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Chapter 3 recap:

She sat down on her bed and Fred sat down next to her. She didn't say anything for a few seconds and then finally said, "Nothing is going to be the same is it? I can say that I want it to be, but it just wont be."

Fred looked her deep in the eyes and saw the sadness, the hope, and also something else, something so faint that it almost wasn't there; it was fear. Fred was lost in her eyes, and didn't realize that he was leaning closer, and closer…

Chapter 4: Something in the air

Hermione could feel Fred's breath tingling on her lips and she felt the invisible pull reeling her in. No thought went through her head for the first time in her life, and she felt waves of butterflies in her stomach. Closer, closer, and finally, their lips connected. A sensation Hermione had never known before rushed through her entire body. She was kissing Fred Weasly and he was kissing her back with a fierceness she had never known existed. She found herself letting everything out into this kiss. Her hatred toward Malfoy, her depression for her circumstance, and most of all, her newfound passion she had just discovered. She could feel Fred's tongue sweeping across her lips and she opened her mouth to him and he began flicking his tongue over hers. She had never been kissed like this before; she had never been kissed before at all. All she know was at this moment, she was in a world where nothing else existed except her and Fred. Nothing else mattered. So she kissed him back, repeating his tongue actions, following his lead.

Their succulent world came crashing down when they were brought back to reality by an indignant "AHEM!" which eminated from the mouth of Mr. Granger.

"Damn," Hermione heard Fred mutter. She could feel blood seep up to her cheeks burning them, and she know she was in trouble.

"If you don't mind the interruption, I would like to hug my daughter before I leave. I think it would be best if you left sir." said Mr. Granger staring at Fred with and anxious look on his face.

"sir" was all Fred could muster and stumbled over his feet as he went to sit outside the hospital wing.

"Hermione- I wont inquire about what I just saw, but all I want to say is, be cautious in who you chose to date, because you never know what kind of trouble you could get yourself into. I love you. You are my little girl and I don't want you to get hurt." The man's eyes were careworn and she could tell that he was worried.

"I don't think you have anything to worry about dad," she said. "It wont be happening again. It was an accident, and I can promise you that it wasn't meant to happen in the first place. I apologize father." With that, they hugged, and her mother came in, and they hugged after exchanging farewells.

Fred walked back in looking forlorn. "So uh… what happened… you don't expect it to go anywhere do you? Because I don't know what happened, and I- uh, think it would be best if it never happened again. I mean for one thing, my brother is in love with you, and for another thing, we have nothing in common. You are like a little sister to me."

"Agreed" said Hermione. She stuck out her right hand, "truce?"

"truce" said he, and shook her outstretched hand.

Madame Pomfrey came in to give them their dose of sleeping potion, and while slipping into sleep, Hermione could still feel the tingle of his breath on her lips…


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