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Oh and Paige's POV! Until I change my mind.

Today's the big day! I realize as my eyes flicker open. We, all three of my sisters and I, are going up to elders to propose my ingenius plan that will set my sisters back five years in age so it won't be as weird for me, being seventeen and all again. I have to say Im thankful.

The past week or so has been mostly Prue stressing about the whole situation. And believe me, sitting at home all by yourself with a neurotic older sister with nowhere to go should be a form of torture. Its also involved sisterly pressure to grieve for my past. Well, what if I dont want to? Im just trying to move on. Is that so hard for them to accept?

I'll admit i'm partially tuning my emotions out. But Im good at that. It worked pretty well after my adoptive parents died. Provided I developed a severe case of alchoholism and needed much therapy.. you know what? Maybe I shouldn't just tune them out. I know conciously I should be feeling, agonizing, and yet I can't bring myself too. Its not even like I don't want too half the time. When you've got three pushy, obnoxious older sisters on your back who want you to be this fragile, broken person and will only leave alone when you sob for days, its definately an ideal. I just don't feel the pain though. Its not there.

Maybe it has to do with my past being a fuzzy mess. I know what happened to me, but none of the traumatic stuff is always on my mind like it apparently should be. I told Piper this, she gets me best, and her bet is that certain things will trigger detailed memories as time goes on, I won't even have any control over it. You know what I think? That Piper's right. She is alot of the time, unlike Prue who is never right but thinks she is. Im sure not looking forward to these flashes though.

Is it obvious Im a little bit angry with Prue? I shouldnt be. Shes been there for me through this whole process and I know I could talk to her if I wanted too. She just pisses me off lately. For no reason at all. Sometimes when she even is just in the same room as me and minds her own business i want to punch her. Its probably because she wants to be the boss of me and tell me what to do and im just a rebellious, angsty bitch. Poor Prue. Im still gonna be this way for a while.

Suddenly it occurs to me. Why the hell, excuse me heck, my replacement mother Prudence has told me im not to curse in her house because its a sign of disrespect and stupidity( when I told her that was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard she gave me the whole, well Im going to be your legal guardian and when you turn eighteen you can defy me and so on speech) am I still sitting in my bed? I should be up and about annoying sisters and pestering them to hurry up so we can get this show on the road. Times a wasting Paigey girl.

Oh! I did I mention I got my room back? Im so happy I dont have to live in that smelly old guestroom anymore. Prue can have it. In fact, my room is almost back to normal. Except for the barbies, and toys, and rocking chair still in the corner because there is no place else to put it around here. Oh and then theres Slappy. He still sleeps with me. Ive gotta admit I love that doll. Now that my sisters have given him back, I dont think he'll be banished back to the sock drawer for a while. This regression doesnt come without teasing though. My dumb sisters think it is the most entertaining thing ever to bother me about how I sleep with a doll. Well, I dont care. Okay, so thats a lie, but I never said I was honest.

As I enter the hallway I am struck by the ever so pressing dilemma as to who I should wake up first. Oldest to youngest sounds good. Prues room is closest to mine too. Oh yipee I know.

Rudely, I swing open the door and cry out her name, just to make her all flustered. She shoots up, as so expected.

" Paige, honey, whats the matter? Did you have a nightmare. Here, come here, I'll make it okay"

See what I mean? How up in my business is this girl. Geez.

" No Prue. Im fine" I say sweetly. And this is all I say.

" Okay good." She replies staring at me all dishelveled with her hair sticking up and squinty eyes. " So whatsup?"

" We have to go now!" I insist very vaguely rushing to her side and pulling her up. " Cmon, Cmon"

" Oh right." She says rubbing her eyes as she is forced into a standing position. " The moment of truth has finally come" She jokes with a smile.

I hate when she smiles at me like im a little kid.

" Well, get a move on then Prue. Its only you here whos getting younger. Im not." I reply as I shove her towards the door.

" Gee Paigey for such a shrimp you're awfully strong" She teases.

" Don't make fun of me." I pout childlishly. Its probably my fault I get babied by them in the first place.

She kisses me tenderly on the head. " Kiddo, I know you want to annoy me but its not working. Ive dealt with two little sisters and I know the schtick. Now, I know you want my complete attention, and you can have it later. For now why don't you leave while I get dressed, which by the way is something you should do too-" She pauses to stare at my very nice elmo pajamas that I just bought the other day " and go wake up you're other two older sisters. Piper will make a nice breakfast and Phoebe can be your doting victim for the day. Deal?"

I just stare at her with a look of pure innocence on my face and she shoves me out of her room. I resent she thinks I seek attention.

Piper, not suprisingly is already up and downstaris and so is Leo, who is now back for who knows how long. I dont think its fair Piper has a fly by night husband but if they're happy...

Phoebe is up too. Maybe I was Prue and I were a little loud. I know Prue is loud, and since I take after her I most likely am too. I force Pheebs to help me pick out an outfit and stick by her side until breakfast. We walk into the kitchen where I half hear Piper and Prue discussing why Im so clingy. Im not clingy. They think its because Im afraid to be alone. Which isnt true either. At least I dont think it is.

I sit next to Prue where my rightful seat at the breakfast table is. We have a funny relationship the two of us. I can't stand to be around her half the time, but in the same way I cant help but want to be just like her. Its like I thrive on her approval, which is scary. Im still a smidge new to this whole sister thing, but my guess is that its just part of the whole oldest sister/youngest sister dynamic.

I love my sisters. They couldnt be more tolerant of me, a messed up crazy teenager. I wonder if itll be the same when Prue is 25, Pipe is 22, and Pheebs is 20. Itll be okay I guess. I hope they aren't too much different.

As I finally grasp hands with my sisters, to orb off and start our new future, I become more nervous then I ever have been in my whole entire life.

I may not be as perceptive as Phoebe, but I know this is not a good sign.

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