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He furrowed his eyebrows and slowly opened his eyes. Where was he? Was he dead? Was he in heaven? No, he can't be, it was too noisy, too hot, and his body was aching, more on his wrists as well as something seeming to be tightening around his neck.


He shot his head up and turned to his left to see Sakura in the same state a he was although she looked worse. Sasuke noted her neck, there was a red mark on it and some dried blood. Now he remembered, Orochimaru bit her. Behind his back, he clenched his fists, whatever adrenaline he had earlier that made him break those chains was long gone.

"Are you okay?" she asked, worry evident in her voice. He didn't answer but his glare intensified as he realized that he failed to protect her, that he was defeated by Orochimaru, and worse of all, they were going to be hung in only a few minutes. Hung… so that was the rope around his neck; Sasuke scanned the area and saw a lot of Oto members surrounding the platform they were standing on, some cheering or yelling; probably a victory for getting one Sharingan member and the prime minister's daughter.

"Oto," Orochimaru's voice yelled as he stepped up to the stage in front of everyone. "We now have one of Sharingan's top members, Uchiha Sasuke, the son of their leader at that! Added bonus, Haruno Sakura, the prime minister's daughter, this just goes to show and prove everyone that we are the best!" Cheers and whistles were erupted from the crowd as Oto's leader raised a hand to quiet them down. "Before we have these two hung, I will be giving them an option," he turned to face the two and snickered. "This is your last chance little blossom, me or death?"

Sakura glared at him and didn't answer. Orochimaru twitched at this annoying girl and walked closer. "I repeat Haruno Sakura, me or death?" and he received another spat on the face and a very angry glare from the girl. He clenched his fists and was tempted to slap her but he had to calm down and so, turned to Sasuke, who didn't look up at him but just had his head hung low.

"Join us Sasuke, I can make you the leader of this gang, you no longer have to follow your dad when you join me, I will let you do whatever you please, you can kill all you want, love anyone you want, even go somewhere else with your loved one."

Tempting as it may sound; his instincts told him the bastard before him was lying. Raising his head to look at Orochimaru, the man gave a smirk, thinking that he had won over the Uchiha. Sasuke returned the smirk and kicked Oro's private part, making the man clutch onto it and groan in pain. "There is no way, even if this is the last Yakuza on earth, that I will join a scum like you, after what you did to my girl, I don't think I can believe you nor will I join your disgusting crew."

Orochimaru got angry and punched the boy on the jaw really hard, making his lip bleed as Sasuke spat out some blood. He didn't mind seeing the red substance nor did he mind being covered mostly by it, but one thing he hated about blood was how it tasted.

"Then die." The snake said and the platform the two teens were currently standing on was lowered, making them fall as the ropes around their necks tightened, killing them slowly and making them gasp for air and struggle to escape. They were going to die and they couldn't find any way to escape.

"This is the end of the line for the two of you, goodbye, and rot in hell." Snickered Orochimaru as the two tried so hard to wriggle free.

Chapter 7: Decisions

He was feeling his soul being drained from him by the angel of death, at the same time weakening when his struggling lessened. His eyelids felt heavy and his breaths were becoming shallow. Sakura was near to dying than he was and he just couldn't accept it, he can't believe that it was all going to end this easily.

Before any more thoughts were made, a whizzing sound of a shuriken was heard and next thing he knew, he landed on the ground with a hard thud, groaning at the pain. He gasped for air and breathed in and out, opening an eye to see how Sakura was doing. It made him panic when he saw her lying on the ground, unmoving. Straining to get his hands free from the ropes, he tugged, pulled and squirmed. It was really hard but a kunai was soon thrown before him on the ground and he looked up to see Naruto give a grin to him then took off to probably fight. He smirked and turned his back on the dagger, feeling for it and once he picked it up, he concentrated the sharp edge on the ropes until he was free from the bind. Quickly getting up to his feet, he went to Sakura and rolled her over so that he can take a good look at her face. He felt for her pulse and was startled how weak it was. Without thinking, he gently slapped her on the side of her face and shook her body, calling out her name. She didn't stir so he carried her and brought her lips to his, doing the CPR treatment. Kind of weird though, she didn't drown yet he was doing this.

Sakura moved a bit and he parted and stared at her as her eyelids fluttered open and green eyes met obsidian ones. Sasuke gave a sigh of relief and helped her up. "Come on, Naruto and the others are here, we have to get somewhere safe, especially since I don't have any weapons with me except for this kunai." Just as he said it, a kunai case landed on the ground they were standing on, followed by a semi-automatic gun and a sheathed katana where an Uchiha fan was attached to the end of the handle. Sasuke looked up and this time, saw Itachi raise a hand at him and left to fight. "Maybe I should keep wishing…" he thought and attached the kunai case around his right thigh, put on the strap of the katana around him and holstered the gun on his waist. "Let's go." And Sakura followed him as they carefully avoided Oto members. Right now, their main goal is to get out of here.

A few Oto members spotted them and quickly surrounded the two in a circle. Sasuke took the gun out and handed it to Sakura. "This is automatic; just pull on the trigger if someone comes near you, okay?" Sakura nodded hesitantly and took the weapon with shaking hands. Sasuke placed it on her palms and held onto her hands. "Listen, I know you're not the type who kills people but you have to, you can't let these guys live and get back at you." He whispered and Sakura gulped, giving a nod as he unsheathed his katana and blocked an attack that was meant for him. He ducked and swiped his feet on his opponent's and the guy fell down as Sasuke stabbed his sword on the man's heart. He pulled it back and swished the blade, letting the blood slide down from the smooth and shiny metal. He smirked as his eyes turned a blood red color, looking at every Oto member who stood their ground, staring at him, on how he killed one gang member so easily. He rested his katana on his shoulder, extended his left hand to the three men and motioned them with his hand to come and attack, his eyes daring them to.

Swords clashing and battle cries were the only things heard in the Oto territory. Gun shots and screams were added, sometimes even bombs were used. This was like a war, and in fact, it really was, a battle between two rival gangs, a fight to the death. Itachi threw many shuriken at the attackers, some on the head, some on the chest. He didn't care where, as long as it hits a vital point and kills them. Getting tired of throwing the small stars, he took out two hand guns from his holster and started shooting every Oto member his eyes set on. Next, Itachi looked around, searching for his brother and the girl, or any of his fellow gang members.

Naruto, Neji and Shikmaru had their backs towards each other, forming a small circle as a bigger one engulfed them, all composing of Oto men. "This just keeps getting better and better." Naruto commented and took three kunai on each hand, shooting it towards the men that were coming in for them. Neji used a couple of shuriken, followed by quick punches and kicks to the attackers while Shikamaru just shot each and every one of the enemy dead. "This is so troublesome…" he muttered and loaded his empty gun. "At least the Prime Minister and Fugaku-sama had made a truce and alliance." Neji said, cracking the neck of one of his victims. "Now to look for those two lovebirds..."

"No need to, Itachi is already doing the job." came an older man's voice. Their heads turned to see Kakashi fighting off the enemies and doing a really good job at that. "Besides, we've got to reduce the number of Oto, remember?" Naruto sighed and nodded, same goes for the other two as the four men of Sharingan continued to beat the crap out of their rival gang.

More and more kept coming but he only enjoyed it. Earlier, he was yearning for bloodshed and he got it, the only thing he desires now is Orochimaru's head and he can't seem to get what he wishes because the snake's dogs kept charging at him, if not, attempted to get to Sakura but no, he wouldn't allow it, he won't make the same mistake more than twice. "She almost died, she almost got raped and I'm not going to let that happen again." He thought and still had a sadistic smile on his lips. Again and again, he slashed his katana, slicing their bodies in half, slitting their throats, throwing a couple of kunai and shuriken on their bodies, weakening them, killing them slowly and making them wish they weren't born. He was known for those traits, once he kills, he really kills.

Sasuke was now covered with blood, lots of it, his hair was a mixture of black and red, just like his eyes, his face was tainted with blood and he still had the smirk of a killer, the look of a blood-thirsty murderer, he was definitely a top ranker in Sharingan. Only eighteen, he already kills like a professional, when he was twelve, he murdered a whole family, not feeling any emotion or whatsoever, right now, what he felt was unexplainable, he couldn't tell, the feeling of being able to kill so many once again was back, and he kept asking for more bodies to assassinate.

While he was enjoying this, one wasn't. Sakura was shaking and her eyes were wide, she didn't recognize Sasuke, it was like he turned into a completely different person, to someone who cared less about others, to someone who looked like the type who doesn't know how to love, to protect, to care or to say sweet and comforting words. This wasn't her Sasuke.

"S-Sasuke..?" she thought, eyes widened in disbelief.

Seconds passed and more bodies were sprawled on the floor, all bloodied and some sliced, some had missing limbs while some had their internal organs pulled out. Just at the sight of it made Sakura's stomach churn and she wanted so badly to throw up. She coughed and covered her nose and mouth, not wanting to smell the scent of dead corpses. She shut her eyes tight, hoping that everything she saw would disappear but the image of Sasuke murdering these guys mercilessly kept haunting her. Slowly, she raised her head and opened her eyes, watching as Sasuke had finally stopped killing and was only standing over the dead bodies. His eyes turned back to the normal onyx ones and he somehow looked… different… as if he wasn't a killer, as if he hasn't done anything. He had a blank look and his eyes were half-closed as some blood that spilled on him started to dry up and smear his face, dirtied his already dark clothes and added a hue of red on his hair. His katana was soaked in fresh blood and most of his kunai and shuriken were embedded on the dead bodies.

He heard a few sniffles and teardrops. Slowly, he turned his head to Sakura who was on her knees, crying silent tears while her eyes were glued onto the dead bodies. Sasuke raised his katana and brought it back down with force, getting rid of the blood and sheathed it back. He walked over to Sakura and knelt down on one knee in front of her. "Come on."

Sakura didn't say anything but just let him pull her up and walk off. She still clutched the gun, not knowing why she still held onto it. She didn't like killing, but she was already holding a deadly weapon. It ruined her persona as an innocent girl; it didn't suit her to be a killer.

As these thoughts clouded her mind, the boy who held her hand also had his own mind elsewhere and it was a no-no, especially when there's a battle going on. His instincts made him push Sakura down on the floor as he got tackled by a bigger guy. He groaned and tried to get up but only fell back again. His back and body hurts like hell. Flinching after messages of pain were sent to his brain, he opened one eye and saw that his attacker had an evil grin plastered on his face and had on brass knuckles on each of his fists, It had spikes in the end and Sasuke knew that those things are really a pain.

"I can't believe I managed to tackle the infamous Uchiha Sasuke, looks like you're not so great after all." He taunted but the teen didn't seem provoked by it. A plan was forming in his mind as his eyes were affixed on the armed man. Sasuke grabbed onto something for support and slowly got up, ignoring the searing pain on his back. "You're so full of yourself, you ass." He answered back and the Oto member was aggravated. "Why you son of-"


He got cut off when a bullet made its way to his heart and he fell forward, dead, not getting the chance to use the weapons he had. The 18-year old Uchiha blinked and turned to the shooter. His eyes widened to see Sakura standing across him, arms extended forward and clutching on his semi-automatic gun and she was panting, sweat was trickling down her face. Sasuke approached her and held her shaking arms, gently pulling them down and getting the gun away from her. She shuddered after seeing the man she killed, she didn't know what came over her and it hit her like a rock, she had just taken away a life.



"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! He was going to- I just had to or he'll- I'm so-"

It was her turn to get cut off when Sasuke's index finger found its way to her lips and he looked at her with a calm gaze. "It's alright, it wasn't your fault," he said softly as she continued shaking. "There's always a first for everything and everyone, it's okay, you did it to prevent him from…" he trailed off, he didn't exactly know why she really did shoot. He could've killed the guy even in his current state.

"From hurting you…" she finished for him as her grip on his shirt tightened. "I… saw how Orochimaru punched you a while ago… how those two guys pulled you back when that snake touched me… it… hurts… here…" she said, placing a hand over her heart. "It hurts whenever I see you get hurt because of me…"

He was, to say in the least, touched at her words and feelings. He gave her a smile and wiped away her tears that were starting to fall. Sasuke knew it was hard for her to make a choice, to kill or not, it was always hard on the first try right? Even he, a killer, admits that his first kill was a tough one. "Sakura," he whispered and she looked up at him. "Thanks." He said and kissed her forehead. "Let's go, we have to get you out of here."

Itachi ran, killing every Oto member that was in his way as more followed him. He took out a few smoke bombs and threw it behind him, along with some kunai and Chinese stars, hearing his victims yell out in pain. He smirked, these guys were too easy to handle. Turning to the side, he stopped when he saw Orochimaru ready to launch a final attack on his dad. With adrenaline pumping in him, he ran with his katana poised to kill anyone.

"This is the end Uchiha Fugaku!" Orochimaru cried out at the man who couldn't move from the deep cuts and bruises he had, plus the fact that his knee was really bleeding badly, he was going to die, and he knew there was no escape. Closing his eyes to prepare for his fate, he apologized to his family in his thoughts for always telling them what to do and not considering their feelings.

Seconds passed and he heard a clashing of metal blades. His eyes opened wide to see his eldest son block the leader of Oto's attack, an angry look was on the weasel's face and his eyes turned red, the sharingan, the gift their clan has received from the heavens, an ability they got from their ancestors. "Don't you dare hurt any member of my family!" and Itachi, with all his might, pushed away Orochimaru. "Dad, leave this guy to me, you go and take a rest, I'm sure Sasuke can take care of himself and Sakura."

"Itachi…" he thought, looking at his son. It was of common knowledge that the father must always protect his family, but he placed in the Yakuza first before them, and here was his son, protecting him; he felt ashamed and guilty for everything he has done. "I'm sorry…" he whispered but Itachi caught it and smiled. "Don't apologize to me dad, I'm sure Sasuke deserves that more than I do."

"Enough talking, let's fight!" and Orochimaru charged at him with a sadistic smile. It freaked Itachi out but he still managed to keep a straight face and fought with the weirdo. From the looks of it, their fight was like a dance, each movement was executed perfectly and also well-timed, too bad that this dance would end up with one of them dead.

Blocking his attack, Itachi noticed how his opponent wasn't taking things too seriously and was only playing with him. Orochimaru gave the boy a forceful kick, making Sasuke's brother fall back from the impact and groaning at that. He clenched his fist and tried to get up but his body refused, it was tired and aching from fighting all day long and the sun was already setting.

The scenery was full of burning things, from small huts and trees to the corpses of both Sharingan and Oto members, some consisting of Ikichi's agents. It was a really painful sight to anyone who has a good heart, unfortunately, the guy standing before the two Uchihas didn't even have it, in fact, he appeared to have no heart at all. He raised his sword and was ready to pierce it through Itachi's chest, an evil grin on his face. "Die Uchiha Itachi!"

A kunai shot at one of Orochimaru's hands, making him drop the sword to the ground and glaring at the attacker. He saw Neji rush to him with punches and kicks at top speed as he continued to block them all. From behind, Naruto ran towards the two fighting males and had his shuriken thrown to the "zombie" Oto leader. With fast reflexes, Orochimaru dodge them all as Neji activated his own ability, Byaakugan, to deflect the weapons heading at him. A bullet shot at Orochimaru's arm and he angrily looked at the shooter, seeing the supposedly lazy-genius of the gang.

Fugaku was stunned. He called these four "traitors" and here they were, fighting and saving his and Itachi's life. "I can't believe how loyal they truly are…" he thought back to what he saw and heard in Sasuke's room, when Sakura said that she still loved his youngest son despite what he has done to her, and how his son didn't care about anything but her safety. "I never thought that the day would come that Sasuke would actually love someone that deeply." He forced himself to stand up but his injured knee wouldn't let him. Sighing, he gave in to the pain and only hoped for the better, he can't fight but he can provide back-up.

"I can still use my arms and hands; that alone is enough to throw some weapons or shoot at the bastard before us." He narrowed his eyes at Orochimaru and took a few shuriken from his pouch, throwing it towards the snake and hitting him on the shoulder. He smirked seeing how angry the bastard was.

"That's it, you're going to regret all of this!" he yelled and threw something in the air. It exploded and some of the Oto members saw it. One who had silver hair and tied back into a ponytail smirked and pushed his glasses up a bit. "So he wants those things to be released eh?" and he wasted no time of heading inside the research building of their Yakuza.

"Hey guys, master Orochimaru's calling you." He said, pressing a button as a huge gate opened and a loud hissing sound was heard. Crawling out of the dark abyss was a 45-foot long snake, its yellow eyes glaring menacingly at the people before it. From behind it came out a big spider with big fangs and eight eyes as another creature emerged from the dark room. This time, it had dragon-like features, a cross between a lizard and a bird. Kabuto, the guy who released these three pointed to where Orochimaru was and ordered the three to go. Looks like Orochimaru's experiments were proven to be useful and obeyed his or Kabuto's commands.


He stopped what he was doing and turned to look at Sakura with a raised eyebrow. They were currently hiding from their opponents and tending to his wounds. Sakura was busy bandaging his head while he was supposed to be treating his left hand but when she called him, he had to stop. "What is it?"

"What are those things..?"

Sasuke turned to where her gaze was affixed and his eyes widened upon seeing a huge snake, spider and a lizard-bird heading east. Last he heard from some of the people battling was that his father and Orochimaru were having a showdown somewhere over there. "Oh shit!" he cursed and got up, startling Sakura. "My dad is there, and I'm guessing that my brother and friends are too." He finished wrapping the bandage on his left hand and clutched his katana. "I think that he's losing, otherwise, he wouldn't be calling out his experiments." And they both ran towards where the beasts were heading.

"Naruto, look out!" Neji yelled as a snake was about to swallow the blonde boy when Shikamaru pushed him out of the way at the right time. The Hyuuga was blocking the spider's attacks, its legs kept coming at him and trying to pin him on the ground, at the same time, spitting out sticky web to trap his prey. "Damn, this thing is a pain in the ass!" Just as he said it, he fell back down for tripping on a rock and he grumbled, cursing at the thing and how fate was so cruel to him. He felt something sticky on his hands that he looked down and cursed a very bad word. He was trapped in the spider's web.

The snake kept coming at Naruto and Shikamaru as both tried shooting and throwing daggers at it but it seemed to have a really thick skin that the sharp edges weren't shot hard nor stabbed deep enough to harm the snake. It slithered its way to the two who were unaware that it was slowly circling around them, when they realized too late, the snake curled and bound them together in a vicious grip, cutting their air supply out.

Itachi saw the danger they were in and tried to get over there when a scaly tail swished him backwards. He grunted and sat up, eyes widening to see the lizard with the wings of a bird. "What the hell is that snake doing in his bio lab?" he thought, seeing the cross-breed of a reptile and aves. Its claws were about to get him when he rolled over to his right side, evading the deadly grip. He saw how the ground he was earlier lying on was crushed into pieces. "Holy shit… that could've been me…" and his attention turned back to the roaring and cawing thing, flapping its wings hard as if trying to blow him away. He stood his ground and blocked his eyes from the strong breeze, preventing any dirt to enter his eyes. Itachi soon felt that he was flying and when he opened his eyes, he realized that he was up in the air, carried by the hideous thing and was still flying higher until it stopped. Itachi knew that this wasn't good, not good at all and why was that? The thing's hold on him loosened and he was falling head first down to the earth at a really fast pace.

"Itachi!" Fugaku yelled, seeing his son falling. He was about to stand up and break the boy's fall but Orochimaru blocked his way and punched him back on the ground. "Game over, Fugaku."

"You're forgetting one more Oro-bastard!"

Orochimaru looked up to be met by a forceful punch on the face. He felt his nose gush out blood as he staggered backwards, holding onto his bleeding snout. "Uchiha… Sasuke…" he said, glaring menacingly at the teen. Sakura ran to Fugaku's side and checked his wounds, looking for the most fatal one as she took out some bandages. "Sasuke, we don't have enough bandages for everyone." Sakura informed, looking at the teen who stood before her and Fugaku. "Just improvise Sakura, you're an aspiring doctor, use your resources." He said and rushed forward, passing by Orochimaru as he slid down and caught his brother in time. "Damn, you're heavy!" he said, grunting when Itachi had landed on him. "Uh… whatever… thanks…" the older Uchiha managed to say as both stood up and faced Orochimaru. "I'll take care of this guy bro, I think you want to have your vengeance on that… flying lizard…" Sasuke muttered. Itachi nodded and looked up at the thing that was about to attack him. "Got it." and they both separated ways, one heading forward as the other backward.

Neji was sweating like hell when the spider's fangs was nearing his head until a kunai was shot and it hit one of the spider's eyes as it growled in a high-pitch shriek. Neji found Kakashi cutting loose the sticky web and helping him up. "Sorry for being late, had trouble getting that Kabuto guy off my back." He said. Neji gave a nod and looked at the silver-haired man who had scratches here and there but over-all, still good as new. "He was a really good fighter but I'm better." He boasted as both readied themselves for another attack from the spider. "Hn, enough boasting, let's kill this thing." Neji said and they both rushed head on at the now seven-eyed spider that shot strings of webs at them and trying so hard to stomp them.

"Crap… I… can't…breathe…" Naruto gasped and tried to squirm but the snake just tightened its grip on him and Shikamaru. Just when they thought they were dead, the snake's bind on them loosened as it cried out in pain. They shot their heads to the right to see Mikoto stabbing the snake continuously with a katana. "Naruto, Shikamaru, get out, now!" and the two quickly kept their distance to the snake, rushing towards the female Uchiha. The three took a few steps back and watched the snake glare at them with its piercing yellow eyes. "Snakes are fast, but their usual disadvantage is not thinking which prey it should go after. We can confuse it and maybe even tangle it up." Mikoto suggested and the other two nodded as the three scattered and confused the snake who tried snapping its mouth at any of them.

From the looks of things, he was at a total disadvantage because he was fighting against a flying lizard and he was having a hard time to dodge and evade the speed this thing was giving. Its razor sharp teeth was about to cut through skin when multiple shuriken were thrown towards the half-lizard, half-bird. Itachi turned to his left and saw his best friend over there with a smirk. "Man, you're really hopeless without me." Itachi laughed and scratched the back of his head. "Cut it out and help me defeat this thing Shisui."

Everyone was fighting and having back-up. Fugakau was more than relieved for that. Kakashi came to save Neji, his wife arrived in the nick of time to save Naruto and Shikamaru, Shisui managed to save Itachi and Sasuke was able to catch Itachi and prevent him from breaking his head and Sakura… she quickly went to him to treat his wounds, after all what he's done. He eyed her as she expertly bandaged his cuts and bruises, treating each and every one of his injuries, double-checking if she wrapped the dressing too tight or loose. In his eyes, she wouldn't have a problem in becoming a fine doctor.

"There, I hope I didn't miss any of his injuries." Sakura thought, knotting the one on his arm. She wiped a sweat off of her forehead as a sigh escaped her lips. She turned to Sasuke's direction to see his wounds begin to bleed again as he panted and continued fighting with Orochimaru. She shuddered upon seeing the snake man's grin, it freaked her out and she feared him so much. She could still feel his tongue on her neck and how he bit her, sucking onto her skin. It wasn't as gentle as Sasuke's, and she definitely felt like she betrayed him when she wasn't able to fight back at the bastard. "And he had to see it too… he had to hear me scream…" she shut her eyes and clenched her fists, feeling so bad of what has happened.

"You know, her scream really turns me on." Orochimaru started and Sasuke shook and glared at Orochimaru. He knew who he was talking about and he didn't like it one bit. "Shut up." He said and charged at Oto's leader once again, their katana clashing as Orochimaru snickered. "I really like the sweetness of her skin, you have tasted it right, and I think you made her scream in pleasure as well,"

"Shut the fuck up!" The teen yelled and kept on attacking with anger, not knowing that he was slowly falling for Oro's trap. "I can make her scream louder you know, you heard her Sasuke, you heard how she cried out." and his grin broaden when Sasuke lost his self-control and just continued charging at him, blinded by anger and hate.

"Sasuke!" Fugaku yelled but was unheard by the teen. "Uchiha Sasuke, don't let your emotions get the best of you!" he continued but again, was ignored. "Sasuke!" Sakura snapped back to reality and looked at the fight between Sasuke and Orochimaru. She was shocked to see how he just kept attacking without thinking, not minding the slashes Orochimaru managed to give him. If this keeps up, he could die without knowing it. As if her body had a mind of its own, she got up and sprinted towards their fight, with Fugakau trying to stop her but failed miserably. She just ran and ran, her heart racing, Sasuke needed to snap out of his anger and she might as well help him.

"Sasuke, stop it!" she yelled and tackled the teen to the ground, surprising almost everyone that was present there, that including the beasts that Orochimaru created. Sasuke blinked and stared at green eyes full of tears. He was lying on his back while she was on top of him; her face only inches apart from his and her tears were continuously dripping onto his face. His sharingan eyes turned back to onyx ones as he stared back at her. "Stop letting your emotions blind you… can't you tell how he's slowly killing you both inside and out? Can't you see how you're getting a lot of cuts from him? You're making me worry again! You're falling for his trap Sasuke, and you don't even realize it! What am I going to do if you suddenly die? Do you think I would be sane to not kill myself?"

He half-closed his eyes and shut them when he suddenly felt pain from the gashes he got. Sasuke ignored the sting and opened his eyes at her, she was still crying silently. "I'm sorry…" he murmured but he suddenly pushed her away and covered her from one of Orochimaru's attacks. He used his left arm to block the two kunai thrown at her and he flinched from the pain as more blood soaked through his black coat. "Shit…" he cursed and got up, pulling the two daggers off of his skin as more blood splattered on the ground. He held onto his bleeding arm and activated his sharingan once again. "Sakura, whatever happens, just remember this," he lowered his head to hide his eyes from her and he smiled. "I love you." And right as the words left his mouth; he gripped his katana and attacked the Oto leader.

"As I was saying before she interrupted," Orochimaru spoke, dodging an attack. "Her soft and supple skin can really be so addicting." Sasuke smirked and elbowed him. "No need to tell me things I know." He retorted and caught how Orochimaru's eyes widened slightly. "Too bad you can't have more, she's mine."

Itachi smirked at this and evaded the flying lizard's attack as Shisui jumped onto its back and stabbed it there then hopped off of it as the lizard-bird cawed and growled in agony. Itachi, seeing an opening took out a grenade from his pocket and bit onto the clip of it, pulling it away and throwing the thing inside the lizard's mouth and it swallowed it as he yelled to the others to take cover.

The lizard exploded and blood rained on them. Sasuke, still being near Sakura, took off his coat and covered the two of them with it. Naruto, Shikamaru and Mikoto ran underneath the snake's raised head to avoid getting too dirty and Neji and Kakashi ducked under the giant spider. Shisui, Itachi, Fugaku and Orochimaru weren't so lucky though and just got covered in blood and a few ligaments from the lizard-bird. "Score!" chorused Shisui and Itachi, doing a high-five.

Now that the flying lizard is gone, all they have to worry about now are the snake, spider and Orochimaru. Sasuke discarded his coat that was covered by small bits of the insides of the creature and its blood. He sighed, "I've still got two more of those anyway…" he thought and turned to Orochimaru. "I'm going to have your head after this fight." Sasuke said and sheathed his katana, getting into another fighting stance.

"Eat this you big ass snake!" Naruto cried and threw three kunai and three shuriken at the snake's snout. It shook its head a couple of times to get rid of the slight pain it felt from the sharp points of the weapons. Shikamaru loaded his guns and kept shooting at the snake's head, some missing, some hitting as a few blood trickled down from the reptile's body. Mikoto withdrew her katana and got out her rifle, made a good distance between her and the snake and started shooting.

The snake's eyes narrowed slightly and it began trashing about, angry by what the three were doing to it. Itachi went to them for help while Shisui ran towards Neji and Kakashi. "Maybe the grenade helps." He suggested, ready to pull the clip of one grenade until the three protested, saying they didn't want another round of raining blood and internal organs. "Fine…" the boy mumbled and looked around, he needed something big to kill something huge. "Damn… I wish I brought a rocket launcher…" he thought and tried to think up of a plan. Taking a set of kunai out, he began to concentrate his aim at the snake's eyes and head, it could be the vital parts for one so huge; he took his time to find the right moment and threw six kunai at the snake's head. Two stabbed its left eye while the remaining four on its left face. It cried out and hissed, showing its tongue and hiding it again alternately. "Crap, I forgot… snakes can use their tongue to smell…" he dug inside his pockets and felt a thin rectangular paper; he smirked when an idea started forming in his head.

"Naruto, use the tags!" he yelled. The blonde stopped and turned to Itachi and to the snake and nodded. "Alright, let's go!" he said and took out six yellow tags and attached them to six kunai. Aiming for the snake's head, he threw it at the right time and when the daggers pierced through its thick skin, the tags exploded and caused the snake to weaken as it slowly lowered its head on the ground. Mikoto took her shotgun and aimed at the very head of the snake and with a pull of a trigger; the bullet came out and went in the snake's head, killing it in an instant. "Now we've only got two ugly beasts to go." Shikamaru muttered, turning to Orochimaru and the spider.

"A grenade won't work since its mouth is too small, tags will only hurt it but it won't kill the thing." Shisui said, observing the spider. Neji looked at the web string and took out a kunai, inserted one end of the web inside the hole of the kunai's end and knotted it. "Let's see how strong this web really is…" he thought and ran at top speed underneath the spider, going in and out of the spider's legs, tangling the web around the big, black creature. He smirked and pulled on the string, binding the spider's legs together as if getting it ready for a big roast. Kakashi smiled at the genius idea and got his own sword, jumped up in the air and stabbed the spider's head. It gave one last shriek until it finally lost its life.

"Now, it's only Oro-bastard that's left." Kakashi said, turning to Sasuke and Orochimaru's fight. Itachi stepped forward and stopped the group from going nearer. "Don't interfere, this is his fight." He said and the gang nodded in understanding. "Just don't lose your head Sasuke, literally…"

They were the only ones left fighting, and not one of them is showing signs of giving up. Both were panting and out of breath, it was hard to finish this soon since neither planned on giving up. "Looks like you're not so great after all." Orochimaru began, straightening himself up as he gave a sinister smile at Sasuke. "I heard from my spies that you can kill anyone in just a matter of seconds, and how you managed to defeat Haruno Ikichi's elite agents within a minute, what's taking you so long to kill me if you're that great as other people say?" he snickered and Sasuke didn't even seem fazed about his talk. "You're going soft, maybe I'll need to trigger your killing mode." He said and in a blink of an eye, he disappeared.

"What the hell?" he thought and looked around. "Behind you…" Sasuke spun around and his eyes widened upon seeing Orochimaru with his dad. He had his sword near Fugaku's throat and was threatening to slit it if he were to make a move. "Maybe if I kill the people whom you love and care for will I then face the real Uchiha Sasuke."

"Keep my dad out of this you snake!" he yelled and attempted to run towards him when Orochimaru made a cut on Fugaku's neck. Sasuke stopped in his tracks and panicked inside his mind. "Drop your weapon Sasuke."

"No, don't do it, it's a trap!" Fugaku said but Orochimaru deepened the cut. Sasuke exhaled and dropped his katana. A smirk appeared on Orochimaru's lips. "You've really gone soft and so foolish as well." Again, Orochiamru appeared in front of him and gave the boy a punch on the face.

"Sasuke!" Sakura cried and stood up, ready to run to him but Itachi held her down, shaking his head. "You'll only make it hard for him if you interfere." Sakura slowly turned her head to Sasuke as he got hit by Orochimaru continuously, failing to block everything. Orochimaru snickered inwardly and backed away from the beaten up teen. "I finally found your weakness."

Panting and grunting, he sat up from his lying position and stared at Orochimaru. Half his face was covered in blood and the other half had a few bruises. His whole left arm was bleeding badly and his right was closely imitating the other injured arm. His bandaged forehead was getting soaked by blood; all in all, you could say that the Uchiha took a bath in blood, his own blood.

"You're losing your touch Sasuke…" Orochimaru provoked and turned to Sakura who froze. Itachi, sensing this, took a side step to cover Sakura and glared at the snake with a "don't-you-dare" look. He snickered and dashed to where the two were. Itachi readied for a fighting stance and got engaged in a hand-to-hand combat against the snake. "Fast, but not fast enough." And just when Itachi blinked, Orochimaru was already behind him and he kicked his back hard, making him cough out blood. "How about your brother," Orochimaru said, looking at Sasuke who looked at him with wide-eyes. Oto's leader smirked and stepped on Itachi's back repeatedly, each stomp getting harder and harder as the older Uchiha suppressed his cry of pain. Sasuke could clearly see how it hurt Itachi just from the look on his brother's face.

"Stop it…" he whispered, shaking.

"Or maybe, your mother," Orochimaru glanced at Mikoto and looked as if he teleported immediately beside her. Before the female Uchiha could react, she already found herself lifted off of the ground and being choked by Orochimaru who looked at Sasuke with a smirk. The younger Uchiha shook even more and shut his eyes upon seeing his mother gasp and struggle to get off of Oro's grip. Seeing how Sasuke was shaking terribly, Orochimaru knew that he was about to snap, if not, break down. His yellow eyes eyed the three friends of Sasuke and he dropped Mikoto on the ground who took in a great amount of air. "Perhaps your three friends can go to hell now." He added and threw a lot of kunai repeatedly to the three who tried to evade and block, failing to notice that it only served as a distraction. Orochimaru snickered and took out his katana once again, slashing on the three's bodies, making them cry out in pain.

"Stop it…" he continued mumbling. His voice was shaky and it went noticed by Orochimaru. Shisui and Kakashi, who had enough of this armed themselves with daggers and gave out a battle cry, rushing head on to the zombie-like human. Orochimaru dodged Shisui's tackle attack and pulled his arm to the back, almost breaking it as he yelped while Kakashi kept kicking and punching. Orochimaru let go of Shisui and made him tend to his aching arm. "I know, your sensei is also close to you, maybe if I get rid of him, you can finally put up a good show." He quickly shot his hand at Kakashi's neck and choked him. The silver-haired man tried to break free but as he struggled, the tighter Oro's grip got; later on, he got tired of seeing the lack of change from Sasuke's reaction. The teen just sat there, head lowered as he continued shaking and murmuring, telling him to stop. "I was saving the best for last anyway…" Oro snickered inwardly and threw Kakashi towards a tree trunk then walked over to Sasuke, stopping a good five feet away from the teen.

"Still sitting there?" he asked. "Kneel down before me and say you surrender and I won't kill them, but, in return, you must join me in my yakuza."

Sasuke clenched his fists. Whatever choice he'll take, it was still in Orochimaru's favor. If he gave up, Oro could be lying about sparring his friends' and family's lives, if he didn't, then he'll kill them all in front of him. It was a lose-lose situation for Uchiha Sasuke. "What should I do?"

"Can't decide yet? Then I'll help you." Orochimaru said and turned to Sakura. "There's still one more person whom I haven't damaged enough, in fact, I think that she can trigger your sadistic and killing side." He started to walk towards Sakura as Sasuke realized who Orochimaru was talking about. He slowly got up and staggered a bit, trying hard to keep his balance as he raised his head at the snake man. "Stop it." He demanded and Oro did stop, turning his head to him. "Are you ordering me?"

"Touch her one more time," Sasuke said and glared at Orochimaru with blood-red eyes. "And I swear… I'll kill you… slowly and painfully…" it got the older man to laugh at him. "You're bluffing, you can barely move, you can't even get a cut on me, what makes you think I'll be afraid of an empty threat like what you gave?" and he neared the girl again who stood there, rooted to the spot. She was shaking in fear, her mind screamed at her, telling her to run but her body won't move. "You said she was yours, but she hasn't been claimed, not yet at least, maybe I can change that." Orochimaru grabbed her hand and she flinched, pulling it back but failed to get it.

"You fucking asshole!"

Orochimaru was startled when a really hard kick was landed on his stomach. He flew backwards and coughed out a lot of blood. He hadn't sense Sasuke near and attack him, he just heard the boy curse him and that's it, he didn't even see him there. "H-how..?"

"I told you not to touch her!" he yelled and with great agility, had Orochimaru blocking his quick punches. Sasuke kneed the guy on the gut and punched his face again. He didn't stop to give Orochimaru a time to rest and recover but just kept attacking. The tables have turned and he was in control, if the bastard wanted so much to see his killer side, then he'll show him. "Weaknesses," Sasuke spoke and took out a gun, clicking it and aiming it at Orochimaru. "You may have discovered my weakness, but you don't have the knowledge to know how I can turn it into my strength." He pulled the trigger twice, shooting two of Orochimaru's knees. "That is to prevent you from getting up and escaping." Again, he shot his right hand. "To stop you from hurting or killing." Next was his left. "To make sure you can't use any of your two hands." He loaded another clip for his gun and aimed it at his ears. "That is to make sure you don't hear yourself scream as I pull out your internal organs while you're still breathing and very much alive to feel pain." He took his katana and turned to Itachi who got to his feet. "Cover her." He said and Itachi nodded, taking Sakura and pulling the girl to a hug, making sure her eyes wouldn't see what Sasuke was about to do. He also placed to of his hands on her ears to prevent her from hearing the agonizing scream that was to be made by Oro. "You don't want to see or hear this..," he whispered and Sakura closed her eyes, burying her face onto Itachi's shirt as she tried to not flinch at the screeches of Oto's leader.

"Damn it! You son of a bitch! Damn you!" Orochimaru yelled, cursing as Sasuke made a cut on his chest up to his stomach as if dissecting him. He did it really slowly and had his face remain stoic, not bothered by the blood or ear-splitting scream. Setting aside the katana, he dipped his right hand into the cut and dug out Oro's internals, his intestines was pulled out, still connected to the body, next were his lungs, stomach, kidneys and even the pancreas. The smell was causing some of the group a headache and even wanted to puke but the assassin kept on pulling some more. He felt something moving and knew it was the heart so he pulled it out slowly, bringing it up to Oro's face. "And this is to kill you, to finally wipe you off the face of the earth, go and rot in hell Orochimaru." And he crushed the bastard's heart, ending his life. It was a slow and painful torture but a fast kill, he was an expert at those, he tortures before he makes a quick kill, that's why many choose to fight him in his calmer side then his real killer side.

"He's… dead…" Naruto whispered and recovered from the shock. It was his first time to see Sasuke do something so mercilessly that it made him think if that was really his best friend over there. "I can't blame him, Oro-bastard did torture all of us and triggered Sasuke's inner-self. Sometimes, I think he's more of a Gemini than a Leo, I mean, he has these mood swings or different personalities." Shikamaru said, not seeming shocked by the whole scene.

Itachi pulled away from Sakura and told her to not look and just stand still. He walked over to his little brother who stood and continued looking at the copse. "You're finally dead…" he thought and looked up when a hand rested on his shoulder. "Better get cleaned up before his blood infects you."

"It won't." Sasuke answered back and looked up at the sky as it started to get darker and rain suddenly pour down on them. "Because it will just be washed off with water, no matter how many times I kill and get my hands soaked in blood, I can always wash them off."

"Yeah, you're right." and both brothers looked up at the sky, letting the heavy rain continue to wash away the blood that stained them as it put out the fire that started earlier, as it rinsed the blood-soaked ground and cleansing it, purifying it, turning it back to the way it should be, making it as good as new.

He was standing outside the Haruno estate's front yard, wearing his Yakuza clothes, clean from blood, a pure and all-black attire. His right hand gripped onto the strap of his backpack and his left hand that was wrapped in a bandage rested on his side. His hair was a bit messy due to the bandage around his head and most of his bruises were gone. All in all, he still looked like he only had an accident instead of a deadly fight.

It was time for him to go back to Sharingan because Sakura and her dad will be leaving for a business trip to another country in a week and won't be coming back for years. Ikichi had asked him to come but he declined the offer. Sakura tried to get him to accept it but he didn't.

"You're really not coming with us..?" she asked, not meeting his eyes that gazed down at her. She fought back the urge to cry and looked up at him. "Dad already forgives you, your dad doesn't disapprove of us anymore, you finally got rid of your rival Yakuza, you have a chance to escape from the life you have, come with us, come with me…" she pleaded, holding back her tears.

"I can't." he answered, closing his eyes.

"Why not?"

"Even if my dad no longer holds a grudge against your dad, even if he already gave up his goal of overthrowing the government, we still can't be together. I'm a wanted killer Sakura, I take lives and you aspire to save them. We're too different, we're from two different worlds, two worlds that cannot meet nor can they ever be together, it's not the right thing."

"I don't care; you mean so much to me! Can't you understand that? I've never loved anyone as much as I have loved you and I still do! I don't care if you kill; I still accept who you are." She couldn't take it anymore as she let her tears fall, she was shaking and he opened his eyes, lifting his hand to wipe away her tears. "Sakura,"

The said teen looked up at him, refusing to let him leave her. "Sasuke, please…" he shook his head, taking his hand back to his side.

"We can't stay together, it's not allowed," he said, not meeting her eyes. "We won't be seeing each other anymore, from now on, let's just forget these things, you're leaving, I'm staying, I can't stay with you, I can't be with you, I am a killer and you are the daughter of a prime minister. You have no future with me, so it's better for us to part, for us to take separate paths, for us to stop loving each other." Sasuke gather all the courage in him and looked at Sakura. "I can't love you anymore, goodbye forever, Sakura."

"No way…" she said as he turned around to leave. Sakura quickly ran to him and hugged him from behind, not wanting to let go. "You're lying…"

"I'm not, I mean it Sakura, I can't stay with you, it'll only cause you danger…" he took a step forward but couldn't really move, her embrace was too tight and she was shaking. "Let me go," he whispered. "I have to leave…" her arms loosened and he walked away, not looking back, fearing that he might change his mind if he did. He nearly turned back when he heard her whisper something he will always remember, something that will keep replaying in his mind.

"I love you."

And he never did open his mouth to return it.

The day when Sakura and her dad was about to leave came and Sasuke was outide the Uchiha estate, seated on the grass and under a tall tree. He was leaning against the bark of the tree's trunk and had his eyes closed, feeling the cool breeze blow against his face. He slowly opened his eyes and took out his phone, staring at the screensaver picture of Sakura (see chapter 4).

"Why are you still here?"

He looked up when a figure loomed over him. Itachi had his arms crossed and an eyebrow raised at his little brother. "Get up and get going, your bags are packed."

"What the hell are you talking about?" he asked, pocketing his phone and got up from his position earlier. He turned his back to Itachi and started walking back inside.

"Dad already got you a ticket, same plane and first class as well; just get over there, fast."

He stopped in his tracks and turned to Itachi. "I already made a decision."

"True, but are you sure it's what you really want?" he asked and went ahead inside the house. He looked back at his brother and smirked. "I suggest you use your bike, and I'm going to miss you as well when you leave."

Sasuke lowered his head a bit, contemplating about a few things bfore sighing and looking up at the clear blue sky. He was given a freedom to choose, his dad isn't keeping him locked up in the Yakuza anymore, he might as well grasp this chance and pick the right choice, after all, opportunities like these should never be ignored.

"Got everything ready?" Ikichi asked his daughter who looked out of the window and gave a nod. "You're still thinking about him, aren't you?"

She didn't answer but only looked down. Ikichi gave a sad smile to his daughter and patted her head. "I'll be up front if you need anything." He said, walking to the pilot's room to ask what time the plane would take off. The pilot said that they were just waiting for one more passenger and then they can finally leave. He nodded and turned around, stopping when he saw a very familiar black and blue bike. He smiled and turned to the doorway of the plane, crossing his arms and shaking his head. "You never cease to amaze me," he said, grinning. "She's waiting." He added, using his head to gesture to where his daughter sat. "And next time, don't be late."

"Hn," he answered. "I forgot that our deal was that I'll protect her until I die."

"Right you are," he said, nodding his head. "Now, go do your job."

He gave a nod and walked towards where Sakura was, stopping in front of her as she looked up slowly, surprised to see the last person she expected to show up. "S-Sasuke-kun..?"

"Hey Sakura," he greeted with a small smile. "I'm not here to see you off, nor am I here because of my job as your bodyguard and yes, I still am until I die, that was my contract with your dad the day he hired me. Even if I didn't realize that, I would've still gotten on this plane to say the words I never really managed to say the day I left you crying." He offered her a hand and she took it, letting him pull her up as he held onto bother of her hands. "You said you love me, and I do believe you do, so now it's my turn to say I love you too."

She was at a loss for words and just started to let tears of joy fall. A smile made its way to her lips and without thinking or minding that some people were watching them, amused, she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself up, giving him a kiss. He closed his eyes and returned it, wrapping his arms around her waist as a round of applause and whistles, as well as cheers erupted inside the plane. They parted and laughed a bit, slightly embarrassed by all the attention they were receiving.

Ikichi watched them, smiling at the couple as they held onto each other. The truth about his wife's death was not because Itachi had killed her on purpose but because she grew close to the boy to call him as a son that she blocked an attack from an Oto member who tried to kill Itachi. Sharingan only exposed that it was he who killed her to keep their mission in tact. Never the less, he forgave the Uchiha's yakuza, he did owe them for keeping his daughter safe, especially to the Uchiha that his only daughter loves.

The captain of the plane spoke and told them they were about to take off so all sat down and buckled up, putting on their seat belts. Later on, the plane began moving, slowly at first before it went at top speed and finally, it took off in the air. The pilot spoke again, saying that it was okay to remove their seatbelts once more.

"What made you come back here, really?" she asked, facing him. He smirked. "The fact that I was going to miss making out with you was so tempting that I had to get over here." He teased and she giggled. "No, really Sasuke, what made you get on this plane?"

"Isn't it obvious?" he muttered. "It's because I don't like anyone touching my Sakura again."

"In simpler words, you love me." She translated and he nodded, looking around then turned to her with a sly look. "You know, I'm gonna get bored during this flight, aren't you?" she turned to him and giggled, knowing what he meant. "Come on." She whispered and they both got up, rushing to the bathroom and locking it as they both entered. Sakura couldn't have asked for anything else then another one of his bad boy-ness showing as he once again claimed her lips and letting their tongues meet again.

"Thank goodness for having a Yakuza member as my bodyguard/boyfriend." She thought before her mind went blank and both their worlds were once again full of bliss.

The End

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