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Summary- sakura has feelings she doesn't know for her sensei kakashi and will stop at nothing to get him. Even if it means seducing him. Will she succeed in making her fantasy's a reality?

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Title-Not so innocent


Pairings-kaka/saku Rating-M for later chappies


What a dull day! Sakura thought all she was doing was look at her two team mates have some stupid contests for the past hour, "I think we trained enough for today" said the lazy juunin as he laid under a tree.

"Bye sensei!" naruto waved as he started to walk away with sasuke at his sides, both fighting over who won what contest that day, idiots she thought

Sakura was now looking very annoyed at there lazy teacher "shouldn't we have been practicing at all today? All you ever do is lay around all day and read porno kakashi sensei!"

"Hmmm then what do you think would keep me interested" he replied smirking through his mask and looking into her emerald green eyes

She blushed hard, "I don't know you pervert" she managed to say "oh that's too bad, oh well I guess icha icha paradise stays then" as he turned back to his book.

Maybe we should teach him a lesson your not the little girl you once were Inner sakura stated

She walked over to her sensei and slowly straddled his waist "sensei please let me see your face?" she said as she started to get close to the older jounin.

There was no reply.

This is going to be fun! Lets test out our sensei's self control! Inner sakura was really happy now!

She slowly traced around his chest muscles, and laid down right on top of him as her arms snaked there way around her sensei's neck.

Playing hard to get now are we kakashi?

She playfully adjusted on him so she would be more comfortable, to the position that they were in. "if a ninja were to show emotion then he would surly die, and sakura what are you doing?" kakashi said temporarily putting down his newest issue of icha icha paradise. "What do you mean sensei?" she said trying her hardest to look like she didn't have impure thoughts about her older sensei. "Your more touchy than usual, what are you planning?" he looked into her eyes trying to figure out what she was thinking.

"Nothing I just wanted to spend time with you, is all" "hmmm well I better be going I will talk to you when your feeling better see you at the next session sakura" he stated after he pulled off the young girl who was currently trying to seduce him.

And with that he left in a pouf of smoke, leaving a very shocked chuunin behind where they once were phew that was close, but I didn't know he had that much self control! If it had been any other person that she tried seducing they wouldn't have resisted that long…but I like a challenge kakashi she thought while walking down the trail to the village, she had to plan carefully if she would break his self control any time soon.

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What is she planning? This isn't like the chuunin he knew from 5 years ago she had grown into a beautiful young women her hair was now waist length, she certainly filled out her uniform well and was very crafty too.

"No sakura, if a jounin ever shows his emotion it will lead to his death"