I left them all five years ago; my family, my friends, and my destiny. Why stay when I was not wanted, not appreciated, ignored and looked down upon for my faults. I tried to improve, I really did! I tried to meet their standards, but… it was impossible.

Perhaps I was never meant to meet them; maybe I was supposed to be imperfect in this life and they were to substitute for what I lacked. Maybe this was all a great big test that we failed is spectacular fashion.

Because we did fail it. The moment I was cast aside, even if it was done in the heat of the moment by the Scouts and might have been half-hearted, the entire past and future we were living for ceased to be. All the monsters we were fighting, the evil we were trying to save all mankind from, vanished.

I remember how angry they all were that I laid down my sword, so to speak. I never understood how exactly that was my fault, considering that they were the ones that told me to do so. Regardless, it was in that moment that I knew leaving Azabu Juuban was what I needed to do.

So I did.

At the age of 19 I left home in the dead of night with a suitcase of clothing, a backpack full of personal products, and $5,000 in my wallet. I left behind two letters, one to my parents and brother, explaining all to them, and the other to the Ex-Scouts and Darien. Theirs consisted of a poem, a poem I had found one night on the internet and that had stuck with me for ages.

When I foreverly leave

with no notice of you

or no farewell of me

you will know what the longing is

for my staying

You have to devote for the deservings

not for the nonsense

So I leave

with no notice of you with

no farewell of me

Babette Teeth

Getting on that plane to America was the hardest part of all of it. It made the finality of everything truly sink in. I really have no clue why I came here when I left. Truly, it isn't the best place to start over, but for some reason I felt drawn to this place and that is why I bought the one-way ticket here.

That ticket was the best purchase of my life.

Where is Serena now and what is she doing with her life? The story starts to unfold in the next chapter with the introduction of a new city and a new man in her life.