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The Note


"So what do you think?" Millicent Bulstrode whispered suddenly over her potions books, a broad grin spread from one side of her chubby cheek to the other, her voice lowered into a low hissing whisper.

Pansy Parkinson looked up from her own work, a brow furred. "What are you talking about Millicent?" She hissed, dipping her long quill into the inkwell resting before her on the desk. "Because I've hardly got time for chit-chat, and I'm sure nothing you have to say is really all that important, so be on with it or leave."

It was another long night at Hogwarts. While most students were still lingering behind in the Great Hall for dinner, few had abandoned the rest of the school that few being made up of mainly Slytherin's who were working quietly in the Slytherin Common room to finish homework due that coming Monday.

Most people had this general idea that Slytherin's were evil, foul, self-absorbed students, who cared only for them selves. Rumors did fly quickly and harshly around the grounds of Hogwarts. Most were right of course. Most Slytherin's were harsh and naïve. But they did care for their schooling, or rather they had no chose in the matter. For most Slytherin's did come from a long line of pureblood families, very few halfbloods and even fewer mudbloods were still apart of Slytherin, though every once in a while one or two came along. And pureblood families have pride and a name to protect, no pureblood parent in there right mind would allow their heir's and heiress to do poorly in school. No matter how many mudbloods and blood traitors were walking inside it's walls.

Millicent looked up at her, a scowl growing on her heavy jawed face. Millicent was not one of the best looking, ok, no, she was a troll to most eyes that scanned her rather bulky figure, heavy jaw, and straw colored hair, but the girl did have some brains. She had one of the highest marks in Arithmancy and Muggle Studies, which was known as a minimal class, but most Slytherin's did take the class at least once.

"Oh Pansy, don't play stupid You know what I was talking about," Millicent stated in a hush tone, giving the girl a rather rare smirk. Pansy shook her head, her hair falling over her shoulders as she dipped her quill into the inkwell once again and scratching a few more words along her parchment. Millicent watched her and sighed. "The party Pansy!"

"Oh good heavens Millie!" Pansy retorted, throwing her a heavy glare. "Please tell me your not on about that again! I thought we decided to drop it."

"We did." Millicent replied nonchalantly. "But I still want to know who asked you."

Pansy growled under her breath, throwing her quill down heavily on the desk she and Millicent were sharing. She had been trying to avoid the subject all afternoon with Millicent, knowing full and well that the girl wouldn't like the answer. Pansy had no say though really if she went with who asked her. It wasn't as if he really even asked her. It was more of a polite demand. Not that she would have said no in the first place to go with him.

"Can you please just forget about it and let me finish my work." Pansy snarled.

Millicent sighed and shook her head. Pansy was almost positive that she heard her murmur something under her breath. Usually she would be jumping all over the girl, but she was going to let it was for the sake of the headache starting to pound heavily against her temples.

Throwing her quill back down, Pansy rose from the desk, Millicent's eyes watching her every move as she began to pack her satchel. Millicent rolled her eyes at the girl, opening her mouth to speak, but Pansy was quicker. "Don't bother Bulstrode." She warned, narrowing her eyes at the girl pointedly, waving her hand to motion her to stay. It wasn't uncommon for Pansy Parkinson to order around everyone, she the Slytherin ringleader of the gigglett's. "You've caused enough damage for one night. Let that be enough. I'm going to dinner."

Millicent gave her a heavy frown, the creasing in her forehead deepening.

Pansy hoisted her satchel up further on her shoulder as she made her way from the common room to the sixth year girls dormitory. After she had placed her satchel away in her school trunk, she quickly fixed her school uniform- the tie having been hanging around her neck loosely, her blouse un-tucked, the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, and the first two buttons pulled apart so she could breath. The school uniforms really were horrid. Who in there right mind would want to run around all day dressed in so much cotton, or silk for those who preferred a more fashionable attire, that they could hardly breath. Certainly not the Slytherin Princess herself.

"Good afternoon Miss Parkinson." A voice drawled behind her as she entered the Great Hall.

Almost immediately she spun on her heel, her long ebony looks falling gently on her shoulders. "Zabini…" She muttered.

"Not looking for someone else I hope." He replied, scowling slightly and shoving his dark hands into the pockets of his robe.

Pansy shook her head, an amused smirk tugging at the corner of her lips. "No, of course not."

If there was one rule in her rulebook to remember, it was to respect all male purebloods, for many reasons. The main being that she was to wed one in only two years, and most she knew were jotted down somewhere in her father's desk drawer. And she certainly didn't want him to find out that she was harsh to one, which would not turn out pretty. And a Parkinson never disrespects anyone with a high-class name, and Zabini's were up on that list and she knew for a fact that Blaise was on her father's, "Pending Future Husband List," He kept locked inside his desk magically.

With one quick swift motion, Blaise had moved beside Pansy, placing one of his hands on the small of her back as he lead her to the Slytherin house table. "So, I heard our dear Malfoy got to you before I had the chance," Blaise noted. Pansy felt her neck start to turn pink, but ignored it and allowed him continue. "I do hope you'll reconsider."

Damn this stupid party, Pansy smirked as she sipped on her glass of pumpkin juice, I should kill whose ever idea it was in the first place. "I thought you were going with Daphne?" asked suddenly, looking down the table for any sign of Draco. Where is that ferret. I swear when I find him I'm going to kill him. This was his idea.

Blaise chuckled and looked over at a blonde haired girl who was twirling a lock of hair around her finger as she spoke to Theodore Nott. "Was." He pointed out bluntly. "But I missed out there as well."

Pansy gave him a loath glare. "Oh so I'm the rebound?" She spat. Blaise shook his head, still smirking. "Well in that case, you should ask Millicent. Last I heard she was still sitting on the-"

"She's with Crabbe."

Pansy gasped, her right hand flying up over her mouth. "You mean you actually thought about her as a partner?" her tone cruel and bitter as she spoke.

"No. That's just wrong. How do you expect me to shag her afterwards? She'd flatten me. Well, I'd be un top-"

"Eww!" Pansy shrieked, smacking him hard across his arm. "Is that all you boys ever think about?"

Blaise gave her a cheesy smiled and shrugged. "What are you talking about?"

Pansy felt her cheeks starting to tint pink over her porcelain skin. This was not a topic that a pureblood lady was supposed to have in public. "Stop playing stupid. You know what I'm talking about."

"I do?" He asked in a mocking shocked voice, knowing that he was getting under her skin. He watched as Pansy began to fiddle with her fork nervously. "Aw, don't be so shy about it Parkinson, it's normal. I can almost wager that Draco will have-"

"Shut up." She hissed, her teeth bared slightly, jabbing her fork into his arm. "I'm not stupid."

"Ouch!" He snarled, grabbing her wrist tightly. Pansy jerked away and gave him a dark look. "It's called sex," Pansy blushed dark crimson and growled under her breath. "You know it's where two people-"

"I KNOW WHAT SHAGGING IS!" She yelled, not realizing that almost every pair of eyes at the Slytherin table were on the two, her anger rising rapidly. She quickly flicked her eyes up to a pair of second years who were snickering, sending them in sudden shock. The whispering quickly faded away within moments. Deciding to change to the subject, she looked down the table and sighed. "Where's Draco?"

Blaise, who was in the middle of chewing a piece of pie, shrugged as he spoke, "Snape asked for him, Crabbe, and Goyle before dinner. I haven't seen him since Heoldeheroongh." He muttered, as a piece of chicken fell from his mouth, rolling onto his plate, causing his words to slur.

Pansy's lip curled in disgust. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch that last part because of that chicken dangling from your lips."

Swallowing in one gulp, Blaise turned back to her. "I said, he should be here soon though." He repeated, this time to words making since to Pansy. She nodded and continued to eat, taking small bite unlike Blaise. "Why do you care? Are you going to tell him that you're going with me instead?" He asked, grinning stupidly.

Pansy snorted over her pumpkin juice, but just as her mouth opened to reply, she felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise. Someone was looking at her. She knew that feeling so well. Turning in her seat, she craned her neck, her eyes locking with a pair of startling cold gray orbs. They were beautiful, sparkling just the right way, enchanting more to say. Pansy fell her whole face heat and burn with a shy blush.

"Pansy…? PARKINSON!" Blaise snapped, dragging Pansy from her sudden daydream. She muttered slightly, running her fingers threw her long hair quickly. "If you stared at him any harder, he might notice."

"Sod off."

Blaise shook his head. "Pansy, when are you going to learn that Draco doesn't care about you? They only reason he even asked you is because you're the only witch in our year whose a pureblood and isn't already taken." He reached up, placing a hand on her arm gently.

"I wasn't looking at him." She lied, pushing his arm away, just as Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle all seated themselves close by. She gave him a small nod and pretended not to care. Was I that obvious? She asked herself, frowning.

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