By Tria

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the law and order svu characters.

Summery: a comedy where Elliot and Olivia are forced into witness protection and sent to live in my small town in Delaware.( Hey a girl can dream, can't she). An OE story.

Its just something that I wrote while I was sick.


This was just great. Olivia woke up this morning like it was any other day, well except for the fact that her and her partner had been receiving death threats from an unknown source. They had gotten used to it though it came with the job, right. Then things got a little sticky and well lets just start from the beginning.

Flashback to this morning:

Olivia was just about to head out her door when her cell phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and saw that it was her partner.

"Hey partner." She answered

"How in the hell are you this awake" Elliot's voice said through the phone " I only got about an hour of sleep, and I know for a fact that you didn't get more sleep than I did. What time did you go to bed."

She smiled, he knew her to well " I never went to sleep." she replied simply.

"Then let me restate my question. How in the hell are you this awake?"

"3 cups of coffee can work wonders on a person level of consciousness. Was there a reason that you called or did you just want to make sure that I'm awake." she asked

he laughed on the other side of the line before his voice got serious " Have you been outside your door yet this morning.?" he asked.

" No, why?" she asked

"Could ya just check outside of your door for me?"

Olivia held her cell phone between her ear and her shoulder as she opened her door to see and envelop stuck to the door. "There's a letter here." she said

Elliot sighed "that's what I though, grab a pair of gloves before you open it"

"Shit, its another one isn't it" she asked frustration in her voice. They had been receiving threats ever since they started their latest case. They had not yet figured out who was sending the invidious messages, and it was starting to get annoying Olivia rummaged around her bag until she found a small sandwich bag of latex gloves. She expertly pulled them on, and took the envelope from her door. It was a small blue envelope with her name typed on the front. She carefully opened it and read.

Detective Benson,

Hope you have wonderful day. Cause it will be you last. Muhaaaaa muhaa ha ha ha

'There had to be some unwritten rule that said the perps had to be stupid, what kind of a threat was that' she though.

"Did you get one too?" Olivia asked Elliot

"Yeah it was stupid just like the other's, but this one said that today was the day"

"Mine to, I'll bag it and drop it of at the lab on my way to work, I doubt we'll find any print though. How is it that whoever it is, is smart enough to wear gloves, but is stupid in writing the threats." she said.

Elliot chuckled " I don't know Liv, the day I understand the criminal mind is the day I quit. I'll come by and pick you up"

"It's alright El, I'll meet you at the house."

"Olivia I would feel safer if you would let me drive you. Please."

She sighed "fine El I'll be outside in 20 minutes."

20 minutes later

Olivia was standing outside when Elliot pulled in front of her apartment building. Olivia threw her bag in the backseat and climbed the front passenger seat. They rode in relative silence to the precinct.

They parked that car in the precinct parking lot and climbed out. They made it half way to the door before they heard four loud shots. They fell blood coming from Elliot's shoulder and from Olivia forehead.

End flashback

Now here they were riding in the back of the van Elliot's arm was in a sling and Olivia's bandaged. There lives had been turned upside down, it was by far one of the worst days either of them have ever had, and it wasn't even noon yet. Also in the van was Captain Cragen and two other federal agents.

"Where are we going?" Elliot asked

"We are sending you two to a small town in Delaware." One of the agents said

"DELAWARE!" Elliot and Olivia said in unison.

"People live in Delaware, I though it was just filled with businesses and banks and crap." Elliot said still yelling

The captain laughed " relax Elliot its only going to be for a little while, we're going to find the guy who did this and you will be back before you know it. And yes people live in delaware."

Elliot placed his head in is hand "where exactly in Delaware are we going to be living?" he asked.

"There is a small town called Elsmere just outside of the major city, you will be living there?"

Elliot and Olivia looked at each other, before Elliot asked the question they were both thinking. "How small of a town are we talking about?"

"It's about a mile long and a mile wide."

"Holy shit, how is that even considered a town." Olivia said as the van made a final turn into town.

Elliot saw the sign that welcomed them to town it said " welcome to Elsmere, A wonderful place to live" He huffed a laugh 'yeah, we'll see' he though.

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