The Right Things: Episode Two

Penelope's heart almost stopped when she stepped into the senate's main discussion room for the first time. She had been actively involved in politics ever since the war ended. Now she was the senator representing planet Earth and chancellor of the senate. Her home planet was well known among the other planets of the alliance. Earth was the one that started it all. Earth gave them freedom. Earth was their leader. Now she could be there to make sure everything went as it should. There would be no more war. Peace would come upon this universe and it was all thanks to Earth.

But not all of those who reached high positions in the senate came with the idea of peace. Some were sincere and some were corrupted by power, others searched for revenge. Penelope was prepared for that. As much as she liked to think that this new peace was permanent and absolute she knew that for it to last it had to be carefully protected. Too much was given up for this purpose and she wouldn't let it be in vain.

Far from Earth Noah stared into the depths of space. It was so endless yet so empty it was almost depressing. He thought he would be happy to leave it all behind. Earth and all the memories that came with it, everything he knew. Maybe it took more time than he expected.

Paloma watched him quietly. He had been staring into space without saying a word for quite a while now. She knew what troubled him. When she was younger and Betty was her friend she never thought that it would come to this. She couldn't predict it regardless of her powers which proved that the future is not set in stone. The future is uncertain and every detail can make a difference.

It must be very hard for Noah, he had known Betty for a very long time and even had feelings for her in the past or maybe he still did. Paloma looked into space beyond her reflection in the glass like material which was actually far stronger than glass. She couldn't ignore the faint reflection of the human staring back at her. She had chosen to stay on Earth. She chose to be one of them in every way possible and they could never know of her true origin.

Noah's ship the Messiah had landed on an unidentified planet. "Commander?" He heard Paloma's voice calling. She didn't sound comfortable at all with the planet they had landed on.

"I'll be back soon, stay here and contact me if you find any inhabitants in this planet" Noah said.

"Yes, sir" Paloma said. For a reason unknown to him her voice sounded as if she knew they wouldn't be finding anyone. But that was not possible. She was an earthling like him. She had not left the Earth before. She couldn't possibly know.

Without giving it another thought Noah ventured into the strangely colored scenery. The flora of this planet was very rare, for him at least. Tall trees stood all around him. The ground was a rainbow of small flowers. It was an impressive beautiful tropical paradise and that made him wonder why no one lived in it. Then again maybe nature had flourished in such a way because there were no people there.

Paloma watched Noah until he disappeared hidden in the nature that covered the planet. "You won't find anything here" She whispered more to herself than to Noah who obviously couldn't hear her. She turned her back on the colorful scenery and retuned to her seat inside the ship. On the bright side she knew Noah would be safe by himself.

Paloma sighted thinking of her own words from not too long ago. "She fought against us, sir. Turned on her own people, her own world. Lead our enemies, in support of a system that was going to collapse in on itself anyway, one day"

She tried to focus on the future. She was an earthling now. This was what she chose to be. There was nothing wrong with that. Why should she accept what was given to her at birth? She felt as part of the human race and so she shall be.

Far away in a backwater planet with no technology Atomic Betty sat in a cave waiting for this night to end. The weather during most days was at an acceptable temperature but the nights were very cold sometimes. The few galactic guardians and super villains that had survived were not the only living creatures in that planet. The beasts natural of that uncivilized world came out to hunt at night so it was not wise to be out there.

Betty moved a little closer to the small fire. At least she managed to collect enough fire wood for the night and some specific kind of rocks that created the sparks to start the fire. At the other side was Maximus IQ. He was still unconscious but alive. Time passed slowly even slower than usual. It felt as if her time in that planet was endless yet she knew that her life could be terminated any minute without warning. But even if she knew that, she wouldn't give up.

It was unlikely that things would change any time soon but she kept hope that some day she would escape that planet and clear her name. Even if she had no access to any type of communication she knew that many people must think badly of her. How could they count her as another villain that needed to be imprisoned? She had helped many planets yet they didn't stand up for her after the war. Maybe they wanted to defend her but they were silenced by fear and confusion.

Betty stared into the fire as if wanting to absorb its heat and burn away her frustration. The next time she looked away from the flames Maximus was already awake. She wasn't sure for how long he had been staring at the cave's ceiling so quietly. He looked in her direction. "Only a fool would help the enemy"

"I'm not sure who my enemy is anymore" Betty couldn't stop those words from coming out. She didn't want to share such thoughts with anyone especially not him but she couldn't help it, it was true.

"Everyone" Maximus said. "When you're trying to survive in a place like this everyone is your enemy" Maybe he was right.

The End

The first story had an open ending so I gave this little sequel an open ending also. Credits and disclaimers, "The Right Things" was written by Andrew Joshua Talon who said it was ok to continue the story. I do not own Atomic Betty.

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