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A classic movie I believe that makes you wonder what special things or fairytales you will have in life. Since Anastasia has lost her memory and she had no idea of her families royalty she wants to go on a journey to find who she is.

Present Day

Danny Sam and Tucker were in Mr. Lancer's class listening to the announcement. One announcement had Danny's and Sam's particular attention.

Attention section B-4 the schools play is to be done in your section. Mr. Lancer will assign your parts today.

As soon as the announcement was over half of the class complained and half the class cheered.

"Silence." Mr. Lancer shouted

The room became quiet

"Mr. Lancer, why do we have to do the play?" One of the class bums asked

"Because this class is failing and if you don't do the play most of you will fail" he snapped

Sam smirked because she didn't have to do the play she was passing with flying colors.

"The play you will be doing is Anastasia" Mr. Lancer

"Anastasia!" Sam jumped up yelling

The class turned and looked at her like she was crazy

"Ms. Manson why did you interrupt my class?" Mr. Lancer asked

"Well….um…when I was little I used to love that movie. It was one of my favorites. I'm just surprised that is it." Sam said

Then Sam sat down looking embarrassed

"Okay now is the time to assign parts. Since picking names out of a hat is so old school and I am so hip and funky fresh you get to pick your own parts" he said

Everyone groaned because of the teachers' uncoolness.

Before you try out I have to hear everyone sing a song from that movie. Everyone shook there heads not knowing one.

No one knows a song how sa… he was cut off by some beautiful song.

Dancing bears

Painted wings

Thing I almost remember

And a song

Someone sings

Once upon December

Not knowing she was singing Sam got a strange feeling she was being stared at and she was right.

The whole class was staring.

She slapped her hand over her mouth noticing what she was doing.

"Very nice Ms. Manson. You have just landed the lead. At least someone knows the classics." Mr. Lancer said

"What! Why?" Paullina Danny and Sam shouted at the same time

Danny shouted because he also knew the movie very well and if he didn't land the lead role Sam would kiss someone else

"She landed the lead because she apparently knows the most of the most the movie and she can sing very well." Mr. Lancer explained

"Paullina can have the lead." Sam pleaded

"Uh… first off I've heard Paullina sing and she is not very good no offence. Second off your personality fits the main characters perfectly." Lancer explained

"So Anastasia is a loser?" Paullina questioned

No Paullina Anastasia is a kind feisty girl who gets to run away with her true love and um no offence you're not kind and nobody would want to elope with a brain dead pink lovin' shallow girl unless the boy is brain dead too which Dametree isn't." Sam shot back

"Who is Dametree?" Paulina asked

Dametree ia a nicly drawn (in noncartoon languge cute) smart and caring guy." Sam responded losing her cool.

" HeyI could play that" Dash said

" No you couldn't!"Danny yelled before Sam could say anything

"Why not Fentonail?"Dashasked

"Maybe you didn't hear the nicely drawn (Again peoplecute) smart and caring part of the sentence, but the con-artist in him could strike in the future sence you'll be working at a gas station." Danny snapped

"How did you know he was a con-artest Daniel?" Lancer erupted

"Aperson (psss Jazz) tied me and somone else (not naming any namespssss Sam)to a chairsaying over and over again saying it was adate." Danny said

"So that's why Sam loved it." Dash joked

"That is a six word sentence!" Danny yelled (meaning dash is so dumb he shouldn't be saying more than 3 top words in a sentence might actually look smart. Impossible I know)

"Since you've seen it more than once you should be Dametree." Lancer saidsighning Danny up for Dametree.

"What!" Danny Sam and Tucker screamed (Tucker was laghing while yelling)

"You've seen it too?" Lancer asked

"Once I have photographic memory." Tucker said (psss photographic memory my foot he still watches thet movie)

The scene Tucker was remembering was a sceneSam and Danny remebered the most. The kiss.

"I can't sing!" Danny said panicing

"I've heard you sing you'll do just fine." said Lancer

Just then the bell rang

"I will pick the other parts tomorrow" Lancer shouted


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