Go: The Real Story

Full Summary: Find out what really happened the day the Titans met, the day they built the tower, and the day they became good friends. This is the story of their bumpy steps to a new life together, the relationships made, the secrets shared, and the comfort that they gained from each others' hearts.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Teen Titans, never will, never have. This is just what I thought might have happened, going against that lame excuse for an episode.

Chapter 1: New Starts

Raven looked over her shoulder at the world she had just entered. It would be different living away from the convents of Azarath, but she figured she could handle it. After all, according to what she knew so far, her history was not one that belonged with the pureness of the people in Azarath. Accoring to history, she belonged in hell.

Shaking the thought from her worried mind, she made her way along the crowded streets of Jump City. I have to find a place to live, she thought simply, I have to get a job and fend for myself...

It would be difficult, but somehow she had to find a way to blend in. Some way to look like all of the other humans walking around and giving her slight glances. She needed regular clothes. This blue robe and black leotard wasn't exaclty Earth material.

She went into a near by store, pulling her hood off to get a better view of what was available. All she saw was pink and white. Raven cringed.

"Hello there! Can I assist you in any way?" Raven turned to the high pitched voice to find a sales person a bit older than she was, with long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. The sales person smiled again. "Are you looking for something specific?"

"Just...searching..." Raven said hoarsly. She hadn't yet used her voice on Earth. It felt heavy.

"Well, if you need anything, anything at all, you give me a scream, and I'll be glad to help." Raven saw the her eyeing her leotard. "I mean anything..."

Insulted, Raven raised her left brow and walked out of the store. Obviously people on Earth weren't as modest as monks. She couldn't let this get in the way. She needed to blend in, no matter what it would take.



It was a harsh truth to consider, but it was the truth. Nothing would be able to change the fact that he was no longer part of the Doom Patrol. Nothing. And now, to make matters worse, he was alone. No one to tell jokes to, no one to talk to, no one to love.

It was meant to be this way...

He felt like dying. Then he thought harder. If he did die, who would miss him in this life? Who would welcome him in the next?

Tears fought the inside of his eyes, but he held them back. Angirly he pulled off his mask and threw it on the ground, stomping on it with both feet. The only witnesses were the trees surrounding him. What difference would it make if someone did see him? He may have been alone, but he now had freedom. No more teams, no more teamwork. No more sharing, no more caring. Alone.

Smiling that there was at least something good about his condition, he wondered into the city. He still had some pocket money left over. He couldn't remember where it was from, but it was money. Pulling a wad of cash from his pocket, he began counting.

53 dollars and 67 cents.

He made a face, positive that he had more at one point. It didn't matter. This was money, and he was sure to spend it the best way possible.


Victor Stone looked across the crowded room at the pale girl drinking tea. Something was strange about her, something different but freash. He sighed. What chance does a Cyborg have trying to make friends?

As the question remained in his head, he noticed that she, too, had a hood on. Maybe she was protecting something, maybe she was different too. His hopes drifted further into his chest when he saw her pull the hood off. Her face seemed smoother than opal and her eyes were tight and frightened. Her hair was an odd color, but he had seen worse. She was sitting alone in the Poetry gathering, as was Victor. He could tell she wasn't listening to the meaningful words the next poet was reciting. Something must be bothering her, he thought quickly, something big.

To shatter his thoughts, a large explosion sounded from the main entrance, and quickly people began to scatter.


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