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It was late at night all the others had went to bed Except her. She wasent From earth But from another world. She had tried to understand earth better but Nobody really had the patience to teach her...Starfire...The girl from tamaran.
But there was one person who could teach her, one person who had the patience and time For her,The one who had all the patience in the world for her,The boy who would teach her whatever she desired to know...And that was robin.

"Starfire what are you doing up so late?"

"Im just reading an earthly book i find facinating."

"Well sorry to bother you i just came to get some water."

"Robin?...Please stay maybe you can help me understand this topic more?"

" Sure whats it about?"

"Well i belive it is called sexual reproduction...correct me if im wrong?"

Well you see Robin has always found the alien girl very attractive but never really knew how to tell her exactly how he felt...Oh sure he tried but he never got the right words so she could understand and when he did there would always be distruptions.Robin wanted nothing more then to make her his mind,Body and soul.

"Yes starfire you are right...so what dont you understand?"

"I understand it i just dont know why it is done."

" Well Starfire its like this when to people love each other thats how they show it."

" Robin would you please show me how it is done?...I think i love you"

" Yes starfire i will show you...and i think just might love you too."

Robin Then picked up starfire from her seat and carried her bridal style to her room and sat her gently on her bed and then proceeded to kiss her while he allowed her to undress him.After about 20 minites of showing starfire How fun it can truely be He positioned himself on top of her and went inside of her.

"Robin i now understand earthly love...i love you and now i truely know it."

" I love you to starfire"


That was my FIRST rob/star fic ever also my first lemon ever i know my lemon sucked bad...cries Oh well it had some fluff in it please R&R