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The attic was full with everyone that was in the house. Every single person who came to help Harry clean out this place was there. It amazed him to know that so many people were there for him. So many people were interested in his past. So many people were willing to comfort him. So many people were prepared to do whatever it takes to help him.

Harry sighed and tightened his hold on Ginny's hand. His mind was still reeling over what had just happened. Everyone was laughing about Fred and George's canoodling scene, and then, out of nowhere, she had kissed him.

It didn't bother him in the slightest. In fact, when her soft lips met his, even though it was for only a mere fraction of a second, he felt his heart leap up into his throat. There was a comfortable silence in the attic, and Harry felt himself bathe in it. No one felt the urge to speak, they were all just holding someone dear to them. However, in Fred and George's case, they were wandering throughout the attic, often making eye contact and winking or blowing kisses.

Harry laughed as George blew Fred a kiss and Fred pretended to grab it, and bring to his rear, opening his mouth in surprise. Remus tore apart from Tonks reluctantly, and picked up the last tape in the box. All the ones that had been viewed were in a pile next to it.

"How many more tapes are there, Remus?" Ginny was the first to speak. The tips of her ears were still a faint tint of red; she had all of the Weasleys to thank for that. Harry suspected that she was embarrassed over what had just happened, and he didn't know how to assure her that what she did was okay. Well, more than okay, he actually liked it. It strangely was soothing for him.

"This is last one." Remus said, but his voice sounded distant, as if his mind was somewhere else. He was staring at the last tape, his eyes round and his heart pounding. He didn't know there was a last tape. He thought that after James had proposed he and Lily had forgotten about the camera. This was suffocating for him. All the peacefulness that was in the attic earlier was gone, and all he could concentrate on was the small picture in his hands, and what on earth it was about….

"Well go on," Tonks said, smiling warmly, "Put it in. Maybe we'll see the wedding. I wonder what Lily's dress looked like. It was probably beautiful…"

"I don't think we should watch this." Remus said at last, catching everyone off guard. Even Fred and George stopped looking around the attic and turned to look at him in confusion.

Harry bit his lip angrily. What was Remus on about? After all that he had just seen, Remus didn't think he could handle a little more? It was then that it struck him. Maybe it was the painful look in Remus' eye, or the way his figure was completely still. Maybe it was even the fact that Remus was holding the picture so tightly, it was beginning to crinkle. But at that moment, Harry knew that whatever was on the video, wasn't pleasant.

"Should I…make us all some tea?" Mrs. Weasley asked, as if tea would solve everything. At that moment however, everyone in the attic certainly did wish that with one sip of tea all their troubles would go away.

Remus nodded after an uncertain silence, "These tapes are over. We should all go continue cleaning out the house…"

Harry stood up slowly, "Remus, what's on that tape? I know you know."

Everyone looked at the ground as Remus eyed Harry in sympathy. "I actually don't know, Harry, and it's because of that that I don't think we should watch it."

Silence resumed among the attic once more, only it wasn't nearly as calm and peaceful as before. "I can't just leave these tapes knowing they're unfinished," Harry argued, "I need to watch it."

"Well if you do," Mrs. Weasley began, "You are the only one that will. We've all intruded quite enough." She looked at everyone else, as if silently pleading for backup.

"I agree." Tonks said, "Harry and Remus should watch it together. After all, they may have things to talk about afterwards."

Harry didn't like the fact that they were making this such a big deal. Wasn't this one going to be like all the other tapes? He silently reassured himself that there was nothing to be nervous about, and shrugged. "I really don't mind if you all watch it, it's going to be just like all the other ones."

"I know." Tonks said, "But I agree with Molly, we've intruded on yours and Remus' past quite enough, and it's time for you two to have some alone time and talk."

"Come on everyone," Mrs. Weasley said, "Let's leave." She turned her attention to Harry and Remus, "If you two need anything at all, come and get us. I'd be happy to make you both some tea…"

One by one, people began to descend through the icy ceiling. First Mrs. and Mr. Weasley, then the twins. Tonks gave Remus' cheek a soft peck, before following them. Soon, Hermione and Ron were making their way towards Harry.

"Do you want us to stay?" Ron asked, "Because mate, I'd be happy to."

"You can if you want…" Harry said, "I really don't mind."

Hermione bent down and gave Harry a hug, "We'll leave, but come and get us if you need anything at all, okay?"

She tugged at Ron's hand, causing the tips of his ears to turn red as Ginny's had earlier, and they both departed. Ginny stood up slowly, "Alright, I better leave, too." She said awkwardly.

Harry stood up with her and gave her a tight squeeze, "Thank you for earlier." He whispered in her ear.

She nodded in understanding, obviously relieved that what she had done was okay, and after saying good-bye to Remus, followed all the others down.

"You sure you want to watch this?" Remus asked after a while.

Harry shrugged, "Do you think we should?"

"Honestly, I'm not sure, but I think that you're right. We have to finish these tapes." He said, beginning to enlarge it and plaster it to the wall. He took a seat next to Harry and looked at him seriously, "Whatever this tape may bring…I'm here for you, Harry."

"I know, Remus. I'm here for you, too." He turned his attention to the screen, for it had begun to play. Harry could feel his insides squeeze painfully. He was looking at himself as a baby.


"Hello again!" James boomed, looking at the floating camera happily.

"Can you say hi, Harry?" Lily asked her baby who was sitting in her lap. She grabbed Harry's chubby hand and waved it up and down, "Say hi!"

Harry laughed, a bit of drool dripping down his chin. "Hi." He said, the only word he could say.

"He's quite the charmer, if I do say so myself." James said, crawling across to him. "You look just like me, Harry. Good luck keeping the ladies away…"

Lily rolled her eyes, "Don't you listen to your father. You'll be the sweetest boy ever who will treat woman respectably."

James scoffed, "I treat woman amazing."

Lily nodded, "Well, at least you treat me amazing."

James leaned across Harry and kissed Lily softly, "I love you."

"Mm." She sighed, "I love you, too."

"And I love you, little tiger!" James said, picking the boy off Lily's lap and swinging him around.

"Be careful!" Lily giggled, clambering to her feet.

Harry laughed happily as his father tossed him in the air and caught him in his arms. "HI!"

"No," James frowned, "Daddy."





Lily laughed and took Harry from her husbands arms, "Good try, James." She kissed Harry's cheek.

"Well," James said, looking at the camera, "This is the first video of our son we've ever made."

"And it won't be the last." Lily said, "We'll film his first day of school, the day he becomes Head Boy…"

"And the day he becomes quidditch captain." He said, wiggling his eyebrows, "I know you have it in you."

"Hi." Harry drooled, spreading his arms out as if he was reaching for the sky.

"Are you flying, Harry?" Lily asked softly.

"HI!" Harry shouted, raising his hands higher.

"I think this time, he means 'high.'" James said.

Lily lifted him high in the hair and Harry laughed joyfully. She swung him around in a circle, pure bliss on her face.

"I'm so proud of you, Harry." James said, "You already have the urge to fly." He ran his hands through his son's messy hair, "Merlin, you look so much like me…"

"Don't forget he resembles his mum, too!" Lily laughed, "Look at those piercing eyes…"

James nodded, "They're amazing, aren't they?"

"He's amazing," Lily said, kissing his nose. She set him on the ground, and both of them sat down with him. James flopped down on his stomach and grabbed a stuffed animal, handing it to Harry.

He picked it up and brought it to him, looking at it happily. "Hi." He cooed.

"I can't believe our baby boy is already one." Lily said, tickling Harry's tummy.

James rolled over on his back, placing his hands on his stomach. "I know; seems like just yesterday I was down on one knee…"

"Really?" Lily said, "It seems like just yesterday you were dressed up in long underwear…"

James suddenly went into a coughing fit, "You remember that?"

"Oh yes," Lily nodded, "You looked so handsome with wads of tissues in your shirt…"

He flipped back over and began tickling her, much to her dismay. She writhed underneath his strong form, "Stop, James!" She laughed.

He stopped and kissed her softly, "Serves you right for saying I'm attractive as a woman." He picked up his son and stood up, kissing the top of his head. "I love you, Harry. You'll do amazing in life, I know you will."

Lily nodded, "I can already tell you're like your father. You'll be brave, courageous, and extremely handsome…"

James took Lily's hand, balancing Harry on his hip with his other arm, "You're like your mother, too. I bet you'll be fierce, and you'll stand up for what you believe in. You're a strong kid, Harry. I can already see that."

There were footsteps, and James could feel his heart stop beating. Lily's eyes widened in fear, what was going on?

"Has someone found us?" Lily asked in a hushed whisper, but she felt as if the inside of her chest was contracting, and every word was painful to speak.

James knew who she meant by, "someone." He gritted his teeth. Peter, that bastard….

"Lily." He said, handing her Harry, "Get you and Harry out of here."

"What are you saying?" Lily asked, looking into James eyes. "I won't leave you."

"Lily." James said, "I need you to go. Okay? Just get out of here."

The footsteps were drawing nearer, but Lily stayed still. "Stop saying this, James…" She muttered, clutching Harry tightly to her heart. His eyes were round and full of fear, as if he too knew that whoever was approaching meant them harm.

"LILY!" James cried, stepping closer to her and bringing both his wife and son to him in a hug, "Please…just get yourself out."

They pulled back and Lily kissed his lips, "I love you, James." She looked into his eyes to see that they were sparkling with tears. It was then that she noticed she had tear stains down her cheeks.

"I love you, Lily." He said, "I always have, always will. Nothing will ever keep us apart, okay? Nothing." Lily nodded, and watched as James leaned into Harry, kissing his cheek. "I love you, Harry. Be good for daddy, okay?"

The footsteps were loud now, Voldemort had to be near. Lily pulled Harry tighter, and backed away slowly. Soon she spun around, and James gazed at his father sadly.


"That's right, Harry." James said, a single tear slipping down his cheek, "Daddy."

Lily sprinted down the hall, but the camera stayed next to James. The door swung open, hitting the camera. It chattered and fell to the floor in pieces, causing the screen to go fuzzy.


Harry and Remus said nothing. There were no words to be said, none that could be spoken. Neither of them were crying, but Harry was shaking, and he saw that his hands were ghostly white. Remus' breath was coming in small, short gasps. He wasn't thinking straight, his mind was a blur…

Harry made a small noise, and he felt his whole body droop, slipping off the box in despair. Remus stood up in instinct, and ran over to Harry, kneeling down beside him.

Harry was staring at the ground, but he felt Remus put an arm around him, pulling him into his chest. Harry grabbed the back of his flannel shirt and sobbed. His ribs felt like they were crushing under pressure, it was hard to breathe; he couldn't keep his eyes open.

Remus felt the boy in his arms shake with sobs, and he pulled him tighter, allowing his own tears to fall onto Harry's head. Remus hadn't sobbed in ages. Not since the incident. He wouldn't allow himself to relive the sorrow he felt that night, but at that moment, he had no control over what his body was doing.

They clung to each other, as if in support. They were the closest thing they had to the ones they had lost, and they wouldn't for the life of them let go.

Harry pulled back and brought his knees to his chest, "Remus. I…I'm so sorry…"

"What are you sorry about?" Remus croaked. His head was throbbing painfully, as if he was drained.

"I made us watch it." Harry said, his tears stopping but his shaking continuing, "It's my fault we're feeling this much pain…"

Remus shook his head, his sobbing had also seized. "No…don't say things like that."

"I need them, Remus. I need my parents. I can't do this on my own." Harry said quietly.

"Harry you aren't alone." Remus said, "You're parents are with you always…"

Harry narrowed his eyes, "Well I don't see them now, do you? I can't feel their presence. I don't feel them in my heart. I know what you're trying to do, but you can stop lying. My parents are gone, okay Remus? I've accepted the fact, why can't you?"

"I've accepted the fact that their bodies are broken," Remus said, "But they aren't gone, Harry."

"STOP IT!" Harry cried, clambering to his feet in a fit of rage, "You can believe all the lies you want, but don't force them on me!"

"Believe what you want, Harry!" Remus said, also standing up, "Believe that you'll fail facing Voldemort. But that's saying that your parents dyed for nothing. They died protecting you, Harry. So going into a battle thinking you're going to lose is a poor way of repaying them!"

Harry hissed angrily, "Remus, I'm a boy! My parents, who were some of the most amazing wizards couldn't defeat them, how the hell am I supposed to?"

"Don't talk about yourself like you're nothing!" Remus shouted, "You have strength Harry. You have something Voldemort doesn't, you have lo-"


"You are lying to yourself, Harry!" Remus said, "You're making yourself out to be this weak boy…"

"BOY!" Harry shrieked, his throat scratchy from yelling, "JUST A BOY! BOYS DON'T DEFEAT DARK LORDS!"

"Normal boys don't," Remus said, "But you do!"

"No I don't." Harry said, his knees giving way from everything that was happening, "I'm a normal boy, Remus. With normal wizarding skills. I don't have anything special about me. I have the power of a seventeen year old boy."

"No," Remus said, sitting down on a box besides Harry, "I never want to hear you say that again." He paused and took a deep breath, "You have the power of Lily. You have the power of James. You even have the power of Sirius. But most of all, you have the power of Harry Potter. And I don't know about you, but if I were Voldemort, I would be quivering in fear."

Harry smiled slightly, "Thanks, Remus."

They sat in silence for a while, both of them staring at each other. It was as if they were transferring their thoughts to one another, sharing their pain, yet giving the other one strength.

"Are you going to be okay?" Remus asked, looking at Harry carefully.

Harry looked around the room, staring at the pile of pictures on the floor. He could say that he wished he had never seen them, but he knew he would be lying. He saw his parents in a way he never knew possible. He saw how much they loved him, and he saw what amazing people they were.

"Harry?" Remus asked uncertainly, "Are you okay?"

Harry looked into Remus' eyes and took a deep breath, before he broke out into a smile. "I am now."