Summary: Fred wakes up in the middle of the frozen lake, and ends up having to spend the next week in the hospital wing, and Hermione, having been in a bad potions accident shares the same fate. As time goes on, Fred and Hermione spend a lot of time together and really enjoy each other's company –FW/HG

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Ice Breaker

Chapter One: what a mess!

One cold, crisp November morning at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry, one very redheaded twin woke with a start to find that he was no longer in the place where he had fallen asleep. He cursed lightly under his breath. "I am going to kill George," he whispered to himself as the slow realization that he was in the middle of the frozen black lake slapped him hard in the face.

"What time is it?" he asked seemingly no one. "Or better yet… how can I get my newly hated twin back for this childish stunt?" but he had no time to think as he glanced at his watch and realized that his morning classes were due to start in five minutes. He got up, and slipped on the ice landing on his behind. "This could have been worse," Fred exclaimed to himself as he got on all fours to steady himself to get up. But alas, he spoke too soon, for things did indeed get worse.

Fred heard a very loud CRACK. Oh no, he thought as all of a sudden. The ground started getting higher as he sank deeper and deeper in to the freezing cold lake.

I'm sure all the students (who were now five minutes into their first morning class) could hear him screaming.

I am going to die! I am going to get hypothermia, and then I'll never be able to get back at my bloody twin who will probably feel so bad because he was the death of me! I knew he would finish me off in the end! Fred thought as he could feel his legs go numb as the icy cold water washed up and down his bare legs. Fred closed his eyes and evaluated his life.

Sure George and I were always the troublemakers, but we always knew when to draw the line. I will probably go to heaven. I don't know about George though. He is the one that got me into this whole mess, and will be named the murderer. What will mum say? She will probably be sad that I am dead, and ashamed that the cause of my unfortunate end was my own flesh. My own twin. Oh the shame.

His thoughts were interrupted as he felt himself being lifted out of the icy deep. Am I dead? he thought curiously. No I am not dead. I am still cold! his thoughts were broken when he sighted his rescuer.

"wha' are yeh doin' ou' in this col' lake Fred?"


"Oh, just thought I would take a morning swim Hagrid." Sighed Fred. No matter how much he hated his brother right now, he was not about to rat him out. This was his accomplice, his partner in crime, his brother, and his twin. There was no ratting out. That was worse than murder.

"Well it's off to the 'ospital wing with yeh. I don' wan' you getting' sick now. Off with yeh! Get goin'!"

"Thanks Hagrid!" Fred yelled back to Hagrid as he ran into the castle and towards the hospital wing.

"Looks like you got here just in time," Madame Pomfrey said. "Any later, and you would have been a lot harder to cure. Hypothermia is not a nice ailment. You are indeed lucky that Hagrid got there when he did. What were you doing out there anyways?"

Well Fred had thought of many different lies to tell her if she did indeed ask this question, so he was ready to answer when she asked him.

"Oh, you see, this morning, I thought it would be nice to go for a stroll before classes started, and clear my head, and so I had my books and all with me, and while I was out there, someone threw a snowball at me, and my book bag fell and one of the books fell out of the bag and went sliding out onto the lake, and when I went to go get it, the ice broke, and here we are." He looked straight into Pomfrey's eyes, and knew that she bought it. "Man, George owes me BIG!" Fred thought exasperatedly.

"Very well Weasley, take this potion. It will make you sleep, I am afraid you will have to stay in here for a few days. You should ask your brother to bring your homework to you." Said Pomfrey as she poured a revolting looking potion into a clear glass.

If he could describe the taste of this potion in a sentence, he would describe that it tasted like flobberworm swimming in its own bile. He downed the potion as fast as he could, and the last thing he remembered was wanting to throw it all up…. Maybe there was a reason that this stuff worked almost instantly –so the drinker would be asleep before they could puke it all up onto the floor- that was definitely it. Fred fell asleep with the thought of him punching his brother hard in the nose, and drifted off with a blissful smile on his face.

For the second time that day, Fred awoke with a start to a terrible noise, and then yelling and screaming, and then he saw Dumbledore running alongside a body yelling, "Put her over there!" and then more chaos and then it was all over. Fred was in such a daze; still being under the potions influence, and at once fell back asleep. Subconsciously, he was thinking, who is 'she'? What happened? How many days will I have to be in here? George is definitely going to pay for his little stunt, or perhaps just the fact that he will be really guilty will be punishment enough. Yah… but that was all he thought, because he was asleep again.

Fred let out a groan as he woke up, rolled over, and realized that he was trapped in the hospital wing for who knows how long. He cursed the sunlight for waking him up and pulling him back into the horrid reality he wished he wasn't living.

"Fred? Is that you?" he heard someone whisper

"Hermione?" Fred whispered "what are you doing in here?" he couldn't help but think that that noise he heard the day before (whatever it was) was the cause of her being here, and he pondered this until, after a long silence, she answered in a very raspy, calm voice.

"I was monitoring the hallways, doing my prefect duties, when a certain slytherin scum we all love to loathe came down the hall carrying an armful of potion bottles. Well apparently he didn't see me, and peeves decided that this would be a perfect time to pull one of his pranks and tripped Malfoy, who, at the moment, had been walking by me, and when he fell, all the potions bottles he was holding flew out of his arms, shattered againsed the wall, and the potions the bottles contained flew at me. All of them were harmless, but when mixed together, they can do some real damage. And that is why I am here. And it is here I shall stay for a week at least. And now I cant go to my classes, or do my work, or my prefect duties! Why did all this have to happen to me?" her voice started to shake, and she started to cry.

Fred usually wasn't one to sympathize with anyone, but right now, he figured that she had it worse than he did, and with all the energy he wanted to use, he got out of bed and hobbled over to Hermione's bed, and wrapped his arms around her, and she cried into his shoulder. He rubbed her back soothingly, and when she stopped crying she added, "and that stupid prat was watching all this and laughing his head off the whole time it happened too."

Fred had the sudden urge to find Malfoy that very second and pound his face in. He could punish George later, well maybe he wouldn't punish him at all. He needed someone to lie for him about how Malfoy lost all his teeth, and that would be payback enough. No one messes with his brother's best friend and gets away with it!

Just then, none other then George Weasley came into the hospital wing, with a very stoic look on his face. That is until he saw Hermione in the arms of his twin. Wishing he were dead, Fred closed his eyes and wished that his brother for once in his life would not have had bad timing. I don't want him assuming something that shouldn't be assumed, he thought as he tried to get Hermione's attention, but she had fallen asleep. How long had I been holding her for? he thought, as he laid her down and walked to his twin.

"Never thought you had it in you to like someone two years younger than you brother." said George, forcing himself not to laugh, and failing horribly. He broke out with fits of laughter as he watched the dumbfounded look on his brother's face. "You know, even though we are identical, I could probably never be able to make that face." Said George laughing even harder.

He stopped laughing when his nose was brutally introduced to Fred's merciless fist. "That was for presuming that I like Hermione, which is untrue and you know it," he snarled. And punched him again as hard as he could in the shoulder. "And that, was for your stupid little stunt with the lake that landed me here in the first place." He yelled.

He knew this was a bit harsh, and he didn't even plan on hitting him for the whole prank thing, but he was on a roll and couldn't bring himself to stop it.

"Ow!" shouted George. "I don't even know what you are talking about! What stunt? I just heard from Harry, who heard from Hagrid that you were in the hospital wing! And me, being the good brother that I am, decided to come and visit you. But now I can see that you were not sick at all! You just came to see your girlfriend!" George said, and then broke out laughing again.

Fred had no time to respond because he was interrupted by an angry Madame Pomfrey. "What is the meaning of this?" a very stern Madame Pomfrey scolded. "You should not be out of bed Fred Weasley! And George, you might want to leave, I will not have you be noisy in here, and wake up the other patients! Now off with you to lunch! The next time I see you, it better be because you need medical attention, or for the purpose of bringing your brother his homework! Understand me?" Pomfrey was in a fowl mood, and George knew that smarting off to this woman would indeed be foolish, so with a quick 'yes ma'am,' he left.

Madame Pomfrey poured some more of the vile sleeping potion for Fred, and he downed it and drifted off to sleep with more thoughts: If George wasn't the one who did it, then who did? And how could he think I like Hermione? I was just comforting her…

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