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Two rooms down were the two first graders of the Hyotei tennis team, Chotaroh Otori and Hiyoshi Wakashi. Even as a little boy, Wakashi, for a lack of a better term, a little horror. He back talked, didn't take naps, started fights, and was exceedingly competitive. On the other hand, Chotaroh's 'kaa-san raised him to be a polite and friendly boy that was just a tad too naïve.

"Ne ne, Wakashi-kun?" Chotaroh tugged up to the oddly stoic boy, "I'm going to be Batman© when I grow up! What about you?" Chotaroh never knows when he should shut up does he? A pissed Hiyoshi was a dangerour Hiyoshi.

"Feh," Wakashi sneered, not a facial expression a second grader should have. "Whatever I'm going to be, it's going to be better than Batman©. He doesn't even have any super powers!"

"Demo, he's still really cool!" Chotaroh protested, "He gets to drive the Bat Mobile©!"

"Who needs the Bat Mobile when you can fly or jump from roof to roof?" He scoffed, "I'm going to be a great ninja assassin, so much better than Batman. I get to use smoke bombs, and swords, and poison darts!" Rather violent child isn't he? An assassin?

"Are not!" Batman was soo much better!

"Am too!" Ninjas are better!

"ARE NOT!" Okay, screw politeness, Batman was on the line!

"AM TOO!" I can be loud too you know!





"Recess! Let's go and play!" Chotaroh dragged the taller boy outside.

"Fine, but ninjas are still better." He said.

Chotaroh seems like the only normal one of all the regulars. Wakashi hasn't made his catch phrase yet, must come after the ninja phase, che, whatever.

But they're wrong about one thing…


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One dark stormy night, the teachers arranged a meeting, no; they weren't scheming against their students, not this time. They had arranged a gathering with several parents that had expressed their concerns for their adorable, if not somewhat bratty, spoiled, arrogant, and quirky, children. Since they couldn't show up right after school, (Imagine what the other parents would think!) they were all gathered inside the plush conference room sipping expensive concoctions that aren't going to be mentioned because I have no idea how to pronounce them, let alone spell them.

"Ahem," Is it just me, or do all people start off a speech by clearing their throat? "You have all gathered here today because some concerns about your respective children have been voiced," The vice-principal started, have you ever noticed that most speeches are made by the VP rather than the principal? "…either by yourselves, a teacher or the guidance councilor. Miaki-sensei, our guidance councilor, has unfortunately retired due to," She coughed, "…health reasons after a rather….stressful session with a student."

"Sorry to interrupt, but I'd just like to ask about that." A man in glasses put in, "It was my son, Yuushi, wasn't it?"

There was an embarrassed nod, "Oh dear," The lady beside him with blue curls, presumably his wife, and therefore Yuushi's dear old 'kaa-san, "That's the fourth one this year isn't it?"

"Sixth, Oshitari-san." The VP, Watanabe, corrected, "But not to worry, we have already located another one to take Miaki-sensei's place." 'The poor soul' she thought to herself.

"Why don't we start off with Yuushi-kun then?" His teacher, Himaru-sensei, offered. "Oshitari-san, if you could join me." She led them into a smaller conference room, "Saaa, I've noticed that Yuushi-kun doesn't like to play with the other children during recess or lunch. I understand that he is a very gifted child, but he acts so mature!"

Oshitari-dono (Mr.) beamed proudly, "He was raised to be mature. It's influence from my side of the family."

"Ahh, well, Miaki-sensei mentioned him before she left." Himaru-sensei said, "She said something about James Bond movies and Yuushi-kun's…interest in them."

"James Bond!" Oshitari-dono shrieked, "He's not old enough to be watching that! This defiantly isn't from my side of the family!" He muttered darkly. Now we know where Yuushi-kun gets his arrogance and dramatic tendencies from.

"Don't look at me dear," Oshitari-misezu (Mrs.) said wryly, "Your brother's the one that's been showing him those films, wonderful influence he's been ne?" The genius and sarcasm had to have come from somewhere right?

"W-w-well, that's because-um-that is-" Oshitari-dono stuttered, "That's beside the point!"

The two women exchanged glances, men. "If that what you really think my dear." Oshitari-misezu bowed to Himaru-sensei, "Thank you for your time. We'll show ourselves out." She dragged her still protesting husband out the door. We know who wears that pants in that relationship don't we?

In yet another mini conference room, Hiyoshi-kun's parents were speaking with his teacher, Niwa-sensei, whom FYI is a man. I know that most of what he's about to say probably wouldn't make sense in Japanese, but use your imagination, that's what it's there for.

"S'up Wakashi-san?" Niwa-sensei flashed a peace sign, "I'm Hiyoshi-kun's teach, Niwa Keisuke."

"…Pleased to meet you." Wakashi-dono replied politely.

"So, I'm sure that you know why you're like, here. Hiyoshi-kun's like, been totally wacked out. He's like, so mature, and quiet. I mean, duuude! What kinda six year old likes to brood?" Niwa-sensei grinned, "Maybe I'm not getting the kiddies nowadays, with their sarcastic lingo and hip clothing, but it's like, seriously weird. It's creeping me out dudes!"

"I say you should send him to one those like, therapy groups that deals with kiddies prone to violence." He lounged comfortably in his chair, "I duuno about you guys, but I think this will like, seriously affect him later on when he's trying to like, pick up chicks. Maybe he should like, lay back on the more like gory movies from now on?"

"We'll keep that in mind, won't we dear?" Wakashi-misezu smiled tightly, "Thank you for meeting with us."

"My pleasure dudette, peace out dudes." Niwa-sensei flashed a peace sign and skipped out to do whatever it is that he does.

Himaru-sensei and Munehiro's (Kabaji) parents stared awkwardly at each other form across the wooden table. "Your son, Munehiro-kun, has been isolating himself from the rest of the class. He never says than monosyllable answers and he doesn't play with the other children."

"Really?" Kabaji-misezu asked, "I've never noticed, ne anata (husband)?"


Himaru-sensei sweatdropped, "He does, however, have a group of very outgoing friends, so I don't think it'll be that much of a problem."

"I'm sure Munehiro will open up eventually, ne anata?"


"Well, it's been nice talking to you Himaru-sensei, ne anata?"



Later on, Watanabe, Niwa-sensei and Himaru-sesei sat in the staff room together to talk. "Well dudes, what have you like, learned?"

"…quirks are genetic."

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