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Chapter 20: OMG! Ba Sing Se

To: lastAIRbender-avatar:com
From: BeingForced2Smile-earthkingdom:net
Subject: Welcome To Ba Sing Se


Welcome to Ba Sing Se. See the lovely lakes! Visit the
majestic moose! No really, the moose is quite majestic!
The moose once bit my sister. She was taken by the Dai
Li. No matter! I now have a lovely new friend who looks
similar to my sister but happens to have my same name!
Fancy that! Well, please enjoy your stay and please no
trying to escape or showing rebellious actions.

Yours truly,

Ju Dei

To: exiledprince-firenation:net
From: teaROCKS-firenation:net
Subject: Lady Friend


You seemed to have quite a bit of fun with that nice girl.
I knew you would find a lady friend to bring home. Now
not to push the relationship but do you know what her
favorite tea is? I know tea is a very personal topic but you
should find out so we can make her a ton of it! I know she'd
love it. Then she'd have an excuse to come see you more.
Then you can get married and I'll finally have grandbabies of
some sort! Brilliant!

- Uncle Iroh

To: Girlpwr4ever-earthkingdom:net
From: moonprincess-spirits:com
Subject: You Horrible Monster!


How could you take Sokka away from me? We had the tragic
love thing going on! You ruined it Suki! You should die a
most horrible death. I hope fire benders kill you and burn your
fans to a crisp! How could you possibly do this to me? You
sicken me with your disgusting kissing! At least I was romantic
and had a purpose when I kissed Sokka! You just make me want
to die…again! May your make-up flake off to reveal your hideous
face for all eternity.

- Princess Yue

To: benderchick-southwatertribe:org
From: I'm2sexy4mySWORDS-freedomfighters:org
Subject: I've Changed I Swear!


I am no longer the self absorbed Robin Hood wannabe I
used to be. I have left my gang and my past behind me.
I could seriously care less now about the fire nation scum
who killed our parents and betrayed us all. Look! I've even
sacrificed the all mighty piece of grass I chew on. I'm a
good boy now! Have you heard of this place, Lake Laogai?
You should come with me there some time. The people
are so nice.

- Jet

To: IdatedZUKO-earthkindom:net
From: TELLMEI'MPRETTY-fangirlz:net
Subject: You Messed Up The Plan

Jin you bizatch!

You horrible horrible evil evil stupid stupid person who is…
stupid! Zutara can't happen anymore because of you! How
could you kill the ship that sailed with more than like a
bagillion people? Do you realize that you just destroyed
everything I…I mean WE have worked so hard to do? I…I
mean KATARA was supposed to end up with Zuko and get
married and have lots and lots and LOTS of babies!
AHHHHHHHHH! OMG! Ba Sing Se is a living HELL!

- Karla

To: warriordude-southwatertribe:org
From: BlindBandit-earthkingdom:net
Subject: Tell Me!


I gotta know what happened with Jet and Katara! That is so
freakishly funny to me that sugar queen had a boyfriend. I
didn't think it was possible with her horrible attitude but you
have to tell me! She was so annoying the whole time we were
with him. Katara kept telling me "Blah blah can't blah trust this
blah blah who did all blah blah blah to me." I could SO tell she
was lying to me when I asked her about it. Her heart rate was at
a mile a minute.

- Toph

To: BeingForced2Smile-earthkingdom:net
From: lastAIRbender-avatar:com
Subject: Uh, sure, whatever you say


How did you get my e-mail? That's kind of…creepy. Yes
we will sure have a good time…I guess. Mooses? Don't
you mean duck-moose or bear-moose or lama-moose? I
think you made a mistake. Oh, and if you are trying to stop
me from finding Appa I'm going to have to decline. No one
is going to stop me from finding my friend. Not even you OR
your creepy sister.


To: teaROCKS-firenation:net
From: exiledprince-firenation:net
Subject: No, No, No…NO


Did someone put some strange herbs in your tea or have you
gone completely insane? Wait, don't answer that question. I
told you already she is NOT my girlfriend. She's just…nice. I
am NOT going to marry her any time soon. I probably won't
EVER marry her. Why would I ask her what her favorite tea was?
That is way too random. My life is just too complicated right
now to have a female presence in it. I mean I already have
too many female presences with all the fangirls. Oh, and YOU

- Zuko

To: moonprincess-spirits:com
From: Girlpwr4ever-earthkingdom:net
Subject: I Am Way Better Than That

Princess Yue:

I refuse to stoop so low as to call you horrible things. You have
just shamed yourself in every possible way. Plus you said it yourself,
you are DEAD. Sokka can't be in love with a DEAD person. He
needs someone real, living, and breathing. Oh, and I DO kiss with a
purpose. Plus he's the one who kissed me! You need to get over this
hatred you feel and realize that you lost and I win. He doesn't love
you anymore. Deal with it.

- Suki

To: I'm2sexy4mySWORDS-freedomfighters:org
From: benderchick-southwatertribe:org
Subject: I Don't Care


Didn't I already tell you off a million times? You betrayed me.
There is no changing how I feel about you. If you decided to
stop chewing grass, great! It's a nasty habit anyway! That still
doesn't change the fact that you are well…YOU! You are still
tall, have shaggy hair, nice fighting skillz, pretty eyes…WAIT.
Look what you're doing to me! I knew you would never change!
You're still trying to make me fall in love with you. It won't work
Jet! It won't work!

- Katara

To: TELLMEI'MPRETTY-fangirlz:net
From: IdatedZUKO-earthkingdom:net
Subject: What?

Okay Karla?

What the heck is your problem and how do you know who I am?
Yes, I did go on a date with Zuko. Just ONE. What is this "Zutara"
you speak of? Who is Katara? Was she Zuko's girlfriend? Is that
why he ran away from me after we were so HAPPY together? I just
don't understand what on Earth you are talking about. You aren't
making any sense with your non coherent sentences! You can't be
with Zuko. He doesn't even know who you are! I think you are
pathetic and in need of serious help. Please don't contact me again.

- Jin

To: BlindBandit-earthkingdom:net
From: warriordude-southwatertribe:org
Subject: Jet

Hey Toph,

When we met Jet he was all self absorbed and tried to be cool and
stuff. My stupid sister went all ga ga for him. You should have
seen her. Her face was ALWAYS red and she'd laugh at the
stupidest things he said. Well, he ended up being a psychotic freak
who climbs trees so she got all pissed at him. I don't know why, I
tried to tell her he was evil in the first place. But NO, she thought
he was all hott and stuff. It was pretty funny. I think she still likes
him though.

- Sokka

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