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What comes to mind when you meet the deadliest and most feared gang? Would you fight and be killed? Would you scream to alert the neighborhood yet get your throat slit? Or would you run, like what the daughter of Japan's prime minister is doing?

Haruno Sakura, a girl at the age of eighteen, fleeing from four men running after her. She didn't know what she did wrong to have this Yakuza, particularly the top gang, run after her. They just suddenly appeared in front of her on her way home from school; at this hour..? Well, she needed to stay to help clean up the mess one of her classmates made in the cafeteria and in the classroom. But why were they after her?

"Oh yeah, I'm the child of Japan's leader!" she smacked her forehead which was abnormally large. "And to think I was a top achiever." She kept running and even took out her cellular phone, dialed her dad's number and when he picked the phone up, she yelled that she was being chased by Japan's number one Yakuza group: Sharingan.

Chapter 1: Bodyguard

When Haruno Ikichi heard of this, he sent out half of the police force to rescue her daughter. He tagged along inside a black vehicle with three guards inside to protect him and a few secret agents following and riding motorcycles to the sides. He was indeed furious that Sharingan had to involve his daughter, the only family he had left, since his wife died in the hands of the same Yakuza. "When I get a hold of their leader, I swear I will make their deaths slow and painful." He said, clenching his fist. "Drive faster; she could be caught by now!"

"Yes sir!" The driver replied, panicking at the way his boss ordered him. He steered the wheel a few times, all eyes looking for a hint of pink, after all, it wasn't everyday a human was born with pink hair. "There!" the agent on the passenger seat yelled, pointing to where Sakura and a group of men were running. The car screeched to a halt, followed by a few more bikes and convertibles as men dressed in suits got out, each holding a gun and aiming for the men in pursuit of Sakura. They were surprised, however, to see those men on the floor, Sakura kneeling on the ground and a man who stood before her. They took aim at the man as he turned slightly to them with piercing onyx eyes.

"No, no! Drop your guns!"

They looked at Sakura through their dark tinted shades, wondering why they would do so. Sakura got up and told them she was okay and that the man they tried to shoot saved her from the four men sprawled on the cemented ground. "He saved me from them…" she said as her father stepped out and the agents escorted him to where his daughter is.

"Name and age." he said to the savior of his daughter.

"Uchiha," he answered. "Uchiha Sasuke. 18 years old."

"Uchiha..?" he raised a brow at the boy before him. "Why would a member of the Uchiha family save my daughter? Aren't you guys the type who mind their own business?" the prime minister asked, eyeing him suspiciously.

Sasuke only scoffed. "I'm different from them." He walked off, not bothering to say goodbye or show respect; definitely a rebel of his clan. "Wait." The teen stopped and turned his head slightly to the girl he saved. "I just… wanted to thank you, Uchiha-san." She bowed down a bit and Sasuke gave a nod and continued leaving.

"Sakura," she turned to her father. "You'll need a bodyguard, and I think I found one suitable for the job." He made a gesture to one of his top ten agents and they immediately surrounded Sasuke in a circle, the teen standing in the middle. His eyes were closed and his hands inside his unbuttoned trench coat's pockets. Sakura realized why she hadn't seen him until he was before her; he was clad in all black. Shirt inside the coat that reached his knees and black pants and shoes, add to that his hair and eyes and he can kill anybody without being seen.

"Dad, what're you-" her father raised a hand to stop her and looked at the young Uchiha. "I want to test you, Uchiha-san, I need to see how good you are."

"For what, to hire me as your daughter's bodyguard?" he snorted. "Forget it." And he continued walking. "I don't want to send your skilled agents to the hospital." The prime minister nodded his head and the ten agents charged at him. Sasuke smirked. "Too easy." And he evaded the punches and kicks thrown at him. He elbowed one person on the gut and pulled his arm, swinging him amongst the three that tried to charge at him. "Four down." He said and eyed the remaining six. He rushed to two and held onto their heads, crashing them together and making more blood spill on the floor. "Six down." He said to the air in a whisper and headed to the four who brought out chains and knives, angered at how he beat the others like they were just rats and he was a snake. "You're lucky I don't feel like killing." And he ducked when a knife tried to stab him as he gave an uppercut to the agent. Next, he looked at the three who stood their ground. "This is getting boring." He muttered and in a blink of an eye, he was no longer in front of them. All three agents panicked when he appeared behind them as he hit all of them at the back of the neck, making the three faint.

Sasuke sighed and walked off. "Like I said, I'm not interested." Sakura stared at him in awe and her father was doing the same. In only a matter of seconds, he wiped out his elite agents. "Uchiha-san," he yelled and Sasuke once again stopped. "Please, I need someone like you to protect my daughter; she's the only family I have." He smirked evilly, his back was facing them and he couldn't help but think that this mission will be easy. He replaced his smirk with an expressionless face when he turned to them. "When do I start?"

Sakura finished by tying her hair in a half ponytail style with a black ribbon. She got up and fixed her black tie and black school skirt. Her hand reached for the black school blazer as she put it on and buttoned it. On the left side of the jacket was the blue symbol of her school, Konoha High. In her Alma matter, boys wear the same uniform only in pants of course. She looked at her reflection and smiled, being satisfied with the way she looked. Sakura liked to keep her appearance simple despite being the daughter of a rich and powerful man in the society.

She climbed down the grand marble stair case with her messenger bag on her right shoulder and a few books and a planner she clutched onto. Sakura heard her father in the dining table, talking to someone that she went there to bid goodbye. She nearly dropped her things when she saw who stood before her father, all dressed in the men's uniform in her school except for the fact that he didn't button up the school blazer.

"U-Uchiha-san..?" she gasped.

Said boy turned to her as her father stopped and looked at her as well. Ikichi smiled and gestured the girl to come over and she did so. "Sakura, you do remember that Uchiha-san here will be your personal bodyguard."

"Y-yeah but I didn't know he was also going to study in the same school."

"Yes, I enrolled him there. He used to study in another school but after I asked for his parents' permission, they thought it was an honor for one of their sons to protect the daughter of the leader of Japan." He turned to give Sasuke a smile who returned it with the same stoic face. "I assure that you will follow everything I told you, Uchiha-san?"

"Aa." He answered. "Sir, can I make a request?"


"Stop calling me Uchiha-san."

They remained silent for a while before Ikichi chuckled and nodded. "Alright, Sasuke then, should Sakura call you the same?" he asked, eyeing his daughter. "Oh yeah, to keep his profile low, he will be playing as your," he coughed. "Boyfriend..."

"W-what? No way! I can't- gah, daddy!" she whined. Sakura didn't know whether she'd be glad or not. "Can't he be like my step brother or best friend?"

Ikichi laughed at his daughter. "Come on now Sakura, according to his records in school, he was not only an MVP in basketball but a team captain. Not to mention he aced all of his academics, don't you think it's proper since you're a top achiever? I did hear from your brother, Sasuke, that you're quite a Lady magnet." He smirked at Sasuke who looked away with an annoyed expression, making a mental note to beat his brother up one of these days; that is, if he can even land a punch on him.

"I can tell why…" Sakura whispered to herself, staring at her bodyguard. To be honest, she didn't exactly mind if he were to play the part, he did have looks. Her father caught her staring at Sasuke and he couldn't help but smile. Still, he was strict when it came to his daughter's love life. "Don't worry Sakura, Sasuke isn't much of a PDA fan, so the only signs you two will be showing of having a relationship will be going to and from school together, hand-in-hand." He grinned when the two teens tried to hide their blush. "And, if needed, Sasuke agreed to kissing, only on the cheek or your forehead, just as long as it isn't on the lips or the neck. Besides, I trust Sasuke won't be doing anything like that. He even avoids his mother from kissing him on the cheek." Ikichi got up and motioned the two to follow him.

"Sasuke, according to your father, you already have a driver's license, correct?"


"What I didn't know is," when they opened the huge door, which revealed the Haruno mansion's garden with a fountain in the middle that was surrounded by different kinds of fragrant flowers, Sakura's eyes widened when she saw what was just in front of the foot of the front stairs. "That you drive a-"

"Motorcycle..? Oh my-! It's so cool and shiny and so-so… COOL!" Sakura exclaimed. Her father blinked at where she once was and then to where she is now, right beside the sleek black and blue motorcycle that belonged to her personal bodyguard, supposed boyfriend. "I've always wanted to ride one before but," she pouted at her father. "Daddy doesn't want me to…"

Ikichi sweat dropped and sighed, then turned to Sasuke who had his left hand in his pocket to where the key to the bike was. "Sasuke, why do you prefer driving that instead of a car?" he eyed the teen who just threw the key up in the air and caught it. "It's faster." He walked down the stairs and got on, putting the black helmet after he added. "And easier to escape if a yakuza does find us." Sakura waved goodbye to her father and put on the other black helmet as Sasuke started the ignition and rode off to their school.

The ride to school was not so quiet, since the girl behind him kept yelling in delight. Sasuke cringed, thinking why he accepted this mission in the first place. Still, perhaps he could have a little fun. Wait; where did that come from? Uchiha Sasuke has no time for such things. He shook the thought off as they neared the school building. He entered the gate and parked it in the parking lot. After all, this school was exclusive and most students here drive their own ride. He took off his helmet and sighed.

Sakura waited for him to get their things as he handed her, her things and slung his own backpack on his right shoulder, pocketed his motor keys and following his mistress. He noticed a group of boys holding bouquets of flowers and a few chocolates and cards. He raised a brow at this then turned to where they were looking- er… gaping at: Haruno Sakura. Sasuke sighed, time to start his role.

Quickly catching up to her when the boys tried to make their move, he slipped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him, taking a whiff of her pink hair as he whispered in her ear to play along. Sakura blushed, not used to the closeness and action he made.

"Saku-chan," he said, loud enough for her fan boys, who were circling around them, to hear. "Who are these guys?" he asked, eyes not leaving each and every boy surrounding them. One boy gathered enough courage to answer. "I am her boyfriend and these guys are just some trying hard losers!"

"Oh," Sasuke said and smirked. "I don't think so," and he tightened his hold around Sakura, making sure it was firm but gentle. He turned his head to hers and kissed her forehead, earning a dark red tint on her cheeks. "I'm her boyfriend, and I suggest you guys back off or you might have a one-way ticket to hell." He snickered inwardly when all the boys had looks of rejection, fear, and denial. "I hope that was convincing enough." He thought as he and Sakura made their way inside the school.

"Ano, Sasuke-san," she whispered but he stopped her. "W-what?"

"Look, we are pretending to have a relationship so don't call me as if we aren't close." He looked around to see if anyone was listening. "I know you don't like this idea one bit and for your information, I don't too but I have to do my job and I'll need your cooperation."

"Alright, Sasuke-kun then." She said, blushing lightly as she recalled his affectionate actions earlier. She wouldn't believe it herself if she hadn't seen, more or less, experienced that from him. It was as if he was a completely different person. "Come on, your dad might kill me if I don't do a good job and stick to the information he told me to follow." He took her hand, intertwining it with his and she shyly mimicked the gesture. "Besides, aren't you glad I've gotten rid of those annoying fans of yours? Now it's your turn to help me with…" he trailed off, glancing at some of the girls who gawked at him with longing and desire. "Them…"

"First day here and you're already having a fan club, my dad wasn't kidding when he said you were a lady magnet." She giggled and he blushed, grunting. "Relax, I'll get rid of them, somehow…" she said, placing her free index finger on her chin and looking up to the ceiling, her thinking pose as he remembered her father told him. "Hmm cute…" he thought and smirked, quickly shrugging the thought off. "I can't have these thoughts interfering with my real job."

They made their way through the corridors and entered the classroom they were assigned in. At first, everyone was talking and minding their own business until both of them entered the room, all eyes turned to them, mainly on their hands that were intertwined. Sakura, feeling a bit nervous turned slightly to Sasuke, asking if they could let go of each other. He gave a nod, hating too much attention given to them so both let go and went to their seats. Well, Sasuke just followed her and she told him that the seat next to her near the window was empty so he sat down there, only to be surrounded immediately by their girl classmates.

"Ne, you must be a new student here since we haven't seen you in the school grounds," one girl with long black hair said and winked at him flirtatiously but he just kept his cool as if he didn't care about these girls flocking him. "Have a name?" she asked.

"Feh, no duh," he said rudely, hoping that would drive these girls away. He did recall that rich teens like them are a bit sophisticated to hate rude people but hell, he was wrong, that attitude of his only attracted more. "Care to tell us, Mr. handsome?" his eye twitched, oh how he hated having looks. Sometimes, he envied those boys that were being neglected, not knowing that they were jealous and would do anything to have his looks. "No, bug off." He muttered, trying his best to ignore and drive them away. He has to do his job to keep an eye on Sakura but he couldn't since these annoying girls were blocking his view.

"Aww, he's so cool and cute like that!" one said, squealing.

"I bet if he were polite, he'd be just as cool and cute!" one commented.

"Damn, so either way, whatever attitude I have, they won't leave me alone! Che, I hate my life…" he slightly turned to where Sakura was. A girl who blocked his view for Sakura fainted, thinking that he was looking at her; he sweat dropped but was glad that she did faint. At least he can ask for Sakura's help with just one look.

The pink haired teen noticed it and smiled, nodding her head and got up, approaching him. "Um, girls, sorry to interrupt but I think my boyfriend would prefer to be alone for now." She said as politely as she could but only received glares and smirks from the irritating flirts.

"You're his girlfriend? Yeah right, just because you're the prime minister's daughter does not mean we have to believe or even follow what you say, you're not even class president here. You're just a top achiever nerd." Sakura was taken aback by this and fought the urge to cry. When she was a kid, she wanted to make friends but people teased her about her forehead and concluded that she might power trip them and all. Sasuke noticed this and seeing her sad eyes made something inside him spark with fury.

"Look you thick-headed moron," he said, addressing to the girl who insulted Sakura. "I don't care if you're rich or not, to me, you're just a spoiled brat, more spoiled than her and I don't give a damn if you're a leader here or not, nor do I care if you're the best but I won't have any of you insult my girlfriend that way." He said in a calm yet angry tone. He stood up and took Sakura by the hand, leaving the classroom after giving a cold glare to the shocked girls. "If I see you insult or make her sad again, I will personally make your life a living hell." And he led Sakura out the door, closing it behind them.

Once outside, without any students or teachers passing, she broke down and started to cry on his chest, taking a fistful of his shirt. Sasuke was a bit shocked at her reaction but relaxed when he heard her try to suppress her sniffles. He wrapped his arms around her for added comfort, not bothering to tell her to stop since he recalled his mother telling him that crying would make things and others feel better when done.

"Sakura," he sighed. "It's alright I'll make sure they won't say those things to you again."

As time passed by, they entered the classroom yet again. A few girls turned to their direction only to get a glare from Sasuke. They quickly went back to minding their own business as boys stayed clear off of Sakura for a while, not wanting to run into her overprotective boyfriend.

The teacher entered the room, partially shocked it was silent. He took out a folder and asked Sasuke to step forward to introduce himself. He smirked when he faced the teacher in front, his back facing the class.

"He asked you to watch over me, right, Kakashi?"

Kakashi, though half his face was hidden gave a stern look to Sasuke. "Yeah, so don't mess up." He whispered back and again, the teen smirked. "Since when have I messed up?" and he turned to the class, replacing his smirk to an expressionless face. "Uchiha Sasuke, transfer student from Jiyuuoka High." He said as Kakashi asked him to tell the class a little about himself. "I play basketball." He answered. When he said that, a few hands rose to question him and Kakashi called one boy who had messy brown hair.

"You're the MVP there right? Team captain Uchiha?" he asked and got a nod from Sasuke. Soon, all first impressions he gave earlier vanished as some girls immediately lit up and gleamed at him while other boys looked at him with awe. "Cool! I've always wanted to meet you but your old school was really strict! Man, can I get your-"

"If you're asking me to give you an autograph, no, I am not a famous basketball player in Japan, therefore, I don't have any right to give out some." He said. "Photos aren't allowed as well, unless you're a part of the school paper."

Kakashi cleared his throat to gain the disappointed looks of his class. "Based from Jiyuuoka High's record of Uchiha Sasuke, they said he may be an Ace player but he knows when to let the team score to even things out, plus, he doesn't want to hog the spotlight, nor does he want too much attention. During the Inter-high championships, a reporter planned on interviewing him but he declined, saying that he was only a regular high school player." He coughed a bit. "In short, he's… what you say… humble about his abilities and has high respects for the real players in Japan." He turned to Sasuke. "Anything else you might add for us to get to know you better?"

"Yeah, I think I have one more thing to let all of you know and I insist that you will all listen to it carefully." He waited for the whole class' attention, including Sakura's. "I'm taken, and stay away from Sakura if you plan on insulting or courting her, I mean it." He gave a sinister glare to each and every student, memorizing their faces for him to know who the ones he gave a warning are. "And to you girls, I don't like any of your attention." He said and went back to his seat when Kakashi told him to do so.

"Uchiha," he turned to Kakashi who gave a knowing look. "What is your relationship with Haruno, care to fill us in so that these curious minds won't bother to annoy you with their questions?" Sasuke cursed his teacher, not only in class but also in fighting, inwardly. "I met Saku-chan during a basketball game. Her father and mine are friends and we both got along pretty well." He answered and glanced at Sakura who was slightly blushing. "I found out she was single and asked her to be my girlfriend and she accepted." He sat down and ignored the looks given to him and Sakura by their classmates.

"Hmm, a good cover-up, I bet the prime minister thought of this." He nodded. "Hear that class, I suggest you stay away from those two lovebirds." He smiled, though unseen yet can be told by the look of his eyes, at Sasuke who blushed and glared at him then at Sakura who lowered her head in embarrassment. "Something tells me this mission will be fun."

A few hours later, lunch came and Sakura took out her lunch. "Ne, Sasuke-kun," he turned to her. "Can we eat somewhere else?" she asked, trying to avoid the looks her classmates gave them. "Sure." He said and got up, waiting for Sakura. Both walked to the rooftop where they enjoyed the breeze and can be alone to act their normal selves.

"Hey," she said and had her eyes half-closed as he sat down beside her and leaned his head on the wall, looking up at the sky with closed eyes. "Hn." He replied. Sakura smiled at his attitude. "Thanks for… the back-up, I must be really lousy to help you out in getting rid of your fans." She said, struggling to not let her tears flow down. Sakura, when still a child, was always emotional, letting her feelings get the best of her. Her deceased mother had told her that she was emotionally strong for not being afraid to let all her feelings out. Still, right now, she fought the urge to show her expressions. "I really suck at helping people, maybe that's one reason why I don't have friends… maybe they're just saying I'm a power tripper to hide the real reason that I'm useless…" she laughed at herself and finally let the unshed tears flow. "You must find me really pathetic for crying over things…" she wiped the tears away with her hands. "Sorry for opening up just like that, I get really emotional."

"I don't care." He said and she looked at him with wide eyes. "So what if you're emotional? At least you're strong enough to let your feelings out. And no, you're not pathetic, those girls are. You're not the only one who doesn't have friends, I don't too."

"Yeah right, with your looks, smarts and talents? I highly doubt that."

"You do recall what your father's first impression of me when I mentioned my name?" she nodded and he continued, wondering why he was telling her all this, someone who he just met and will one day threaten to kill in order to get their Yakuza goals to be achieved. "When people know I'm an Uchiha, they don't bother talking to me unless required to, I'm the loner type back in my old school." He muttered. "Heck, that's why the Yakuza members are my friends." he smirked, recalling a few of the members who didn't see him as the leader's son but as a normal person and co-gangster. "I wonder what that dead-last, lazy-genius and Hyuuga are doing right now..?"

"I guess we're not so different…" she said, smiling slightly and looking straight ahead. "Anyway, let's eat, my stomach's complaining." She snapped the chopsticks she had and opened the lid of her bento box. "Sasuke-kun..?" she asked. He turned to her. "Aren't you going to eat?" he blinked and looked up. "I forgot to bring mine… was in a hurry to leave home."

She giggled and took a piece of sushi, bringing it up to his mouth. "Eat." She said but he refused. Sakura pouted and gave him her puppy dog eyes. Sasuke blinked and tried to look away but his head won't turn the other way. Sighing, he obliged and opened his mouth. Sakura beamed at this and fed her bodyguard, both sharing her lunch.

"I can't believe I fell for those eyes…" he muttered to himself, waiting for Sakura to come out of the restroom. "Still, she did look cute…" he smirked. "Oh boy… I don't think this mission will be boring or easy…"

As soon as they reached the classroom hand-in-hand, the bell rung and their next teacher came in to discuss a few things. Math wasn't that much a problem to both of them but they still listened. A few more subjects later, the school bell rung, indicating that it was dismissal. Sakura shoved Sasuke inside the gym where basketball players were doing warm-ups.

"Sakura, you do know I have to keep a low profile and-"

"Oh come on, I wouldn't want you to just keep protecting me, besides, I'll stick around to watch you, basketball has been one of my favorite sports to watch." She grinned and ran to the terror coach, Momochi Zabuza. "Hurry up you worms! Isegawa, I said ten laps not eight, get back there and finish the remaining two. Ryuchi, you aren't done with push-ups yet so start moving!" he turned around to see Sakura smile brightly at him. "Sensei, I have someone who will do great for the team." She stepped aside to show Sasuke standing there with a stoic face and hands in his pockets.

Zabuza eyed him from head to toe and called for the team manager, Haku. "Ah, Zabuza-san, Uchiha Sasuke does not need try-outs, it's certain that he will make it especially since his records in Jiyuuoka says that he's an excellent player."

"Hmm, let's see what you got kid." He threw an orange ball at Sasuke who caught it with one hand and gave a sigh. He removed his school jacket and tie, undid the top two buttons of his white polo and dribbled the ball. "What do you want to see?" he asked, face remaining passive. "Can you even play with just school shoes?" Zabuza taunted. Sasuke returned it with a smirk. "Watch me." And he dribbled down the court and made a dunk. Based from expert coaches, doing a slam dunk gives a good impression to your school coach. Zabuza smirked as well. "Care to do one-on-one with my powerful and best player?" Sasuke returned the same grin. "Bring it." And Zabuza called their ace, who was also, by the way, one of the many fan boys of Sakura, Lee.

Lee had onyx eyes as well yet were somehow… not that soothing to look at, especially his bowl-cut hair and thick eyebrows. "I've heard of you, Uchiha-san, the MVP and team captain of Jiyuuoka, it's been one of my dreams to face you!" Lee raised a fist in the air. "How you managed to win the lovely Haruno Sakura's heart remains a mystery to me, seeing as she has never taken any liking to me or any other boys here, it would be an honor to prove my worth to her!"

Sasuke and the rest of the people in the gym sweat dropped at his speech. "Um, yeah, whatever…" was the Uchiha's reply. "In case you've forgotten," he said and ran pass him when Lee tried to block but wasn't able to when Sasuke released the ball to the left as he swerved to the right and got the ball then made a perimeter shot. "I think I made it clear this morning that she's taken by me," He smirked. "Yeah, I saw you among the many boys that crowded us." He took the ball and passed it to Lee as he took a defense stance. "Come."

Sakura was dumbstruck when she saw his move. She had never seen a move like that and thought it was really impossible to do in a real game. "Wow… he really is good." She beamed and cheered him on. "Go for it Sasuke-kun!" The said boy smiled inwardly. "Of course, she as to act like my girlfriend." Little did he know that she was cheering him on with her own free will and not because of the role they have to play. "Might as well make her proud of her boyfriend." He stole the ball and made a few moves. Lee tried to catch up, their speed was tied yet Sasuke was a step ahead and did a fake shot, managing to catch Lee as he jumped in the air but Sasuke only smirked then jumped and fell back a bit, knowing that Lee will attempt to block it. The Uchiha teen released the ball as it flew in the air and went in the ring.

"Uchiha Sasuke's signature move: Fake and Fade away shot." He turned to Sakura and gave a knowing look then smiled. "I made that for my girlfriend." He winked at her and Sakura felt her cheeks grow hot. "If I didn't know he was only acting I would've fainted right here."

"You fake and then fade, I didn't know it was possible." Zabuza said out loud. "Looks like we can't belittle Uchiha." and he smirked, signaling four more players to assisst Lee. "Uchiha, how far can you go against five players, who are my top ones?" he challenged.

Sasuke turned to the five players before him as he dribbled his ball slowly then fast and gave his infamous smirk to them. "Bring it on."

Time passed and Zabuza agreed that Sasuke can be part of the team. Although he said the boy didn't need try outs, the one against five was like one anyway. He sighed and took out his motor key from his pocket and started the ignition. Sakura put on the helmet and got on behind him as he drove off in a normal speed.

From the side mirrors, he noticed a car following and two motorbikes as well. "Sakura," she looked up though it wasn't seen bacause of the helmet she had on. "Yeah?" she asked. Sasuke looked straight at the road before them then to the mirrors. "A Yakuza is after us, better hold on tight, I'll try to lose them." He whispered and got a nod as he picked up the speed when her grip around him tightened.

He knew that this Yakuza wasn't the well-known one but another who plans to overthrow his own gang as well as take Sakura. For Sasuke's mission, it's to gain the Haruno girl's trust, to protect her from other Yakuza and lastly, kidnap her. His onyx eyes caught sight of a gun that was pointed out the window and aiming at them. He quickly turned to the left just when the trigger was pulled, hitting a STOP sign. Then, he drove in a narrow alleyway that had an opening at the end so the car won't be able to follow. One thing you must master and learn when part of Sharingan was that you should know which alley has a dead end and must memorize by heart; every path and short cuts, as well as detours and long cuts to outrun and outsmart other gangs.

"Sakura, you still okay?" he asked, checking the mirror to see two bikes tailing them. "Yeah." She answered. "Alright, just keep your head down and your grip on me tight, don't ask me what I'm doing or where I'm going, just keep silent okay?" Sakura nodded and Sasuke smirked. "I need to get rid of these bastards." And he turned to the right and quickly made a U-turn, speeding up back to the path they took as they passed by the two bikers who screeched to halt in confusion. Sakura giggled and behind his helmet, the Uchiha snickered. "You sure know your way around here." He gave a nod. "I should, it's a big chance of survival and an advantage against enemies such as them." She kept silent afterwards when she heard two engines nearing. "Sasuke-kun,"

"Just leave it to me Sakura," he said. "It's my duty as your bodyguard and 'boyfriend' to keep you safe." He said as she blushed at the words that escaped from his mouth. He turned to the left where a lot of cars were running and he took this as a way to lose the pursuers. Seeing a big truck ahead, he drove faster and over took the slow but large vehicle then seeing an opening, made another U-turn; the two bikers oblivious to the idea that they have escaped. Sasuke gave out a sigh of relief and stopped in a gas station to refill his motorcycle.

"Ne, I'll go get us some drinks." Sakura offered and he nodded, not keeping his eyes off of her. It was indeed a hot day and escaping that Yakuza was something not so easy, especially if you have to make sure your target doesn't get hurt. Weird how you do everything to protect the victim when in the end, you'll just hurt her. He's been on missions like these but never did it involve a girl, it was always someone younger or older than him and he felt guilty and bad for using their trust. Right now, whenever he sees Sakura cry, he can't bring himself to fulfill the mission, but as part of Sharingan, one's emotions must not get in the way of the mission.

He closed his eyes at this after re-tying his school jacket around his waist and fixing his messed up tie, not that he minded but with Sakura's father, he had to be at least half formal or decent. The pink haired girl came back with a soda pop in each hand. She tossed one to Sasuke which he caught easily and opened, downing all of its contents in about a record of two or three gulps. Sakura stared at him wide-eyed as he crumpled the aluminum can and threw it at a nearby trash bin. She was just about to open hers when he had already disposed his. "Wow, you must be really thirsty." She said and drank hers in normal pace. He shrugged and wiped the sticky sweat on his forehead away with the back of his hand, only to be replaced by another. He muttered a curse and didn't bother to wipe it and just shut hi eyes, waiting for the refill of gas in his bike to be finished.

Sasuke nearly jumped when a hand brushed away his bangs and a white handkerchief wipe away the sweat on his forehead. His eyes gazed onto green orbs that gleamed with cheeriness. Sakura withdrew her hand when she was satisfied with her job of wiping away the annoying sweat he had. Well, to him, it was annoying. "Thanks." He muttered and got a smile and 'your welcome' from the girl. "Oh yeah, how much was the soda?" he asked, taking out his wallet to pay her back but she grabbed his hand and shook her head. "Consider it as my gratitude for protecting me and saving me from those thugs the other night, as well as from my fans." She stuck her tongue out and he smirked, finding her childish antics as what else? Cute. Never did he think that his mission would be really hard for him.

They reached the Haruno mansion and both entered. Sasuke still had to report the day to her father while she, well, wanted to rest. Upon getting off of the bike, she fiddled with her fingers and lowered her head, blushing. "Um, Sasuke-kun…"

"Hn," he asked, not looking at her but turning off the engine of his bike and placing the helmet on top of the seat as he waited for her to say something. "A while ago… back in the gym… I know you were acting and all but… I think you should know that… it really touched my heart when you said that. No one has ever done something like that to me before and even though it was just a play, it still felt like it was real, and… thanks for saying that line." She said, having found the courage to look up at him with a genuine smile and a blush.

The raven haired teen, on the other hand, kept his gaze on his bike, as if reflecting on what she said. He looked up at her with half closed eyes and a real smile on his face. To him, he felt like it was the first time he smiled after years of being trained to seal and control his emotions. "It wasn't an act," he said. "Well, the girlfriend bit was but," he took the key and placed his bag beside his helmet. "It was really for you." He said and walked inside when the door opened, not wanting to meet her gaze. She was shocked and he could tell because he too, was surprised at what he just said, though he kept it to himself to remain passive, however, couldn't help the smile that kept tugging on his lips as he made his way to the President's office. "Yeah Sakura, I made the Fake and Fade away shot just now, just for you."

To be continued…

Next on Yakuza: Chapter 2: Moving in

Sakura gasped when she saw Sasuke by her bedroom door smirking. She fought the urge to blush and squeal at how he looked damn good with his position and with that trademark smirk of his. He may be wearing the Konoha High uniform but the jacket hung on his left shoulder. His arms were crossed and his right side leaned on the door frame, one leg across the other that stood for balance. "W-what are you doing here so early?"

"I was asked by your father to move in with you since he will be on a business trip."

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