"That's it? Just like that it's over?" Ken asked later that week. His voice was trembling and Connie couldn't tell if it was from anger or hurt.

"I'm sorry Ken." She said quietly.

Ken shook his head angrily and stood up. "Well sorry isn't going to change anything." He said bluntly. "Is there someone else?" Ken asked quietly as he stood by the door.

Connie glanced up quickly, too quickly and hastily replied. "How can you even think that?" She asked, giving him a reason to believe he was absolutely right. Ken shook his head in disgust and stalked from the room. Connie fell backwards onto her bed and let out a sigh. She knew she probably should have felt bad about what had happened between her and Guy but she didn't. Julie walked into their dorm room a few moments later and quickly noticed the change in her friend.

"What's up Connie?" the blonde asked casually.

"I broke up with Ken tonight." Connie replied slowly. Julie spun around in surprise. "I can't believe you actually did it!" she said, impressed.

"I slept with another guy. It wasn't fair to Ken."

Julie smiled proudly at her friend. "Actually I'm looking for Guy. Do you want to come with me?"

Connie shook her head no quickly. "I—I don't think it would be right." She said quietly.

Julie made a face. "Are you sure?"

Connie nodded. "I cheated on my boyfriend with him Julie. It wouldn't be right."

Julie narrowed her eyes. "You're not even going to try to get back together with Guy?" The disbelief in her voice was more than evident.

"I want to Jules. You and I both know that but I need to give Ken a little time to move on. It would be cruel not to."

Julie scowled. "You didn't give Guy time to move on when you got together with Ken."

Connie narrowed her eyes and stood up, crossing her arms over her chest. "Is there something you'd like to say to me Julie?"

Julie rolled her eyes and also stepped forward, lifting her chin defiantly. "You slept with Guy for a reason Connie. You never slept with Ken. Not once. You never even considered it." The two girls were now standing toe to toe, glaring at each other fiercely.

"Who cares? It's none of your business who I sleep with!" Connie shrieked angrily.

"It's my business when my best friend becomes a whore!" Julie screamed back.

"Fuck you! At lease I'm not a whiny bitch like you!" Connie made a face before changing the pitch of her voice and saying, "Oh do you think Adam likes me? He helled my hand tonight but I just can't tell…oh he hates me! Wah, wah, wah! Grow up!"

Julie arched an eyebrow. "Well what about this one?" She asked mockingly lowering her voice to sound like Connie, "Stay the hell away from Guy. Although I broke his fucking heart he belongs to me. I think maybe I should break up with Ken because I don't like him but then everyone will think I like Guy. I not only made out with Guy but I slept with him! I don't think I'm going to try to get Guy back because it wouldn't be fair to Ken." Julie mocked.

"It take you long to get that insult worked out?" Connie sneered.

"You can't always get what you want Connie!" Julie said quietly.

Connie rolled her eyes and said nothing.

"I'm serious Connie! He's not going to wait forever!"

Connie shrugged. "That's his decision."

Julie grabbed a book off her bed and hurled it at her friend angrily. "You're not only hurting yourself, your hurting him too!"

Connie narrowed her eyes again. "This doesn't concern you!" She finally shouted before marching to the door. "You know maybe I'll take Adam out for a test drive since you seem to think he's the greatest person ever made." She sneered once before opening the door.

With a frustrated yell Julie dove on Connie's back, successfully knocking her over and throwing the two of them into the hall.

"Leave him out of this!" Julie yelled angrily.

"Then stay the hell out of my life!" Connie screamed back.

Doors were opening all along the hall and various Ducks were running from their rooms. Connie had Julie on her back and was straddling her with her hands around her best friend's neck. Julie had a fistful of Connie's hand and was pulling as hard as she could. Charlie ran up and grabbed Connie around the waist picking her up and holding her back. She was kicking wildly trying to get away. Dean had picked up Julie who was attempting to do the same. The girls were still yelling insults at each other and were fighting to break free of their captors.

"Let me go!" Connie screamed, fighting to break free. She stomped hard on Charlie's foot, and without thinking he let her go. She ran at Julie and shouted for Portman to stop when he threw the blonde over her shoulder and ran. Suddenly an arm reached out from around a corner and grabbed Connie around the waist successfully stopping her.

"Let go!" Connie screamed irritably.

"What's going on?" Guy asked in confusion.

"I'm going to kill her." Connie said directly.

"Not if I kill you first." Julie snarled.

Portman had stopped running and was standing with Julie over his shoulder.

"You're both being extremely overdramatic." Charlie snarled when he caught up with them. "Act your age."

Connie and Julie continued glaring at each other.

"Where the hell were you?" He asked Guy, glaring at him. Guy moved away from Connie and ran a hand through his hair. Portman followed Guy's lead and set Julie down. Everyone was staring at him but only two people were truly taking in the way he looked. His button up shirt had clearly been crumpled up and thrown about, buttoned back up hastily. He'd missed a few buttons and his hair was rumbled and hands had obviously been pulled through it. It was clear what he had been doing. Connie let out a choked laugh.

"Yes where were you Guy? We can all guess what you were doing but…" She trailed off.

Guy stared at her intensely, but said nothing.

"Where were you?" Julie asked quietly, it almost seemed as if she was angrier than Connie.

"I—I went over to Jesse's." He replied quietly, blinking at her in confusion. "Jami and I—we…" He trailed off.

"Yes we got that." Connie bit in. The rest of the team was standing around them in confusion.

"Connie…" he trailed off again and Julie interrupted him. "Don't Guy. Don't bother."

Guy turned to glare at her angrily. "This isn't your concern! Stay the hell out of it!" he yelled angrily.

"Don't yell at her." Connie said quietly but determinedly."Just…don't."

Guy and Connie stood staring at each other, neither looking away. Suddenly Ken's voice cut through the crowd of their friends.

"No one else huh?" He asked in a strangled voice.

"Ken…you…you don't understand." Connie said quietly, turning to him jadedly.

"Oh don't I? Did you give it up to him Connie? Last weekend huh? During your ladies' weekend?" he was sneering, but everyone could see how hurt he was.

"Don't talk to her like that!" Guy yelled.

"I'll speak to her however the hell I want to!" Ken yelled turning back to Connie. "You lied to me. You looked me in the eye and told me there was no one else." he accused.

Connie nodded. "And you didn't believe me. I'm sorry I hurt you Ken, it wasn't my intention."

Ken nodded. "And how long exactly did it take you to give it up to Guy? Don't say you didn't."

Connie sighed. "This isn't the place Ken." She whispered, mortified.

"I say it is." Ken replied.

"Leave her alone." Guy snarled angrily.

Connie glared at him but otherwise ignored him. "You really want to know Ken? Then I'll tell you." Connie took a deep breath. "I—I lost my virginity to Guy when I was fourteen." she murmured.

Julie gasped in surprise behind her but otherwise only Dwayne, Portman, Russ, and Luis looked surprised. It seemed everyone else knew.

"We didn't plan to do it or anything like that. It just happened. When you're with someone for that long things like that happen."

When she finished Ken looked apoplectic. "You always said you wanted to wait."

Connie nodded and then looked back at Guy. "I loved Guy with everything I had Ken. I'm sorry I couldn't feel the same for you." she really was sorry and it broke her heart to see the look in his eyes. "I'm sorry and I'm sorry that I allowed something to happen between him and me last weekend but Ken…we've been over for a long time you and me. It was just time to admit it." The Asian stomped away without another word, followed by Dwayne.

"That was pretty low Guy." Russ muttered quietly before he walked after his best friend.

Dean backed away from Julie and shook his head. "This is a little too deep for me, come on Fulton." he said, and the two walked away. Connie, Julie, Guy, Adam, Charlie and Luis were left standing in almost a circle staring at each other.

"This is awkward." Luis muttered.

Charlie nodded, still glaring at the three sources of his trouble. "Adam, Luis. Go back to your rooms." he ordered quietly.

Adam glared at his friend. "This isn't a team practice Charlie." he pointed out.

"It is a team matter." Adam and Luis left quickly, leaving the three to their captain's wrath.

"Do you have any idea how much trouble you have caused?" The question seemed to be directed at Guy and Connie. "All I asked was for cooperation. Friendliness. Is that too much to ask?" Connie shook her head, but Guy continued staring stonily ahead. "What the hell is going on between you two?"

Julie and Connie looked at each other and seemed to hold an entire conversation with their eyes alone. "You were right. We were being overdramatic. Everything is fine now." Julie said, wrapping an arm around her friend.

"If any of this shows up at practice tomorrow there will be hell to pay." Charlie warned, stalking away.

Guy wasn't sure which of the girls looked angrier.

"I broke up with Ken." Connie offered emotionlessly.

"I…how was I supposed to know Connie?" Guy asked, his voice positively shaking. He ran a hand through his unruly hair and looked at her helplessly. "How the hell was I supposed to know?"

Connie shrugged and turned away. "I'm going back to the room Julie."

Guy moved towards her. "Connie…"

She ignored him and walked away.

"Do you know why we were fighting?" Julie asked him. "I thought it was wrong that she wasn't going to go after you right away."

Guy looked down, unable to meet her eyes. "I made a mistake Julie and I'm sorry for it."

Julie shook her head. "Stay away from her Guy. I swear if you…just stay away from her."

"It's been two months. You'd think one of them would have forgiven me by now." Guy grumbled to Tammy.

Tammy snorted derisively. "You don't exactly deserve forgiveness Guygerman." She reminded him.

Guy sighed. "It was a mistake. A simple fucking mistake."

Tammy laughed. "You slept with her and then slept with someone she hated. You said you loved her Guy." She said it with a tone that told him she did not believe him.

"I do! I did then and I still do!" He shouted drawing the attention of everyone at the party.

"Ignore him." Tammy commanded. She turned back to Guy and smiled tightly. "You had a funny way of showing it."

Guy stared after her angrily as she walked away. Jesse leaned up against the wall next to him and arched an eyebrow.

"She's angry at you. Connie won't speak to her anymore and Julie is fiercely loyal to Connie."

Guy sighed. "That makes no sense. Tammy didn't do anything!"

Jesse shrugged. "I know. So does Connie but its easier to be angry with Tammy than herself."

Guy made a face. "Connie has no reason to be angry with herself either."

Jesse shrugged. "She let you back in. She let the idea of the two of you together back into her heart Guy. You broke the dream, and she let you."

Guy wanted to cry, but all that came out was a choked laugh. "You sound like a woman Jesse." he muttered.

"I know. I'm just repeating what Tammy told me." Guy nodded and sighed, walking away from his friend without a word. He walked home that night, and woke up the next morning without a headache for the first time in two months.

"Guy hurry up and get dressed we have family dinner in two hours!" His mom called up the stairs.

Guy groaned. Every few months his family and Connie's family got together at Breckin and Jeremy's house for dinner. He was showered and dressed within twenty minutes and walked over to his sister's house to play with his niece.

"You made Auntie Connie cry." Isabelle accused sometime later.

Guy looked up startled. "Who told you that?" Guy asked the little girl quietly.

"I heard her and daddy talking. Auntie cried and daddy had to hold her acuz she couldn't stop!" His niece was looking at him angrily, and Guy groaned, knowing she was nothing compared to her father. He waited for Jeremy to say something to him but it didn't come. To his horror, Guy was made to sit next to Connie and it was their job to feed the baby. After dinner, Breckin sent the two of them to the nursery to put their nephew to sleep.

"You're not pregnant are you?" Guy blurted out suddenly.

Connie froze and blushed furiously. "No! Why would you even ask that?"

Guy sighed. "It just seems like they are trying to get a point across, that's all."

Connie rolled her eyes. "If you must know I missed my period last month, and I thought for a moment that I was pregnant. I told Breckin and she took me to the doctor. They are probably trying to warn us." She informed him harshly.

"You should have told me."

Connie rolled her eyes. "It wasn't your business."

Guy grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out of the nursery, through the entire house and out the door. He dragged her into his house and into the guest bedroom in the basement.

"Let go of me!" she snarled ripping her arm from his grasp.

"I'm sick of this Connie! Damnit just talk to me! I fucked up okay? I know that and I'm sorry! I am so sorry!" his voice was shaking and she thought she could see tears in his eyes.

"You're sorry? Sorry isn't going to change anything Guy." her voice was choked and she turned away to hide a tear.

"I didn't owe you anything Connie! As far as I knew you were still with Ken."

Connie looked away and nodded slowly. "Maybe…maybe it just hurt because I thought…I thought it meant something."

Guy moved toward her as if to touch her but she backed away. "It did mean something!" Guy argued fiercely.

"Don't say that!" Connie shrieked.

"It's the truth! I'm sorry I hurt you but damn it it's the truth!"

Connie was crying freely now, tears working their way down her cheeks. "I've never been with anyone but you Guy. I've never let anyone touch me the way I've let you…I just…how many girls have you touched that same way?"

Guy looked away, his heart breaking. "Besides you?" he asked quietly, his voice breaking.

She nodded briskly.

"I'm sorry Connie…I didn't deal with our break up well and I didn't know what to do after…the last time."

Connie arched an eyebrow coldly. "How many?"

Guy sighed. "Five."

Connie inhaled deeply and looked away.

"I'm sorry Connie." he said quietly.

"The worst part is I know you're sorry, and I know you didn't owe me anything when you slept with any of those girls but that doesn't stop it from hurting Guy." The two stood staring at each other, both contemplating their relationship. Just moments ago they had been screaming at each other fiercely, and now they were standing calm. A different couple would have probably sorted out their differences right there, they had each messed up, and if they worked together they could fix things. Alas, this is what a different couple would do. Connie and Guy had hurt each other too much in the year since they had broken up. They had been through too much together their entire lives to just let it go.

"I can still remember walking across that playground, you know. Sometimes I can still see the look on your face when I grabbed you." she said with a quiet laugh. "That was thirteen years ago Guy and I've loved you every day since, but I'm tired of loving someone who doesn't want to be loved." she said sadly.

Guy narrowed his eyes. "That's not true Connie and you know it." he retorted.

"It is Guy! No matter what I do for you it's never good enough! You broke up with me because I was worried we weren't going to make it! Guy you have done everything you could in the last year to make sure I knew where I stood with you. We slept together and then you had sex with friggin' Jami Drealen!"

Guy was scowling at her. "That didn't mean anything!" he shouted irritably.

"You still did it." Connie replied calmly. "You won't let me care about you Guy! This…us…it's never going to work again. We both need to move on." she finished, walking away.

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