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Summary-(Sequel to Not The Bandanas 2: Kouji's Revenge) Read NTB2 first. The Real World and Digital World collide as the digi-destined must rise up once more to stop the oncoming evil. This time, with the help of a few new friends.


Chapter 1-

Explanations And More Confusion


"I'm listening," he murmured when she stopped talking.

Kako snapped out of her reverie to hit Kouichi's arm. "Okay, Mr. Lovesick-"

"I'm not lovesick," Kouichi whined.

"Shut up. Your head better be where it's supposed to be. Just because I said I love you-"

Feeling impatient, Kouichi interrupted, "Shut up and hurry up."

"So, when I was about...five or so, my mom gave me that locket. Something about keeping it safe, yadda yadda, whatever, but it was special, and she always made sure I had it on. It's really, really hard to explain, but..."

Falling quiet, Kako shut her eyes. "The worlds are parallel to one another. Digital and Real. They're...parallel. So are the beings that inhabit those worlds. You see, each person on Earth has a digimon in the Digital World. That digimon is tied to them. They are tied together. What happens to one happens to the other. Not in the same manner, but...

"This isn't always the case. Some digimon and humans are born without those ties. Hideki, for example, although he would resemble Duskmon the best, has no...no shadow. You, strangely enough, have two; Lowemon and Duskmon are tied to you, whether you like it or not. Takuya's is Agunimon, and so on, you see? Almost each human has a digimon shadow, almost each digimon has a human shadow."

Kouichi frowned. "How do you know Hideki doesn't have one? And what's your shadow?"

She continued, ignoring his questions, "Among the ones without shadows, a select few are given the opportunity of an important role in the two roles. The three major roles would be Ophanimon, Seraphimon and Cherubimon. They maintain the peace of the two roles and keep the gate from one world to the next closed. Other roles would be like yours...the legendary spirits.

"Sometimes, it's possible to switch shadows, mainly for digimon. Really, the system is too complex to describe in great detail. That brings us to four years ago, when you had your great fall."

"Wait," Kouichi huffed, "you never answered my questions!"

"Shut up," Kako growled. "Four years ago, my mom came up to me and asked me six people I would send to the digital world if I could. Well, naturally, I named Izumi first, and then you. I also believe I named Kouji as, 'the idiot twin of Kouichi's.' And then, I just described what the other people should be like. I wanted someone for Izumi. Someone she could count on, who wouldn't let her down. I wanted someone who could understand her. I wanted someone to help her see how kind she really is, or at least show her friendships can't just disappear. I wanted those other people to show her that...that not everyone would just leave her. I think that's what I asked.

"Anyway, shortly after that, my mom fell ill. See, our family has been in the shadow business for a long time. We pretty much always get one of those 'roles.' All I know is at the time, my grandfather was angry with my mother for some reason. Well, anyway, she died, and I think that's when Gramps lost it. We moved away. Hideki let me call him often. No one visited us; we didn't visit anyone. And, w-well, that's wandering away from the point. The point is, my mom was Ophanimon's shadow. Gramps is Cherubimon's. Right now, Rai is Ophanimon's. And...I'm up next."

Shadow...? She's Ophanimon's...shadow? Kouichi shut his eyes. "So...how...?"

Kako let out a small laugh, "Guess you're still confused. See, Gramps was one of those exceptions, and well...there's no chance Rai is. Um, Kouichi?"

His hands were clenched. "She's going to die?" asked Kouichi.


Kouichi opened both eyes and took a deep breath. Learning about the parallels was as if he was drowning in icy water with no hope of ever swimming out again. "So, I'm probably right..."

The girl frowned. "What?" she inquired bluntly.

A grin appeared on his face. "Before this stupidness in which we figured out what was wrong, I came here to check Ogata's computer. I had suspicions of this shadow thing, but more like digimon possessing people. So..."

Wow, he's too smart, Kako thought, blinking in disbelief. It took forever for Kouji to understand, but he came up with his own theory similar to that fact? I hold my ground. Twins are weird.

"...I came up with the conclusion that Ogata's possessed by Lucemon!" Kouichi declared proudly.


Kouichi's face fell. "Oh...that's not it?"

Shrugging, Kako replied, "I don't really know everyone's shadow. Depending on personality, you can sometimes tell. But...Ogata doesn't seem like Lucemon. More of an Ogremon to me. But anyway, Lucemon's definitely back. And he's close, too." The girl shivered. "Or," she added, "I'm just cold." Noticing the look on Kouichi's face, Kako hastily said, "But anyway, where were we?"

Immediately, Kouichi looked away and leaned against the wall of the classroom with a sigh. He quietly admitted, "I'm overly confused."

"Me too."

"Why are we annoyed with each other and normal the next second?"

"Search me."

"No thanks."

Kako's eyes narrowed. "Anyway...point is, there's obviously some trouble, or there'd be no reason to call a loser like Duskmon!" she chirped happily. "And if something's wrong, it means a less boring life, and-"

"And...?" Kako fell silent. Clearing his throat, Kouichi repeated, "And...?"

"There's a chance to overthrow the shadow system. That's my goal," she whispered. "Now how do we get out of here?"

Overthrow the system...? Kouichi shrugged. A second later, he let out a nervous laugh. "So, then, in the hospital...you saw them, huh?"

"Duskmon's a jerk."

"Eh, well...he does tend to have an ego problem around the others," admitted the boy. Sheepishly, he murmured, "But he's not all that bad."

"He's a jerk!" Kako insisted.

Kouichi shifted uncomfortably under her glare. "W-well..."

"He's a gosh darn jerk! He's a-wait...breaking into Ogata's computer? Why didn't I think about that?" Kako jumped up and ran to the computer. "Please turn on..."

Kouichi sucked in air between his teeth and held still as Kako turned on the computer. A groan was emitted from both of them when nothing happened. Kouichi ran over and examined the computer, checking to make sure the connections were secure. "Well, everything's connected correctly," he grumbled. "Maybe the power got cut. I thought the light bulbs just died."

"The power got cut. Right. And that's why there's light seeping in from the hall!"

"Sure, Ogata's is the only room without power."

"Well you never really know," Kako commented. "After all-"

"Sh," Kouichi suddenly murmured, covering Kako's mouth. Voices from the hall could be heard. Maybe we can get out now? Kouichi thought hopefully.

"I swear, they're in there!"

"Where's Kouji?" murmured a girl.

A second boy snorted, "Who cares? I'm just afraid of what Kouichi'll do."

Kouichi walked over to the door and kicked it angrily as he yelled, "You know, Takuya, you're making me sound like Kouji!"

Izumi gasped, "So they are in there! Kouichi! You better not have hurt Kako!"

Actually, it was the other way around, Kouichi thought, glaring at the door angrily. His foot was throbbing.

There was a snicker from Takuya. "Didn't know you'd take my advice, Kouichi," he commented.

Kako shot Kouichi a puzzled look. She stood up and walked over to him. Standing on her tiptoes, she frowned at him, face to face as she asked, "Advice?"

"Nothing." Kouichi ignored the warmth that crept up his cheeks. "Open the door already."

"No key! Oh, looks like you'll be stuck with him forever, Kako!" Junpei sang.

Kouichi scowled. "It's on the floor. I dropped it."

"Well wha-huh? H-hey! WAH!"

Both Kouichi and Kako stared at the door as yells and thuds sounded through the hall. After a few seconds of hearing scurrying footsteps, Kako banged on the door with a fist. "Izumi? IZUMI!" she screamed.

"Duskmon!" Kouichi hissed. You owe me!

Duskmon appeared by Kouichi. The two exchanged glares before Kouichi let out a nervous laugh. The digimon's eyes narrowed. But eventually, after minutes of gazing at Kouichi's sheepish face, Duskmon nodded and muttered, "But on one condition, because I don't owe you."

"What?" Kouichi asked eagerly. Anything. I'll do anything!

A smirk spread on Duskmon's face, and Kouichi turned pale. "Either one, scan Seraphimon's fractal code, or two, open the locket. Now."

Kouichi turned to Kako. What does Duskmon have against Seraphimon? Apologetically, he murmured, "It's the only way out, so I hope you don't mind."

Kako whirled around to face him, immediately spotting Duskmon. Her attention completely switched to the digimon. "What's he doing here?" she growled, eyes narrowing.

The boy sighed. While Duskmon and Kako began their glaring contest, he took out the locket. Kouichi wasn't sure as to exactly why Duskmon wanted him to open the locket, but he hoped that whatever it was, it wouldn't cause an intense feud between Duskmon and Kako to begin. He wasn't even sure of what to open it with. Kouichi gazed at the keyhole with a frown decorating his face. He took out Marise's key and slipped it into the side of the locket. Here goes nothing.

Kouichi turned the key in the lock. Drawing a breath Kouichi slid the key out and pocketed it. He exhaled sharply.

Finally, he opened the locket.


"Why didn't you open the door first, Junpei?" Takuya screamed angrily.

Izumi looked behind her shoulder. Picking up her pace, she snapped, "Now really isn't the time! Just keep running!"

Grumbling, Takuya speeded up as well, now in front of Junpei. "You know," he muttered, "after all that running in the Digital World, you'd think we'd be able to outrun them."

"I'd prefer digimon about now! Dead end! Tacky! DO SOMETHING!" Junpei bellowed, running ahead and banging on the wall in hopes that he would find a way to break it down.

Izumi whimpered and pulled herself closer to Takuya, clutching his arm. "Tell me you have a plan," she begged as they turned around. Takuya shook his head. She swallowed as she counted exactly how much of Kanaye's gang they were up against. "At least nine. And they're all upper classmen!" she wailed, swinging Takuya's arm around wildly.

"Great," the goggle boy muttered. "Where's Kouji when you need him?" He pushed Izumi back beside Junpei and looked at his shoes, thinking of the options he had.

"Takuya! Digivolve!"

Takuya looked up to find a grinning Agunimon in front of him. Startled, he took a step back. "D-digivolve?" he repeated, eyes widening. He slowly began to understand. He nodded in affirmation, grinning as well.

"Let's go!" the two yelled as Takuya yanked out his D-Tector.


"A fractal code?" Kouichi uttered in confusion. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore. One fact was connected to another fact. And that fact was connected to several others. And those several others were connected to the first and several other facts. His brain hurt just thinking about it.

Duskmon averted his gaze from Kako to Kouichi. His eyes narrowed. "Not just any, fool."

The boy glared and snapped, "I'll tell you when you can call me a fool, thanks. What's so great about this?" Kako whimpered when Kouichi stuck the locket in front of Duskmon's face.

"It's story time," Duskmon muttered with a sigh. He called out, "Lowemon! You explain!"

Kouichi changed his furious gaze to a tired look. "Lowemon...?"

Lowemon let out a sigh as he appeared beside the first digimon. Before he could even raise a hand, Duskmon disappeared. Now without a distraction, he turned to Kouichi and explained, "Well, your fractal code was hanging out in the middle of nowhere, basically. Not in this world, not in the Digital World. They were in the dimension of...those things. Things like Cherubimon's experiments." He paused as Kouichi winced at the memory. "Yes, anyway, those things took your code. Eventually, the code found its way here to Earth and Seraphimon decided where it should be sent."

Kouichi mouthed an "Oh," and Kako hit his arm. Baffled, he turned to her. When Kako pointed to the door, Kouichi looked away in embarrassment and muttered, "Knew that." Aloud, he asked, "Lowemon, can you get us out?"

The digimon nodded. "The door's actually unlocked. You have to turn the knob the other way."

"You mean..." Kako stuttered, her face burning.

Lowemon laughed and Kouichi threw the door open. "Where's Takuya?" the boy growled as they all stepped out into the hall.

"First thing's first," Lowemon advised.

Eyes wide, Kako exclaimed, "Oh! Of course! Scan the data!"

"Wh-what? Why?" Kouichi asked.

"To complete your fractal code!" the other two chorused.

With a sigh, Kouichi took out his D-Tector. "Duskmon can call me a fool now," he mumbled, holding the locket to his D-Tector. Suddenly unsure, he dropped the hand holding the D-Tector to his side and asked, "Will this...actually complete my fractal code?"

"Yes," Lowemon answered briskly. Kouichi raised an eyebrow out of suspicion. Again, Lowemon repeated, slower, "Yes."

Kako poked Kouichi's shoulder repetitively, chanting, "Scan it, scan it, scan it..."

Kouichi drew a breath as he placed the D-Tector near the locket and scanned the data in the locket. For a few seconds, all was quiet.

Turning around, Kouichi's eyes widened as Duskmon appeared and practically ran towards him. He shut his eyes.

Nothing happened.

Kouichi opened his eyes to find Duskmon on the floor, groaning. Behind the boy, Kako and Lowemon were erupting into fits of laughter. "Dare I ask?"

"He tried possessing you," Lowemon started.

Kako continued, "But your fractal code pushed him out!"

The two laughed even harder. Kouichi shook his head and turned away from Duskmon, who had now recovered. "So," Kouichi murmured, "what happened to Takuya?"

"Chased by Kanaye's thugs," Duskmon reported. He slowly rose to his feet and brushed himself off.

The boy looked back at Duskmon. "Kanaye...has...'thugs?'" As Duskmon nodded, Kouichi made a face. "Well...well we've got digi-wait...he didn't digivolve?" screamed Kouichi. "Where did they go?"

Lowemon pointed to the direction Takuya, Izumi and Junpei had run off in. Kouichi dashed off, leaving the two digimon and Kako behind. With a smile, Kako turned to the two and bowed deeply. Then, standing straight, she told them, "I figure things'll be harder for them if we go with the plan, but that's okay! Besides, he deserves it. So! Tell Hideki, Shinya and Tomoki that if they screw up, their death date will be tomorrow."

Nodding, Lowemon turned to Duskmon and cleared his throat. Duskmon grumbled, but nevertheless disappeared. Lowemon turned back to Kako and murmured, "Then, shall we make sure he doesn't do something stupid?"

"No duh?" Kako laughed, already running.


"Gah! Why don't I have any effect on them?" Agunimon screamed as he was flung back effortlessly.



Kouichi ran up to the scuffle, D-Tector in hand. He quickly pocketed the locket and smiled. Chuckling, he looked behind him to find Lowemon and Kako a few feet away. "First as always, huh, Takuya?" he asked. "Lowemon! Spirit Evolution time!"

Kako ran up to Izumi, smiling broadly. The two cousins exchanged happy, but tired glances before bursting out into laughter. Junpei, who was standing on the other side of Izumi, stared at the two out of confusion. When he realized there was no chance they'd bother to explain, Junpei let out an exasperated sigh and returned his attention to the fight.

Things should get more interesting now that Lowemon's joining the fight, Junpei thought confidently. He completely ignored the fact that his knees were shaking and began to laugh. "Fear not girls!" he exclaimed. "Tacky Taffy and Crunchy'll take care of this!"

The girls' laughter died down. The edges of Izumi's mouth twitched, though she tried her best to maintain a small smile. "Tacky Taffy?" she repeated. "Crunchy?"

Kako shot the boy a death glare, stepping to the side as Lowemon flew back past her and hit the wall. "Give them better nicknames. Why the hell is it 'Crunchy?'" she demanded.

Letting out a nervous laugh, Junpei winced. Oops.

"How'd you get that nickname?" Kako asked again.

Izumi sighed, "Junpei..."

"Kouji!" Junpei answered automatically. "Well, partially. See, Takuya and I were talking and he overheard 'Kouichi' as 'Crunchy,' so...ehehe...hehe..."

Opening her mouth, Kako was about to begin an angry rant when she suddenly stopped. Looking around, the girl inquired, "W-wait...where is Kouji anyway?"

"Takuya, don't tell me that's what I think it is!" they heard Kouichi yell.

Takuya and Kouichi stood back to back, surrounded by nine warping shadows. Kako's eyes widened. Biting her lip, she murmured, "So it's that messed up? Then, Takuya, Kouichi! Digivolve and attack while they attempt to digivolve!" The last sentence she yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Digivolve? They can...d-" Izumi fell silent.

Junpei's face held a look of disbelief. His jaw was dropped, eyes wide. Shakily, he repeated, "Digivolve? You're kidding, right?" He took several steps back until he hit the wall.

"Lowemon...?" Kouichi murmured.

Lowemon sighed and shook his head. In an apologetic whisper, he told Kouichi, "Duskmon can do it, though."

Kouichi nodded and brought out his D-Tector. "DUSKMON!" he yelled. "Spirit Evolution!"

Everyone's jaw dropped as Kouichi digivolved into Duskmon. For at least a minute, all was silent. Not even the shadows dared to move. A dark laugh escaped Duskmon and Takuya jumped. A look of horror donned the goggle boy's face. Smiling, Duskmon waved a hand and darkness immediately surrounded the shadows before they left to reveal nine unconscious boys.

Duskmon then turned to Kako. "I'm back," was all he said.

Angrily, Kako clenched her hands into fists and glared at Duskmon. That was all that could be done now.




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