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Warden Henry Pope stared at the paper in front of him. Lincoln Burrows was innocent? He couldn't believe that. He was about to put to death a person who didn't do anything. He had to do something and he had to do it now. Lincoln didn't have that much time left.

He placed a call to the Governor of Illinois and he said that although it did look like that Lincoln Burrows might be innocent he wasn't completely off the hook. He could have a stay of execution, but he would not be pardoned yet. At least not too soon.

Captain Bellick came in just then to say that some prisoners were missing and there was a search team looking for them. He knew that Bellick for some reason didn't like Scofield for some reason. He wondered why was Michael missing now since his brother was about to be executed and why were the other people missing too?

He went out the door and Bellick came up to him. He had found the prisoners and was keeping them there until the Warden could get there. He walked down the hallway and into the room where the prisoners were currently being held. He looked at each of them and looked into Michael's eyes.

He told Bellick to take the others back to his cell because he had to speak to Scofield. He looked around and then back to Michael.

"Follow me." Was all he said as the others escorted Michael to the Warden's office.

"I want you to see this." He said as he picked up the paper and handed it to Michael. He stared in wonder at what he saw. His brother hopefully wouldn't be executed.

"This is true?"

"Yes. Apparently he was on vacation and found him there."

"What happens to Lincoln?"

"He has a stay of execution. They are looking through this matter as we speak and may get a pardon."

Michael smiled at this. His brother was going to live. He was going to be pardoned. He was so excited about this and was glad that his brother wasn't going to be executed.

Michael Scofield was very happy. His brother had gotten his pardon and was now a free man. He on the other hand was still in prison because of not only the shooting inside the bank, but because he tried to escape. It didn't matter that he was breaking out his brother.

He had talked to Sara before they found out that he didn't have diabetes. He was going to miss seeing her for his insulin injections. He hoped that she would forgive him for doing what he had to do.

He looked at the wall where he had made the hole. It had since been put back together. Suchre was no longer his cellmate and he had a new one now. Abruzzi had made it through and was currently in the prison hospital recuperating. He didn't regret getting himself thrown into prison. His brother was saved from dying. At least he knew that someday he would get out and he would wait for that.

The End.