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Chapter 3- sweet innocence

Kakashi started to calmly cook, while trying to figure out the gleam in sakura's eyes. She was so adorable when she was thinking. Wait the hell was he thinking? She was a student! Whatever. As he continued to cook he felt her gaze on him and warmth pooled in his lower abdomen 'why am I having these feelings for sakura? I must get all thoughts of her out of my mind…and take a cold shower' he thought

Sakura stared at kakashi as he cooked. 'Mmm, he IS one tasty dish!' In a way though, that's what every woman would've thought if they could see him now. Kakashi was well sculpted. His eye was a beautiful dark blue tint, and his eye with the sharigan was a ruby red. As for his hair it was always unruly…but she liked it that way. He wore his jounin uniform and he always had to have his mask covering his face. 'He has to take it off once in awhile' she thought grinning to herself.

'What's that smell?' "Damn kakashi! Just staring into space when your supposed to be cooking" now that sakura thought more about it the more it became funnier, and started to giggle.

"Hmm now that's no good, you would think that by now I should be able to cook" then started to chuckle.

"You know ha ha, that I just don't know how but I cant stay mad at you ha ha" she said wiping a tear from her eye, "well I guess that's just part of my charm hmm sakura?" he looked her in the eyes, "Yeah I guess.." sakura said turning away blushing at the forwardness of her former teacher.

"Well now that dinner is ruined, what do you prepose (sp?) We do now?"

'I know what I would want to do…' he started to picture sakura under him moaning his name in ecstasy 'damn I'm doing it again! Think of disgusting thoughts that turn you off…gai in a Speedo, eating naruto's cooking, wearing spandex... Sakura looked at kakashi noticing his eyes were partly glazed over in deep thought.

sakura go for it! You need to have a little fun sometimes too! Her inner self yelled with excitement, 'but I cant do that he's my teacher!' aww come on sakura! Sigh I guess I'm going to have to do this myself, but its for your own good! You just need to get a little push in the sexy direction. (A/N- lol I would sure like to be in the sexy direction )

Sakura suddenly felt a warm tingling sensation go throughout her body. Before she new what was happening her inner self was controlling her like a puppet, "k-kakashi"

He looked up to see sakura walking over to him with a sway in her hips, "uh y-yes sakura?" he could've sworn his pants got a little tighter, well so much for self-control. "well I was wondering since we only have one sleeping bag, we could share it –together-" she bent down beside the jounin and whispered in his ear, her hot breath tickling his earlobe "I wont tell".

But at the same time sakura whose body is currently being used by her inner –and more lustier- self screamed in protest to her actions 'WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING! And stop hitting on our former teacher!' blushing like mad and sweating about the consequences that are bound to happen in a student teacher relationship I'm just helping you out sakura, I know you think he's sexy…so that's why I'm just helping you out in the right direction. 'Ha you say it so easily how do you know that I like him in THAT way?' she thought.

'This cant be happening! I have to stay cool, calm and collected this is probably one of her little games' he thought "Sakura what makes you think that I would be fazed by one of your seductress games?" cocking an eyebrow as he said it.

Oooh playing hard to get now are we kakashi? Well I like it that way 'Oh No, don't you dare about doing anything perverted! I have to see this man for the rest of my life in Konoha! Oh I know saku dearest! …I'm just going to make it more –interesting for you- she said smirking.

"Oh no kakashi, I just want you to be as comfortable as possible"

'Oh gods sakura you don't know what your doing to me, but I guess since you wanted too I can play along I don't think it will go very far but that's ok'.

"But I'm comfortable as I am sakura, what do you think will make me more comfortable?" she didn't like where this conversation was going, especially with her inner self controlling her, 'Oh kakashi why did you have to mention anything about that, aww I have a bad feeling about this' mmm well I wonder if kakashi is as good as he makes himself sound? Ooh I think I'm going to like controlling you.

Sakura walked around him and kneeled on the ground right in back of him, she gently put her skills to work with giving him a massage using a little chakra to ease his sore shoulders. He was amazed, 'when did she learn this?' he thought. It was like she was working out years of tension in his body.

'This feels so good…' he was wondering if he was enjoying this too much "Sakura…" he couldn't find the right words to describe how he felt right now, he knew it was inappropriate for him to be doing this with her, but at the moment he frankly didn't give a shit.

Good luck sakura, we got him where we need him, I think I'll let you take you're your body now 'what am I supposed to do now?' she thought 'well its kinda fun making kakashi breathless…'

She stopped massaging his shoulders now in control of her own body "kakashi" he shut his mouth trying his best not to groan out in protest because she stopped "yeah" his voice husky, he turned to face her. The clouds that were overhead drifted off leaving a pale moonlight shining off of her face making her look a little angelic.

She couldn't resist, he looked so handsome right now. She slowly bent down, inching closer and closer to him, even though this was her first kiss she felt like she knew what to do…had to do. 'I have no regrets' she thought.

Is this what she really wanted? All of this now very confusing to him, his emotions and the responsibilities he had as her former sensei both weighing heavily on his mind. 'Sakura…' he was slowly inching closer to the chuunin he so suddenly realized he loved… how was he so sure that he l-loved her? Sure she was in his thoughts every waking moment, but did she feel the same way?

Slowly there lips touched in a single, innocent, sweet kiss, his mask still in place 'should I take off my mask? At the moment showing her one of my weaknesses doesn't seem to bad…' he thought

The world around her stopped for what seemed forever. The light wind was still blowing her sakura locks softly. Her eyes were closed. The warm sensation consumed her. She was completely at peace. She could not hear anything around her; she could only see Kakashi's face in her mind, you go girl! Her inner self screamed.

They broke apart slowly both in the sweet innocence of the kiss. "Kakashi-" she tried to explain to him why she did that when she was cut off "sakura, don't explain" he brushed a stray piece of hair from her face "we'll talk about it in the morning but right now we should get some sleep" he gently cupped her cheek and kissed her forehead. "Ok" she answered; he grabbed her hand in his and slowly walked over to the sleeping bag. They both got in "goodnight kakashi" sakura placed a quick kiss on his lips and snuggled closer to his warmth "goodnight sakura". They both fell asleep quickly in each other's arms.

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