Chapter 33

Arryn awoke feeling much like her old self- and with that, attentive to her appearance after having been comatose for several days. She sat up slowly, and satisfied at her ability to do so, continued to stand. She smiled as she felt her bare feet touch the cold durasteel of the ship's floor. Dearra poked his head around the door and grinned broadly as he saw his sister awake and mobile.

"Hey you!"

"Hey yourself," she replied, consciously noticing that her intonation was nearly identical to Dearra's. "I'm going to get cleaned up, then take a look at this broken navicomputer. Where's Obi-Wan?"

"He's working on it."

Arryn nodded and pulled the tie from her practically unbraided auburn hair. "Okay. Tell him that I'm up and will be there soon."

"Will do. And Arryn?"

Arryn turned. "Hmm?"

Dearra looked at his hands. "Um- I'm glad you're not dead."

She raised her eyebrow and smiled. "Me too."

Arryn showered and put on her clean set of clothes, feeling refreshed. She combed her wet red hair and pulled it back into its typical intricate plait. She peered at her reflection in the steamy mirror. Her eyes had cleared from their previous glassiness and had once again taken on their intense azure hue. As a youngling, she had been self conscious of her unique look- her eyes were a seemingly unnatural shade for a human, and coupled with her bright hair, she was made to feel quite insecure.

She remembered one instance, after having been questioned about her appearance by other students in her year, that she went out and bought color crawlers and turned her eyes and hair a mousy shade of brown. Her plan went awry, however, when she had a massive allergic reaction to the pigment and had to spend several days in the infirmary. She remembered having to explain the situation to the Jedi Healer, who had to try very hard to stifle her laughter at the situation.

Arryn came out of her reverie, glad that she'd matured and come to accept how she looked. And now, she wasn't alone with her strangely colored eyes since Dearra had them, too. She felt a little surge of pride that the blue came from her family and mentally vowed never to try to change herself again. She cleaned her teeth and pulled on her boots before heading up to take a look at the navicomputer.

Arryn leaned in the doorway and watched as Obi-Wan tried to make the navicomputer respond to his commands. "Having any luck?"

Obi-Wan turned and grimaced. "Nothing. I've tried everything I know, but that's not saying much. Any thoughts?"

Arryn walked over and peered at the console over Obi-Wan's shoulder. "It's been pre-programmed…from Alderaan?" Obi-Wan nodded. Arryn popped off the casing on one of the panels. "Can you bring me a toolkit? I need a hydrospanner and a couple other things." Obi-Wan brought it to her. She rummaged through its contents and grabbed a glowrod and a hydrospanner. She knelt under the console and held the glowstick between her teeth as she moved wires and pulled several circuit boards from their place. "Aha, see this?" She held out two tiny translucent cubes. Obi-Wan nodded. "These need to be replaced. They're several generations behind the current technology. It's a wonder they lasted this long. Do you know where the spare onboard radio is?"

"Dearra!" called Obi-Wan.

The dark haired prince came in. "Hey, what's going on?"

"Can you bring the spare radio? Arryn's fixing the computer." Dearra nodded. Obi-Wan glanced at the readouts on one of the other stations and added "Come quickly- we're nearing Dantooine."

Arryn poked her head into the interior of the console and held the glowstick up to get a better look at its complexity.

"Careful Arryn," said Obi-Wan, watching his apprentice.

Arryn pulled back and sat on her haunches as she explained her plan. "Most transmitting devices use the same core, regardless of their function. I think I can strip the components of the radio and install them here. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes."

"Alright, but be cautious. I'd rather not have you blowing yourself up- I would have a lot of explaining to do, not to mention the paperwork…" Arryn looked up and saw Obi-Wan grinning.

"Gee thanks. You're just too considerate."

"I try."

Dearra came back with the onboard radio he found in the ship. He handed to his sister, who promptly took it apart and pulled out twelve crystalline squares. "Okay, I need someone to hand me these one at a time. But see the middle part, where there's that silver disc? You can't touch it." Arryn lay under the console with her head inside and the glowstick again in her mouth. "Okay, the first one, please." Obi-Wan and Dearra alternated gently passing the square circuits to Arryn, who expertly installed them. She reattached the various wires she'd pulled out and shut the panel.

"Now the moment we've all been waiting for…" Arryn mentally held her breath as she reprogrammed the display. It responded to her command and lit up with Dantooine's coordinates, statistics, and information, coming not from Alderaan, but from the ship itself. Dearra ran to her and gave her a big hug.

"You did it, Sis!"

"Ahem," said Obi-Wan, gesturing to the viewscreen, where a giant blue-green planet came into view, "We're here. Both of you need to gather your things. We'll be landing on Dantooine very soon."

.Arryn put away her things and headed back to the bridge to see what the plan was once they arrived in the city.

Once Obi-Wan got clearance to land, he explained that Eliana's school was only a short distance and they would need to be back on the ship before dark. Arryn nodded understanding and followed Obi-Wan and Dearra, once they set the ship down, to her third new world in a week.

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