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Akari's POV

After all these months u would have thought I got used to all the events. To tell you the truth Kentou is F-R-E-A-K-Y. He has this aura around him that surfaces at night at certain times. The last time I friggin walked past his room I swear that thru his half closed eyelids his eyes were glowing green. I feel a strange feeling when I'm around him, like my stomach hurts slightly I can't explain it. Maybe its because he is not normal, when he's pissed he's eyes turn a slight shade of red, it clouds when he's deep in thought, I don't know because I hardly see him happy. Change that to never. Stupid white ass….

She sat thinking to herself when a rap in the door reminded her that she needed to go to a party, straightening out her purple satin dress which bared her shoulders, she walked out. Under all the elegance was actually a pair of katars, assassin boots and an assassin garb which she wore below the shoulders.

"I have a feeling there's going to be a problem tonight, a BIG problem."


As they walked toward the castle, Akari kept looking around.

"What's wrong with you today? You're more fidgety then usual."

Kentou asked, not looking at her.

"Nothing white ass."

They made their way to the main hall, already Akari was used to seeing the finery on the ceilings ad walls. She wasn't impressed. Looking around at the somewhat familiar faces, her face suddenly paled.

"Uhh, White Ass, I'm dying of thirst, get me a drink will ya?"

"Can't you just call my name?"

"Yea, yeas, White ass, go, shoo."

The minute he turned his back, she mumbled something about the toilet to the group and left.

A few minutes later Kentou came back with the drink only to discover her gone.

"Where did she go?"

"To the restroom."

Akari jumped out of the small window of the toilet, clad in her assassin garb and boots, she ran around a corner when she felt a sharp blow to a sensitive spot on her neck followed by a cloth forced over her mouth.


She gagged and fainted slowly.

After 10 minutes Kentou walked towards the female restroom, swinging the door open casually and walking in, ignoring the stares of the women. Following the little sense of his magic that rubbed off on her, he found her purple satin dress and high heels in the last cubicle. Rubbing it between his fingers, he sighed.

"She didn't tell me anything."

With that he headed out of the castle, back home. The fact that he left him without even a goodbye had upset him to the extent that he didn't even care if he got a scolding from the Guild master.

"Why did she leave without a word? Why the hell does this bother me so much? Without her around the house seems peaceful again, no danger of breaking glass. Then again, its too quiet."

His eyes clouded red as he walked back to his bedroom.

"Why should I care? She was just another female anyway."

Somewhere else, Akari sat in a dusty shack bound like a chicken.

"After I kill that boyfriend of yours my dear, we can get married."

"First thing dumb ass, he's not my boyfriend. Secondly, I'm NOT your dear and third, I'm not marrying a loser like you."

"Then I'll make you. I have my ways and equipments you know."

"Stuff that up your ass, he's not going to look for me and you're not having me."

"We'll see dear."

A frantic banging shook the door followed by shouts of a woman.


"It's been 3 days since she's been gone; she wants to come back now?"

He opened the door, dodging the girl who almost fell on him. It was a short rogue with short funky purple hair.

"What do you think you are doing banging on my door so early in the morning?"

"Stuff that dumb ass it ain't early , you know Akari right?"

"Are all Moroccans as rude as the two of you? So what if I do?"

"You've got to save her."

"Why? What's there to save when she ran off on her own? Breaking our one year contract along with it too."

"God you're as dumb as she mentioned."

"What? She mentioned me?"

"Yes, she wrote that you're the white assed wizard who made her a slave, wear skimpy clothing and go to parties with you in which after she had to do a pole dance for you in the living room right?"

"Wait a minute the clothing wasn't skimpy and there was no pole dancing…"

"Then what's the golden pole over there?"

"That was my father's wand when he was alive."

"And a great pole for dancing."

"She never danced."

"But u asked her to right?"

"No I didn't….ok this is getting stupid."

He took a deep breath and regained his composure.

"What did you come here for?"

"To ask you to save her, she didn't run you idiot. Her boyfriend caught her."

"Well good for them then."

"No, he's a psychopath and he's probably going to kill her if she doesn't marry him or something."

"How did you come to know about this when you were in Morroc?"

"There was some rumor that she was seen knocked out and being carried by her boyfriend. Some guy who was vacationing in Geffen told us and I figured it must be that ass of an ex-boyfriend who's been bugging her after they broke up. From the letters she's been sending me, she lived with a High Wizard. Since I happen to know there are only two high wizards in Geffen, I figured it was the one at the far end of town."

She took a deep breath. When she looked up; she realized the Wizard had gone.

"I can feel it deary, your boyfriends near. That guy gives out too much magic."

The assassin cross took out a small bottle made of thin glass with a glowing purplish liquid.

"Deadly poison babe, a little bit of pressure and it cracks. Just to keep you quiet."

He put the bottle in her mouth and covered it with a cloth so the bottle was securely between her teeth.


He cloaked at the far corner of the room and waited. The door swung open, it was Kentou.

"Akari, where is he."

"Hin he horher"

(In the corner)

"He's a whorer?"


(At the corner you stupid white ass)

"Eff the whorer who took it tied there? Will you stop cursing and tell me where he is?"

The assassin uncloaked and crept up behind him.


(Behind you)

"He likes goo?"

The assassin cross raised his katars. Frantically, Akari crushed the bottle with her teeth and the purple liquid flowed in her mouth, staining the cloth.


Kentou instinctively dodged and the katars landed on the concrete floor, pulling out his wand, Kentou smacked the assassin cross on the head.

"What the hell."

As the two fought, Akari managed to remove the gag and the ropes around her legs. Kentou was beating the assassin cross up without using spells, dodging all attacks. Soon, the assassin cross was lying on the floor. Kentou walked up to her and squatted down.

"I thought u didn't have family?"

The assassin cross raised his katars and pushed a button on the handles; the blades dislodged and flew out at Kentou's back. Pushing herself up, Akari stepped in front of Kentou. The blade cut through the ropes around her body and pierced her abdomen, she fell forward and the other blade embedded itself in Kentou's wand.

Kentou turned around and pulled the blade out, his eyes turning red. Akari crawled slowly out of the door.

"You asked for it."

A priest was sitting on a hill eating sandwiches.

"What a nice day, Geffen is so peacef…"

Bright orange and electric blue flashed right in the centre of Geffen, shaking the ground with enormous force. The lights ceased and smoke rose.

"That has got to be Kentou, only he can do a Lord of Vermillion with that amount of force."

The priest rushed to the centre of Geffen, the wholeinner circlewas destroyedexcept for the Geffen Tower. Kentou stood in the middle rubbing the back of his head, the assassin cross lay a meter away from him burnt and trembling.

"Did I do this?"

"You never know what you do when you get pissed do you?"

The Geffen tower stood unharmed only because it was resistant to magic. The other not-so-lucky shops burnt into ashes.

"Man you are lucky that everyone in this town sleeps late and the shops not opened yet, let's get out of here before anyone comes."

Kentou looked around and spotted a trail of blood and faintly glowing purple liquid.


"The girl?"

He nodded.

"Follow the blood, she couldn't have gone far."

They followed the blood through Geffen and into the woods where it suddenly vanished.

"She must have gotten up."

Kentou mumbled as he examined a bloody handprint on the trunk of a tree.

"Let's split up and look for her."

Akari's POV

"I've lost so much blood, I can hardly stand but I can't stand another moment there either. That White Ass is more phsycotic then myex.When I saw him I was so happy and the butterfly feeling came to my stomach again. I can't explain it but my body moved on its own to shield him. Could it be that I have a crush on him? I don't want this it feels friggin weird, I have got to get away."

She took a few more steps and slumped against a tree trembling and feverish.

"Deadly poison. I'm going to die soon."

She thought as her eyelids felt heavy. The last thing she saw was a pair of shoes surrounded by the ends of a cloak.



Kentou followed the handprints on the trees, they didn't really need to split up, he just wanted to. He raised her chin with his right hand and moved her face from side to side; there were traces of deadly poison on her lips and chin. Looking into her half closed eyes for the very first time, he realized what a beautiful shade of silvery black they were. She was like a piece of pinewood. Plain looking at first but if u look at it longer, you will realize how beautiful it is. In an instant, he raised her chin up to his face and kissed her.
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