Stray Cat

This is FujixRoma fic. If you do not like the pair or have something against boyxboy, then please leave. In this fic both Fuji and Ryoma is kind of out of character… so please bear it….. For my other pot fic you see my partner is on vacation…. So you have to wait a while….. well, enough talking. Let's get on with the story!

Mid autumn, the winds are slightly chilly and feeling the cold Fuji shook his head. Since the day has gone short even though it was only 6 p.m. the way home was dark. The orange traffic light was the only thing keeping outside bright and Fuji was thankful for that. In the corner of a store Fuji spotted something, he started to pace a little faster toward it.

What is it? Did someone drop something?

He went closer to the dark object and he realized it was a black cat with a glow of dark green. He realized that the cat was injured and it was breathing very shallow.

"Is this cat injured? It's seems it's still alive."

As he carefully scoop the cat up the cat gave a little cry it was very weak.

Don't worry. It's all right now I will fix you.

Soon as he got home he place the cat gently on the sofa and he went to wash his hand then started to fix the cat. He gently wrapped bandages around the wound and he started to check out the cat.

Hmm… The furs are well cleaned and it's neat. Does this cat have an owner? But it's doesn't have a collar on it.

Tired, he went to his bed.

"I will think about it tomorrow… I am so tired…"

Blinking few times Fuji drifted off to sleep.

Feeling something or someone breathing on his hair Fuji slightly frowned and opened his eyes.

"Oops! I fell a sleep without turning off the light."

Smiling a little he looked at his side.

Could that be-…a boy? No-, a child?

Not believing his eyes Fuji pinched his cheeks as hard as he can. It hurt! Rubbing his cheeks Fuji realized something important as he watched the boy….

"How come he's naked!"

Finally calming down, he went closer to look at the boy who was sleeping as if there are no worries in the world. He looked about 13-15. White skin, very pretty and his eye lines are little up like a cat (I don't know how to say it. Just refer to Ryoma's eyes in the anime). He thought if the boy opens his eyes the eyes would look like a cat. The boy's hair looked silky and soft it was black yet like dark green.

"It's like I won a prize."

Sighing Fuji started to think about what he will do about this.

"Wait a minute… The cat…."

The cat was nowhere to be seen. Thought of something Fuji looked at the boy once again. Same hair colour as the cat. The boy had bandages on the same place as the cat.

Could it be…

"Think, Fuji Syuusuke! It's not like the cat turned into this boy… Okay, let's just wake the kid."

Panicking thoughts filling his had Fuji started to shake the boy on the shoulder.

"Hey, get up."


As if liking the feeling of Fuji's soft hand, the boy started to love his face on Fuji's hand.

Panicking he gave a slightly force and shook the boy little harder. Blinking few times big golden eyes stared at Fuji's face. Fuji stared at the boy; he looked like a little prince than a cat. The boy looked like he has a lot of pride, arrogance andcuriosity in him. Still in his thoughts Fuji didn't realize that the boy was wide-awake now. Unhappy that he was forced to wake up, the boy snuggled against Fuji's chest.

"What? Wait-! Don't snuggle to me naked!"


Groaning like a cat like meow the boy started to rub his face on Fuji's chest.

"That tickles! Wait, wait!"

Suddenly the boy stopped and stared into Fuji's eyes. As their eyes met the boy blinked and slowly wrapped his arms around Fuji's neck. His movements were like a cat's. As if shaking a tail the boy's back moved fluently. Hanging on to his sanity Fuji pulled up a cover around the boy's waist. Feeling content the boy half closed his eyes looking very seductive- hugging the boy's waist Fuji started to think again. He could hear a child like voice talking in his ears.

"Hi, thank you for what you did yesterday."

"No prob- Eh?"

"For fixing my wound."

Even though the sentence was short Fuji realized what it meant. In surprise he suddenly yelled.

"You are the cat from yesterday?"

"Yup. I am the cat from yesterday."

Thanks to the boy's confession Fuji pushed the boy, which made the boy to wince in pain because of the wound. Disappointed, the boy wrapped the blanket around his body tightly. Frowning, Fuji started to talk.

"No way. How can I believe you?"

"But, it's the truth. You fixed my wound."

"I brought a cat not a person."

"I am the cat."

Not amused by the conversation Fuji sighed and sat beside the boy. The boy was staring at him.

"So let me get this straight. The cat I helped yesterday is now a boy about 13-15 year-old, blackish green hair, golden eyes sitting naked wrapped around my blanket. Which means you."

"Wow, you talk well. Yup. I am the cat that you helped yesterday."

Licking his hand with his tongue the boy nodded and Fuji just sighed.

What in the world did I get myself into?

Looking at Fuji who had his head down the boy rolled his eyes few times then grabbed Fuji's short then weakly said…

"I am hungry."

"Okay, okay. Let's think after breakfast."

As if defeated Fuji got up and so did the boy.

"Are you planning to eat with blankets wrapped around?"

"Eh? Do I have to leave it?"

As the boy dropped the blanket off his body Fuji had to take a deep breath. The boy had a white creamy skin and slim arms and legs…

Shaking his head trying not to nose bleed Fuji decide to give the boy some clothes before he dies of blood loss. From the drawer he took out a white shirt and gave it to the boy who claims himself as the cat.

"Wear it."


Without a say the boy wore the shirt, which came down to his knees.

He's cute… And he's my type…


"I don't think you need it."

"Weird habit."

"I don't need to hear that from someone who claims himself as a cat."

"Eh? I am the cat. I told you."

"I am so tired."

"That's because you are old."



Not knowing what he had done wrong the boy's eyes widened and Fuji managed to smile.

"What's your name?"

"Name? Ryoma."

"Really. Ryoma?"


Holding tight on to the shirt which is keep slipping Ryoma answered and Fuji smiled then got up and went out the room.

"No food for you."

"Eh-! Why? No! Meanie! Open the door!"

Holding on to the doorknob outside Fuji couldn't help but smile.

"If you talk like that I will throw you out whether you are hurt are not."

"…….. I was saying the truth."

"….. I will make cat soup."

"Joking! Joking! I am sorry!"

Scratching the door Ryoma apologized feeling satisfied Fuji carefully opened the door.

Ryoma was standing in front of him tears formed around his eyes.

"Don't make cat soup…"

"Haha! It was a joke! I won't eat you. Come here, the wound is open again."

The wound on Ryoma's arm was bleeding again and the bandages around it are soaked with blood. Trying to make sure Ryoma asked…



Fuji smiled as he gently patted Ryoma's head thinking Ryoma's actions are cute. Happy, Ryoma meowed like a cat and Fuji started to think that indeed Ryoma is the cat. It was the beginning of Fuji and Ryoma's life together.

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