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Mark's wife only knew him post Angel, and Mimi, and most importantly, Roger.

She had met him when something inside of him had already died - some say it's a part of his heart, but Mark would tell you it was a piece of his soul.

She loved him anyway, and he, her, and although Collins was his best man and Maureen and Joanne played "groomsmen", he knew Roger, Mimi and Angel were there in spirit.

She often wondered how much she had missed of his during those years he spent with his friends, and how much of him she would never know because it was lost when his best friends died.

He was happy, she knew that. His kisses and heartfelt words didn't lie. It was just the moments when his eyes lost their sparkle, and he seemed to fade away from her for a moment that she knew he was remembering something. But he never spoke of these memories, and part of her hurt because of it.

She wanted a piece of his old him, and the only way to know them is by hearing him speak his memories to her, and he never did.

One day in bed, her head on his chest as they talked to one another about anything and everything, he smiled at her, his heart pounding underneath her head.

"You're the best thing to ever happen to me," He said suddenly, interrupting her benign conversation about her boss. She sat up and looked at him with an ache in her heart. He shrugged, "Just thought you should know that."

And suddenly, his past and what she had missed didn't matter anymore, because she had present Mark, who lived and breathed the memories of his best friends, who was smart and witty and talented, but most importantly, loved her.

Her hand went to his cheek and she kissed him softly, her eyes connecting with his. His eyes sparkled under the strain of unshed tears.

"I miss them," He finally admitted, after all of these years, and she held him as tears slipped faster down his cheeks, "I wish you could've known them."

"I know baby," She whispered, face pressing into his neck as her own tears welled up, "I know."

And it was then and only then that she knew he would be okay.