I'm very busy and have many stories to work on; but I thought, just one more chapter, one more... Okay, just one more, because plot bunnies always get their way. Disclaimer, I do not own Atomic Betty. This is another companion story to "The Right Things" by Andrew Joshua Talon.

The Right Things: Searching for Closure

People spoke of the calm before the storm quite often. Betty; had heard it many times. But during those times it usually meant that brief moment of silence between the event of Sparky eating a large worm burger snack, and Maximus laughing evilly for the third or forth time during that particular mission. Then time would continue moving, and the calm before the storm, as the called it, would give way to the storm itself; the final confrontation before Betty could report the mission's end with a victorious salute, and return home to be late for another local event.

The calm before the storm, if it even existed, was a short as the time it took Iceclea to conjure and ice spell and send out a blue beam; but that was long ago. No longer was that calm present in the brief instant when Infantor was distracted by a toy or tantrum; nor in the split second when Cerebral's robotic body made clanking noises and reminded it's owner that the structure had not received oil in a long time, and fighting Atomic Betty caused a lot of friction.

Oh no, that calm before the storm as nothing like the present time. In the past, the moment of torturous foreboding was so brief hat it might as well not have existed. Now it was much, much worse, the tension could be felt crippling her very thoughts and she wished that her bracelet would go off and the image of Degill informed her tat she would be whisked away on another adventurous mission. But Elizabeth was not wearing her Galactic Guardian bracelet, because there were no Galactic Guardians and she has known of the admiral's fate. No one would steal her away from Earth now, as much as she wished someone did.

The red haired young woman took a long deep breath and observed the landscape. Her grandmother's farm was looking rather lively and cheerful, and it did not match her mood. Her stomach twisted in knots and the dizziness threatened to reach her head, though she remained firm and did not allow it. She was uneasy, and she found it ironic.

A field of flowers covered the ground in a colorful carpet and she wondered what was happening at that very instant in a far away land beyond the stars. She knew all too well, that there were some, whom she had become familiar with, that would be feeling worse than her; but this odd feeling was unique.

She laughed at her own awkward disposition realizing that she's sooner run into the lair of any intergalactic warlord, if there were any left that escape Earth's so called justice, then to attend the ceremony she was obligated to appear too soon for her liking; and refusing to assist was out of the question. She was a hero, it was true, yet all doubts had not been erased, and if at least the majority of those doubts were to disappear, she had to face the crowd and the press and behave like a hero.

Betty's gaze traveled to the skies, and once again she longed for freedom. She was back on Earth, as she wished for many hash days and nights, yet she felt entrapped in her role. She sighed and wondered if she would see Sparky, Noah, Paloma, or even Penelope any time soon before stepping even further into the spot light.

The chaos had not ended, Betty wondered if it ever would, though it was significantly reduced, misunderstandings would always occur, and disagreements, and discoveries, and perhaps a new life. She wondered if she would be send out to explore beyond the stars, should that project ever be reconsidered, or if she was expected to stay near Earth.

"Betty..." Beatrix, recognized as a hero, providing key technology for Earth's advancement.

"Is it time already?" Betty knew she had to go face the Earth, and it was a task that couldn't wait; she was a hero after all. This was quite different from the times of the past, and for what she may recognize as either the only or most severe time in her entire life, she was nervous, yet she moved on. Some things just had to be done.

The young woman gave her grandmother a nod and the older lady headed to towards the vehicle waiting for them both.

Before following her grandmother, Betty paused, and looked to the skies. No one would hear her whispered words, and she herself did not know who they were for. "You won't give up, right? Neither will I..." She marched to her celebration, into what could be yet another new era, perhaps more challenging than the last, in so many different ways.