Well it's the beginning of Act Two. (So sorry for the shakespeare stuff). To review, it looks like Chrono was defeated. (Like I said, looked like!) Anyway, the group was just about to close the vortex when suddently Chrono decides to take a cheap shot at Josh right at the back and turns into this big dragon that threatens to destory everyone. Luckly Josh wakes up just in time and uses one of the swords to send Chrono's ass right into the next world. Unfortunately, Josh also gets sucked up and God only knows where he is. (Besides me, of course!) Like I said, the end of act one and the beginning of act two. Enjoy!

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Chrono Crusade: The Two Worlds

Act Two, Scene One: The Voice

" Huh...who?"

" I said where do you think you are?"

A white room."Okay," Joshua thought."If things could have gotten any weirder."I' m in a white room and a voice is talking to me."

" That' s right," the voice said."Keep thinking like that."

" Where am I," asked Joshua.

" We are in your subconscious."

" Who are you?"

" My name is of no importance."

" Are you God? Did I die and went to heaven?"

" Yeah...and now your one of the angels, of course not! You' re very much alive, Joshua. Like I told you before, we are in your subconscious."

" How do you know me?"

" I know of your sister."

Joshua perked up."My sister! You knew my sister!"

" Yes...well, sort of. You see, I know of your sister' s works."

" How can you know my sister...if...she' s..." he became silent.

" I know your sister through another plane of reality...Would you...like to know...how she would have lived if she didn' t died?"

At this point, Joshua was uncertain."How do I know what you' ll showing me isn' t a trick. What if this is a trap?"

" Believe me, this isn' t a trap. If you wish to see this different reality, say so and you will be there. If you do not, then you will be returned from winced you came. However, by rejecting to go to this other world, you would be putting in jeopardy your duty..."

" And what duty would that be," Joshua questioned.

" To return Chrono back in your world."

" Chrono," he was surprised."No...no I killed Chrono. That last attack should have finished him off."

" Didn' t you notice," the voice said."If you survived, then Chrono survived as well."

There was no denying it. Chrono was still alive so if the voice' s words were true, then that means that the other world was in danger. And besides, he was the adventure type. He always wanted to have an adventure and apart from the astral line, the parallel realities would be his greatest discovery. However, what of his friends in his reality? What about his partner?

" I would like to go," Joshua said."But what about my friends in my reality? What of my partner?"

" Rest assured," the voice said."Your friends are fine but they are looking for you. The contact you and your partner have remains in effect."

" Do I have your word that they are safe?"

" You have my word."

Joshua breathe a sigh of relief. Knowing that his friends are all right, he knew what he had to do.

" I' ll do it."

" Excellent. Now a word of warning. When you enter this world, the people you know will not know you and those who will know you will perceive you in a different fashion. Your friends maybe your enemies and your enemies are your greatest friends. Do you understand?"

Joshua gave a nod.

" Good. When you regained consciousness, go to the order of Magdalene. I shall meet you there."

As the white became to fade, Joshua shouted,"Wait...there' s so much I need to know! Like the other dimensions, my friends..."

" Don' t worry," the voice said."All will be made clear to you..."

" Can you at least tell me your name?"

" ...Arbitrator..."

" What?"

" Name' s Arbitrator...see you at the order!"

Joshua woke up. Cold sweat was upon his forehead. He was feeling hot. He was after all in his order uniform. As he arose from the darkness, he could see the city streets. People talking, children playing, a dog chasing a cat around, birds chirping.

"Well," he thought,"looks like New York. Maybe it was all a dream."

Unannounced to him, he was dead wrong.

Arbitrator...sorry for the corny character. I tried to make a character that was at the same time mysterious and not like God. (Christian person and all) Please R&R and tell me how it is.