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Storm Warning

By: Sango-chan (and NO I'm not the other Sango-chan. We have different accounts. Some of you may know me as Spoo.)

Inuyasha woke to the sound of rain. It was pounding relentlessly on the roof of whatever place he happened to be in. His head hurt. In fact almost every part of his body did. What exactly happened? He sure as hell couldn't remember. The half ling swore as he realized his senses weren't going to improve anytime soon. He would be human until the sun showed itself.
It was dark. He could swear he could see more with his eyes closed. Humidified air hung in the hut like a thick cloud causing his breath to be warm and heavy. His first thought was of Kagome. Where was she anyway? Inuyasha sucked in air as he tried to rise. It was no use. He cursed again in the darkness. His injuries were still too fresh to have healed yet. If he were still a youkai he would have been up in a second. Inuyasha tried to slow his inhalation to prevent from passing out. Already he saw white spots dancing in his vision and what little hearing he had was fading quickly. A growl of thunder shook the ground as if reprimanding him for his attempt at moving. Inuyasha growled back, a pathetic rebellion considering his current state. His voice cracked.
His growl was enough to wake the quiet form next to him. Suddenly he was aware of a strange weight on his right arm and he could feel warm breath blowing on the palm of his hand. It made him angry when he realized that he hadn't noticed her presence before. Damned inferior senses!
"Inuyasha?" the girl asked excitedly into the air. She grasped his hand tighter and leaned in closer to make sure she hadn't imagined hearing his voice. Lightning struck and for a moment her face was illuminated. She looked terrible. Her hair was a tangled mess on her head and her face was covered in bloodstains. Whether it was her blood or not, he couldn't decipher. Her eyes shone brightly in anticipation.
"Kagome? Are you all right? What happened?" he croaked back. And that's when she started to cry. His heart swelled when he heard her broken sobs. He fumbled in the dark to no avail trying to touch her, hold her, anything so long as she'd stop crying. He could feel her hands shaking. Her tears fell on his bare chest.
"Stop crying baka!" he grumbled in mock anger. Inuyasha was glad she couldn't see his face because his concern for her was plain. Finally he managed to lift his left arm far enough over that he could touch her silky hair with the tips of his fingers. After a few more moments of excruciatingly painful movement he managed to touch her wet face. She immediately grabbed his hand and to his surprise kissed his hand fiercely. If this had been any other time he would have snatched his had away or at least blushed at this intimate act. Instead he tried to brush aside her tears with a calloused thumb. Then he understood. She was crying for him. The thought warmed him. How was it possible that she could make him feel this good when he felt so bad?
"I'm not a baka" she choked out. He smiled in the dark. She would be all right.
"Why are you asking me if I'm alright when you're the one who nearly died!" her voice shook again, threatening to become impossible to understand. Inuyasha tightened his grip on her hand with his right hand. He wanted to comfort her.
"Do you really remember nothing?" she continued. Inuyasha shook his head then realized she wouldn't see his response in the dark. Instead he said,
"Not very well. You were screaming..."his voice trailed off. The memory of her panic stricken cry made him feel sick. It had been almost animal like in its intensity.
"Yes I was," she affirmed calmly," You became full-blooded to protect me from Naruku's miasma. He escaped but you continued to lose control over yourself. You were already badly injured." At this she drew a quick breath, too emotional to speak.
Inuyasha froze. All the hot air in the hut seemed to fade away. What had happened while he was full-blooded? He wouldn't have... If he ever hurt Kagome he could never live with himself. Was he the one that drew her blood? What if he had hurt Shippou, or Miroku or Sango? Now he was the one who shivered in her grasp.
"I didn't...?" he whispered in the dark. It was too horrible a thought to ever say aloud.
"No." she said as though she knew the thoughts that lurked in his mind. Her voice was reassuring to him. Another crack of lightning lit up the room. Kagome's cheeks were stained with tears. Her face was buried in his hand, kissing his palm once again to comfort him.
"We don't need to discuss this right now. You need to get some rest; you've been through a lot in the past few days. I'm just so happy you're okay." At this her crying began again. Another roar of thunder sounded outside. Inuyasha sighed and brought his left hand to his side. He then pulled Kagome down to lie beside him as she had before. He hated to admit it but she was right. He couldn't exactly play the tough half-youkai tonight. He needed to be the protected instead of the protector.
"My mother used to tell me stories when I was a child," he stated. Kagome moved closer to hear him above the sound of the storm outside. He could almost feel her relax and fall against him. Her head rested beside his ear. She hiccupped. He smiled.
"What kind of fables?"
"They were usually about demons. Especially about my father." He continued, realizing her hand was still clasped tightly to his.
"She once told me that the thunder was my father growling to protect me. He wasn't around a lot when I was younger so whenever it rained I would go outside just to hear him. I thought it would bring him closer to me. Usually the only thing it brought closer to me was a cold." He chuckled, smiling at his foolishness in youth.
"Do you think he's protecting you now?"
Inuyasha turned and looked at her as best he could. Her breath warmed his face, and he could feel her raven hair on his neck.

She had cried for him.

He squeezed her hand.

"I think so." He whispered. With that he closed his eyes and let exhaustion and pain take over.