Have you ever wondered what's going to happen to the tennis players once they graduate from high school? It'd be kinda boring if all of them became professional players right? But since they're still in junior high, we're going to look at what they aspired to be as little kids instead of looking into the future.

Welcome to Hyotei Elementary School for the gifted, rich and or famous. You know the questions we all were once asked at that age? What we want to be when we grow up, what we would do if we had three wishes, and how we would spend a million dollars, though being rich and or famous, they probably make that decision everyday.

It's movie time in the future captain and diva's class. They're watching random music videos that their student teacher (Whom by the way, they thought was way cool) had brought in. And so, they spent three hours rotting their minds, watching a bunch of random people having fits and singing at the same time.

"Sugoi!" Little Keigo (Atobe) whispered, "I want to be a pop singer when I grow up!" He struck a pose and began to sing (badly) in his yet to be broken voice, "My loneliness is killing me (and I). I must confess I still believe. (Still believe) When I'm not with you I lose my mind (yeah) Give me a siiiiignn! Hit me baby one more time!"

The student teacher smacked her forehead; she knew this was a bad idea!

"I was amazing! Ne Kabaji?"

"Usu." I wonder how this habit started. But everyone needs a catch phrase right? Ryoma has his 'mada mada dane', Inui has 'ii data', and that Yanagisawa did that 'dane' thing right?

"If-" Keigo shot Ryoh (Shishido) a glare, "I mean, when you become a famous pop star, I wanna be your hair stylist!"

Ever the smart alecky little prodigy, Yuushi (Oshitari) pushed up his cute little glasses and asked, "Why would you want to look like you're spazing out while on stage? It's illogical and immature!"

"Never question what ore-sama says! Ne Kabaji?


"Sugoi!" They heard some random boy whisper, "I wanna be just like Atobe-sama when I grow up!"

"I know," His little friend replied, "He's only eight and he already has minions!"

Keigo preened, "Heh, it takes natural skill and charisma! No one can resist me!" He slid up to a bunch of girls, "Hello ladies, be awed at the sight of my prowess."

"……. They ran away.

"…So much for the 'no one can resist me'." Ryoh (Shishido) muttered.

Sniffle, "What went wrong?" Keigo sat down, "Why don't they like me?"

"Girls like cute things, like bunny wabbits, and ponies, and flowers, and ribbons!" Gakuto (Mukahi) offered, "And Jirou." He added as an afterthought.


"Hmmm?" Jirou approached them, "Do ywou want a cwookie too?" He was mumbling through a chocolate chip cookie. Gakuto was right, Jirou was just too cute to resist.

"But I am still going to be a pop star! Ne Kabaji?"


And so, as Keigo dreams about his future as a pop star, he plans on how to also become a chick magnet. Practice makes perfect, but then again, he was already perfect, so why bother practicing? Who would have known that he would grow up to be a diva tennis player?

Now onto our favorite Hyotei acrobat. Okay, okay, only acrobat. Here we learn how he first came to be interested in acrobatics.

Mukahi sat in front of the television, 'My Little Pony' is sooo cool! "Mukahi-chan! That TV is going to rot your brain! Come talk to me for a while." His mother scolded.

"…b-b-but, they're about to beat the evil witch!"

"NOW!" Mothers can be scary, especially when it's about TV. Maternal instinct?

"H-h-hai!" He squeaked, he turned off the TV and sat beside his mother on the couch.

"How's school?" You realized when your parents sit you down to talk, they ask such awkward questions?

"Fine." Like any other kid, Gakuto was eager to get back to his show, even if it is was 'My Little Pony'.

"Are you making friends?" Duh, what kinda question is that?


Twitch, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Ooo, she was getting mad, run to the shelters!

Gakuto's eyes lit up, "I wanna be a trapeze guy in the circus!" Those guys are so cool!

"Really? Why?" Wasn't it every mother's dream for her son to join the circus?

"They get to swing on those really big swings, annnndd they get to wear frilly skirts! Won't I look good in tights 'kaa-san?" Ughh, bad mental image. Doesn't that remind you of that shampoo commercial with that girl on a trapeze?

"…sure…" Have to talk with his older sister, she should stop playing dress up with him. The tea parties had to go too. Maybe I can transfer him to an all boys school?

"Can I watch 'My Little Pony' now?" His chubby little hand was hovering over the remote.

"…sure." It's just a phase…….right?

Little did she know that one day her son would indeed become a gymnast, but thankfully, he stayed away from tights. Gakuto had forgotten one tiny little detail, he was deathly afraid of heights.

Dark Nadeshiko- I've always loved Atobe's snobby additude, especially the 'be awed at the sign of my prowess'. Jirou is still my favorite though, he's adorable! Like a teddy bear!