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Gou stared up at the ceiling.


And he had every right to be bored. His papa was working. However, Gou didn't want him to work at that moment; he wanted him to do all the silly things he did to make his child smile. He wanted Kai to give him a quick hug or to ruffle his hair; he wanted to hear Kai mutter under his breath about this and that and something being the death of him. To conclude it all simply, he just wanted Kai.

But he couldn't have Kai. And that sucked. So instead he stared at the ceiling. The painfully dull ceiling. Gou decided he hated ceilings. "I'm bored," He announced to the thin air again. "Boo-oo-red."

He sat up, wondering what to do next. Turning around so his feet would touch the floor first, Gou steadily slid off the bed. Hands gripped onto the blanket so he wouldn't fall and he remained a few centimetres off the floor, a foot waving about trying to touch the wood before letting go.

Padding out of the room, he stood in the corridor, blinking and wondering what to do next. He knew not to interrupt Kai; he'd learnt if he didn't stop Kai from working then his father would be free from the evil of paper much sooner!

"Hey lil' man!"

He lifted his head up.

"Was' up little homie? Something frizzled ya' dog?" Grandpa Kinomiya beamed down at him with his large smile.

"Niet, Va-ah-sha good!" Gou instantly became worried about the white husky.

"Hahahaha!" The old man, well, laughed. "Nah! I meant is anythin' trippin' your style?"

Gou blinked, what in the world was tripping a style? He decided to just nod.

"What up?" Grandpa Kinomiya asked bending down and looking concerned.

The mini Hiwatari resisted a snort. Biting his bottom lip he searched his mind for anything that was up. Smiling he pointed to that damn ceiling, remembering he didn't like them afterwards, he sent a glare up at it.

Now the old man was confused instead, "Oh. Well then where's your ol' man?"

Gou considered he could just fling himself to the ground and let the giant question marks consume him. Rubbing his hands together awkwardly, he shrugged, which was a rather honest answer.

"Do ya' need help finding the 'rent?"

He was smiling kindly and was holding a hand out to the small bluenette, so Gou decided he was trying to be of some help. Gou also decided old Japanese men were silly.

"Hahaha, there he is! Kai, dog! Found your offspring frettin' and he wanted to search ya' out so I brought him here, ya dig?"

"I think so. Thank you," The other said, moving his eyes from the old man to his child who was blatantly staring at something out of Kai's sight. Noticing that Grandpa Kinomiya had let go of his hand and had began walking away, Gou became bewildered. He slowly raised his head to see Kai and his eyes widened.

"How I get here?" Gou asked, twisting the hem of his shirt in his hands.

"You walked," Sensing his son's genuine wonder Kai smiled, "Didn't know what he was saying did you?"

"Niet, he …" Unable to find a satisfying enough word, Gou pulled a face. Then it dawned on him that he'd interrupted his father, "Sorry!"

Having already stopped working to give Gou his attention, Kai just shrugged, "For what?"

"Stop you work with evil!" He explained, shifting his red orbs to glare at the documents; it was their fault his father had to slave away. Evil. That's what they were. Pure bloodthirsty unremitting evil.

Kai stared at Gou tiredly for a few seconds before patting his knee in a 'come here' gesture. The small boy obliged and stood next to the elder's leg, being picked up by strong arms not long after and settled in the warm lap. Kai's hand placed itself in the tousle of blue hair and stroked it lightly; staring at the amount of work he had left to do. He was surprised it hadn't shrivelled up and turned to ash under Gou's glare yet. At that thought another smile unfurled on his lips, closing his eyes as he relaxed in the silence.

Gou smiled when he saw his father's red eyes closed and nuzzled into the firm chest. "Are you tired?" Kai asked.

"Nome," Gou replied in a non-committed way. Kai yawned again, it was clear he was the tired one. He sighed, placing an arm around Gou to keep him warm and rubbed his eyes trying to feign off the sleep.

"Papa tired."

"Na uh."

"Uh huh."

"Na uh."

"Uh huh," Gou blinked when he didn't hear a reply, he looked up at Kai who was yawning, struggling to get a 'na uh' around it. Gou smiled, "Silly papa."

"Na uh," Kai grinned at the boy's pout and ruffled his hair lazily. "Oh, I better get back to work."

Gou looked up and nodded. Figuring that his father didn't want to work but had to anyway, either that or the wicked paper was controlling his papa's mind. As if this idea could possibly come true, Gou sent a warning look to the seemingly innocent documents. The child walked out of the room with a small smile and went in search of Rei.

Upon finding him, Gou stood in the doorway and cried despairingly, "I'm boooo-oo-red!"

"You don't say," Rei pondered for a second, before his eyes lit up. "Hey, how about you, me, Yuriy and Boris play a game?"

"Da, Yuuey, Bris-bear!" With that he set off through the dojo to the main hall-training room to find the couple.

The redhead laughed, sitting opposite but not far from his partner on the floor. They were looking through Takao's photo album and found many pictures to blackmail with. Such as a certain navy-haired five year old peeing in a bucket. Turning a page, pretty blue eyes narrowed then widened sympathetically. With a click of his tongue, he outlined the beaming smile of the dark haired mother and son, 'So that's what Takao's mother looked like.'

Boris did nothing; his green eyes were trained on the younger one only. Eyes sharp for any sign of distress or sadness. He could look down at the old, dusty and loved photograph without one flicker of interest in his emerald orbs, but when they settled upon the redhead, his indifference made way to something else. Something important.

"Sad, isn't it?"

Boris grunted, moving closer, "What is Yuriy?"

"Being without a mother," He whispered, eyes glued to the beaming face of the late Kinomiya female.

Boris was always uneasy about sensitive topics. Infact the only two people he openly comforted was the man in his arms and the Hiwatari brat, as he liked to call him. "You're good person with or without a family," He muttered, still awkward about saying things so affectionate.

Yuriy snorted, "When did you figure that out? When we crushed the BBA's bus or when we tried for world domination?"

"No," He gripped Yuriy's waist a little stronger and pulled him closer. "You are." He smiled uneasily and the younger smiled back, resting his head on the strong shoulder.

"What is it about women dying in our lives? Is that why most of us turn gay? So our wives don't die?" Yuriy's voice had started humorous until he remembered that was what happened to one of them.

Boris shrugged, "Hey, we turned out alright. Gou will defiantly be ok with all the people he's got."

"True, he's more popular than me. And that's impossible!" Yuriy near shouted, waving his hand as though to show how amazing that was. "How did he end up so cute and gentle, anyway?"

"I FOUND YOU!" A voice squealed before leaping at the two adults.

"What was that you said about gentle?" Boris laughed. Gou looked between them and smiled too, just because they were and shook his head.

"What you happy for?" He asked in wonderment, perched on Yuriy's lap and gazing at them open-mouthed. Before either of them had a chance to reply, Gou leapt up and clapped his hands. "Cat-boy said I had to-- to get you two!" He stammered over his words in excitement, "So we can play game!" He threw his arms in the air at his last word, and puffed his chest out heroically, "Come, Yuu and Buu."

"Yuu and Buu?"

"Da, you are my side aches."

"Sidekicks, Gou," With an amused glance at each other, the eldest two followed the child out of the room, thankfully more calm and collected.

"Cat-boy! I found them!" Rei turned around with his dazzling smile ready, eyes sparkling in the sunlight seeping through the windows.

"Way to go Gou. What we're going to play is-" Gou leant forward, eyes wide in anticipation. Boris rolled his eyes, crossing his arms and sighing when he noticed Yuriy also excited, eyes shining in child-like enthusiasm. "Hide and go seek!"

At this, Yuriy gave a smug squawk, "You're going down, my little man and I are the masters of hide and go seek!" He stated, one hand on his hip the other onto of Gou's head. Gou nodded proudly. "We're the best you'll ever see."


"Let's pick then," The redhead peered around for something like a bundle of straws so they could choose. A smirk unfolded onto his face when his gaze landed on his mentally-distant partner. Turning to wink at Gou and nod towards the platinum haired man, Yuriy placed an innocent look on his face. Rei was slightly scared at how the Russian could change personalities so smoothly. Gou nodded and winked, rather dramatically (he almost toppled over) back and shifted towards his Bris-bear and tugged on his trousers.

"What, runt?"

"Ooh Bris-bear," He sniffed, "I h-hurt my hand. S-splinter!" He wailed distressingly, rubbing his eyes with a balled fist, the other held up silently to Boris.

Beside himself, Boris immediately bent down to inspect the limp hand, forgetting that Gou hadn't even fallen or come in contact with any wood. Gou flashed Yuriy a smirk before sniffling pathetically, moving closer to cuddle against the crouching man. Boris sighed, not finding any splinter and rubbed the boy's back, only to feel something torn off his head.

"Ow! What the fuc-!" He stopped. The last time he had sworn in front of Gou was when Misao was still alive. And he didn't want to risk her coming to haunt him with her heavy book ready to smack down on his head. He had a headache for four hours after that, and he also had Kai glaring at him wishing nothing less than death because she had nagged at him for a good hour or so. Gou, of course, had found all of it hilariously funny.

Yuriy widened his eyes; giving his partner a blank look as he stood with strands of Boris's hair in his hand. "What?" The green-eyed male glared at Yuriy's hand. "Oh, your hair. Yeah, thanks for it. Now we can decide who the seeker is!" He bent down, making sure all the strands looked the same length and held one out to Gou, then Rei and lastly Boris.

"It would have been better using Kon's hair you know! He's got more than enough. His hair is enough to keep the Russian Army warm."

"Ready?" Rei questioned after glowering at Boris. They opened their hands and looked at each other's to evaluate who was 'it'.

"Mine is bigger than yours," Yuriy said, when looking at Boris's.

"So is mine," Rei added, unwillingly contributing to the suggestive comment.

"What about mine?" Gou piped up.

"Yes. God, Bor', even a child's is big-"

"You better shut your mouth," The eldest growled.

Yuriy sniggered and held one of Boris's arms up in the air. "And we have a winner. Boris, my gorgeous assistant is the seeker!" A pause. "Oh lord, it's like something out of Harry Potter."

Gou 'blarghed' at that. He liked Draco more; something about there actually being a bouncing white ferret amazed him. "Alright what do I have to count to?"

"A zillion!" Gou suggested, dancing between their legs, he already had the perfect hiding place.

"Yes!" Yuriy agreed.

"Gou would be 15 before he reached that," Rei said. "How about to 30?"

"Zillion?" Gou hoped.

"No, 30 seconds."

"Da, no peeking!"

Boris nodded at the child pointing forebodingly at him, and to Yuriy who was glaring at him, daring him to try to peek. Rei smiled at them, waiting for the platinum haired man to lean into a wall, shut his eyes and start counting. "And don't count in Russian, I want to understand it!" Rei cried after catching the sly smirk on Boris's face. He muttered a 'damn' before starting. Looking around, the neko-jin sighed noticed Yuriy had already gone and that Gou had just ran through the door.

"Kai, psst!"

Kai frowned, switching his attention from his work to Yuriy. "What? What's wrong?"

"Will you hide me?" The blue eyes widened at him

"What?" Kai spluttered as Yuriy peered around the room. "Yuriy!"

"Shh! Boris might hear you." He pushed Kai's legs out of the way and crawled into one of the small cupboards under the desk. Glaring at Kai, he folded his body to fit into the space and looked up at bewildered red eyes again. "Could you?"

Kai, shutting his mouth, reached down and closed the door, but it wouldn't click into place. "You're too big Yuriy."

"Are you calling me fat?" A voice, hushed by the wood yelled indignantly at him, followed by a sniff.

"Yeah right, there's more fat on a celery stick," The bluenette said, opening the cupboard door and raising an eyebrow at the pouting man. "Idiot," He reprimanded. "One of your belts was stopping the catch. Why do you need more than one belt on anyway?"

"It's called style Kai. I might teach it to you one day," Yuriy said haughtily.

"…Bastard." Throwing the extra part in, he finally shut the door with more force than necessary.

"Thank you Kai," The cupboard cooed.

"Yeah, just don't thank me when you run out of air." Then, with a satisfied smirk at the cursing coming from his desk, he settled back to work again, making sure to rest his feet against Yuriy's cupboard.

Rei ran quickly through the dojo, eyes scanning for a good place. Kai? No, he didn't want to disturb him. What about one of the bedrooms? No, too obvious. "Ah! I know!" He cried triumphantly, making his way to the linen closet.

And what of Gou? Let's just say he was the smart one.

"26, 27, 28, 29, 30! About bloody time." Pushing away from the wall, Boris grinned.

Hide and go seek was like hunting, and he was the predator. Resisting a sinister laugh, he made his way out of the lounge and peered around the corridor for anywhere big enough for his prey to hide. After checking behind the plant pot, he ventured into Kai and Rei's bedroom, now stopping himself from going 'Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.' He had problems, bless him. This was what he trained for, seeking out other people until they begged for mercy when they had no hope in hell of—never mind.

"Here?" He wondered, peering under the bed, finding nothing but a runaway crayon, a shoe and some various pieces of paper. Plus one mighty fine dust bunny, Takao should clean with attention to detail. There was no one there, and only grinning more, he made his way through each room until he barged into Kai's makeshift office.

"Boris," Kai growled, he needed to work and no one was leaving him alone. Why couldn't they just leave him be? The retards.

"Alright Hiwatari?" He grunted back, narrowing his eyes and looking around, before asking casually, "Seen Yuriy anywhere?"

'You're not supposed to ask,' Yuriy thought. 'Cheater!'

"That idiot?" Kai smirked, "No, why? Feeling lonely?"

"No, your runt and pet dragged me into playing hide and go seek," He half smiled lazily, seeing Kai glare at him. "And Yuriy, the freak," He added fondly.

"Have you tried Vasya's basket?"

"Good point. Dogs stick together." He disappeared.

"He's gone," Kai told the redhead who pushed the door open and took in a deep gasp of air. "I've never known you to be quiet for so long. Shame it had to end."

"I resent that comment about Vasya's basket. And I could have done without that idiot comment too. But t-"

"Found you!" Boris yelled, leaping back into view. Yuriy jumped and hit his head on the desk, groaning he clutched at it. "I knew you were here!" Kai smirked contently.

"Bastard! I thought you were gone!" The redhead leapt up, ducked under Boris's arms and ran away before either of the remaining Russians had a chance to blink.

Takao hummed walking away from the bathroom, set on the kitchen to get a drink of juice for himself and Max, when a red blur shot past him. Jumping to squash himself against the wall, the tanned male watched in amazement as Boris ran after the blur, yelling and shaking his fist.

"Russians are dumb," He concluded, padding into the clean kitchen.

But being as clumsy as he was he ended up spilling cup number one of the light pink drink. With a repressed cuss, he flailed around, even looking under his feet for a dishcloth yet found nothing-- shockingly. Groaning and rubbing his head he padded over to the linen closet.

"Here you go," Rei scowled at the thought of the kitchen being a mess and passed him a dishcloth.

"Thanks," Takao sighed, closing the door and walking back to his spilt drink when he did a double take and froze. "Oh my god," He said slowly. "Every one is going insane." Cautiously he walked as silently as he could back to his room, eyes alert for any movements.

"Got you!" Boris yelled, pinning Yuriy beneath him on the grass with a haughty proud expression. The younger pouted up at him and butted his head against his lover's, poking his chest for good measure.

"Not fair."

"Hey, it was fair and square."

"I'm more of a triangle person myself."

"Noticed," Boris grinned, and glanced at the fiery hair. "Now, where's my reward?"

"Your reward is the knowledge that you just caught the sexiest beast you will ever lay eyes on."

"Heh, no, seriously."

Yuriy glared at him, bringing his hand up to flick the green-eyed male on the end of his nose, "I was serious."

Boris smiled at him, making Yuriy respond. Rolling off the redhead, Boris laid beside him staring at his pale face while Yuriy stared up at the clouds, sneaking his hand over to grasp the other man's hand. The blue eyes were shining in satisfaction, beautiful face made all the more incredible by the gentle smile. "I'm glad," Boris announced out of nowhere.


"I'm glad you're happier now."

The questionable look turned into understanding and more smiles were exchanged. Yuriy sat up, turning to face his partner and shaking his head, "Kids make you soppy."

"Same to you," Boris said, only rising so he could capture those sweet lips with his own. "Come on, we still have kitty and the brat to find."

"Aye, aye captain!"

"What do you think that was about?" Brooklyn asked head tilted as he saw the two Russians walk off. "Love is something rare to come across so openly expressed with those two. It makes me warm inside."

Hitoshi grinned at his boyfriend's fangirling and shrugged, "No idea, Brooklyn."

"Oh, we still haven't come up with a name for Kyouju for the little one," His teal eyes filled with shame. "I was having so much fun I forgot." Turning to the dojo, he placed his hands on his hips. "I am fickle; let us go hug the child and beg for forgiveness!"

Hitoshi laughed and pulled the redhead back. "Whoa, calm down. We can still think of a name."

"Good idea. You are gifted in brain cells." With that the boy sat cross legged in the pathway and looked expectantly up at the bluenette who was rolling his eyes at how erratic he was. Noticing Brooklyn was staring up at him Hitoshi gave in and sat down with a resigned sigh.

"Kitten-dearest, kitten-dearest, where for art thou kitten-dearest, don't deny thy butt sex or refuse my libido, for a bed with any other sheet would be as soft as a rose."

"That is the most messed up version of Shakespeare I have heard yet," Boris stated. "And, no, that is not something to be proud of."

"TAKAO!" Yuriy leaped onto the startled Japanese man and smiled like a maniac. "We are sad, for we have losteth thee cat of thy household."

"Whirr?" Takao answered. Max blinked, scratching his head as he wondered what Yuriy had said.

"Don't hurt yourself blondie," Boris smirked. Max muttered something inaudible that was surely along the lines of something as eloquent as 'screw you'.

"Sweet Rei droppeth like a gentle rain from heaven, and consumed by shadows of the darkest black."

"You can't find Rei?" Max concluded.

"Gasp horrid abhorrer or horror, yes!" Yuriy said. Max stepped away in something akin to fright.

"Oh, well, he's in the linen closet," Takao was already confused; he did not need to stick around Yuriy to make it worse.

"Wondrous. You, piggy, are…well…you're ok I guess. Fare thee well, wenches." With that the redhead skipped away, leaving a rather pitiful Boris to follow behind. "I feel light and gay!"

"You are gay," Boris groaned.

"Why did you let Kai invite them again?" Max wondered.

"I will have my pound of flesh!" Yuriy shouted, echoing down the hallway.

"Kai was scary enough before, but he was worse than demonic due to his kid being upset. I couldn't stop shaking all day," Takao cringed, shuddering at the memory. "Note to self: Find new friends." Max wondered if he should take that as an insult or agree wholeheartedly.

"Hahaha!" Yuriy stood in the kitchen doorway. "He shall be mine!" He squawked when Boris pushed past him heading for the closet.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Boris said mockingly. "But I was under the impression that I was the seeker, silly me."

Yuriy narrowed his eyes, too caught up in the game, "Thy tongue is trained well of Lucifer, but my balls are firmly in placeth. I challenge thee."

"Yuriy, calm down now."

"Alright," The redhead mumbled, looking rather dejected before hopping over and flinging the closet open to crow heroically.

"What's with all the noise?" Rei asked, appearing behind them. Boris and Yuriy looked at the closet closely to find no Rei. Amazing. "I'm behind you."

"Why do I feel like I'm in a pantomime?" Yuriy quizzed, placing a finger to his chin in thought before turning to pout at the neko-jin. "Why aren't you in the closet?"

"I'm sorry, should I be?" He stretched and smiled at them. "You took too long to find me so I wanted to stretch my legs. Guess you've found me."

"Joy! Now, our next target is a dangerous one. Oh, don't be fooled, no don't be fooled, by his innocent appearance. For he is the spawn of Satan, the shape shifter of Russia, the mafia's downfall--"

"Is he always over the top?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"He is what Lenin and Hitler feared from the moment they heard of him."

"Wow, Gou's legendary…and old," Rei commented dryly.

"Ah, speak not his name simple-minded one! He shall be named He-who-shall-not-be-named."

Rei gave up and walked away; Boris was right behind him.

"Fine! Let it be known that I, Yuriy Potter, am the only one to survive this pure evil. You have been forewarned." He ran after them and pushed his way to walk in-between the exasperated two, "Ronis, Hermiorei, this is for Beywar-"

"Shut up."

"I second on that."

So with many references to a variety of movies and books later, and one exciting point where Yuriy accused the two of being Siths and yelling about The Force, they had searched all the rooms and found nothing. They even searched Kai's sanctum much to the bluenette's dismay, which involved Yuriy calling him Watson, and came out empty handed.

Collapsing tiredly on the sofa, the three groaned simultaneously, with the redhead snuggled up to Boris. All his hyper-ness had worn off and now he was as quiet as a mute. Perhaps Yuriy was right about Gou, because they couldn't find the boy anywhere. They had looked everywhere, every nook and cranny, every possible space small enough to hide a Gou-shaped figure.

A small yawn startled them out of their thoughts, none of them had yawned so who…?

Rei bit his bottom lip to stop swearing. They had checked the entire house, except the one they were in now, where it had all started. Bravely summoning the strength, he pushed himself up and peered behind the sofa to see Gou curled up, fast asleep. "Found him," He deadpanned. Reaching down he tapped the child lightly, "Gou, wake up, come on."

The child swatted the offending hand away and remained asleep. After a couple more tries the neko-jin had succeeded and Gou blinked up at the three faces looking down at him. "Took you long enough!" He scowled, before giggling and squirming through the gap to stand in front of them. "I'm the best!"

"But I saw you running out of here," Rei sniffed.

"Da, knew you see me, after you go, I hide here! Bris-bear never look in room he count in."

Only Yuriy's weak voice answered, with a shaky "…evil…"


"And I loved you when I first saw you, wooohoooooooh, booooy -- Oh Rei, I was just about to go out and do the shopping," Hiromi smiled, appearing in the kitchen through the other door, a headphone dangling from one ear and some catchy music blasting from it. It was indeed true, for she was in her shopping outfit, well one of her many shopping outfits. "You beat me to it."

Gou immediately stood behind Rei, hoping she hadn't seen him, and clutched to the end of Rei's jeans. The neko-jin grinned, placing the bags on the table. "Oh well, me and Gou didn't mind, did we Gou?" Rei looked to where Gou had been chattering to him but a moment ago and blinked, "Gou?"

Hiromi rolled her pretty eyes, "He's behind you Rei."

Gou sighed in defeat and held onto Rei before stepping into view, scrutinizing the young woman carefully. Hiromi waved gently at him and he hid back behind Rei's leg. She crouched down and held out a hand in a silent offering.

"It's ok Gou; I just want to be your friend."

The child poked his head from behind his protection and looked at her hand as though it might turn into a gun. His ruby gaze switched from her coffee eyes and kind smile to her hand. No, no, no. She wasn't his mama. Any girl he ended up liking had gone for good. His mama did, the nice servant lady did and his grandmamma hadn't gone but she wasn't nice either. He didn't want to hurt her. Shaking his head, he stared at her, seeing disappointment flicker in her orbs, but her smile remained in place, as though understanding.

Kai walked in and paused as he looked back and forth. Shaking his head, he moved to the kettle, flipping the switch and turning around to lean against the counter. Noticing his son still staring at Hiromi, he looked to Rei for an explanation, but he was looking at the younger two as well. He decided it was best to just not ask.

Gou eventually raised his eyes to meet Kai's and gave a small smile. Unsure if he could go to him or not as he might still be working. His father beckoned him over and placed his hand on top of the boy's head when he stood next to him. He tugged on Kai's black trousers to whisper in his ear. The man bent down to his son's height and let him whisper, "Is Homey safe?"

"Yeah, she just nags a lot."

"Who just nags a lot?" The girl demanded, standing with her hands on her hips.

Kai and Gou looked up at her and shrugged simultaneously. She smiled, unable to resist it, and grabbed Rei's hand to drag him out of the kitchen saying she needed his help with something, but really she knew that Gou wanted to talk to Kai. Gou sent a 'told you she was weird' look to Kai and quickly wrapped his arms around his father's leg.

"So, did you behave for Rei?"

"Da! It was fun! We play hide, go, seek," He giggled. "Yuuey found first, then Cat-boy, then me," He scrunched his face up then smiled brightly. "Took ages to find me!"

Kai smiled too, grabbing a cup and spooning the correct amount of coffee into it. "So you had a good time?"

"Da. Papa … Homey, does she hate me?"

"No, I think she's smitten by you. Well, you are my son after all," Kai grinned smugly, egomaniac that he was. "But why would you think that?"

"Dunno," He shrugged, staring down at Kai's shoes. "Do I let her like me?"

Kai frowned, "Of course, she's not too bad-- bossy and hot-tempered and a know it all sometimes-- but alright. She'd be especially good with you, she'd spoil you much more than I ever would. Don't worry I was only joking about her being a witch."

Gou nodded. Nothing to fear. Well there was! Homey would disappear if he liked her. "Ok," He whispered.

Kai clicked his tongue. "At least you kept your hide and go seek best hider title," He reminded, trying to brighten his son up. It worked.

"Da, I'm amajjing~" He sang, swaying slightly. He gasped suddenly, remembering something. "Papa! Papa! Guess what?"


"He talk! Da! He talk to me!"


Gou narrowed his eyes, muttering something about not being able to say the name, before covering his eyes with his hair and making his hands into a spectacle shape, and putting them where his eyes were located.

"Ah, Kyouju."

He nodded, blowing the hair from his eyes. "He weird!" He announced. Kai raised his eyebrow, but Gou shook his finger at him, "You agreee, don't lie!"

"Then it must be true if you say so," The elder grinned, pouring the boiling water into the cup and stirring it.

Gou pouted. Now that Kai's coffee was ready, he had to go slave away again. The taller one picked his son up and tapped his little nose. Gou looked at him sadly but replaced it with a smile quickly. He reached up and patted Kai's cheek "Be good," He told him.

Kai ruffled Gou's hair and put him back down then grabbed his coffee and walked out of the kitchen. Gou waved him away but dropped the smile as soon as his father was out of sight and dragged his feet to the living room. Thankfully Yuriy and Boris had stopped trying to suck each other's faces off and were sitting beside each other peacefully, listening to the news. Gou grabbed his wolf plushie from the table and held it to himself before laying down on his stomach to stare at Wolfy. Kai normally had to work at home too, to keep everything right with his heir property and businesses, and then there were the taxes and bills. He tried to take care of everything personally.

The redhead glanced at his partner who looked at the child too. "What's wrong brat?"


Boris sighed, picking Gou up off the floor and looking into the downcast eyes. Yuriy lent his head on Boris's shoulder as he sat back down and took Wolfy. "What's wrong?" He asked, moving one of the plushie's paws, deepening his voice.

Gou looked at his life long friend. "Homey. Death," He waved one of his hands worriedly.

"Oh, um…I'm not smart enough to know what you mean. Maybe if you tell me everything, I will be smart like you too!" Yuriy gave a little howl of delight and made the wolf plushie tilt his head to the side.

"Sorry Wolfy," Gou said smiling faintly. Yuriy grinned and made the toy nod. "Feel bad for Homey. She die."

"Oh no!"

"Only if I let her like me Wolfy, just like the rest."

Yuriy glanced at Boris before continuing, "Is that what you're doing?" Gou nodded, looking at the floor awkwardly. "What if I was a girl?"


"If I became a girl, would you not let me like you? We already know each other!"

Gou pondered on that one. "Cat-boy is like a girl," He said lightly. "So is Yuuey." Yuriy nudged Boris with his elbow when he started laughing. "And they fine and alive."

"Unmistakably! Oh big woorrrrddddd! I are smart too!"

The Russian boy giggled, "You're silly Wolfy."

Making the wolf plushie howl again, Yuriy made it nuzzle against Gou's face as though kissing him with a loud 'mwah!' Gou giggled again and hugged the plushie. Boris raised an eyebrow at Yuriy who shrugged sheepishly. "It made him smile didn't it?" He whispered, kissing Boris before he made some sarcastic comment.

Gou stuck his tongue out in disgust and covered his eyes, "Close eyes Wolfy, they being ucky!"

"I'll kiss you next so watch out," Boris teased as he tickle-attacked the boy. Gou shook his head, laughing and squirming, holding Wolfy protectively. Boris stopped tickling, crouched over the boy-- who was half in Yuriy's lap by now and holding onto his shirt.

"Yuuey, Bris-bear being silly," He said with a whine. The redhead circled his arms around the boy to glare playfully at Boris.

"Oh sure, you get protection," He said to the child. "No fair."

Gou handed Boris a pillow to act like his shield and cuddled up to the redhead even more. "There, there," He said consolingly.

Boris placed the pillow in his lap and placed an arm around Yuriy's shoulders, his free hand pulling the top of Gou's shirt up to cover the red eyes. Gou squeaked and pulled it back down to stick his tongue out at Boris.

Boris smirked at them then, and said ominously, "Hey want to cause some trouble?"

Gou and Yuriy looked at each other before nodding and listening to Boris's plan for the future days to come.


Kai yawned widely, struggling to keep his eyes open as he stared blearily at the words in front of him; they didn't seem to make sense. Yuriy had already suggested pep pills but he swore he would never touch them again after the last time. So his main saviour remained coffee, black with hardly any sugar. Disgusting but it did its job.

Somehow managing the strength to turn his head and make out the numbers on his watch, Kai blinked before the time 2: 46 AM resonated in his mind. He had started work late anyway, so it sounded worse than it looked. Placing the lid back on his pen, only missing once, he flung it onto the table and pushed his chair back. He rubbed his eyes as he walked out of the room. Reminding himself to be quiet, even though he was naturally quiet, due to everyone being asleep. Thankfully, he was already somewhat prepared for bed, with a loose white vest on and his black trousers. He had kicked his boots off long ago and his hair was tousled from the many times he ran his hands through it. Placing his hand under his vest, he scratched his stomach absentmindedly, allowing the moonlight a brief glimpse of his toned stomach before he flung his hand out to stop himself tripping over Vasya's chew toy.

Grumbling, he shifted the toy to the side with his foot and slid the bedroom door open, closing it behind him. Thankfully he was able to see since the curtains were open (Rei never did close them), and he made his way to his side of the bed. Sitting on the edge of the mattress, he pulled his socks off (pleased to get rid of them) and slid his pyjama bottoms on after undressing. Leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees, he yawned yet again. Damn, he hadn't been this tired since Gou was a baby. He looked through the window to see some stars scattered through the deep velvet sky. It was not like that where he and Gou lived, in the city. He allowed himself a smile as the memory of Misao practically thrumming with anticipation to point out some star to her son, only to realise that they wouldn't be able to see it, sprang to mind. She had woken the kid up at midnight anyway, wrapped him in about fifty layers of clothes, and they drove out of the capital so she could trace constellations out to a wide-eyed Gou.

'And that's the Dog Star named Sirius, Canis Major. Isn't it pretty baby?' She had whispered, holding her arms around him as he sat on her lap.

'There doggy up there?' He replied and looked horror struck. 'Oh! Doggy, papa save you!'

Misao grinned into Gou's hair, and Kai tapped his nose. 'Gou, it's alright, that's where the doggy wants to be. See, he's right by his master Orion. The doggy would be sad if we took him from the sky.' His mother had said, voice warm and comforting, and Gou felt safe and happy.

'Da, stay!' Gou commanded; pointing his finger at the star he supposed was correct. Kai reached out and moved Gou's hand to point in the right direction. 'Da, you too!' Misao laughed, and Gou had beamed at her so widely it was as though that smile would never fade.

Turning his head to the side he looked at his child, currently dozing in a far away dreamland curled into a ball, hugging a pillow. Kai sighed heavily, as though he had aged just by breathing in those short two minutes it took to relive the past. Finally giving in, he got under the blankets and let his exhausted body rest, staring at the back of Gou's head with an unreadable expression as the Dog Star twinkled down on them.

A far less welcomed star replaced it, slowly but steadily, and dawn washed the room with a pale, white glow, the birds singing their greetings to the sun and the people in the bed rolling away from it or scrunching up their eyes. Rei had resorted to jamming a pillow over his head, squirming away to a safer distance as Gou kicked out in his sleep. Kai remained deeply slumbering, and it seemed not even the blinding brightness of the sun was going to wake him. Only one thing would make him get up, and that thing was less than three feet tall, with a little nose, and a penchant for mischief even in the early hours of the morning.

Gou rolled repeatedly, wondering how he could sleep between two adults who didn't even have it in them to block the sun from him with their bigger bodies. Surely, that was just a bit selfish; after all, he had hidden in his father's shadow loads of times. The room was immense! All he had to do was keep at a certain angle, and he was cool and safe from the sun. Now, though, his papa was too busy being dead to the world, and Gou pulled the blanket over his head as a last resort.

He pulled it off quickly, having been unable to breathe for very long. Gou frowned. Strange, he thought, his papa had told him there was air everywhere in the world! Why was under the blanket any different? Gou squealed all of a sudden, flinging himself from under the blanket and waving his feet in the air. They must not have been able to breathe at all! And to think, they'd been under there all night!

Gou stared at his feet, then at his papa. He knew his papa was breathing, because his chest was falling up and down, but Gou's feet did not move at all. They just laid there. Gou immediately panicked and flung himself at his father instead.

"Papa!" He yelled.

"S'matter?" Kai groaned, feebly brushing at Gou's stranglehold on his vest.

"My feet dead!"

Kai's eyebrows furrowed and he opened his eyes slightly to see his son looking quite terrified. Biting his tongue, Kai forced himself to sit up, and moved his kid until he plonked down on his lap. With all the air of a father reminding himself to be patient, Kai took one of Gou's feet in his hands (and the different in size would have anyone cooing and making goo-goo eyes at them) and rubbed it slowly.

"Better?" He yawned.

Gou stared at him, looking concerned, "Ni…et." His voice indicated that he thought his father had gone insane.

Kai stared back, albeit rather more sleepily and confused, "Wha'?" At that, Gou seemed just as confused as he was. "I thought you said your feet were dead?"

"Da," The little Hiwatari poked his feet, but they still did not take in a lungful of air.

Frowning more heavily than ever, Kai genuinely felt for the first time that he and his son were on different planets from each other. "Alright Gou, how are they dead?"

"Left them under blankey!" Gou leant forward and whispered, widening his eyes conspiringly. "No breathe. Sun hurt, so I went under blankey and-" his eyes widened further, "and no breathe! Feet mustn't be able to then, da?"

Kai collapsed back onto the bed, shaking his head, and Gou blinked at him, before gasping loudly and flapping his arms. "Can papa no breathe? Feet? Oh no!" And with that, he scrambled to the end of the bed to save his father's feet, or, at least, he tried to, since Kai caught his ankle and dragged him back up.

"They can breathe, don't worry," He said, feeling as though his brain was being purposely soggy after having forced it to wake up for something so ridiculous. "You couldn't breathe because there's only so much air trapped under the blanket, and you needn't worry about your feet because as long as you breathe through one of these-" he tapped Gou's mouth and nose, "-all of your body breathes with you."

Gou had apparently lost interest, and was waving what little part of the blanket he could hold up and down. Kai ran a hand over his face in exasperation. "What are you doing?"

"Fweeing air!" Gou replied; looking determined yet shocked that a smart man, such as his father, had to ask what he was doing.

"Good night," Kai mumbled, giving up, and turning his back to the window, fully intent on sleeping. Gou looked at him for a moment, then held Kai's nose.

"Good morning!" Gou enthused, and Kai playfully bit at his hand, causing the boy to giggle, easily curling into the arc of his father's arm and staring up at his face with wide eyes, to which Kai gave him a pathetically tired look. "Ok, ok, go sleep."

Kai glanced at the clock, and ruffled his son's hair, "Boris should be up now, why don't you go torture him?" Gou squealed again, nodding so fast his head was in danger of falling off, and using Kai as a means of getting off the bed, Gou hurried off in the direction of Boris, leaving the door half-open. Kai mentally patted himself on the back and fell easily back into blissful sleep.

For a whole fifteen minutes before the alarm went off.

"Oh, bugger fuck," He grumbled, almost throwing the alarm clock out of the window.

"Don't swear," Said a voice from the other side of the bed, a hand flopping down on the bed a few inches from Kai's arm. "S'meant to hit you."

"Your aim is as bad as it was with a Beyblade," Kai yawned, stretching his arms back and feeling his spine click satisfyingly before a pillow smacked his face.

Rei looked as though he regretted throwing the pillow, as he now had nothing to put over his head to block the sun. Kai seemed to read his mind and smirked at him, causing Rei to puff out his cheeks insolently. "Just for that comment, I get to use the shower first!" He said tartly, and moved to flounce out of bed, only Kai seized him.

"No, I get to use the shower first."



"Myself," Rei said, wavering for another synonym but failing. "Alright, how about this, the person with the longest hair gets to shower first?"

"I think I may be in with a chance to win," Kai said dryly, eyeing up the unravelling braid that was coiled upon the mattress even though its owner was sitting up.

Rei waggled spirit fingers in Kai's face, smiling at him, "I win, knew you'd see it my way." Rei pecked him on the lips in a way that would seem thankful, if it was not for the cheeky spark in his eye. Kai took hold of his partner's chin and kissed him again, soft like the morning light, and Rei felt his ears go slightly pink.

Kai smirked and pulled the neko-jin down, pressing his lips against Rei's, running his hand down the neko-jin's spine to gently stroke back up. He turned over; lips still locked together, grabbing hold of Rei's hands and pinning them above his head. Grinning down, he smirked at the blush scattered across the tanned cheeks and the sunny eyes glazed over. Rei returned it, closing his eyes as a pair of lips made contact with his once more. Willingly accepting the gentle tongue into his mouth, he smiled against the other. All of a sudden, Kai leapt up and rushed out of the room with a cry of 'the shower is mine!'

Rei laid there in shock until something clicked in his brain, "You cheater!"


"Is Gou asleep?" Hitoshi appeared, "It's just I have something to tell him."

Kai decided it was better for the boy to wake up anyway; otherwise, he wouldn't be tired nighttime, "Yeah, just wake him up."

"Gou, hey kid," Hitoshi smiled when curious crimson orbs looked up at him.

"'Lo Horsey."

"Well, I'm sure you want to know soon, so the name for Kyouju is … Ju-ju!"

"Ju-ju," Gou tested, he jumped up and down. "Da!"

Kai and Rei exchanged a bemused look. Hitoshi smiled, "Brooklyn came up with it, he had to go home though."

"Thank you and Broo-king too! Ju-ju!" He giggled, ecstatic at the new nickname; he hugged the bluenette's neck and bounced over to Kai. Hitoshi looked swollen with pride and walked out to find his brother. "Why didn't I think of Ju-ju?" The adults shrugged and Gou sat down, just smiling at them. "Cat-boy stay with papa now, right?"

"Um," Rei worried his bottom lip. What would he do after the tournament? "Well, I don't … know?"

Gou looked confused, "Eh?"

"I'm not sure Gou. I … haven't actually thought about it."

Gou switched his sight onto Kai, clearly asking what the hell the neko-jin was on about. Raising a slender eyebrow, Gou nodded slowly, "Ok. You stay here with papa, Yuuey say you need cuppy time."

Kai sniggered when Rei drew his hand down his face. "Oh you meant right now, well yeah sure I will."

"Good," Gou smiled, getting up and walking out of the room. "Have cuppy time."

"You look like you're about to drop dead."

"Best compliment I've ever had," Kai snorted.

Rei's head suddenly jerked forward, sunny eyes sliding shut as his mouth crashed onto Kai's, the mysterious missile that had collided with Rei's cranium falling to the floor. Breaking away they saw Yuriy holding a disgusted Gou in his arms.

"Eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!" He flailed, hitting Yuriy's chin.



"I don't think he'll shut up."

"Uuuggghhhhhh!!!" Gou flung an arm over his eyes and pulled on Yuriy's top and covered his head with it for good measure.

"Well, that was different," The redhead said helpfully.

"No more cuppy! No more, no more! Papa! Ew!"

Rei went bright, bright red. Kai, noticing Rei's discomfort, couldn't help but laugh. Gou squirmed, exclaiming he was lost and it was dark and could someone find him please?

"AHAHA!" Hiromi declared, bounding into the room with Takao and Max waddling in after her as she waved a piece of paper around. "Let's go on a picnic! It's all planned out! The weather is fantastic, and it's early enough! Come on, let's go, go, go!"

"Hiromi, has this got anything to do with that band you like filming some of that drama you also like in the park? What's their name again? BDFN? NUTS?"

"So not the point right now, but in the meantime, each of you have a certain lookout point to watch for possible openings into getting their autograph! Ok? Ok! Let's move it!"

"Wait," Kai said, getting up from the sofa.

"What? What? What could possible be more important?" Hiromi paused then breathed deeply.

"Gou isn't dressed yet."

Everyone turned to look at the child still in Yuriy's arms who turned to the red head and asked him to un-find him and make it dark again please, as there are some mentally incapable people all wanting a piece of his cuteness? Kai smirked and untangled his son from Yuriy's top, balancing him on one hip and walking out of the room whilst Hiromi sat in the now vacant chair and concentrated on behaving like a normal human being. It was a very hard thing for her to do right now. She managed to wait ten minutes before bounding up and out of the room. The others remained silent, hearing Gou yell ten seconds later and then hear Hiromi run back to the living room approximately three seconds after that.

She cleared her throat and smacked Takao for laughing at her, "They're almost ready."





"…Girl, I swear you better tell me if you want cheese and ham or chicken salad before you're wearing this sandwich," Yuriy said, calmly, prodding aforementioned female with his finger.

"Shh!" She hissed; her binoculars set on a far eastern part of the park. "I think I see Matsu on rollerblades!"

"Who, in god's name, is Matsu?"

"Isn't that the guy who does the fried chicken adverts?"

"Oh, the one who goes 'Nothings better than getting fatter~ Chicken. Fried. Heaven. Squawk squawk'?"


"No," Hiromi growled. "I am not on about that chicken guy –whose name isn't even Matsu by the way — I'm on about Hamajita Matsu, the baritone vocal of TASK."

Takao shrugged, "Same thing."

Gou closed his mouth and shook his head; he really did not understand these people sometimes.

Then, Hiromi screamed and leapt up. They watched her sprint across the wide green field before retuning to their food and talk about the fried chicken guy. Because really, that guy was a damn genius. A beeping noise decided to spoil their fun, however, and Takao whined as he dug his phone out of his pocket.

"Ah~ I got an SMS from Hiromi. It says 'Get here now or die'. We better do what she says; I think she really means it," Takao grumbled from under his hat, having planning to catch a nap after eating his full in sandwiches and rice balls. He pushed his beloved hat to its proper place and, while debating whether Hiromi would mind if they stayed for another five minutes, sighed when his phone buzzed again.

"Do we all have to go?" Max bemoaned, an unidentified sauce smeared across his cheek, poking Takao's arm.

Takao looked around at the unwilling faces and his shoulders sagged in defeat, "Let me guess, you all volunteer me to go find out?"

They nodded.

"Greeeat, so much for team work," He sighed, wondering off whilst singing, 'let's go bladebreakers, let's go' under his breath.

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