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(Oh yeah...chapter 1 is written by me...lucyrocks73 is doing #2)

There are many people who favor the winter season, when the brisk coldness seems to envelop the land in a dignified silence, and the earth appears to be snuggly wrapped in a blanket of pure white snow. There are others however, that much rather prefer the resurrection that seems to occur when spring rolls around, when vegetation, after lying dormant for months, suddenly bursts into bloom in a dazzling array of colors, while a gentle warmth arrives to drive away the dark chill of the previous season. However, when it comes to those damp, gray, drizzly weeks of transition that occurs between the two seasons, most of both sides will agree that particular time of the year leaves a lot to be desired.

Not for a certain eight-year-old boy, though. As Mac casually exited his school doors, many of his classmates rushed by in an utter panic. As some children frantically tried to throw hoods over their heads or fix on their winter hats, others struggled to open up small umbrellas as they dashed towards the refuge of waiting school buses, eager to flee the cold drizzle that pelted the earth. However, while his schoolmates acted as if they were being showered with acid rain, Mac only laughed happily as he eagerly tossed the hood of his jacket back, sighing contently as the scattered rain droplets tickled his face. While others regarded this kind of weather as absolutely repulsive, Mac on the other hand enjoyed every moment of these gray, drizzly afternoons. To the boy, it wasn't raining hard enough to cause any great discomfort, but it was precipitating just enough for him to happily enjoy on his walk home without fear of catching cold.

Giggling uncontrollably, the boy twirled and skipped down the sidewalk in an easy, carefree manner, dancing merrily around smaller puddles, yet at the same time taking extra care to splash happily in any larger ones without a second thought. True, it was a bit of a silly and it didn't exactly make any sense, but that was the last thing on Mac's mind as he threw back his head to catch a couple of cool droplets on his tongue. Still laughing merrily, the boy cut the perfect picture of carefree childhood innocence in it's prime. Frisking about in and out of puddles, sliding on the odd patches of ice that had yet to be claimed by the upcoming spring season, and all the while absentmindedly humming a little tune, it seemed as if there was nothing that would be able to disturb this warm, almost picturesque moment.


Carried away in his little world of make-believe, Mac didn't even see the stranger coming up the other way down the sidewalk as he happily skipped over a rivulet. Suddenly, the child found himself crashing headlong straight into another body, an apparent stranger who yelled in surprise as the eight year old collided with his stomach and sent them both sprawling onto the wet cement pavement. As the mysterious person fell backwards into an unfortunately large puddle with a grunted swear, Mac yelped in shock as his momentum kept him sailing a few feet to unceremoniously skid to a clumsy stop after making contact back with the ground.

"Dammit!" The stranger swore angrily as his jeans became soaked with freezing rainwater. Almost immediately Mac struggled to scramble back to his feet, apologizing profusely as he rushed over to give a helping hand to the mysterious person whom he had so unexpectedly inconvenienced.

"Oh no! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" the boy babbled in atonement as he grabbed hold of the other's arm and began to yank him back to his feet. "Oh please, I'm so very sorry! I never went to run into like that, I swear!"

The stranger only huffed bitterly in reply as he was pulled back onto stable footing, immediately withdrawing his hand roughly from Mac's hands to wipe excess water from his raggedy jeans and black leather jacket.

"God damn, this is my favorite jacket, you little punk…" he mumbled darkly under his breath as he focused on his soaked clothing, not bothering to give the sorry-looking boy so much as a passing glance, much less a word of gratitude.

"Please, I'm so sorry!" Mac insisted again, scuffing the sidewalk with his sneaker in a guilty fashion. "I never meant to knock you over, it was just an accident! I just-"

"Hey, you listen here, twerp!" Came the harsh reply as the stranger finally looked up angrily. "If you think you're gonna get outta this by just sayin' you're sorry, then you got another…"

"Hey if you'll just let me…"

Neither one finished what they had wished to say. Instead, as soon as the pair made eye contact, if was as if both had been struck mute by some mysterious power. A deafening silence took hold as the two stood motionlessly in place and stared blankly into each other's eyes, as if they were a bizarre piece of art that some careless artist had left outside by accident.

It lasted for about a minute. Suddenly, as if by magic, Mac snapped out of it as the cold, icy grip of unfathomable terror ruthlessly grabbed hold of his heart. With a gasp, the boy suddenly darted off and around the stranger, racing furiously down the sidewalk at a dizzying speed tat would've left children twice his age stranded in the dust.

"Hey! Hey! Come back!" the other yelled, but it was of no use. Blinded with the most unspeakable fright, Mac could hear nothing but the sound of his breath coming in ragged sobs and the sound of his sneakers thudding madly against the pavement below him as he rushed home in a mad dash. Gone was the joy and mirth that he had felt only minutes before, now there was nothing but a feeling of unimaginable panic, accompanied by a maddening desire to flee to refuge. His hear beating like mad, eyes practically bulging out of his sockets, while tears of fright streaked down the sides of his face in twin rivulets, Mac rush wildly on, borne by the strength of desperation in his urge to escape, the only thing on his mind.

As he rounded a corner and continued his mad rush to safety, an overwhelming feeling of relief washed over Mac the moment he spotted the large Victorian mansion looming in the distance. The second the eminent structure came into view, the boy took one deep breath and put on an extra spurt of desperate speed, putting in every ounce of energy his body possessed to complete the final sprint home. After racing alongside the imposing iron fence that lined boundaries of the extensive property of the mansion, Mac made a sharp ninety-degree turn and bolted through the metal gates, screaming at the top of his lungs as he raced up the walkway.


Frances "Frankie" Foster came to a dead halt midway across the foyer. Still clutching her overflowing laundry basket in hand, the redheaded young woman paused momentarily as the sounds of a strange commotion coming from outside reached her ears. Brow furrowing in concern, the girl cocked her head towards the doorway as she listened intently to the odd, muffled cries that appeared to be rapidly growing in volume by the moment.

"What the-"

Before she could get any further, the doors suddenly burst open as if they had been slammed by a battering ram, and immediately something zoomed inside in a blur.



Frankie could barely emit so much as a squeal of shock before it felt as if she had been hit in the chest by a tiny cannonball. With a grunt the young woman was knocked clean off her feet and sent sprawling backwards onto the floor, and for an instant the air became thick with a shower of filthy clothing as her laundry basket flew from her hands and upturned in the air. Moments after her back made painful contact with the tile floor, Frankie ripped off a pair of dirty boxers that had deposited themselves neatly on her head and growled as she angrily scrambled upright into a sitting position to face her surprise assailant.

"All right!" she snarled irritably, tearing off a grimy shirt adorning her shoulders. "Just what do you think you're…"

The furious inquiry died upon her lips as soon as she laid eyes upon her "attacker." Shivering uncontrollably and clinging to her tightly as if for dear life, Mac's hysterical sobs of terror were muffled as he tried to bury his face deep into Frankie's chest. With one glance at his horrifying condition, the expression of irritable fury disappeared from the young woman's face within an instant to be quickly replaced by a look of deep, almost motherly concern.

"Mac?" Frankie asked incredulously in a soft whisper. "Mac, what happened-"

Mac only responded with a pitiful whimper as he just tightened his already vice-grip hold on her as he tried to bury deeper into the warm refuge his big sister's body could offer. Instinctively Frankie hurriedly threw her arms around the eight-year-old, hugging him close in a protective embrace.

"Shhhhh." she hushed comfortingly, cradling Mac close to her. "It's okay pal, it's okay. I'm here, it's gonna be alright." Frankie whispered soothingly in an attempt to calm the badly rattled child.

"F-Frankie, I-" Mac tried to whine, but this pathetic attempt to communicate was abruptly cut off as he became completely overcome with a mixture of fright and horrible shock, and his quivering little body became utterly wracked with harsh sobs. As the child wept freely in his terror, Frankie continued to try and console the hysterical eight-year-old, gently stroking his head and continuing to whisper comfortingly into his ear.

"It's okay pal, it's okay." She continued to reassure him warmly. "Don't cry, it's gonna be alright. Shhhhhhh, it's okay, it's-"

However, nothing could prepare the young woman for the shocking revelation that came next when her little brother suddenly lifted his head from her shoulder, looked straight at her through puffy, tearstained eyes, and managed to blurt out the complete unthinkable.

"T-Terrence." Mac whispered hoarsely. "Terrence is back."

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