Chapter five

Foreman, Chase and Cameron headed down the hallway to Wilson's room. They had gone that morning to retrieve Wilson's possessions from his wrecked car, but House hadn't told them what to do with the stuff once they had it. They paused outside of the room when they saw that the blinds were closed. After a moment Chase reluctantly stepped forward, sliding the door open.

"Is House still here?" Chase asked when he didn't see House after popping his head into the room.

"Yeah, he's changing in the bathroom. He was starting to smell," Wilson replied with a small smile, motioning Chase and the rest of House's team into the room. He adjusted the blanket a bit when he saw Cameron; he hadn't been able to get the scrub top on with his shoulder. At least he was out of the gown that didn't leave anything to the imagination. He had to stifle a laugh as they filed in one by one, looking like little ducklings that had lost their way.

"We went by the junkyard and got your things from your car. We just didn't know what you wanted us to do with it," Chase said, slightly uncomfortable. They hadn't really been prepared to find all of Wilson's possessions in his car. When House had told them to go get Wilson's things out of the car they were expecting just a few random things, not his whole wardrobe along with boxes filled with just about everything else.

Foreman came up to Wilson's bed and handed him the keys to the car and the invoice from the junkyard.

"I guess you could take it to House's place," Wilson replied, rubbing the back of his neck as he tried to ignore the way they were staring at him.

House chose that moment to open the bathroom door, causing his team to look at him instead of Wilson.

"What can they take to my place?" House asked, limping out of the bathroom, in just his jeans with a towel around his neck.

"My stuff from the house," Wilson replied, watching a little too intently as a bead of water made its way down House's shoulder and across his chest.

House smirked in response pulling a t-shirt from his bag that was in the chair next to the bed.

"How much?" House asked pulling his t-shirt over his head.

"Not a lot. Just my clothes and a few boxes of personal stuff," Wilson replied, knowing what House was asking.

"Right the wicked witch gets to keep the rest," House muttered, annoyed that Wilson was being taken advantage of by his ex once again.

"House," Wilson said in a tone that clearly said he didn't disagree at all, but he didn't want to get into that in front of House's team.

"Sorry your lovely, soon to be ex-wife is keeping everything else. Where is the stuff now?" House turned and acknowledged his team for the first time.

"In my truck," Foreman replied trying not to laugh at the exchange between House and Wilson.

"Right. Here, you can drop it off at my place," House offered, holding out his keys.

Foreman took a step forward to take the keys, waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak; he didn't think that House would let them into his place without him. House snatched the keys back right before Foreman's fingers closed around them. Foreman let out a small annoyed sigh, stepping back from House.

"Ah huh, like I'm really going to let you into my house unsupervised. I'll follow you over; I need to get something to eat anyways. I'll meet you in the parking lot in about ten minutes," House said with a dismissive wave of his hand to his minions as he sat in the chair next to Wilson's bed, pulling a pair of socks out of his bag.

"Alright," Foreman said on his way to the door, followed by Cameron and Chase.

"You really have them trained well," Wilson said with a smirk once House's team had left.

"They just want to see where I live," House muttered with a shrug, pulling on his shoes before moving to the sit on the edge of the bed next to Wilson.

"Do I get a goodbye kiss?" House asked with a smirk, leaning down to brush his lips across Wilson's. His lips were slightly chapped and House made a mental note to pick up some lip balm for him. Maybe something fruity, House had always been a sucker for cherry flavored lip balm. Wilson's mouth opening under his ended his musings about a cherry flavored Wilson. Wilson's hand slid into House's hair, effectively keeping him in place as he worked on devouring House's mouth.

Cameron stood frozen in the doorway watching them. They hadn't heard her come in, but she couldn't seem to find her voice. She thought about just backing out of the room as quietly as she had come in, but she still needed her bag. She took a careful step into the room, her shoe creaking on the floor, she held her breathe as they broke apart their heads snapping in her direction.

"Oh God, I am so sorry. I just uh forgot my bag," Cameron stammered nervously, pointing to the chair where her bag was sitting. She watched as a slow blush colored Wilson's cheeks as moved his hand from House's neck.

"Well don't just stand there get your bag and get out," House snapped, letting his annoyance at the interruption show.

Wilson placed a calming hand on House's arm, sending Cameron a small reassuring smile.

"Its ok, Cameron, don't worry about," Wilson said softly as Cameron quickly grabbed her bag, offering Wilson a small smile before she left the room.

"You know its going to be all over the hospital now," House said, turning back to Wilson once Cameron was gone.

"I don't think she will say anything. Now where were we?" Wilson murmured, sliding his hand to the back of House's neck and pulling him down to pick up where they had left off.


House pulled his car up next to Foreman's truck a short while later, motioning Foreman over and not bothering to turn the car off, The Who blaring from his speakers.

"You can follow me. Cameron knows where it is if you can't keep up," House said, raising his voice in order to be heard over the music. Foreman nodded, walking back to his truck as House backed out of the parking spot, waiting for them at the exit.

"So you've been to House's place before?" Foreman inquired with a smirk as he pulled out of the parking spot to follow House. Cameron just rolled her eyes, ignoring Chase's snickering in the backseat.

"It's not like that. I went there to turn in my resignation," Cameron replied with a small shrug, watching as House shifted lanes in front of them barely missing a minivan.

"So is that what they're calling it now?" Chase asked with barely controlled laughter, leaning forward between the two front seats.

"You can be so juvenile sometimes," Cameron said leaning back in her seat.

"The man really does have a death wish," Foreman muttered, letting the truck that House cut off pass before changing lanes to follow House down one of the side streets.


"Do you play?" Chase asked motioning towards the piano with the box he was carrying.

"No, I like to collect really big instruments that I don't play," House said with a look that clearly said 'ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.'

"You can stick the boxes in the spare bedroom," House said over his shoulder as he limped down the hall to a room that was across the hall from his bedroom. He opened the door, guiding them into the room that was obviously being used for storage. A full sized mattress and box spring were set up on the floor against one of the walls with a few blankets strewn across them. The rest of the room was filled with boxes, sporting equipment and a pair of crutches were leaning against one of the far walls.

"Do you have a motorcycle?" Cameron asked holding up the motorcycle helmet that she had found in the closet, where she had placed Wilson's clothes.

"No, I just like wearing it around the house. It comes in handy when I start running into walls," House said, taking the helmet from her and placing it back in the closet.

She followed him quietly out of the room to the living room where Foreman and Chase were waiting. She was still a bit uncomfortable after walking in on him and Wilson kissing. She wasn't going to try and pry information from him about something that he didn't want to talk about.


"Do you want to eat in the bedroom or in the living room?" House asked as he pushed the front door closed and locked the deadbolt. He had his bag swung over one of his shoulders and a bag of Chinese take-out hanging from left hand as he limped over to the closet tossing his bag inside before heading into the kitchen to grab two bottles of coke. Dr. Paterson had released Wilson that afternoon, with the stipulation that he didn't go back to work for at least a week and that he wasn't let alone for the next day or so.

"Living room. I have been in bed for the three days I'm sick of it," Wilson replied, carefully lowering himself down onto the couch while he waited for House to get there food set up.

"That's only because you were in bed alone," House said with a smirk, dropping the food and drinks on the table before shrugging out of his jacket. He tossed his jacket over the back of the couch, taking a seat next to Wilson.

"True. Could you?" Wilson asked, passing his coke to House to open as he propped his feet up on the coffee table.

"Here. I hope you don't expect me to feed you," House said, passing the bottle of coke back to Wilson before grabbing the paper box of sesame chicken and a set of chop sticks, passing it to Wilson after he set his drink back onto the table.

"I wouldn't dream of it," Wilson replied, carefully placing the box of food into his right hand that was strapped against his body, using his left hand to pluck a piece of chicken from the box.

"It would be kind of sad if your dreams consisted of me feeding you," House said around a mouthful of peppered steak. Wilson simply rolled his eyes going back to his food as House switched on the TV.

House leaned back against the couch resting his feet on the coffee table. The empty food cartons were scattered across the coffee table as Casablanca flickered across the TV. He felt the cushions shift as Wilson moved over closer to him. He lifted House's arm with his good arm, sliding under it to curl up against House's side. House didn't say anything; just carefully wrapped his arm around him being mindful of his shoulder. They stayed like that for awhile, quietly watching the movie until Wilson started to shift about on the couch letting out a groan as the pain intensified.

"How's your shoulder?" House asked when Wilson let out a small hiss of pain as he tried to change positions again.

"I could use a pill, and then I think I'm going to bed," Wilson replied his voice a bit tighter than normal from the pain. He carefully moved back from House so he could get his pill for him.

"Go ahead to the bedroom and I'll get your pills and meet you there," House said, grabbing his cane and pulling himself up off of the couch.

"Alright, do you have my clothes in your room?" Wilson asked with a small groan as he carefully got up off of the couch.

"They're in the spare bedroom, but from the looks of it they all need to be dry-cleaned. You can wear something of mine for tonight," House replied, grabbing Wilson's pills off of the table before following Wilson down the hall into the bedroom.

"Do you want a pair of sweat pants to wear?" House asked tossing the Wilson's pills and a bottle of water onto the nightstand before he took off his button down shirt tossing it in the general direction of the hamper.

"Nah, my boxers are fine. I just want to get into bed," Wilson replied as House helped him out of his jeans leaving him in his boxers and the t-shirt he was wearing under the shoulder brace.

House pulled back the blankets letting Wilson get into the bed while he got his pain pills oddly enough Dr. Paterson had prescribed Vicodin for Wilson as well. House twisted the lid off of the bottle of water, handing it to Wilson along with Vicodin. He placed the water back onto the nightstand once Wilson was finished, before grabbing his clothes and heading into the bathroom.

When House came back from the bathroom Wilson was curled up on his side of the bed with his back facing the bathroom. Wilson opened his eyes when he felt the bed shift as House laid down next to him carefully keeping to his side of the bed.

"I won't bite," Wilson said softly, letting out a small hiss of pain as he tried to move closer to House on the bed. House slid a hand across the bed to stop Wilson from moving, as he moved over next to Wilson, silently lifting his arm in invitation. Wilson moved over a bit to rest against House's side letting out a small groan as his ribs protested the movement.

"I was so scared I was going to lose this before we even had a chance," Wilson whispered his voice muffled slightly by House's chest. House's arm tightened around him and Wilson felt the tension start to leave his body. "I couldn't breathe when I first woke up after the accident, the rain was pouring in my face and it felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest. And all I kept thinking was I'm going to die alone on the side of the road. And that I was so grateful that you hadn't come with me, that you weren't dying on the side of the road right along with me," Wilson continued softly, his voice breaking off as he tried to push the memories away. He carefully shifted burying his face in House's neck taking a deep breathe letting House's presence soothe him.

"You okay?" House asked when he felt the slight moisture against his neck as Wilson's body started to tremble.

Wilson pushed in closer to House ignoring the pain that shot through his ribs and shoulder. He carefully wrapped his leg around House's good leg, as he tried to get his emotions under control. He knew how much House hated it when people cried around him; he didn't even know why he was crying in the first place. He wasn't upset or anything, he was more relieved than anything else,

"Yeah, sorry," Wilson murmured, releasing a shaky breath against House's neck. The Vicodin was starting to kick in, leaving him in a warm pain free haze. That, combined with the way House was running his fingers up and down his back, he couldn't seem to keep his eyes open any longer.

"Don't be," House said softly, brushing his lips against Wilson's temple. He felt Wilson press a kiss against his neck as he drifted off to sleep.

The End