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High WizzieXSinx

"Aaaah, Morroc. Wonderful sun, sand and hot breeze."

An assassin stretched from her place against the wall, still in sitting position.

Dark silver eyes narrowed to a squint from the suns rays, gleaming black tresses flowing to the floor where it fanned out. Her voluptuous body made even sexier by her purple skintight assassins uniform as it stretched.

"That was a nice nap."

She yawned and walked to the orange haired girl in a Kafra dress, grabbing a coin purse of the waist of an unsuspecting blacksmith on the way. They had too much money anyway.

"Good morning madam, may I help you?"

"I need a warp."

"Please choose your destination."

She held up a pretty flowery chart on a clipboard.

"Ant Hell please."

She dumped a handful of coins onto the Kafra's hands.

"One warp to clock tower."

"Wait, WAIT. I said ant….."

A bright light appeared at her feet and she sank through.

"That's the third fu….."

The assassin's shouts muffled as she sank through the portal.

"Bloody Kafras."

She shouted a whole line of insults at no one in particular, killing everything she saw. The hall got darker as she walked on, wondering around looking for the entrance. A shining light graced the end of the dark hall.

"Yes, a portal."

She walked through, instead of the beautiful city of Aldebaran; she was greeted by the mask of an alarm.

"Shit, this is so not my day."

The alarm's mask sprang out, razor sharp teeth hit her shoulder and blood flowed. Springing to one side, she slid sideways and jammed her foot against a wall, razor sharp teeth lunged for her again and she rolled out of its way. The blades of her katar glowed green as she pulled her hands to her side and lunged forward.

"Sonic Blow."

She shot her hand forward and swung it back, using her other hand to hit the alarm. The blade swung and something else behind her, a clink of metal followed by the turning of gears sounded. She twisted her head to look back, a heavy metal arm hit her and she spun through the air hitting the wall. She screamed in pain as the joint of her right shoulder left its socket, with one arm bleeding profusely and the other dislocated she was helpless.

"Who knew I would die like this."

Her eyes closed slowly as she watched the alarm walk toward her.

"Lord of Vermillion."

"What the….."

Her mind went blank and she fainted from pain.

"What the….where am I?"

She tried to sit up but she couldn't move, her whole body was in bandages and her hands strapped to her sides by them and her legs in the same condition. She was lying on a sofa on what looked like a High Wizard's cloak.

"Am I dead?"

"What does it look like?"

An unfamiliar voice said.

"Well it doesn't look like it cus if I was dead you have to be god. If you are then the world is doomed."

"I could be an angel."

"Oh, you're a far cry from that."

The wizard walked towards her and looked down on the copper haired girl he narrowed his eyes.

"I was about to say sorry for this but I think I will like it."

"Oh no, this is not happening…."

He bent down and put a hand on her shoulder, the other gently placed on her other shoulder, he leaned forward so his chest pressed against her body. His face came close to hers and…

He pulled her dislocated shoulder up sharply, a crack was heard.


She sat up and her hands and legs ripped out of the bandages, she grabbed her arm and cursed again.


She looked down and immediately pulled the cloak around her, noticing that she was only covered by a a few ripped bandages and her black panties.

"You took off my clothes? PERVERT!"

"You certainly are noisy; I had to unless you still want to wear that."

He gestured to her assassin garb on the floor, ripped badly at the top and the white bandages on it were crimson. Let's just say the cloak would have been a better choice.

The High Wizard turned his head back from the side.

"Don't worry I did not do anything to you, I know better. I assure you your body is of no interest to me."

"What are you gay?"

"I am very straight, thank you."

"Straight guys don't get Wizard jobs."

He ignored her and for the first time she saw his face clearly.

"Man he's hot."

She thought, he had smooth slightly tanned skin. Which was strange for a wizard. His hair was a light reddish hazel colour and his fringe hung low over his eyes at one side. His eyes were a deep green, a strange white light danced in them. His body was well toned but not buff and he was a good half head taller then her, the wizard clothes he wore fitted well and gave him a look of some elegance, even without his cloak. She mentally slapped herself.

"I'm sorry about your state of clothes though, I don't have any female garments. I will get your clothes fixed, in the meantime, you have to stay like this."

He talked on.


"And I need a favor from you."

She looked at him distrustingly.

"In the social circle I am of a somewhat decent position, I get invited to a lot of events."


"Well, I need an escort."

She gave him a questioning look.

"I need a girl to follow me there."

"Oh no…NoNONO."

"You do owe me a favor."

"And what makes you think I will keep it?"

"Well, I thought assassins had pride in them, this pride makes you break promises?"

He pushed a strand of hair out of his green eyes.

"Grrr, ok but why me? You could get some other girl who actually likes you."

"I want someone who doesn't, those kind of girls are the ones not after me but rather, materialistic matters. Since you do owe me your life, I'm asking you."

"I live in Morroc."

"Do you have a stable family there?"


"Then your new home is Geffen."

"WHAT! Where will I stay?"

"Here, for one year."

"That's crazy."

"Either that or you go walk out now."


She got up.

"Ahem. My cloak please."

"What? That's blackmail."

"No, I'm giving you a choice."


"O.o….The name is Kentou. Mihoku Kentou. Not white ass."

He got up and walked towards the door.

"Follow me, I will bring you to your room. By the way what is your name?"

"Tsuzuhiko Akari"

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