short, I know, but I think it has the intended effect.

Buffy shoved the sword into Angel, weeping, her lips still cold from his kiss. Her force had an almost backwards effect as she, attached to the sword unintentionally, fell into the portal as well.

Buffy's eyes flickered open and she looked at a room that she thought she remembered from a dream in the past.

It was familiar and she didn't know why. Suddenly she realized she was in someone else's bed…naked. She brought theblanket up, to cover herself. She looked for her clothes. 'Where can they be?' she asked herself as she perused the room frantically.

"Buffy, are you okay?" A concerned voice asked from another room.

She didn't think to reply until a figure appeared in the doorway. She dropped her underwear.

"Weren't you going to go take a shower?" He asked.

"Um, yeah." She smiled weakly.

"You have to be at school in an hour and a half." His smile melted her to the floor.

"I know, Angel."