Go: The Real Story

Full Summary: Find out what really happened the day the Titans met, the day they built the tower, and the day they became good friends. This is the story of their bumpy steps to a new life together, the relationships made, the secrets shared, and the comfort that they gained from each other's hearts.

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Chapter 15: Teen Titans, Go!

Garfield's head felt heavy, but other than that he felt quite fine. He inspected his hands and his arms. Everything's normal, he said to himself. …Wow.

But now he focused on what he saw—and he had to say that it was quite amazing. Through their hardships they had found themselves once again; a set of indestructible friends.

Raven's eyes were focused in his direction; they seemed misty…fogged. "You're OK," was all that he could gather from her barely audible voice and worry streaked face.

"Ha! Man, did you see Garfield?" Victor inquired of Robin. "Whoever took Starfire and made her into a zombie is gonna be sorry." Victor beamed in Garfield's direction.

"Of course they are," Garfield stated. "We can kick their butts any day!"

"We have nothing to be proud of just yet," Robin warned in monotone. "All we know is that this guy's a maniac. We have no idea what he's planning to do, what he already did do…" He paused. "As far as I can see, we're getting our butts kicked."

"Psh…" Garfield waved Robin off with an ecstatic wrist. "We'll find them eventually, and then they'll get what's coming to them."

Suddenly something about them changed. The atmosphere and air became humid and saturated; the light from the bulb above them went black.

"So glad you think so," said an eerie voice from behind Robin. "Because I've been wanting to get you out of the way for some time."

They all spun around wildly. Time stood still. They didn't know what was happening, but they did know that the voice carried an ultimate, unknown evil and fanatical tremor. They faced a black and orange shadow of a tall, muscular man—wearing a familiar mask.

Robin stepped back as the others followed his silent steps. Time stood still. All they could do was stare flatly at the figure with hollow eyes. Garfield's rush of enthusiasm was shattered to pieces.

He struck—at Robin first—but must not have calculated his timing. Robin dodged brilliantly. Suddenly the attacker's fist glowed in a transparent black aura. He was sent flying into the opposite wall.

"Alright, Raven," Victor stated, hardly loud enough for real support.

"Bravo," stated the figure sarcastically. He stood up and patted the dust from his shoulders. "We'll see how well you all fight in my element."

The floor below them all shook, and before they knew it they had fell right down to the basement. Gears, bricks, and dust were scattered about. The theme was carried throughout the room: darkness.

"How the hell are we supposed to fight him if he keeps hiding like this?" Garfield complained.

"His name is Slade," Robin said, remembering now the villain how had haunted Jump City many times before. He had never really faced him, but he had heard of him by many. Robin pushed off a jumble of broken wood and powder from on top of him. "His name is Slade, and he's not hiding."

"You've figured it out," the figure—Slade—said sarcastically. "Again, bravo. Perhaps I had underestimated you all before." He walked closer to them as they tried frantically to get up into a sturdy, upright position. Black auras covered the heavy pieces and flung them out of the way. They all stood tall and faced him.

"Yes, perhaps I did underestimate you"—he played with his fingernails casually—"and as you all know…there never really is room for mistakes."

His words echoed. They weren't just in any basement; they were in an arena. They now noticed that there were doors all around them, and that now they were all opening and giving birth to little, identical Slades. The friends stood their ground, but even bravery could not prevent their teeth from clattering.

"Your friend belongs to me, I am her new master. And I don't like it when little kids tinker with private property."

Robin had been taking this slowly, digesting it. But now he exploded, head on, without regard to the many little Slades that littered the room. "She doesn't belong to anyone!" Robin exploded, running into Slade with an open fist. Slade moved to the side and Robin landed on his face.

He got up quickly and rummaged around in his hoodie for another flat bomb. His hand encompassed it and he flung it furiously at Slade.

The explosion was loud and annoying, and as soon as the smoke cleared out, the little Slades attacked.

Robin looked up helplessly. He looked at his friends and his heart fluttered at the sight of their fear. "Don't be afraid!" He almost screamed. "Go!"


That had been their first battle together, almost a year ago.

They had managed to work together as a team and face many, many enemies. Victor was able to reverse the hypnosis that Starfire had been under, and they had returned to the streets of Jump City with bruises, bumps, scratches and cuts.

It was Raven's idea originally, but she didn't really notice it until after what she had said: "You know…we work really well together." And maybe everyone agreed, because after seeing that the team had taken out Slade's robot army, they decided to fund the friends a home anywhere they wanted, all with taxpayer money. On one condition: they were to keep the city safe.

And really—it was quite obvious—everyone also knew that they needed clothes…or costumes. And Robin always did want to try on tights. He bagged his jeans and hoodie and purchased many identical suites.

And Victor decided to stop hiding under his baggy, thug clothes and decided to show his pride in what he was. Or, as Garfield liked to say, "one hell of a Cyborg."

Garfield underwent some changes as well, requesting that the team refer to him as Beast Boy from now on, because that name actually sounded "super hero-ish."

All they needed was a name, which they thought they would never decide on. Beast Boy wanted "The league of Extra Super Cool Kick-Butt Ninja Dudes". Starfire and Raven told him that it was never going to happen. Starfire suggested "The Magnificent Zognarfs of Tameran." The rest of the friends shrieked in disgust. Victor stated flatly that they were never going to decide, until Raven suggested "The Titans" because—as she said to persuade the guys—" In Greek mythology they were the strongest of all gods and goddesses." Garfield immediately agreed.

And after some tinkering, they decided on "Teen Titans" and told the city in all frankness that it was probably better if they could build a tower on the island on the Bay…in the shape of a giant "T". To their amazement, it was agreed.

But the city was extremely slow, until after about two nights of sleeping here and there, one person completed the tower and loaded it with amazing technology. The city was ticked, but they could still fund food and clothing and other necessities, and so that is what they decided.

They never found out whom that person was, but Victor always had a feeling that it had been his father, mainly because his room was designed to his every need, and the note that read "Enjoy." Yes, it was a blank theory, but he could dream.

It was also obvious that they had their roles they needed to play, and ever since that first battle, Robin had grown obsessively fascinated with the whereabouts of Slade. The team saw his determination and—as an unspoken axiom—named him leader.

And they began living together and saving the city, developing friendships and unreasonable crushes, and another branch of Titans all together: Titans East.

They grew and breathed as one, and it didn't matter any more that they were freaks of nature, unreasonably large, unreasonably short, exiled from their planet, or a child of the devil.

They were friends, they were the Teen Titans. And they knew, by some unknown, unbreakable force, that they always would be.