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He knew it was going to be hard. As soon as the door swung open to reveal the dusty contents within, he felt his stomach clench unpleasantly. The warm summer day was lost immediately to the cold house before him. There was more dust than before, and the floorboards still creaked under the lightest touch, but there was something different; a depressing, lonely different.

Sure, it was always quiet when Harry Potter visited Number Twelve Grimauld Place, but there was always the occasional clinking of dishes as Mrs. Weasley prepared dinner for the Order. Even Kreacher would make some noise as he stumbled into rooms, cursing and muttering under his breath. It seemed as if this depressing place mirrored how Harry felt. It was empty. It was lonely. But most of all, it seemed in pain. It was as if the very house itself missed Sirius pacing throughout the kitchens.

As Harry slowly entered the house, he could feel the memories sinking into him, suffocating him with the very thoughts of what used to be.

He felt a hand clamp onto his shoulder reassuringly and he tipped up his head to see Ron Weasley gazing at Harry in sympathy.

Harry tore his eyes away from his red haired friend to see Hermione wandering throughout the house. Her bushy hair swaying and falling about her face as she bent down occasionally to dust off an antique figurine.

Harry tried desperately to calm the painful thumping in his heart. Everywhere he looked he was reminded of the past. He could see Sirius' smiling face appear in the dust that arose with their footsteps. Every time it faded Harry could feel his inside squeeze in pain.

He saw the fireplace, and for some reason, he remembered a time when his own face had appeared in its very flames. He had been flooing to ask if Sirius was okay, but he was blinded, he fell for it, and now Sirius was gone….

Harry would have been gone, too, if it weren't for Dumbledore.

Dumbledore, the mention of the very name caused Harry's breathing to become rapid. He would never see his eyes twinkling merrily behind his half moon spectacles, nor would he see his white beard from a distance and immediately know everyone battling was saved.

No, Dumbledore and Sirius were gone. The only two fatherly figures he had left.

"Okay," Said a voice from the doorway. Harry spun around to see Mrs. Weasley dusting off herself as if the dustiness of the house was contaminating her. But Harry knew she was desperate for a reason not to look around, "Shall we do what we came to do?"

Harry nodded. He needed to clear his thoughts and get his mind back on track. He had told Mr. and Mrs. Weasley that he was coming here to sift through Sirius' belongings, but the real reason was one which only he, Hermione and Ron knew.

They were here for research. They didn't know what exactly they were looking for, but Sirius' family had been supporting the Dark Lord since he began to rise, so they figured they may have information here on Voldemort himself.

"Well…where should we begin?" Mr. Weasley asked, looking at Harry closely.

"Fred and I will take the bedrooms upstairs," George volunteered, Fred nodding beside him, "Harry, if we find anything worthwhile we'll keep it for you."

"To give it back to you, of course," Fred added with a grin.

Harry nodded and averted his attention back to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.

"And we will take this middle level, if you three want to do anything that's left." Mr. Weasley offered.

Harry nodded and but his tongue to prevent himself from saying, 'What's left to do? You've taken it all.' Instead he turned back to Ron and Hermione and said, "Does that sound okay to you?"

"Yes, but…what about Ginny?" Ron asked, gesturing towards Ginny who was hovering in the doorway.

"She can come with us," Hermione said, beckoning for Ginny to come closer. Ginny obeyed stood next to the three friends.

"Okay, well Remus and Tonks are going to arrive soon." Mrs. Weasley said, but one look at the confused faces she added quickly, "They wanted to help."

Harry nodded, feeling strangely like a bobble head. Once the adults had departed Harry stood still for a moment, just gazing around the house.

"What else is there to do?" Ron asked, scuffing the toe of his shoe on the dusty floor.

"I wonder…" Hermione said, suddenly in a state of complete concentration.

"Wonder what?" Ginny asked.

"If there is an attic or basement of some sort," Hermione finished, already glancing around the house in hopes that some trap door would soon spring out.

"Maybe an attic," Harry said, "Come on…I think I heard Sirius and Remus talking about one."

The other three nodded and followed Harry up the creaking stairs.

"Ooh of course!" Hermione squealed, pointing enthusiastically towards the ceiling.

"What are you on about, 'Mione?" Ron asked, obviously bewildered.

"Don't you remember?" She asked, and when she only received blank stairs she continued, "Kreacher always used to hide in the attic. Or at least, Sirius thought he was."

There was an uncomfortable silence in which all eyes were glued to Harry sympathetically. Finally he asked, "How does that help us with anything?"

"Well…" Hermione began, "We know that there defiantly is an attic, and I read in Wizard Ways-" Ron snorted, "That all attics appear the same way in all wizarding homes, unless they put a different spell on it."

"Then how do they appear?" Ginny persisted.

Hermione looked up at the ceiling once more and pulled out her wand, "Quite simple, actually." She looked around at her friends, "Ron," She said suddenly, "Hold me up."

"W-what?" Ron asked, the tips of his ears turning red.

"I said hold me up," Hermione repeated, already trying to hoist herself into Ron's arms.

Ron turned a deeper shade of pink, but he kneeled down nonetheless so Hermione could step onto his shoulders.

"Okay," Hermione grunted, reaching out her wand hand with some difficulty. She jammed it into the ceiling, and instead of it breaking with all the force she used, her wand sunk through, until have of it was in the ceiling.

"Wow," Harry breathed.

"Kreacher must have used a ladder or something," Hermione said as she climbed off Ron's shoulders. "Let's go find one."

They departed and went in search for a tall ladder throughout the house. Finally, there was a muffled, "Found one!" And the three others followed the sound of Ginny's voice to see her pointing triumphantly towards a ladder propped up in one of the deserted rooms.

Together they hoisted it out of the room and out into the hall. "I'll go first," Hermione volunteered. She climbed up the ladder slowly, and when she reached the top she stuck her head in the soft ceiling. It disappeared as her wand had earlier, so she hoisted the rest of her body up into the attic. "Come on!" She called.

Ginny went next, and when it was Harry's turn, he climbed the ladder cautiously. He reached the top and stuck his head through, it felt as if he had just broken through a sheet of cold water, but he was completely dry. He scrambled inside and when Ron was up there with the rest of them, he turned to look around the room.

There was hundreds of boxes piled throughout the room, stacking on top of eachother.

"This is amazing!" Ginny said, picking up a box before opening it. She pulled out a few robes and set them down. "Well go on," She said.

Harry strode throughout the room, often pausing to read the label on a box. They all either said 'robes' or 'pictures.' He didn't know what he was looking for, possibly, 'Several Ways to Defeat the Dark Lord,' perhaps.

Just as he passed another 'robes' box, he saw something that caused his blood to turn cold.

"Harry…" Hermione said cautiously, "Harry what is it?"

For Harry had stopped his wandering and was now peering at a box stone still. "It says, 'Marauder Stuff,'" He mumbled, "My dad was a Marauder…"

And without even thinking what he was doing, he bent down and tore open the box. Ron, Ginny, and Hermione were now gathered by Harry and were gazing over his shoulder with interest.

"There pictures," Harry said, sifting through the piles.

"Those aren't just pictures," Ron said, looking amazed, "Look…" He jammed a finger to the bottom of a small photo, "These have been bewitched to play like muggle films."

"Do you mean to say that these are…movies?" Harry asked blankly.

"It appears so," Hermione said, already picking up one that read, 'Number One.'

"Let's watch them," Harry said without preamble, "Do you know how to play them?"

"Are you sure you want to-" Hermione began uncertainly.

"Positive," Harry said firmly.

Hermione nodded and took out her wand. She cast an enlargement charm on it so large it appeared to be a little over six feet. She cast a sticking charm on it and plastered it to a blank wall.

The four friends grabbed a box each and put them it front of the screen. They sat down and looked at the screen expectantly.

Hermione pulled out her wand once more and walked to the screen, "It should just play when I say," at this she jabbed her wand to the screen and murmured, "Play." Nothing happened and she shrugged, "I don't know."

Harry stood up and crossed to the life like picture, he pulled out his own wand and thought for a moment, suddenly his face lit up, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

At once the picture seemed to come alive and Harry walked backwards until he stumbled back into a sitting position. His heart was thumping loudly and his pulse was racing. Could these be video tapes of his dad?

The camera was shaking. Someone obviously was having troubles holding still.


"Padfoot hold the camera still!" James yelled, for the camera was viewing the feet of four boys.

Remus snatched the camera and poised it by his eye, "Okay, talk."

James opened his mouth but Sirius pushed him out of the way, "Okay." He began, running a hand through his hair. "This is a muggle camera bewitched by our dear friend Moony to be like a video camera."

"And," James added with flourish, "This is like our Marauder Documentaries."

"We should call it, 'Marauder Days!" Peter squeaked.

"How about not?" Sirius asked, "How about we call it…A smashingly handsome fellow, a bookworm, a weird…thing, and a Lily Evans obsessed loser."

"Aw, thanks," Remus said from behind the camera, "You think I'm smashingly handsome!"

Sirius shoved his face into the camera so close that all you could see was his nose, "See this?" He asked, "This is what I would like to call smashingly good looking." He stepped back and pointed at Moony. "Not that!"

"All the camera saw was your nose." Remus said with disgust, "Anyways, we are in our fifth year."

"And Moony is a prefect!" Sirius sang.

"Why are we filming this corridor?" Peter asked suddenly, "Everyone is staring at us."

Remus filmed around the corridor, and sure enough, everyone was looking at the four boys with amusement.

"Oh look," Sirius said cheekily, stepping closer to the camera so you could only see one eye, "There's Lily Evans. Prongs fancies her…well, he's kind of obsessed with her, more like."

"Evans!" James called to a passing red head, "Evans!"

"If I didn't know better, Prongs, I'd say she was ignoring you."

"Stuff it, Padfoot," James growled. He broke out into a run and the camera followed him.

"Hey Evans," James said once he was close enough, "You look really pretty today."

A flaming red head with penetrating green eyes swung her head around to glare at James, "Go away," She scowled.

James sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He decided to do it quick and easy, that way it would be less painful. "Willyougooutwithme?"

For a normal person, this would sound quite unusual, and they would have to ask James politely to repeat himself. Lily, however, was quite used to James' tactics at asking her out.

"No." She said flatly. "Not now. Not ever. Good bye."

James bowed his head glumly as he stumbled back to his friends. "Shut up." For Sirius was doubled over from laughing, "It's not that funny!" James added.

"Oh, but it is," Sirius said, finally regaining his composure, "We got that on tape."

"Delete it!" James bellowed, flinging himself towards the camera, "If anyone ever sees this I want them to remember me as stunning and put together!"

"Like that's gonna happen," Sirius snickered.

James lurched forward towards the camera again, and for a moment all you saw was black hair. Then the camera began to shake, and you could here grunting. James was obviously wrestling Remus for the camera.

The camera went from side to side, showing flashes of the corridor. For a second you saw Peter cowering in the corner, then you saw Sirius' look of surprise.

Suddenly, there was a loud bellow, one which only comes out of ones mouth when they are in life and death situations. The camera tumbled out of Remus' hands and rolled across the corridor. Sirius had obviously shouted his war cry before lunging for the camera.

All you could see was the stone walls for a while, but you could hear scrambling and pushing to get to the camera.

James' face appeared, he had his head on the floor and he was panting into the camera. "They're animals." He said in a hushed whisper. "The lot of them." He reached foreword to pick the camera off the ground, but instead he moved backwards. His face changed to terror. "They've got me." He whispered as he was pulled back again.

Peter had picked up the camera and was now showing Sirius pulling James' feet.

"Nooo!" James cried, clawing at the ground helplessly, "You won't take me alive!"

"What is going on here?" Asked a stern voice.

The camera moved upwards to view Professor McGonagall, standing with her hands on her hips as she gazed at them. Her face was stern, but she looked amused despite herself.

James and Sirius scrambled to their feet, the whole corridor was gazing at them while trying to muffle their laughter.

"What were you four doing?" She asked skeptically.

"We were filming a documentary on our life…then it kind of turned into an attack, run for your life kind of thing." Sirius said carefully.

McGonagall looked at them in confusion, "You boys are fifteen," She said, "Not five." They nodded and she looked right into the camera, "Is this what you were using for filming?"

They nodded and gulped.

"Well," She said, "I would take it away, but I won't because I'm interested to see how it turns out. It's not everyday you see fifteen year old screaming out battle cries."

Sirius grinned sheepishly.

"However," She said, holding up a finger, "I am not okay with this behavior. Detention for Mr. Black and Mr. Potter."

"Why only them?" Remus asked.

"Because I only saw them attacking each other, and I only heard this one," She jabbed a finger towards Sirius, "Yelling battle cries, and this one," She pointed towards James, "Screaming like someone was attacking his cat."

"Don't ask anymore questions," Sirius muttered to Remus, "You'll just get a detention."

Professor McGonagall suppressed a smile and at the whole situation and strode away with one last stern look.

The boys sat in silence for a while, until James spotted Lily who was looking at him through narrowed eyes.

"Oh Evans…" He began, already skipping towards her.

"Will he ever stop pursuing that poor girl?" Remus asked as he shook his head.

"That's it!" Sirius sang, pumping a fist in the air.

"What's it?" Peter asked from behind the camera.

"We'll call all the videos we make," He paused for dramatic effect, "Pursuing Lily Evans!"

They stood in thought for a while, watching as James ruffled his hair in hopes of catching Lily's attention.

"I agree," Peter said, "But only because I don't want to be called a weird thing."

Remus nodded, "I suppose…but it's only James who's pursuing her."

"I know," Sirius agreed, "But it could sort of be a thing about James' life. Then we could make one about Peter, and me and you, Moony."

"I don't want a video made about my life," Remus said quickly.

"Me either." Peter said.

"Nor do I!" Sirius said with a smile, "But I really want to continue filming our great pranks and such…but this will mostly be about James' life. We could give it to his kids to show how he finally won over Lily's heart."

"If he finally wins over Lily's heart." Remus corrected.

"Then its settled," Sirius said, beaming, "Here is tape one of 'Pursuing Lily Evans.'"

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