated, shaking her head.

"Well, seems Naru has a very high temper…" Rex muttered.

"Yes, she does," Kitsune stated. "I just hope it doesn't get the better of her."

"Well, we'll find out soon if she does find Taro… next match up is right about now!"

"Alright." Kitsune smirked.


"That was her?" Laharl muttered as he watched the whole thing on the TV in the locker room. "Quite a temper…"

"She does have that," Keitaro smiled.

"Not worried if she finds you?" Gorby asked.

"Nah, she wont try and enter a guy's locker room. Even if she did, all we had to do was shout pervert, and she'll get out at once…" Keitaro laughed at that.

There was a slight knock on the door. "Um… sempai?"

Laharl and Gorby raised their eyes. Keitaro just smiled at them. "Come in Shinobu, we're decent."

Shinobu entered the room, and in came a camera man as well. She looked as she saw Laharl and Gorby, and paused. "Ah… hi?"

"Shinobu, these are my two friends. Laharl, the next Big C Champion, and Gorby… who we lovingly call… Sperminator," Keitaro introduced his two friends to Shinobu. "Guys, this is Shinobu… my personal interviewer. Just got her hired. She's also one of the tenants in Hinata-sou."

Gorby gave her a wicked smile that made her blush beet red, and extended his hand to shake hers. "Nice yo meet you, Shinobu-chan… don't mind if I call you that, right?"

"Ano… not really, Sperm-sempai…" Shinobu stated, her head down to hid her head… though she did shake his hand.

Gorby's smile turned a bit more forceful as he heard her call him with a somewhat new nickname that got Laharl and Keitaro snickering in the corner.

"Sperm-sempai…" Laharl almost choked on his silent snickering. "That's a new way to call SMinator. Later on, we can see Shinobu-chan calling him Sperm-kun… or even…" his eyes leered… "Sperm-chan!"

Gorby's eyes narrowed, and without even removing his hand (Shinobu was still shaking it) he unleashed his Sweet Chin Super Kick towards Laharl who was behind him. The bigger guy just raised his forearm, and blocked the incoming kick without much effort.

Keitaro just laughed at the whole scene. "Guys, calm down. Who wants to watch? Ed-Ed is fighting…" he pointed at the TV.

Laharl and Gorby straightened up, and looked at the TV…


Kitsune was now more or less into it. Ed-Ed turned out to be Eddie Mysterio, the fastest and prolly one of the unique wrestlers she has seen so far. He was using mix martial arts, luchador style that grabbed her attention almost immediately. And he seemed to be able to find counters of almost all flipping throws.

Heck, imagine… the guy just countered a powerbomb into a hurricarana, which threw his opponent towards the second ropes… and he charged, running and bouncing from the opposite side where his enemy was, and did this spinning kick that Rex had called 619.

"AND HE HIT THE 619! Takemishi is down, and yes… here it is!" Rex almost got up, and Kitsune almost did as well. The crowd was chanting Eddie on top of their lungs.

"He's jumping towards the top rope!" Kitsune exclaimed. "What is he going to do!"

"Watch this Kitsune-san! The finisher of the 619!" Rex commented, and when Eddie had jumped up towards the rope… "FROGSPLASH! On his downed opponent! Its over!"

As the referee counted 1, 2, 3, Kitsune felt giddy. Perhaps Keitaro knew this Eddie… nodding to herself, she vowed to get Eddie's phone number and get to know this guy well… He was slightly taller than her, and had muscles, but not the big ones that turn her off… kinda like Keitaro's except even more leaner. Her day was getting to be perfect… and she was paid to do this job!

"Eddie is great!" Kitsune commented.


Shinobu looked at her the TV, and then checked her notebook that was given to her… she checked after who's match would she begin doing the Keitaro interview. Sure enough, it was there… "Eddie vs. Takemishi" and after that, "Interview". Her face turned to a rather nasty color of blue.

Keitaro patted her head… and she blushed as she looked up at him, smiling. "You can do this," he stated simply. He turned to his friends. "Right guys?"

Laharl gave the usual thumbs up, and Gorby gave his smile. "Give em hell of a show, Shinobu-chan," Laharl stated.

"Keitaro is going to help you, so don't worry," Gorby said through his smile.

Gathering her confidence… she nodded. The cameraman spoke, "Shinobu… you ready?"

She slapped her own face with both hands softly. "Alright."


Kitsune was surprised when the big screen came, and was even more surprised when she saw Shinobu in the screen, with a mic, in her most… dazzling smile. "Whoa…"

"Hello, I'm with Keitaro in the locker rooms…" she turned and faced Keitaro, and the camera panned towards Keitaro and everyone cheered.

Outside, everyone was shouting… "KEI-TARO! KEI-TARO! KEI-TARO!"

Keitaro, being the entertainer he his, let the crowd cheer his name for a bit… before he took a pose, and the crowd slowly quieted. When everyone was down… Keitaro took in a breathe. He breathed out.

Shinobu continued… still smiling. "So… Keitaro-sempai…" she paused… she wasn't supposed to say that, but Keitaro just nodded his head slightly, making her continue. "How are you feeling about the odds of Naru-sempai's match?"

"Honestly, Shinobu, I think she's got a high chance…" Keitaro gave a wicked smile that almost made her blush… but due to her confidence boost, and a somewhat notion that she didn't want to embarrass herself in front of the camera, she prevented to even turn to a really dark shade of red. "… of losing that is."

"Uh… why do you say that, Keitaro-sempai?"

"Well, I know her opponent… Shenlong is a grappler," Keitaro replies easily. "He is also a submissionist. Naru is nothing but a brawler, and from what I heard, her training consisted of nothing but building her strength, and speed by sparring with her manager, Aoyama-san. But she failed to realize that this is a wrestling match… anything goes, alright, but once she is grappled… she's nothing but open season."

"Oh… I didn't realize that," Shinobu muttered. "Is that why back at… uh, home," she almost said Hinata-sou, "you kept berating her?"

"Yeah," Keitaro shrugged. "The hermaphrodite thought I was just insulting her… when in fact…" he paused, and smiled… "Actually… I think I just was."

"Thank you Keitaro-sempai…" Shinobu turned back to her camera… "Hence, the statement from the great one. I'm…"


"LOCKER ROOM!" Naru rushed towards the lockers when she just watched the interview in a conveniently placed TV in the hall.

"Narusegawa-sempai, wait!" Motoko was beginning to sweat as Keitaro's words struck her. "We have to change our tactics… we still have time to see to it that you can…" and Naru was already gone… "… counter grapples…"

Motoko sighed. She followed Naru.


"I GOT YOU URASHIMA!" Naru shouted as she opened the locker rooms… only to see the shocked faces of one muscled guy with purple hair, and a clean-looking man in their towels… and Keitaro as well, in a towel… and worse was, Shinobu and the camera men were looking at her…

Keitaro, Gorby and Laharl shared a wink… and shouted, making the camera go at them. "AAAAGGGGHHH! PERVERT!" the three shouted.

"NO! NO! I didn't know!" Naru waved her hands.

Three kicks hit her, she was sent flying out of the locker room, and the door slammed on her face (kinda).


"Naru… you baka," Kitsune muttered again.

Rex was laughing himself to death, clutching his stomach, and Kitsune couldn't blame him one bit. She was also over the edge… she wanted to laugh herself. If it wasn't that Naru was her friend, she'd have been doing it looooong ago.


The last two matches were more or less enjoyable with Kitsune. As stated earlier, she wasn't much of a fan of big guys throwing against each other, but some guys had a mix of the stuff she looked for in a fight as well. Take for example, the champion, was a big guy, but surprisingly fast and had a few mix martial arts skill… though the crowd seemed to love booing him. They kept chanting Laharl… whoever he was. She half expected this Laharl person to pop out, but he didn't.

And finally… it came to this. Narusegawa vs. Shenlong. Kitsune could feel herself shifting in her seat. Suddenly, the music hit, and the crowds cheered. Out came a modestly built man who waved at the crowd jovially.

For a brief moment in time, Kitsune sighed with a bit of relief. Naru could take on this guy… her punch could launch a man in the air! But then again… she had seen some matches between two wrestlers and remembered how soundly beaten Motoko and Naru was in the hands of Keitaro… who wasn't even champion!

As Shenlong came to the ring, she noted that he seemed tense as well. He was taking his opponent seriously… even if she was "new blood". He was readying himself for anything.

Another music hit and the crowd looked at Naru who was walking towards the ring. Motoko was at her side, whispering stuff… and the crowd suddenly burst out laughing. They could not of course forget what transpired for her earlier as she forced herself in the locker room…

Naru turned red and raised her fist and began to shout at those near her. Unknown to her, she was playing the heel part quite effectively as she gave shouts to the crowd. Motoko grabbed Naru though before she did something quite stupid.

"Look, Narusegawa-sempai… are you listening? I just got this… when you're trapped in a lock…"

"Yeah, grab the rope, I got it…" Naru huffed a bit, psyching herself up.

"And no kicking down there… the referee can disqualify you."

"Don't worry too much, Motoko," Naru muttered. "The guy won't even get a hit on me. Just one punch will knock him off."

Motoko hoped that it would be that easy as she watched Naru enter the ring.


"So, Kitsune, your friend there, Narusegawa… what is her main strength?" Rex asked.

"You just said it, Rex… Naru's strength is her main strength. I have seen her punch through doors and even hard enough to make people fly!" Kitsune nodded. "How about Shenlong? What is his greatest strength?"

"Actually, nothing. He's a very balanced fighter, and doesn't excel on anything…. But not for nothing, Shenlong is a very good grappler and has the record of making most of his opponents give up."

"So… I guess it's the brawler versus the grapler, eh?" Kitsune asked.

"Yup. Let's see how this will go down…"

At that moment… the bell rang.


Naru charged almost at once, her fist readying, surprising Shenlong. He hadn't expected her to take the initiative, and barely dodged the fist coming towards him with a well placed roll. Standing quickly, he went to a ready position in case she came back at him again.

It might have been Naru's big break, but unfortunately, she overextended herself, and having opting to finish this match in one blow, she put all her weight into it, and punched the turnbuckle instead of Shenlong… which stunned her a bit.

There was a big mutter of "Whoa" as the whole ring seemed to shake a bit. But Shenlong, being an experienced fighter, merely noted her strength, and just concentrated on counter attack, by grabbing her waist with his two hands, and arched his back, making Naru taste her first ever German suplex.

But he wasn't done then, as he immediately went to her legs, and preformed a simple ankle lock. Naru yelped as pressure was applied, and she tried to sit up and punch the man who was on her foot, but she saw her sitting up, and increased the pressure that she yelped again and slid back down.

The referee noticed her two shoulders down, and began to count…. But the hand came barely down to one when Naru sat up again. She might not have remembered the rules of the wrestling matches, but she knew that tapping out, or being outside the ring for ten counts, or being counted three when her shoulders are down meant loss. And Naru came this far to win… she wasn't going to lose here just to show up to that bastard.

"GRAB THE ROPES!" Motoko reminded outside the ring. Naru nodded, and silently thanked her for the reminder, and grabbed the ropes nearby. The referee told Shenlong to break the hold, and he did so quickly.

But Naru knew the man wasn't done… so when he was close, she tried to give him good kick, only to have her foot caught, and yanked away from the ropes, and once again placed on a an ankle lock, but this time, rather far away from the ropes… at least Naru was ready this time as she quickly bent her knee, and using all her unnatural undeveloped strength, she was able to force Shenlong to break the hold.

Quickly standing, she let out another punch, only to be dodged, and once again, held on her waist, and given the german suplex… only this time, it was ended with a pin. Again, the referee counted again, and just before the hand could count three, Naru, who was squirming trying to get her shoulders up, barely escaped the pin.

Motoko was watching the scene with a mix of shock and horror as the odds of Naru winning the match was horrendously low. She couldn't even get one clean hit in, and the man was doing his best to keep her off balanced. When Shenlong had hit another german suplex, she couldn't watch anymore, and grabbed her kendo stick, and began to go in the ring.

"WHOA! What do we have here! It seems Naru's manager is going to interfere in the match! And… YES! The referee spotted her and is trying to stop her from getting on the ring!" Rex commented.

Shenlong looked to see Motoko trying to force her way in with a weapon, and did something out of instinct, and gave her a big boot to her face to kick her out of the apron. But that was his mistake because when he turned around, Naru was up and gave him a swift low blow that got him hard. And she finished it off with one haymaker that made Shenlong spin a few times in the air.

"NO! NO!" Rex shouted. "The referee didn't see the low blow! Motoko had distracted the referee and Shenlong, giving time for Naru to recover from the last german suplex!"

"Not that I agree, but its effective… Naru must have really been desperate," Kitsune commented. "This is over."

And true to her words, Naru covered the fallen Shenlong, and the referee counted 1-2-3, sealing her victory. And the crowd did not like it. They were up on their feet, booing Naru as the referee raised her hand tiredly, and as Motoko joined her in the ring.

"Well, the crowd is practicing their right to free speech," Rex commented.

"Oh look… Naru is getting a microphone… Wonder what she's gonna say," Kitsune wondered out loud.

"You people shut up!" Naru shouted on the mic. Apparently, her close victory has made her quite cranky. The crowd however, didn't follow her jibe and continued to boo her. She ignored them as she went straight to the point. "See that Keitaro! My first try… my first victory! And you know what…? YOU ARE NEXT!"

The big screen lit up, and showed Keitaro clapping his hands. The crowd cheered a bit, and began to chant Kei-Taro.

"Well, congratulations Narusegawa," Keitaro stated with a small smile on his face. "I am impressed… you have won your first match, after all… well… I'd say that more truthfully if I wasn't impressed by the way you cheated."

The crowd cheered.

"Make no mistake my dear Narusegawa… NEXT WEEK! LIVE AT THE BIG C…. YOU, ME…. ONE on ONE on that very ring." Keitaro pointed at her. "Just… BRING IT!"

The screen blanked out and the crowd cheered again. Her mic was on the floor, but Naru had that gleam in her eyes, nodding to herself, saying stuff that only Motoko could hear…

"I'll bring it… you just wait…"

To Be Continued..