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Oh, and Dark Link is somewhat insane. Fear him, all.


My purpose in life? To kill The Hero. That's it. Nothing more. Simple. What would happen after I killed him? What would happen to my purpose then? Will I be destroyed, lost, and forgotten? Perhaps. Master might use me for something, but only something small. Nothing important. Once I had fulfilled my purpose, there would be nothing left but a heartless monster, waiting for something to happen.

I was doing that right at this very moment, though: waiting for something to happen. How very boring. I wished to be entertained by something. Anything at all. There was nothing HERE, though. Water. Mist. And a small island with a ragged, dead tree in the middle of it. There was nothing else in the room; believe me, I'd looked thoroughly.

I often found myself leaning or sitting against the morbid, twisted tree, staring at the door, which would open to only one being. One single being who would bring me excitement, and the being whom I would kill. Through that freakish, rectangular, blue door he would come. That door that I had been staring at for a long, long time…

But he hadn't COME yet. How long had I been here? Hours? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? I didn't know. I'd lost any connection to night or day, and time was a complete mystery to me as well. That stupid, STUPID door! Sometimes I'd start hearing or imagining things that actually didn't happen. I imagined the door moving, or that I had heard it open. I was going insane, by Goddesses; I was going insane.

I glared at the door while I leaned against the tree with my arms crossed, pondering over stupid things. Bored, bored, bored. There was absolutely nothing to do. I could fight an invisible enemy, but that got old quite fast. Melding in with things was a complete bore to me now as well. At first it excited me, but now I was so used to it, and thought nothing of it. The door, the door…The blue door…

Suddenly wanting to lie down, I stretched out on the tiny island and stared at my reflection at the water's edge. A pale, well-carved face looked back at me. The silky, ebony-locked hair shone sleekly, and dark, blood red eyes stared back into mine. Black, permanent eye shadow framed my eyes, making me look tired. I licked my dark purple lips, as did the reflection. Nothing new or interesting to me.

Sighing heavily, I turned onto my back, waiting for The Hero. He almost never left my mind. I wonder what The Hero looked like…Perhaps he was a giant, ugly, muscular man with beefy arms, strong legs and lots of hair all over his body. He probably was, seeing as he had made my master narrow his eyes just by hearing his name. No scrawny man could cause him to do that. I remember Master saying something about The Hero's appearance, but I wasn't paying attention; I was too mad at him. He'd put me in a dull room, expecting me to just SIT there.

I glanced over at the door once again before closing my eyes. I slowly started to seep into the ground and over into the tree, wanting to be cramped into a tight space. I wasn't in the mood for stretching out at the moment.

How long was I inside of the tree's essence? A couple hours? A day? I knew not. And I'd probably never know. I didn't want to know, anyway. Not now. Oh, goddesses, not now. I knew something was different, and I knew something had awoken me from inside of the tree. I KNOW I hadn't imagined it. It was too unique to have been imagined. A noise. Yes, it was a noise…and a presence.

And then I saw him.

All I could do was watch him, awestruck. He looked absolutely naught like anything my mind had imagined. No huge muscles, no hair, and he definitely was NOT ugly. He looked so much like…me. And yet completely different.

Wet, blonde hair framed a beautiful face, a hat hiding the rest of his hair from my view. He wore a blue zora tunic and normal, Hylian boots. White tights hid absolutely nothing of his legs, and I'm sure it did the same with what was hidden underneath the tunic. The mighty Master Sword was strung upon his back, along with a bow and an empty quiver. His skinny body shook repeatedly as he just stood there, next to that awful closed door.

His soaked hair hid his eyes, so I didn't know the color of them. I heard drops of water, and could only guess that they were coming from his wet body. He was raggedly panting, as if he was cold and tired. I'm sure he was, this temple had absolutely no mercy or any warmth to it. His hot breath caused a cloud of white every time he breathed, which perturbed me. I never breathed a white cloud. Ever. No matter, though…

He didn't move from the door as he looked down at the floor. I didn't move, either, and stayed inside the tree's core. If I was imagining things again, I swear I would kill myself. I'd actually seen him, and hadn't forgotten what he looked like. Goddesses, please let him be real.

An orb of light fluttered around his head anxiously, and almost immediately got on my nerves. It looked like it was getting on The Hero's nerves as well, for he swatted it away with a tired hand.

I watched as he walked forward, how he could see with all that hair in his face was a mystery to me. He seemed rather startled that he was walking on water, but quickly brushed it off a moment after. Temples were tricky like that, I'm sure, so something so small shouldn't bother him too much.

I watched as he stared at the tree, straight at me, then turned back into the straight line he was walking in. When he got to the other, locked door, he sighed heavily and banged his fist against it. Frustrated, were we? I smirked at him as he slid down to the floor and rested his head against the barred exit. The orb of light started flashing over his head again, saying little words I couldn't understand. The voice was too high pitched.

And highly annoying.

Perhaps I'll kill it. Yes, I think I will. Later, though, later…I must have fun with The Hero. And it looks like I've already found a weak spot…frustration. Too bad his body is weak already, though. I probably won't have as much fun as I could have.

The orb left his presence, where to, I'll never know. His eyes shut quickly after it left, and that was when I decided to slide forward, out of the tree. I stood for a moment, before deciding I should slide up on him. I quickly slid down into the black dirt, becoming one with it, and made my way into the water. My stomach grew tense with adrenaline, and my eyes widened slightly when I came up to him, only a foot or two away. He looked even more marvelous up close.

Droplets of water were making their way down his cheeks and onto his chin. From there, they dripped down onto his tunic. I stared at him for a moment longer, watching the puff of clouds, before easily sliding up and out of the misty water. He took no notice of me looming over him, and I started to think he had fallen asleep. I poked his foot with my own, and he jumped up with a start.

I felt him. He was real, Goddesses, he was real. Not some stupid figment of my imagination running on high-fuel. I stared down at him and grinned at the thought, and he looked up at me with a sense of horror. Was he surprised that I had sneaked up on him? Or perhaps our identical appearance? It was most likely both. I could have killed him right then and there if I had wanted to, but where would the fun be in that?

A ragged gasp escaped his lips when I poked his foot again, just to feel the glory, and then spoke.

"Awake, Hero?"

I was rather pleased that it hadn't come out raggedy or a whisper. In fact, it came out quite nicely: smooth, low, and velvety. Is it a sin to love yourself?

He quickly shoved himself off the floor and unsheathed the Master Sword, glaring at me with apprehension. I had stepped back a few feet to give him room, and smiled at the sight of the blade he held. Still had some fight in him, eh? Good. He eyed me up and down, making my stomach tingle with excitement. His full, bluish-tinted lips formed three words:

"Who are you?"

I grinned at him. Such a beautiful voice. "I don't know."

He stared at me weird and furrowed his brows. It was true, though. I had no name. Master didn't think I was fit to having one yet. He just called me "Pet" or "Pretty". What a meany…Perhaps later I'll ask if he'll give me a proper name.

Without warning, The Hero suddenly lunged forward with a loud battle cry. The annoying orb popped up again, but didn't take any of my attention with it. I dodged each and every one of his blows, not once even touching the dark sword upon my back. The orb came up into my face, and I quickly swatted it all the way across the room. Hopefully I hadn't killed it. I'd like to cause it more pain than that.

The Hero looked over at the orb a moment before lunging at me again. Lunge after lunge, dodge after dodge, it was starting to get boring. After awhile of the same 'ol, same 'ol, I sunk into the water in a single second, and watched as The Hero looked around him in fear. I moved right underneath him, and got quite a nice view of what was under the bottom of his tunic. I grinned slightly before sliding my hands up and grabbing his legs. I brought my hands slowly back down, stroking his boots bit by bit. He tried to kick at my hands, but they were already gone when he realized what I was doing.

The Hero started moving across the floor in hopes of me not getting him again. So much for those hopes. I quickly appeared behind him, grabbed him from behind his waist, and bit his earlobe before sinking back into the shallow depths once again. Oh, how it excited me. Such fun this Hero was. I started appearing in front of him and behind, whispering sweet, demented nothings in his ears. He started to breathe heavy, which made my grin widen even more than it already was. Let's just say my cheeks were starting to hurt.

He started leaning towards the tree, probably thinking I could only meld with the water. I proved him wrong however, when I came up behind him, next to the tree, and inside of his shadow. I scratched at the head of it, and he swatted at his face. I slid my hand down his leg, which caused him to yell out in panic. I only laughed before sinking back into the darkened dirt. Shadows are fun…

I played with my prey for a long time, poking at him, scaring him, and mimicking his swordplay. When I had gotten close to him, he used spells to hurt me. Funny that, though, that I could become one with a spell, too. I didn't even know I could. It caused me to laugh, and him to cry out in anger.

The Hero was like a normal toy, though. He got tired and worn out, his movements became slow, and his breathing heavier. I watched as he hopelessly swung at me. His arm was too weak to hold onto the Master Sword, and it was flung across the room. How sad… He screamed and repeatedly banged his fists into the water, making it splash apart before coming back together again. Was he having a child's fit? I snickered at him before breaking out into laughter. The almighty Hero was having a child's fit!

"SHUT UP!" he yelled at me.

I didn't, though. I just laughed and watched as he leaned over into the water, curled up, weak, pitiful, and frustrated.

I finally stopped laughing after a moment, and stared down at him.

"Come now, Hero. Don't be so mad. Do you want to die now?" I asked him with a cheery tone.

His head came up so fast that his hair flew out of his eyes, and I was more than startled to see that they were blue. Of all the colors in the world, his eyes had to be blue. Such a pretty blue, as well…Deep navy with turquoise around his contracted pupils, only bringing out the beauty even more. They were full of anger, hate, helplessness and the best one: fear. Glazed, I stared into his sapphire depths, and he stared back at my crimson ones. Master said I had to kill him.

But I didn't want to.

He was too pretty to die. Blonde hair, a perfect complexion, and blue eyes. Maybe…maybe I could keep him. As a pet of sorts, just like I am to Master. Master wouldn't allow it, though. I could…I could stay in this room. With him. With pretty Blue Eyes. Then I wouldn't have to go back to Master. I could be the master.

"Blue, blue, pretty blue. Just like the door…" I taunted, grinning like a madman. He stared up at me and gave me a weird, "what the hell" look. I just grinned even wider, staring down at my new pet and plaything. I wouldn't be bored anymore. Oh, no, pretty Blue Eyes would be my entertainment. All mine, not Master's…If the choice was mine, Blue Eyes wouldn't die. And since I have the choice in the matter…he's not dying. Simple as that.

"I've changed my mind, Pretty! You're staying with me! In this room! As my pet, you must understand." I giggled, watching his face contort into horror. He didn't like the idea at all.


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