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Warnings: Minor Cursing.

#1 Resting Eyes

Captain Zaraki Kenpachi scowled and wondered what the big deal was? Okay, so in a few hours, all of the captains would go out in red kimonos, the shade of which could almost be pink (Captain Kyouraku loved that) and all drop some… Thing down, to signify the start of the new year. Well, Kenpachi had one thought on the system, the whole idea in general.

"Waste of my fuckin' time…" muttered the large shinigami angrily, filling out another form as he did so. Thank goodness that it wasn't a requirement, and thanks to the mess Captain Kuchiki and Captain Hitsugaya had caused last time, landing Captain Ichimaru in the 4th Division for a few days, it had become optional.

The 11th Division was almost entirely empty, save for Madarame Ikkaku, who had been banned from the New Years ceremony due to something involving a bathtub, a telescope, a small ox, a large boar, and the Vice Captain of the 12th Division.

Kenpachi didn't know where Yachiru was, but more likely than not, she was either trying to cheer up Ikkaku, or gnawing on his head. But then, with Yachiru to Ikkaku, they were the same thing. Sighing, Kenpachi stood up and rubbed the back of his neck, then walked out of the office and into the dojo, where, as he predicted, were Ikkaku and Yachiru.

Yachiru was Ikkaku's head, some saliva dripping into the man's eye. The two were facing the dojo's doors, which had been opened so they could see the sky and later, the festivities. It was obvious they had sensed him approaching, because Yachiru had removed her mouth from Ikkaku's head, and Ikkaku had ever so slightly raised his guard.

"Hello, Captain Zaraki…" murmured Ikkaku, wiping the saliva away with a towel. Thankfully, no more would be coming, since Yachiru leapt off his head and into Kenpachi's lap.

"Ken-chan! Is you paperwork done?" asked Yachiru eagerly. Kenpachi shook his head.

"Nah. Too damn boring, especially 'on a night as special as this.'" muttered Kenpachi, mimicking Captain Kuchiki, who was always at the ceremony, except that one time with Captains Hitsugaya and Kyouraku.

"Hey Ken-chan, this time I'll stay up to see the thing all the Captains do, right?" asked Yachiru happily. Ikkaku tilted his head.

"You mean you fall asleep?" asked the bald shinigami curiously. Yachiru crossed her arms and pouted.

"No. I just rest my eyes and forget to open them." replied Yachiru indignantly. Kenpachi simply let out a low chuckle, ruffling Yachiru's hair, and at that moment, Ikkaku realized he would be witness to one of the few moments when his Captain wasn't a battle-crazed maniac. He had only heard the stories from someone who heard it from someone who heard it Captain Unohana, who had only seen it because Yachiru had gotten sick and Kenpachi had been worried.

"Same thing Yachiru, same thing…" murmured Kenpachi lazily. Ikkaku laughed.

"Ne, Vice Captain Kusajishi, maybe some candy would help you stay awake?" offered Ikkaku, pulling out a fair sized paper bag, inside of it were a large amount of the three types of "Soul Society Candy" (not to be confused with the renaming of Gikongan), chocolate, caramel, and hard sugar. Yachiru looked up at Zaraki, who rubbed his head and sighed.

"Only a little." replied Kenpachi, smiling when Yachiru squealed happily as Ikkaku opened the bag and dumped what was probably over half it's contents into Yachiru's small arms. The girl sat at the edge of Kenpachi's lap and placed the candies on the floor, seeing as it was too much to hold, before stuffing a fistful of it into her mouth, before stuffing another fistful in with it.

"Thanks baldy. And you can call me Yachiru if you want." Of course, it was hard to understand due to the sheer amount of candy in her small mouth, but Ikkaku understood.

"Alright then, Vice Captain Yachiru…" replied Ikkaku, selecting one of the remaining candies in his bag and popping it into his mouth. Yachiru swallowed the enormous amount of candy and scowled, still looking downright adorable as she did so.

"No 'Vice Captain' stupid baldy! Just Yachiru!" Yachiru pulled out her zanpakutou, leaving it sheathed, and hit Ikkaku on the head with it. "But you gave me candy, so I'll let you off the hook…" Looking positively evil, Yachiru smiled sweetly. "For now, anyway."

A few hours passed. Barely any of the candies had been eaten by Ikkaku and Kenpachi, who had been forced to eat them by Yachiru, whereas Yachiru was sound asleep in Kenpachi's lap, chocolate, sugar, and caramel smeared all over her face, clutching her zanpakutou like some living children would hold their teddy bears.

"So…" murmured Ikkaku, looking out the open doors. "How long ago did she fall asleep?"

"Thirty minutes…" replied Kenpachi, yawning in a bored way.

"How long till the ceremony do you think?"

"About an hour maybe?"

"… Well, there's always next year, right Captain?"