Something in Common
by awilystar for fanfiction (dot) net

A/N: Bones one-shot, implied Booth/Brennan. No spoilers. Booth and Brennan drive to Aurora. For a challenge over at livejournal. Enjoy, reviews are appreciated!

Prompt: 037. Sound.

She is in her office when he brings her the case file. He tosses it on the desk and she looks away from the blinking cursor on her computer screen. She scans the official notes and examines the pictures, but nothing seems abnormal. She quirks an eyebrow at him and he relays the story with disgust. If she is surprised by the human-eating bear she doesn't show it. She switches off the computer and follows him out the door.

(She is in her office when he tosses the case file on her desk. The pictures spill out and for a minute she is annoyed at his carelessness. She closes the unfinished outline for her newest novel and gathers the scattered documents to examine. The human-eating bear is unusual and she silently thanks him for finding this case for her.)

They have to take a plane to Washington because the drive is too long and she cannot be confined to a car with him for more than twenty minutes. He doesn't like flying and when they meet at the airport and check their bags, she can tell right away. She comments and pokes fun at his fear and he glares at her to shut her up.

(Their flight is delayed and they don't have time to wait. She wants to drive and he agrees. When she asks him why, he shrugs and leans back in the passenger's seat and closes his eyes. She doesn't like the silence, but she lets him sleep because he let her drive. An hour later he wakes up and she turns on the radio. She blares the rap that has become her favorite and he ogles at her. She turns it up when he pokes fun at her taste in music and he doesn't tell her that he knows the song because he knows she will make him sing along.)

She sits beside him on the plane and he thinks that driving would have been better because at least he could watch the scenery. He fidgets in his seat and asks the flight attendant for a beer and she feels bad for him. She wants a beer as well, but someone has to drive to Aurora when the plane lands. He's drunk on cheap brand airplane alcohol and she wishes he was sober because she feels like talking.

(She's never driven across the country before although her travels aren't limited. She is excited to see anthropology in every geographical structure and she points this out to him. He looks at her sideways but refrains from flinging himself out the window. She gets a look in her eye when she's about to share something squintish and this time before she can, he reaches for the knob on the radio and turns the music up and starts to sing along.)

(She punches him in the arm because he likes rap and she never knew and what a waste not to tell her because then they would have something in common. He says she has to share something personal with him and she tells him about her next book and how she's going to base the leading male off of him.)