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Take Me Away

By: Keri. (Light of the Sorrow)

Beta'd by: CJ-chan. (Daitai Otonashii Ookami)

'No. No, no, no. It wasn't supposed to happen like this. NO!' Naruto's mind screamed. In his hands, he held Sasuke's ninja headband. 'Where is he! WHY DID HE LEAVE WITH JUST THIS DAMN NOTE! I thought we were alright...'

"Sasuke! Bastard, why did you leave me alone!" Tears streamed down Naruto's face as he shouted into the night. Sasuke had been gone for 5 days. 5 long days. Naruto clutched Sasukes' headband in anger. He had promised...

"YOU PROMISED NEVER TO LEAVE ME, TEME!" Naruto yelled, his voice cracking from crying and yelling for the past 5 days. He didn't know why he cared this much. Sasuke was always mean and rude to him in public... but when they were alone, Sasuke was the most gentle person he had ever known. They had been together since they had been fifteen, three blissful years to Naruto. Naruto was now a grown 18 year old, his blonde hair still perky, his voice still loud, and his skin still tanned to its bronze color. He had fallen in love with the cold Uchiha over the years and why he would leave was beyond him. We were alright... I had always been there for him...

"I'm going to kill him Naruto." Sasuke had his arms tightly wrapped around the smaller boy. He nuzzled his chin into Narutos' shoulder.

"I know Sasuke-koi." Naruto spoke softly and held Sasukes' arms tightly. "I know you will."

"He's done so much to me, I never had a family..."

"Me neither Sasuke... me neither..." Naruto quickly pressed his lips to Sasukes', cutting off the rest of the conversation.

"I trusted you Sasuke, I trusted you!" Naruto fell to the ground, punching it as if it would help his problems.

"Naruto! You want to go for some ramen?" Iruka entered the clearing, as if knowing that Naruto was there the whole time.

"I'm not in the mood Iruka-sensei." Naruto said bluntly and flatly, not giving Iruka a glance.

"But it's Ichiraku, the good stuff." Iruka walked up to Naruto, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Get your hands off of me." Naruto growled, finally lifting his head and sending Iruka a feral glare. Shakily, Iruka took a step back.

"I-I'll just leave you alone for awhile. Maybe we can take a raincheck." Iruka walked off, though glancing back repeatedly.

"Iruka wouldn't understand... no one understands..." He growled into the emptiness that surrounded him. "No one understands what I'm feeling!" Naruto screamed, clawing at his chest. "So much pain... why do I feel all this pain?"


"Poor Naruto, Sasuke should be coming back any day now..." Kakashi mumbled into Iruka's ear. He nipped the chuunin's ear and Iruka shivered.

"Naruto truely is miserable, he wouldn't even go out for ramen. ...Wait, when did Sasuke talk to you?" Iruka questioned, breaking free of Kakashi's hold to look him in the eyes.

"What? Did you think my favorite pupil wouldn't keep in touch?"

"He hasn't even talked to Naruto-kun!"

"Well, he's taking care of something."

"What's more important than Naruto?" Iruka rolled his eyes.

Kakashi smiled sadly. "His clan."


"Did you hear?" Tsunade got up from her desk and walked over to Jiraiya's chair. "Sasuke is coming back today. He's on his way. And he's bringing her."Jiraiya shook his head sadly.

"Why couldn't we tell Naruto? He's so hurt... though this would make a good book..."

"Damaru!" Tsunade snapped. "You pervert, this isn't about books. It's about peoples lives being ruined, stupid."

"But why couldn't we tell Naruto? When Sasuke comes back, he'll be even more hurt..." Jiraiya scratched his head. "It makes no sense."

"You make no sense. Get out, I need to think." Tsunade pushed Jiraiya out of his chair.

"But Tsunade-chan..."

"Out!" Tsunade pushed Jiraiya out and slammed the door in his face. "Stupid pervert..." She mumbled and went back to her paperwork.


Naruto groggily opened his eyes and rubbed them, trying to adjust to the light. He had fallen asleep in the clearing, clutching Sasukes' headband. The contents of the note ran clearly through Narutos head.

I'm leaving, dobe. Don't come looking for me. It's best if we end this right now or we'll end up hurt in the end. Have a good life.

"GODDAMNIT SASUKE, LOOK AT ME. I'M ALREADY HURT." Naruto yelled, fresh tears beginning to come to his eyes.

"I am, dobe. You look pathetic." Naruto slowly turned his head around. He knew that voice anywhere. Sasuke's back.

"S-Sasuke... you're bac-" Naruto stopped in his tracks. The morning light shined brightly off the ring on Sasuke's left ring finger. There is a ring... and it's not mine...

Sasuke glanced to where Naruto's gaze was at. He noticed already...

"Naruto... this is for my clan." Sasuke spoke a little raspy and undetermined.

"You promised you'd never leave me." Naruto spoke softly but bitterly.

"My clan-"

"-It needs to be started again, I know Sasuke. After you killed Itachi, you had to restore your clan. It was always about your clan!" Naruto threw Sasukes headband into the dirt and clenched his fists together. "And your clan's not me."

Sasuke wanted to say something, but by the time he could look at where the boy's eyes had been, he was gone.


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