So much for my happy ending.

By Miss P

Summary: MP POV.
"Even though she is not with you, you can still talk to her…"
Miss Parker is opening up to her mother.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Pretender Characters and I'm not getting paid for writing this…


I have learned how to go on without you
But it doesn't take away the pain
I'm trying so hard to find out what happened to you
I know you didn't kill yourself, no matter what they tell me
And when I find the bastards who took you away
I'll make them pay
I really, really miss you mom
But what hurts the most, is not knowing the truth
All the lies they keep telling me
Even daddy seems to be hiding something
Why is he lying to me? I thought he loved me
He has to; I'm craving for his affection…
Jarod says I shouldn't trust him
Not anyone at the Centre for that matter, except Sydney
And I think that this lovable moron Broots is trustworthy too
His daughter is really sweet
I never thought I would feel anything for a kid
But I like her a lot
She makes me think of myself in her age
She makes me feel closer to you again
I think she makes me happy…
You know that's almost ironic to say
I've almost forgot how it is to be happy
They took that away from me when they took you away
God I've lost so much in my life
First you and I'll never get over that
And then there's Faith, my sister
I loved that little girl, and I didn't even know her
But she was my friend
I never had a "girl-friend" before
Oh how I wish she didn't have to leave me too
We could have been friends forever
Than maybe I wouldn't have to be so lonely
I still think of her
I still think of Jarod too
Do you think there's a chance it would have turned out different for us?
If it hadn't been for the Centre, maybe it could have
I hardly dare to admit it to myself
So can I really tell you that I think I still have those feelings for him?
I even think it's love
Don't get me wrong, I loved Thomas
Tommy made me feel alive again
He made me feel special
And when he died I didn't want to live anymore either
The pain was unbearable
I thought I wouldn't be able to love again, ever
I know I would never survive loosing someone again
That's why I'm so afraid to admit those feeling for Jarod
And I know the Centre would never allow me, together with their pretender
So it just wouldn't work out
We almost kissed back at that island
Everything seemed so right there in front of the fireplace
The look in his eyes, the soft words he whispered
I know I was lost
And when Ocee came with the tea, I was so disappointed
But now when I think of it
Maybe it was for the best
I'll never get the chance again, I know that
But as sad as it is
It seems like my life isn't supposed to be nice
Ever since you died mom, I have been living in darkness
With only a few days of happiness
A few days that were over almost before they began
People have their futures all planned out
But I can't even look forward to tomorrow
It seems like I'll always be living is this dark and lonely place
A place there happy endings no longer exist…


The End